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Movie Night Ch. 05

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Riley and I stopped in the kitchen, and she gushed more to me “I can’t wait, Daddy. Mr. D. You are SO good to us!” and kissing me one last time, her senses came back a little more refined, I think. “Holy crap, Mr. D. You’re sweating like a mule!”

Indeed I was. I was covered with it. My cock now hung flaccid, thick from my exertions, and extended in front of me, and Riley’s hand surrounded me warmly and squeezed. She found her robe and hung it thickly over her petite frame. “Better get that breakfast…Daddy.” And with a huge smile, she went back to the dishes.

I found my shorts, T-Shirt, and re-dressed, sitting down now with a voracious appetite. The coffee hit the spot, and I was drying out, my loose clothes absorbing some of the wetness.

Again…my balls seemed primed. “can’t be…”, I exhaled slightly, amazed at their state, and Riley caught my words in mid air. “Can’t be what, Mr. D? Can’t be real? Did you ever think this would happen to you?” She turned around, and leaning her butt against the sink, her robe slightly parted, I could see her cleavage well, and just the hint of her woman-ness and that amazing red fur covering her own fertile valley.

“Actually, Riley, I was, well, just thinking on how good I feel at the moment.”

“Endorphins, Stud?” she had a huge smile now. “Or maybe it’s having 3 young ladies pretty much throw themselves at you?” This made me smile, and I returned the volley “it’s just that this much in so little time normally wears me down, but…well…” and I moved my gaze from her form to my shorts when I spoke “I feel really…um…well…” I couldn’t find the words, but Riley did.

“You feel virile, Mr. D. V-I-R-I-L.” She spelled it out for emphasis, even if she spelled it wrong. College should fix that, I thought, and I smiled back in return. “I’m guessing you feel like a stud-horse in a barn full of mares, Mr. D. Think you can keep up?” Advancing towards me now, those delicate feet crossed the kitchen flooring, stretching each leg towards me, parting her gown, and giving me glimpses of her sex with each step “or does our big, strong, stud need a break?”

Riley poured me another cup of coffee, but it was all I could do to keep from staring at those wonderful orbs, now fully on display. She had no shame about her body. She wanted me to see it. She was peaking, in both her confidence, and her sexuality, and she was fully aware of the act of her display.

Riley kissed my cheeks, playfully, and brought her robe closed. Fuck, those breasts of her. So amazingly sexy, and I found myself wanting another look. Riley’s mouth moved to my ear “You haven’t finished your duties here, Mr. D…Stud…and her tongue licked inside my ear as her teeth softly nibbled my earlobe, and I’m not about to let you slack off on your duties.” Her hand was over my cock now, still thick and distended, but not a full blown hard on.

“Tell you what, Mr. D.” Your other kids aren’t getting home until after school sports. That’s what 6…7 pm? About the same time as Mrs. D. gets back. You take a few moments, and let me know when you’re ready. Besides, I want to get in a run sometimes today myself.” She turned back to the dishes, immersing her hands in the soapy water, picking up a plate.

“Now THAT’S a good girl, Ms. Riley” I responded, and standing up now, towering over her “and that’s a good idea. I may just do the same thing myself, but first,” and I stood and covered the few steps to her, pinning her to the sink’s edge, preventing her from turning. “I want you to have a quick taste of what’s to come, Riley”, and lifting her robe, I exposed her firm buttocks, pressing the length of my shaft into the muscular crease.

“Oh…fuck…yes..Mr. D…please…can you?”, Riley lowered her head, and pushed her cheeks out, the action causing her head to drop, her hands still inside the dishwater. I saw her lovely little flower blossom for me, all crinkly and darkened, just above her drooling honey pot.

Lowering myself to my knees, I continued “Of course I can…and I want a taste of my special little girl’s treasures” as my tongue found her wetness and I extended it as deep as the angle would permit. Riley was taken a bit by surprise, and her whimpers let me know I had touched the right nerves. My hands spread her cheeks, and I nibbled at each labia, lapping up the womanly flow, savoring the musky, pheromone-lade smell of a woman in heat.

“Oh, my, Riley…ovulating, are we?” I could taste her fertility in the creamy pouring over my tongue.

“Mr. D…yes…just for you, Daddy…yes.”

She pressed her ass back towards me to increase the pressure, but I relented, and moved my tongue up and over the tight blossom of her puckered ass, flattening it out, scraping the sensitive nerve endings.

