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Lurking In the Shadows

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I had been out in the kitchen waiting for almost an hour, trying to be quiet although it seemed like the way my heart was beating that the thudding was reverberating throughout the house.

There were three people in the two bedrooms down the hall, all female. At the end of the hall, my wife of 28 years was sound asleep, which was fine with me. Our marriage was over in that room of the house anyway, and it mattered so little to me that I didn’t even get pissed when someone told me she was screwing around on me.

In the other bedroom were two females; one a bubbly and shapely blonde who looked a lot like a young version of Sally Struthers, and the other a rather homely brunette who was about as unshapely as an 18 year old girl can be, a carpenter’s dream as they used to say.

I’m waiting for one of them. Not the shapely blonde, who happens to be my daughter but the other one, the tall rail-thin girl who is my daughter’s best friend. Her name is Elizabeth and she stays over a lot, and while the stated reason is schoolwork I know she has the hots for my daughter. I also know they mess around some too, although I suspect my daughter does it out of pity.

Pity. That’s probably the reason that I’m waiting for Elizabeth like I am, although to be honest I don’t know who pities the other more. I’m out there waiting for a human version of Olive Oyl to give me pleasure, and Elizabeth tolerates my urges because she loves my daughter and probably can’t find a guy anyway.

I don’t even remember when it started but it’s all I have and while Elizabeth’s looks aren’t those that make men turn their’s heads -towards her that is – in time I’ve developed a perverse attraction towards her strange body.

The funny thing is that when she comes out and we go downstairs we would be having sex, at least not the traditional kind. We’ve done everything else though, and when Elizabeth comes out we’ll go down and do it again.

When. If. There’s also the chance that she fell asleep. Maybe after eating my daughter’s pussy she dropped off. That happened once before and I stood out in the kitchen until the sun was coming up, and I know that if it happened again I probably would be out here all night again.


As it turned out, Alan Borden had nothing to worry about.


The horny 53 year old man pacing the kitchen only had a few more minutes to wait before his daughter’s bedroom door opened and then closed, and when he saw the tall shadowy figure emerge he knew which of the girls who stepped out.

Standing around the corner where the kitchen met the hall, Alan Borden waiting until the willowy girl passed before he stepped out and playfully attacked the teen, and while Elizabeth knew what was likely going to happen she still was a little startled when she felt the arms come around her.

“Gotcha,” Mr. Borden whispered almost inaudibly before his hands came around her skinny waist and immediately slide up to grab the small breasts through the pale pink nightie, his meaty paws roughly kneading the pear-sized orbs while nuzzling into the girl’s neck.

Elizabeth sighed as she leaned back into the middle-aged man who was naked, the hairs on his legs and arms tickling her limbs. His hands were not soft and tender but rough and animal-like, and for whatever reason young girl found his crude mauling just as arousing.

Instinctively Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort her arms rose up and reached backward to enable her to run her hands through the scalp of the slightly taller man, her nipples popping out under the groping.

“Want you – right here,” he mumbled as his hands slid over from the tiny teats long enough to let his fingers slide over and run through Elizabeth’s armpits.

“No,” Elizabeth gasped, but the teen was not objecting to his stroking the dense five o’clock shadow that coated the deep craters of her armpits, which she found as pleasurable her her friend’s daughter did.

What Elizabeth was resisting was Mr. Borden’s urge to take her right there in the kitchen, bent over the table in obvious sight of anyone who would happen to come out of the bedrooms. For some reason he always wanted that, but Elizabeth resisted.

“You want it – you know you want it,” Mr. Borden said as his erection pressed into the girl’s backside.

“Not here – downstairs,” Elizabeth answered, and only then did he let her go and followed her down into the den.


They had barely gotten downstairs before Alan Borden was climbing all over the lanky girl, his hands everywhere while he kissed her like an overanxious schoolboy.

“You’re horny tonight, Mr. Borden,” Elizabeth giggled as her nightie came off and the older man started slobbering all over her breasts – breasts so under-developed that her first boyfriend had snickered at them – but Mr. Borden never had.

