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Mom’s in Town Ch. 11

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Mother and son heard the door gently close. The click was so soft and the noise absorbed by the plush carpet and thick drapes of the executive suite, such that it did not transmit over the open mic of the cell phone.

The woman’s husband, Roger, on the other end was not really listening anyway. He was focused on the image of his wife’s tongue cleaning ropes of cum off stranger’s huge cock. The live video feed was not perfect, but they had done this so often, she had a good idea how to position the lens. Roger, on the other end of the line, had his new Iphone set up so she could see his fingers jacking off his firm but very small cock. He had no idea whose gorgeous average sized white cock he was now looking at, but it was nearly twice as big as his, and a whole lot smaller than the monster one that has just shot into his wife Christine’s mouth.

“Lick the head darling. You know how I love to watch you do that.” came over the speaker phone.

Christine dutifully pulled the foreskin away from the perfectly shaped head and tight to the base of her son’s cock. The exposed glans was beautiful. Covered in a shiny layer of saliva and cum, it glistened for the camera. The high resolution of the phone’s camera caught the detail exquisitely.

Roger saw the furrow of her long soft tongue curl around the head, bathing the red knob with new liquid. He knew her tricks. She was applying another layer of creamy cum, creating a slick envelope that she would soon suck off. The human cumsicle twitched back to life with the stimulation of the talented kneeling cock sucker.

“That’s it darling, get it hard darling. I want to see it deep in your pussy.”

The voyeur’s wife pressed on the thighs of her tranny son, backing him/her toward the end of the bed, only a few feet away. Bri, heard what her father was asking and understood what her mother was trying to do. Her knees hit the edge of the bed and she fell back with her cock pointing straight up.

Christine stood up and used the phone’s camera to show the erect cock and smooth hairless testicles of her son. She did not show his face, she would need to talk to her husband in person about her son’s coming out and fucking her. Passing the camera to her son, she motioned for him to use it to follow her as she went toward the catering cart to draw it closer. She knew her husband could see her naked ass as she wiggled it as she sashayed in her 3″mules. The dimple in each cheek was sending a not hard to read message…fuck me. She pulled the cart toward the bed, turned bonus veren siteler around and flashed her husband a full frontal. Her nipples were hard and erect, her areolas bumpy, her tan lines highlighting the pear-shape of her breasts.

“Hand me the phone would you.” she told her son. She put it on mute and then propped the phone against a porcelain coffee cup and stepped back.

“I am going to fuck you. I am going to ride you hard and when I am about to cum I will rise up so you dad can see your cum spill out – all over my cunt. Then I want to you eat it all off me. He loves to watch people cleaning me up. That’s what gets your dad off. I don’t want him to see your full face. I will have to deal with him in person about what has been going on. Ok? I am going to turn off the mute. Here we go.!!”

Christine turned her back to her naked son/daughter who was lying back on the bed with her face hidden. Leaning forward with her breasts dangling, she took the phone off mute and stood naked in front of the camera. She cupped one breast holding it out with its nipple erect. Her other hand slid slowly down her stomach until her fingers framed the swollen vulva. She caressed her sex carefully as she watched her husband stroke his small cock.

“You’ve always had a beautiful cunt darling. That is one reason I married you.” came Rodger’s voice over the speakerphone. I love looking at it. I love watching you play with it. I get so hard. It is so sexy.”

“Then you’ll like this darling.” she said as she slowly walked back toward the bed. Using her body to shield her she-male daughter lying but letting him see her cock pointing up toward the ceiling. Reaching the bed she stepped outside the naked legs hanging off the bed and sat back. She slid her body backwards and pulled the cock out and up in front of her. Splaying her tanned and toned legs wide she mounted the boy in a reverse cowboy. The young hard cock was sticking straight up and resting between her swollen nether lips.

As her husband watched, she stroked the length of the youthful cock that was between her legs. First, caressing the smooth hairless balls, then drawing her fingers lightly upward she traced the length of her daughter’s cock before using her index finger to circle the dark red head. She wanted her husband to see the copious pre-cum leaking from the pee hole so she used her fingers to pull it open allowing the slivery liquid to pour out. She put her fingers into the warm lubricant and scooped up three fingers full, bahis then used it to moisten her already wet clit. Her three fingers drew circles around the exposed rubbery nub and made her own juices begin to flow. She mixed the carnal nectars together as she continued to play with herself and her daughter. Pressing the cock head back onto her clit she thrust her hips forward to hump the youthful glans.