“Shit…fuck…Mr. D…Yes…Daddy…oh, fuck…yes…again…more…fuck” Riley continued, my fingers playing with her clit now, dipping into the valley and exploring inside her, and my tongue swirling tight circles over and around her exposed hole. Escort bayan Riley’s walls tightened on my fingers, and I felt the quiver just as the flow of liquid increased. She held her breath tight, contracted her stomach, and gasped for air in between light sighs of pleasure.

“I love you, my special Ms. Riley. I love you. I love all my good girls” and standing, I slowly, rubbed the head of my penis around her sex. I wasn’t throbbing hard, but it was good enough to press home, stimulating her over her clit, and finally slipping back and up gently, I entered her heat, burying myself to my balls with a semi-erect cock. This wasn’t meant for the deed yet, but I wanted her to know I hadn’t forgotten about her womanly charms, and that her affections would always be returned in kind.

Slow, long strokes of my thickness probed her sensitive lining, and had the reaction of filling my tube slightly more, so that within a moment or two, I was hard enough to slide nearly out, examining the inflamed red head of my cock, and mentally comparing it to the color of her bush and her hair.


Riley’s head was on her arms now, resting comfortably on the sink’s edge, and the robe was bunched above her waist, making it look from the wrong angle, at least, like I was taking advantage of an oversize marshmallow, her legs to my side and her blazen-red hair the only indication that a human was captured inside the coverings.

Another stroke, and I was sufficiently engorged to bottom-out deep inside Riley, and she noticed. I could feel the head pressing into the wall of her uterus, but unlike the other girls, her cervix wasn’t readily apparent to me. The sponginess pushed back at me, and my balls cringed up and forward, despite not having a lot to offer at the moment. This was, again, just a reminder to Riley that she was next, and I was going to become very familiar with her, inside and out.

Riley’s tunnel squeezed me, softly, then gently, in that familiar rhythm of pre-orgasm, and I asked “Riley, would you like to give me a gift first…before you become the mother of my child?”

She was panting now. I could only imagine how pert her nipples had become, and my mind was remembering the feel of those amazing areola’s spread out across my tongue. But I had stamina right now. I wasn’t anywhere near cumming; there wasn’t anything TO cum. That would be later. Right now, I wanted her to know how good we could feel together, and I wanted to control the Riley Orgasm show.

“Oh…OH…OH..FUCK…FUCK ME…Mr. D…FUCK ME…FUCK ME..FUCK MEEEEeeee…” and Riley was thrusting her pussy back onto my cock.

I literally had to shove my hips forward, again pinning her to the sink. Her hands left the water and moved to each edge of the sink, and her head flew up in response as she gasped “OH, MY GOD!” and then lost her voice. I was DEEP inside her now…my balls pressed warmly into her clit. She was thrusting up, down, back, anything to gain the orgasm, but I wrapped my left hand into her hair, removing the scrunchy, and used both hands to flow her delicious red mane onto her back. The term succubus and images of a ginger-headed femme fatale blended in my head with Riley’s face and form, and my shaft surged at the naughtiness of her stealing my soul somehow in this, the most carnal of acts.

She was still panting “Mr. D…please…please…I need to cum so bad, Mr. D…please…Oh, My God, Mr. D…Daddy…let me cum, please…?”

I wrapped my left hand into her locks, and spun my hand, gathering the hair around my fist tightly, then slowly, gently, pulled back, arching her head back towards me, while I lowered my lips to her ears in a moment of playful revenge.

“I’ll tell you when you can cum, young lady, and you will not do so until I permit it, understand?”

My voice was deep, throaty, and in command. Riley’s eyes were wide open, her throat tightly drawn out, and my right hand smoothed and glided over the skin at the right side of her neck, down over her shoulder. Dragging the robe with me, she lifted her right arm, removing it from the wrapping.

Thrusting my hips forward more, my cock again pushed against her inner linings, now dripping over me, and I felt her contract slightly, the hard nubbin of her cervix finally tickle the underside of my cock head. There it was. It was as if I was resting on the ledge of her cervix, deeply inside of her.

She winced, took another breath of air, and submitted “o.k., Daddy…o.k. Daddy…o.k. Daddy…fuck…o.k. Daddy…please…o.k. Her knuckles were white now upon the sink’s edge, and she was beginning to perspire herself.

I let my right hand sneak behind her right arm, and sliding under, found her breast. So warm. Fuck…so full and firm in my hand. My fingers surrounded the tight flesh, squeezing gently, and I heard Riley coo in response, her inner walls again compressing my shaft, but not quivering. She was trying to hold back. Her face now a deep red, and her freckles in stark contrast from Bayan escort having to find control of her impending orgasm somewhere.