“Always am for you,” he grunted. “What did you and Kelly do up there? Eat each other out? Rub your tits together?”

Elizabeth stayed silent as usual, and as a way to maintain that silence went down to her knees on the carpet, grabbing the long slender prong that was pointing straight out and bringing it to her lips.

“Ooh!” Alan Borden groaned as he felt Elizabeth’s lips slide from the puckered tip of his foreskin and not stop until her eyes were in the graying pubes of Kelly’s father, having taken almost all of the nearly seven inches of throbbing cock in her mouth.

As her mouth went up and down the warm member the man cradled Elizabeth’s head in his hands, his knees bending slightly as he felt her chin against his nuts.

The cock that had seemed so big and scary at one time was now something the teen handled with ease, and as the tip of her friend’s father’s cock touched her throat her hands reached around to grab his ass cheeks.

“Oh, you’re good Liz,” Alan Borden groaned. “Way better than Kelly’s Mom ever was. Suck that dick hard. Yeah.”

Alan Borden’s hands kneaded the girl’s bony shoulders, and as his fingers encircled the reed thin arms he thrust his hips forward.

“Remember back when you didn’t shave for a while?” Elizabeth heard him ask as her stroked her now sweaty underarms. “That was so hot when you were so hairy. What happened? Didn’t Kelly like that?” he inquired, but Elizabeth ignored his presumptions like she always did, even when they were right as they too often were.

“Fuck me,” Elizabeth moaned as she got to her feet and spun around, assuming the position like she always did with her legs spread and her hands on the back of the leather sofa they were behind.

“In time,” Alan Borden growled while he went down on his knees and put his hands on the girl’s hips while looking at Elizabeth’s ass in the dim light.

Her butt was a little fuller than her bust but the cheeks were still pert and very firm, and while he told Elizabeth to spread them he helped as he pried them apart.

His nose popped into her ass crack, savoring the pungent crevice before letting his tongue dip in. Elizabeth’s ass crack wasn’t hairy – her pussy certainly was but the hair stopped down below. She did have hair growing around her puckered ring though, and Alan Borden let his tongue toy with it for a moment, enjoying the squirming of the girl as he did.

“Yeah!” he heard the teen moan as his tongue dipped into her steamy asshole, and he could tell where Elizabeth right hand had gone after she took it off the back of the sofa because he could feel her frigging her pussy while he ate her ass like a feral animal until he could wait no more.

“NO!” Elizabeth gasped when she saw her friend’s Dad’s hand go under the sofa and grope around. “Don’t get it. No lube.”

“Don’t want to hurt you,” Alan Borden said, but he was rising as he said it, and then he was rubbing the head of his uncut dick against her anus that was only dripping with his saliva.

“Give it to me,” the teen whimpered as she thrust her ass toward him. “Make it hurt.”

In fact, the long tool that had felt like it was ripping her in two in the beginning was something Elizabeth was able to handle now without much discomfort, and there were times when she wished his cock was thicker.

“You asked for it you little slut – you lezzie cunt-lapper you,” Alan Borden snapped to the scrawny girl who stood spread very wide and open, and the words did not anger but inflamed her as his manhood popped into teen’s anus and slid deep into her. “How’s that feel?”

“Oh, you’re so big,” the teen whimpered, knowing what her friend’s father wanted to hear, and it did feel a lot bigger as he burrowed into her without lubrication.

“Take it,” Mr. Borden hissed as his thrusts got harder and faster and deeper. “Take it all.”

“Ooh!” Elizabeth whined as she felt him bend over her, pressing his hairy sweaty chest against her back while his hands reached around and seized her breasts.

The sounds in the room; Alan Borden’s grunt each time he slammed his cock into the teen’s ass to the hilt and Elizabeth’s accompanying whimper, and the slapping of flesh on flesh, all were almost as erotic to the two as the act itself.

