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Cockatoo Pt. 17

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Previously in Cockatoo

James, recently divorced, travels to Bangkok on business for a fresh start. He meets Alex, a friend from their university days, whom he discovers is now transgender. Alex and her partner, Areeya, a Thai girl, run a successful restaurant and ladyboy bar on Koh Samui, an island off the coast of Thailand. James falls in love with Alex and all three manage to survive a pirate attack in the waters around Koh Samui. In return for part funding the businesses, Kritsada, Areeya’s father, has Alex tied to a contract whereby she has to have sex with his business and political contacts. James manages to get Alex released from the contract. He cuts his ties with the UK and buys out Kritsada from a new business Alex and Areeya are planning – a ladyboy cabaret. James flies back from Bangkok to tell Alex and Areeya what he has agreed with Kritsada.

Return From Bangkok

It was late afternoon by the time my flight left Bangkok and dusk began to fall about halfway back to Koh Samui. Lights from the fishing boats in the Gulf of Thailand began to glitter like tiny jewels in the gathering darkness. I could make out the dark shape of Koh Tao, and I shivered at the memory of what had happened down there only a few weeks ago. How close I had come to death in the cold, dark water, and how, given a second chance at life, I was determined to make the most of it.

I spent half the flight worrying if I had made the right decision to buy out Kritsada, and the other half trying to come up with a plan of what to say to Alex and Areeya when I arrived in Samui. I managed to convince myself I was doing the right thing, but by the time the seat belt signs came on, I still had no idea how I would share the news with them that I had become their new business partner. I hoped Areeya would come round to it, but I had no idea about how Alex would react. Kritsada had agreed to let me share the news of my investment in their business with them myself, and I hoped he would keep his word. He had also given me a couple of days cooling off period in case I changed my mind. I didn’t intend to, but it was a generous gesture from him.

It was dark by the time we landed at Samui’s one runway airport, and I joined a throng of excited tourists as we headed towards the small terminal. I had texted Alex my flight details and she had replied that they would be there at the airport to meet me. Looking around the arrivals area I couldn’t see anyone waiting for me, when someone jumped onto my back from behind, wrapping their arms around my shoulders and legs around my waist.

‘Surprise! Guess who?’

I could smell Alex’s favourite scent as she nuzzled my neck from behind.

I staggered a little and I heard Areeya say, ‘Alex, that’s enough, you will kill the poor boy.’

I heard Alex giggle, ‘No, that comes later, in bed.’

I turned to face Areeya with Alex still clinging like a monkey to my back. Areeya stood there smiling. ‘Sawasdee Ka, James.’

I grinned broadly, ‘Sawasdee Khap, Areeya. Where’s Alex? Is she here somewhere?’

That got me a punch in the ribs and Alex dropped from my back, spun me round, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

‘Mmm, that’s nice,’ I said as she finally broke the kiss and stepped back to look at me.

Areeya stepped forward and also kissed me, albeit less extravagantly than Alex.

‘She’s been impossible all day, James. She hasn’t been able to sit still for a moment and she made us come out here far too early.’

Alex gave Areeya a light punch on the arm. ‘Nag, nag, nag. Let’s get going, I’m starving and I need a drink.’

She put one arm through mine and the other through Areeya’s and pulled us both over to the car park. Her mention of food reminded me that other than a quick sandwich at the airport before my return flight I had not eaten all day. I expected us to get a taxi, but Alex led us across the car park towards a large Mercedes 4×4. I hadn’t seen this before and I looked quizzically at Areeya.

‘My father’s. He lets us borrow it for special occasions, I guess this qualifies. Alex, should I drive?’

‘Noooo, I like driving this big boy.’

Areeya looked doubtful, but shrugged her shoulders and went straight to the rear seat and I climbed in next to Alex. I heard Areeya buckle her seat belt and something told me I should do the same. I had quietly rejoiced at the thought of avoiding the dubious pleasures of a Thai taxi, but that was only until Alex put the car into gear and pulled away. She floored the accelerator and I was pushed back into my seat. I heard Areeya suck in her breath and I realised why she had claimed the back seat.

‘Alex, can you slow down a little, please?’ Areeya beseeched her from the back.

‘What? Oh, don’t be such a baby.’ Alex said, turning round to look at Areeya and nearly rear ending a car in front. She stabbed the brakes and I was glad I had already fastened the seat belt.