“Good girl” I said. My fingers traveling to the outer ring of her breast, where those outstanding areola’s joined with her breast tissue. Again, lightly caressing them, then squeezing, then pulling the nipples as far away from her body until I felt her cuntal walls once again flood my cock.

So wet. A rush of her sex-laden scent wafted into my nose, and I knew how ready she was.

It was time.

I gently released her nipple, the breast responding with a short bounce to her form, and my hand traveled back to me, sliding over her ribs, waist, pausing only at that tightly coiled ass of hers. I pulled more firmly with my left hand, now stretching her red hair back, and let her know in no certain terms what I wanted.

“When I get to “0”, Riley, you can cum for me, o.k.?”

“Fuck…Mr. D…Daddy…anything, oh, Fuuuuuuuccccckkkk” she moaned as my right hand’s thumb found her asshole, and I began a slow inward pressing.

“10.” “9.” I pressed my thumb into the dark flower, now spread lusciously open as Riley first contracted, then relaxed the muscles surrounding my thumb.


I slid my cock nearly out of her, draining her of juices, and watched as a small trickle of her wetness cascaded down my cock, over my receding shaft and balls, and onto the floor.

“Can you feel that, Riley? Can you smell it?” I asked her, pushing back in slowly, the musky, heavy scent of her overheated pussy filling my nostrils, and causing my abdomen to tighten.

“Uh-huh…UH-HUH…OH, FUCK…DADDY…PUT IT BACK…PUT IT BACK…” and as I proceeded to count “8”, “7”, “6”, I removed my thumb just as I bottomed out again, pressing back into her uterine wall. Moving my thumb up to my mouth, I licked it quickly, savoring her youthful taste, and put the now-lubricated digit back in place, popping it in to the first knuckle.

Riley went rigid.


Her arms were shaking, her ass was quivering, and her legs were like jello-filled tubes below me. Still, I proceeded with another withdrawal of my cock to where the crown hangs up on her labia, relishing the smell of this woman in heat.

“5.” “4.” “3.” and pushing back into her while simultaneously pushing my thumb deeply inside her ass, I gave her one last moment “2”, then held still.


Riley pushed her arms straight, and thrust her head forward as I commanded “1, Riley…Wait…wait.”

I leaned forward, and again, whispering into her ear, spoke softly “Cum for me, Riley. Now”.


Riley was shouting now, and she broke inside. I was lodged as deep inside her as I could go, and releasing her hair, let my left hand slide under her hips, lifting, supporting her.

As she pushed back into me, I felt her ass constrict tightly around my thumb, and so I lifted more, until her feet left the ground. She was connected to the sink and my cock only, and it was being bathed in her juices, while also being strangled to death. Yes, I was thick and engaged deep inside her, but I was nowhere near cumming, it just felt so good to have this young thing follow my lead so well, sexually, and to show me how much she could connect the pieces of her sexuality.

Riley was speechless, but grunting, quivering, shaking, and thrusting her hips to get more of me into her. The tightness around my rod began to oscillate, and I knew instantly that this was Riley’s full-on orgasm.

I set her feet down softly, carefully removed my thumbs from its tight cavern, and gripping both sides of her hips, began a quick pace of my cock in short strokes, over-stimulating her pulsing walls, sending shock waves into her constricting muscles, heightening the effect.

Riley’s jaw went slack. Her head dropped, and a long, drawn-out moan told me this was exactly what she wanted. Her orgasm plateau’d, and now, it was being stretched out, until she literally fell flat on her arms again, her hands splashing feebly in the water.

“Good girl, Riley” I leaned forward and kissed my way from her back up to her neck.

She whimpered “what…the…fuck…oh, Mr. D. how…”

My cock was at a back-stroke now nearly outside her, and I let it fall out. If we had kept going, I probably would have found my own orgasm, but I wanted her to have this, and now, I wanted her to know what was to come “Riley, you rest for a bit, and I’ll be seeing you this afternoon, young lady. ” Kissing her still, I continued “the next time, little girl, I’m going to drown you with my seed, because we need to get something done right.” I added for emphasis “o.k., little Momma?” and smiled.