Soon Alan Borden’s thrusts were enough to lift the girl’s feet off of the rug and made the sofa start to inch away, but it was all becoming to much for the older guy who was always too horny to last more than a few minutes despite wanting it to last much longer.

“Cumming!” Alan Borden grunted a second before his cock erupted inside Elizabeth’s savaged orifice, his manhood twitching as he emptied his load into the teen’s bowels until there was no more to give.

Alan Borden stayed slumped over his daughter’s friend until his cock slithered out, and only then did he straighten up. Elizabeth straightened up as well, leaning against the back of the couch while clenching her butt cheeks together.

“Did I hurt you Elizabeth?” he asked when he saw the look on her face.

“I’m okay.”

“Didn’t want to hurt you honey,” he repeated. “I was going to use the lube…”

“I know. It’s okay. It was really good. Didn’t you like it?”

“Sure I did. But you…”

“Actually, it made your big dick feel even bigger,” Elizabeth added.

“Sure was tight,” Alan Borden beamed with pride as he nodded to the thick triangle of hair between her legs. “Imagine how nice it would feel someplace else.”

“You know I’m going to stay a virgin until I’m married, Mr. Borden.”

“I know, but hey – marry me.”

“You’re already married though.”

“Technically only,” he noted. “Just think, then Kelly would be your step-daughter.”

“That would be weird,” Elizabeth said as her butt burned, keeping her ass clenched tight while grabbing her nightie from the carpet.

“Then you could spend a lot of nights in her bed – the nights when you wore me out earlier,” he said with an evil grin.

“You guys always think that girls are like that. We’re just friends,” she said, and then gave her friend’s father a kiss. “Good night.”

“Wait. Did you cum?” he asked as the girl walked awkwardly up the stairs.

“Yes,” she hissed before disappearing around the corner and tiptoeing down the hall to Kelly’s room, giving him a wave before ducking in and closing the door.

“Whew,” Alan Borden said as he went into the bathroom to clean up a bit before going back to the frigid lump in his bed.


Elizabeth Klein closed the door and leaned back against the wood, her eyes trying to make out the shape in the bed while the sounds of Mr. Borden using the bathroom stopped and the footsteps went down the hall.

“Kelly? I know you aren’t sleeping.” Elizabeth whispered, and when she heard the giggle in the dark she giggled herself.

“Door locked?” asked the shape in the bed.

“It is now,” Elizabeth said as she turned to flip the bolt, and then the light next to the bed went on, illuminating the naked blonde on her back with a purple dildo half impaled into her nearly bald pussy. “You slut.”

“That was quick,” Kelly said as she propped herself up on her elbows, her full breasts swaying as she moved. “Thought maybe nothing happened but shit – look at you. Is that his sweat that you’re covered with or yours?”

“Both I guess,” Elizabeth said.

“Look at your little titties,” Kelly giggled as he started at the red scrapes on her friend’s chest. “He clawed them to shreds.”

“They’ll heal.” Elizabeth said as she waddled a couple of steps towards Kelly.


“Well what?” Elizabeth teased.

“Did you bring me back a souvenir?”

“Oh yeah,” Elizabeth smiled. “Felt like he filled me up.”


“Why don’t you take it from him direct?” Elizabeth asked.

“He won’t. I’ve tried to hint but he’s too much of a straight ass,” Kelly said.

“Stop shaving everything and see what happens,” Elizabeth suggested. “He digs hair.”

“Ew!” Kelly frowned. “Give me a peek at least.”

“Of this?” her friend asked as Elizabeth turned around and bent over.

“Oh damn,” Kelly almost sobbed as she looked at her father semen oozing out of the fur-ringed hole. “Don’t let it out. Give it to me.”

“Go girl,” the angular teenager said while she climbed up to straddle her friend’s face, and as she squatted down and felt Kelly’s tongue go where her Dad’s cock had just been she ground her butt down.

“Yeah!” Elizabeth sighed as she leaned down and pulled the dildo out of Kelly’s gaping cunt before burying her face in the dripping fold. “Suck that Daddy cum out of my bowels you slut!”


thank you for reading

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