Alex wasn’t only a bad driver, she was a fast bad driver. Kartal Türbanlı Escort She would accelerate fiercely and then stand on the brake. I grabbed the door handle and held on for dear life. Alex didn’t stop talking all the way, although I can’t remember a word she said, as I was trying to anticipate when we might next get killed. Thai drivers are pretty wild, but Alex was up there with the best, or worst, of them.

She would overtake on blind corners whilst looking at me or turning round to talk to Areeya, who I thought had gone very pale. Alex was oblivious to the effect her driving was having on her passengers, and I promised myself to fight, if necessary, for the back seat next time. That is, if there were to be another time. It didn’t seem likely at one point as she overtook a truck which was already overtaking a motorbike and then had to swerve sharply to avoid a car coming the other way.

By some miracle we arrived back at Koh Samui Blue in one piece, and as we climbed out of the car I looked at Areeya and she shuddered.

Alex bounced in front of me, grabbed both my hands, ‘Well, did you tell Kritsada? What did he say? Was he angry? Will he do it? Tell me, tell me, please? I can’t wait.’

I frowned and paused, ‘Well, he said…, no, I think we should wait until we’ve had a drink at least.’

‘You bastard, James, I will be really nice to you tonight if you tell me now.’

‘How nice?’ I said, as innocently as I could manage.

Alex punched me on the arm and said, ‘I won’t hurt you as much as I was going to, that’s how nice I will be.’

Areeya, smiling, said, ‘James, if you don’t tell her now, she won’t stop, I promise you.’

I grinned and said, ‘Yes, I told him and he accepted your decision. No, I don’t think he was angry and I am sure he will stick to his word.’ Before I got the last words out there were shrieks from both of them and they pulled me in for a big threeway hug.

We were all laughing by now and I managed to say, ‘What about that drink?’

We decided to head off to Cockatoo 2 first and then come back for something to eat. We walked down the strip to the bar, still arm in arm, and I couldn’t stop smiling at the happiness my news had brought. I could only hope the other news I was holding back would be as well received.

Pau was working behind the bar and she gave me a big smile and a wave as we sat down. She quickly served us a Leo beer each and we clinked bottles in celebration. Areeya said she had to sort out a couple of things in the bar and she would catch up with us back at the restaurant. I think it was just to give Alex and myself some time together and I loved her for the gesture.

Alex turned to look at me, smiled and said, ‘Thank you. I think it’s only just beginning to sink in. It will take a while for me to fully appreciate what you’ve done for me.’

‘Alex, I’m sure you’ll find a way to show your gratitude,’

‘Do you have anything particular in mind, bad boy?’

‘I’ve written down a list of things. Now, where did I put it?’ I frowned and patted my pockets.

That earned me a punch on the arm.

‘Mmm, comedian. How about this for a starter?’

Alex leant forward and kissed me on the lips as her hand slipped below the bar and began massaging the front of my trousers. I began to respond and she kissed me harder, her other hand snaking behind my head and pulling me closer into the kiss.

She suddenly broke off the kiss, looked me in the eyes and said, ‘Fuck this, I want you now.’

She slid off the bar stool, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back of the bar and through the curtain into where the short time rooms were. Behind the curtain lay a corridor with rooms on both sides. There was a light outside each room and two were glowing red, which I took to mean they were occupied. Alex opened one of the unlit doors and dragged me inside. It was very basic, a bed and a small cupboard by the side. She flicked a switch and a light lit the room in a pale red glow. I opened my mouth to say something but Alex shoved me hard in the chest and I fell backwards onto the bed.

She was wearing a loose sun dress which, in one movement, she pulled off over her head. Seemingly, almost simultaneously, she unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor, tugged off her panties and stood there naked, her blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders with her cock erect and pointing straight at me. She put her hands up and ran her fingers through her hair and shook it loose; a gesture that gets my juices running every time. Her breasts were beautiful in the dim red light and my heart did a somersault. She slid onto the bed and straddled my chest, her cock right in front of my mouth. I looked up and saw her smiling down at me, and as she edged forwards her cock bounced against my lips. My tongue flicked out and brushed the tip of her cock before sliding underneath the glistening head. I lightly touched the underneath with my tongue and I heard Alex Kartal Otele Gelen Escort gasp. Sucking the head into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it, I felt her move her hips as her cock slid deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Reaching behind her she unzipped my shorts and began to play with my cock which was already hard and sensitive to her touch. I felt her fingers slide up and down my shaft, and she began to rotate them around the head of my cock and I felt myself harden even more. I took her as deep as I could into my mouth and I almost gagged but managed to control my reflex.