I saw the corner of her lips turn up in an exhausted smile, as I took a half-step Escort back, and kneeling again, lifted her cheeks high enough to taste one more time the essence of that overheated pussy. There was no doubt about it…I was going to fertilize this young thing just as I had Susan and Petra, and come Hell or high water, that was going to happen just as soon as I recharged. Riley, too, would bear my child.

“Oh…wow…Mr. D…give a girl a heart-attack, Mister” Riley whispered through her barely open mouth, but I sat down to admire her form, still leaning over the sink. Her knees buckled slightly at my touch letting go. Her clit was seriously engorged, dripping with wetness. Her right nipple was pulled forward, as I imagined her left one was as well, on top of breasts that were primed, but now, exhausted.

I stood again, walked over to her, and lifting her head, I had to kiss her again deeply “Riley, my precious little Riley…I’m going to come find you again in just a bit, young lady…you’d better be ready for me.”

“Bring it, Stud” she gasped more than said, and lifting her gaze to mine, staring directly into my eyes “You know what I want, Mr. D. I’ll be waiting for you.”

And with that, Riley straightened up, composed herself, re-wrapped the robe, and walked around the corner. My cock swelled at the thought, but I sat down to just collect myself. I sipped my coffee and thought deeply about what was happening. Seems like every time I turned around these past 16 hours, one of these ladies was fucking with my brain, but I wasn’t complaining.

Quite honestly, I was feeling supercharged, but the stickiness of my garb reminded me that I smelled funny. A mixture of sweat, sex, and pheromones, no doubt. In no more than a few moments, I heard laughter…from the living room. I stood, walked to the edge, and peering around the corner, I saw them…all three of them.

Susan was sitting on the coffee table, her wet hair wrapped in a towel, warmly enclosed in a robe from the shower, no doubt. She was facing Petra, still spread astride the couch, her hips raised almost obscenely up and forward. Petra’s hands were covering…no…strumming through her valley, perched well above her on the armrest, and her fingers were alternately dipping into herself and then out and over her clit.

“Post-orgasmic bliss,” I thought, “but God in Heaven does she look beautiful”. Susan’s hands were in Petra’s hair, gently rubbing her head, caressing her there, and the two of them were smiling and laughing; I just couldn’t tell the subject matter. Riley sat on the couch next to Petra, her back to me, still covered in the robe, holding Susan’s other hand when Susan caught a glimpse of me in the kitchen.

She blushed slightly, and giggled, whispering something to both the other girls, causing them to break out in more laughter.

All three of them turned to look at me, their smiles larger than life, and I thought to myself for just one moment “maybe this is right? Maybe, this is good?” and I saw the love and understanding in Susan and Petra’s faces, as I looked over them one-by-one. In Riley’s face, I saw lust, as her smile dropped and she parted her lips just far enough to lick them with her tongue. This was the look of a tigress, getting ready to kill it’s prey before eating it.

Then, I saw myself in a prison uniform, with the picture and me holding the numbers underneath. “That was incest with Susan. I wonder if incest is illegal?”

“Fuck…I really don’t know if this IS or ISN’T illegal? Gotta google that…privately” I reminded myself.

Riley stood, and letting the girls know something that I couldn’t hear, but which elicited a “WHOA, Riley!!” from Susan and “OOOOOOooooo…go get’m, girl!” from Petra, stood and headed up the stairs. I smiled feebly, turned, and went back to the kitchen, downing the rest of my coffee.

Reading through the morning paper, I heard the girls come into the kitchen. Petra and Susan fully dressed now, and Riley in her short-shorts and a T-shirt, running band around her head. “We’re headed out for a bit, Dad. Petra and I are going to do some shopping, and Riley’s headed for a run”.

“o.k., girls, be safe.”

All three approached me in a line, and one by one, I got full-on lip-locks, Petra, then Susan, then Riley, each lasting slightly longer than the other. Riley broke the kiss with a breathy “I love you, Mr. D”, and kissed me deeply again.

I felt the future. This was what was forthcoming. This was going to be a new life for me somehow, I just had to process it and fit it into what I knew was my own reality.

I watched them bounce out the door, heard the car start, saw Riley adjust her headphones, and in an instant, I was alone inside the house.

I showered, glad to feel somewhat alive again in the suds and warm water, and re-lived a thousand moments with these three beauties in my head. Still there was yardwork and a car alternator to

repair, and that stupid furnace that had been giving us problems. I hate working on that thing, and in the basement, no less.

Several hours later, maybe 4:30 or so, I’m in the basement, and heard the door open, the girls voices again filling the house with chatter and life. “DAD! Where are you?”

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