“Fabulous darling. You have always loved young cock. They are always hard. I love watching you jill yourself with it. But it’s time to ride it honey.”

Leaning back his wife put her feet on the young boy’s knees. She raised herself up but the cock was rigid that it speared her in the ass.

“Too soon for that hole darling. Maybe next time.”

She wiggled her body around and aligned her cunt with the fleshy spear that was between the lips of her vulva. As the cockhead sought the entrance to the velvet tunnel, she lowered herself down impaling herself on the slick intruder. She opened her knees wide allowing the camera a clear view of the lips being forced apart and the rampant she-male cock entering the forbidden treasure canal. She lowered herself slowing, enjoying every inch of the penetration. The thick viscous coating from their foreplay allowed them to slide together easily. The slick lubricant foamed and frothed at the enflamed and swollen entrance as she bottomed out.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as she savored the fullness within her vagina.

“Ride it darling. Ride that cock hard.”

The sounds of wet sloppy squishy fucking filled the bedroom as the two lovers performed for their private voyeur. The repeated slap slap slap of wet flesh increased as Christine rose and fell on the she-male sword buried deep within her.

“Fuck… I have to say, nothing stays hard like a teenage cock. OMG that is wonderful”

Bri knew that she would last a little longer this time. She had just jerked off and came while watching her mom suck off the room service waiter with the huge cock. She knew that her cock would not soften. The full penetration into her mother’s pussy was an exquisite feeling, one that she had not allowed herself before. The intensity of being squeezed by the wet cunt muscles began to increase signaling a move toward orgasm. Bri began thrust her hips more forcefully in response making loud squishy squashy sounds as her cock suctioned in and out of the grip of the soaking wet cunt.

“I’m going to cum soon!!”

“Me too. When you do I will lift myself deneme bonusu up, off most of your cock, so we get a real money shot!!”

“That’s it darling. You know I love to watch cum shoot all over you.” her husband called out through the speaker phone. His own cocklette was about to shoot and he knew watching his wife get a cream-pie would make it happen. It always did.

“Now, now, now…yeeeesssss.” Bri called out as she felt cum rising. She felt her mother lift her hip but stopping as the glans just escaped.

Roger watched in fascination and the angry red cock head atop the smooth white shaft covered in foamy juices began to shoot silky creamy cum over his wife’s vulva. The thick hot goo covered her clit and the spooge began to run down her slick lips.

His wife knew what he wanted as he watched her plunge her fingers into the pool of pearlescent liquid and frantically begin to jill herself off. She stroked her clit with her fingers. Every few seconds, raising her hand and allow a long sinuous thread of cum to be recorded by the phone’s camera. Putting her hand back down and balancing herself she panted and gasped for breath as her orgasm coursed through her.

Catching her breath, she milked the still hard cock in front of her making sure she was covered in all of her son’s cum. When she was satisfied that the hairless balls had been fully emptied she stood up. Reaching for the camera with one hand she cupped her glazed genitals with the other. Blocking the view of the bed allowed Bri to swing around and put her head near the foot of the bed.

“That’s it. Let me kneel over of your face.” Christine said as she picked up the Iphone and readjusted the focus and view finder. Anticipating where her cum laden cunt was going to be, she repositioned the phone so the captured image would only be the youthful tongue on her pussy. Turning back around, she knelt on the bed with her legs outside the shoulders of the young boy/girl underneath her. She felt Bri’s fingers spreading her lips and exposing the wad of cum that was lodged inside.

Slowly and steadily she felt the cum bath goo begin to run down her lips and out of her cunt. Her husband watched as a smooth pink tongue lap at the puddles. He heard the slurping sounds and the cleaning up continued.

Roger continued to watch as his wife stood up, turned around and squatted back so that the searching mouth had access to her vagina. The probing tongue continued swirling around the opening searching for the load. As she sucked the load out of her mother’s cunt, Roger witnessed this wife spreading her lips and squirting a stream that caught the camera lens squarely, obscuring the image.

“OMG, I’ve never cum like that!!” Christine wailed as she heard her voyeur husband voice saying the same thing.

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