‘For God’s sake, I need you to fuck me now, James.’

She wiggled backwards and her cock slid out of my mouth. I was sorry to feel it go, but mine was now was begging for attention. Alex leaned over to the bedside cupboard pulled open the drawer, opened a bottle, and smiling down at me, she lubed herself and my cock. I was desperate now to get inside her and she locked her eyes with me, raised her hips, paused a moment, and then impaled herself on my cock. I grunted as her weight drove her down onto me and she arched her back and began to rock up and down.

My hips started to come up to meet her downward thrusts and we began to fuck each other fast and hard. I reached up to her breasts and twisted her nipples in my fingers. She moaned and her eyes blazed and she started to move up and down even faster. I was pummelling into her by this time and I could feel myself swelling as the tempo kept getting faster and faster.

I was sweating now and grunting as she drove down onto me. I was so turned on by this time, I knew I couldn’t hold myself back for long. Alex was grinding herself down onto me and moving her hips from side to to side which built even more pressure on my cock. I raised my hips to meet her downward thrusts and she threw her head back.

‘Fuuuuuuuuuuck,’ she screamed as we hammered into each other.

‘I’m cumming,’ I shouted, as I felt my cock spasm, and I pumped my cum into her.

‘Me too,’ she gasped and long strings of cum erupted from her cock onto my chest and face.

We both kept moving for a while before Alex flopped forwards onto my chest and I put my arms around her and drew her close to me. I licked the corner of my mouth where some of her cum had landed, kissed her and pushed it into her mouth.

She smiled, ‘Yummy, tastes nice.’

She rose a fraction, licked the remainder of the cum from my face before pushing it into my mouth. I savoured the taste and then swallowed.

‘Mmm,’ I said, ‘I think you must have had Pad Thai for lunch.’

Alex looked astonished before realising I was grinning.

‘Beast,’ she said and twisted my nipple hard.


‘Serves you right, you monster. I told you I would hurt you tonight.’

I laughed and said, ‘That was the best sex I’ve had since…ever.’

‘Mmm,’ she kissed me then whispered, ‘The best is yet to come. Come on. let’s get cleaned up. There’s a shower out the back.’

She slid off me and my softening cock slipped out of her. Pulling me up, she dragged my shorts down and off and yanked my t-shirt over my head before dragging me out of the door and down the corridor. My Englishness kicked in and I covered my groin with my hand.

‘God, you are such a baby, nobody cares about your little thing.’

I must have pouted, because she laughed and said, ‘Well, maybe I do, a little bit.’

She leant down and gave my cock a kiss and said, ‘Come on, I need a shower.’

Pushing open a door at the end of the corridor, she shoved me inside. It was a large shower room, open to the night sky, with four shower heads along one wall, and I was startled to see we weren’t alone. Two of the bar girls were already in there, presumably cleaning themselves up after their short time sessions. I started to back out of the room but Alex pushed me back in.

‘Don’t be silly, it’s May and Joy. You’ve seen them before and, trust me, they’ve seen much worse than you.’

True, I had seen them before, but then they hadn’t been naked, and neither had I.

May was one of the girls at the bar and Joy one of the ladyboys there. They both giggled at the sight of me and Alex but otherwise didn’t bat an eyelid and calmly went on showering. Alex pushed me under a shower head and grabbed a bottle of gel. She squeezed some into her hand and began to wash me. There is nothing like being washed by someone else and Alex’s hands and fingers were soft and gentle as the warm water from the shower seemed to ease away all the stress and tension from the past few days.

Alex stood under the shower with me and we kissed, the water running down us both. She broke away and moved behind me to wash my back and I caught sight of Joy and May. My eyes widened as I saw May on her knees in front of Joy giving her an energetic blow job. Joy’s back was against the shower wall, her eyes closed and her hands around May’s head. I stood transfixed watching Kartal Ucuz Escort the two of them.

Alex was also watching and she squeezed my cock, ‘It’s simply their way to relax. Finding someone to be tender with.’

There was a faraway note in her voice and I thought she was thinking back to her own days in the Bangkok bars. I nodded, almost scared to speak, as I watched the scene in front of me. Two beautiful brown bodies locked with each other. May was using her hand on Joy’s cock as well as her mouth and Joy didn’t look too far from climaxing.

Alex squeezed again and whispered in my ear, ‘Hot, isn’t it? Want to join in?’

I didn’t speak but Alex took my hand and led me across to Joy and May. It was if I was in a dream and powerless to resist. May was still working on Joy’s cock as we reached them and I saw Joy’s eyes open and she smiled at me as she saw me there.

Alex pushed down on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees next to May. She stopped, looked up at Alex who nodded and May turned to kiss me and her tongue snaked into my mouth. I responded and we kissed, our tongues intertwined. May broke the kiss and moved slightly to one side so that Joy’s cock was now between the two of us. I felt Alex gently move my head forwards and my nose bumped into Joy’s cock. I heard her giggle and looked up to see she was smiling in encouragement. May reached down and took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Joy wiggled her hips so that her cock slid across my lips and I kissed the side closest to me. May kissed the other side and our tongues slid across the head and we kissed again, this time with Joy’s cock in between.

Alex again moved my head forward so that Joy’s cock pressed on my lips. I opened them and her small but very erect member slid into my mouth. Compared to Alex, it almost felt like I had a thumb inside my mouth, and as my tongue began to flick at the head, I heard Joy moan above me. Her cock might have been small but it was hard as iron. and Joy began to move her hips, edging it in and out of my mouth.

I felt a movement to my side and I saw from the corner of my eye that Alex had taken May’s place and was watching me as I sucked on Joy’s cock. She motioned me to stop and she took over slipping Joy gently into her mouth whilst her hand sought out my cock which was by now hard again.

I felt pressure on my shoulder and I turned to find May had moved to my side, and her glistening, naked pussy was right in front of my eyes. She moved in closer and I buried my face in her and my tongue got to work. She tasted very sweet as I lapped up and down her slit and I could feel her grinding into my face as she got more and more excited. I stole a glance upwards and May was now kissing Joy as Alex worked on her cock.

I heard Joy squeak, ‘I cumming.’

Alex grabbed me away from May just as Joy climaxed, her cum spraying across my face and I rocked back on my heels. Alex immediately moved my head back to May’s pussy and I continued to tongue her as hard as I could. I felt her tense up and her hands went round my head as she ground her groin into my face. Alex was now also standing and grinning down at me with Joy’s mouth wrapped around her cock. I looked down to see May on her knees in front of me and she looked up, smiled and took me into her mouth. My knees almost gave way as I felt her tongue curl around my shaft and begin to suck. I was already on the edge and it did not take more than a few seconds of May’s sucking to get me to my second climax of the evening, and I came right into May’s mouth.

I looked across to Alex and she had her eyes closed, and I saw her stagger as she came into Joy’s mouth. May and Joy kept sucking for a while and then, almost as if at a signal, they stood up and first Joy and then May kissed me, pushing cum from their mouths into mine. I had lost all sense of time and place by this time and I flopped back against the wall, spent and overwhelmed by what had just happened.

Alex slid next to me and said, ‘Told you the best was yet to come.’

We finally made it back to the restaurant where Areeya was chatting to some of the customers. Areeya excused herself and came across to where Alex and I had sat down at one of the tables.

‘You two took your time.’

‘Something came up,’ said Alex. I stifled a laugh and Areeya looked from me to Alex.

‘I can imagine what it might have been.’

‘Sorry, Areeya, it was my fault.’ I offered.

‘Hmm, somehow I doubt that, James.’

‘Anyway,’ Alex jumped in, ‘let’s eat and James can tell us what happened with your father.’

Whilst we waited for the food to arrive, I told them about the meeting with Kritsada and how going there in person had the right decision. He respected me for coming to talk to him face to face, and that he hadn’t been surprised at Alex’s decision. Alex wanted to know if he had been upset by her decision. I told her there was no way I could tell; he had not shown any reaction at all. She seemed a little put out by that, but I think it was just her pride at work.

I asked them, ‘Have either of you spoken to Kritsada since I met him today?’

Areeya looked at Alex who shook her head, and Areeya said, ‘No, why?’

‘That’s good, he said he would let me share the news with you first.’

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