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Sweet Mandy

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I had known Mandy for most of her life, both of us growing up in the same Catholic community. I was eleven years her senior, and looked up to her dad, Martin, who was active in the Church and had agreed to sponsor me when I was going through the teenage ritual of Confirmation. At 25, having just graduated law school, I was in St. Louis taking a bar prep course when it was announced that the Pope was coming for a visit. My hometown church, some three hours south, had acquired eight tickets, and I applied for one, thinking some divine intervention would serve me well. Arriving alone at the convention center at 6 a.m., I felt quite lonely until the other seven arrived about an hour later. Mandy, then fourteen at the time, was the only teenager among a group of forty-plus others who had received a ticket, took a seat by me, and I noticed for the first time what a lovely young lady she was growing into. She was quite mature for her age, and I much enjoyed our conversation and time spent together as we waited for the Pope to arrive.

Successful passing of the bar and an offer to work in Columbia landed me a bright future as an attorney. After four years of hard work, I landed a small partnership in a firm which afforded me the luxury of my first real house near the local state college campus. Shortly thereafter, I got a call from Martin, advising me that Mandy, now eighteen, was to begin her freshman year of college in Columbia, and asking that fulya escort I keep an eye on her, as she would be all alone for the first time and five hours from home. He told me they would be arriving in a few weeks to move her into her dorm room, and I gladly offered my assistance. It had been four years since our last visit, and when I saw her, I had to contain myself taking in the beauty of her tight, athletic, firm body attired in a tight, form-fitting grey Mizzou T-shirt and ass-hugging denim shorts.

Her interest in pursuing a career in law was a wonderful topic of conversation for us, and it wasn’t long until I offered her the opportunity to earn some spending money while working a few hours a week at the firm. My attention and focus was quite distracted when she appeared in her professional, yet sexy, business attire. I was often out of town on business, and when I extended her the offer to house-sit and take care of fifty gallon aquarium, she quickly accepted and made herself quite at home.

As the months wore on, I assigned her more work and told her my home, which was much closer than my office, was open and accessible to her. She spent quite a few evenings at my house, and I often had dinner and drinks available for her so we could spend more time together. She also worked on the weekends, and never seemed to have much of a social life. I pressed her on the issue, and she told me that between bomonti escort studies and work, she had little time for social activities.

I finally told her I was leaving for the weekend on a Friday afternoon and needed her to house-sit. Instead, I went to my local watering hole and worked up the courage to head back to the house about 7 p.m. with steaks, wine, and all the dressings and an excuse about my trip being canceled. I found Mandy in some relaxed, but sexy looking loungewear and none too disappointed about the situation.

Dinner was great and I kept the wine flowing. Afterwards, we relaxed in front of my big screen for a movie on HBO. Soon, her head was resting on my shoulder and my left arm was around her. As we watched the movie, I began to hold her tighter and watched as her right hand grasped my left leg and squeezed me gently, moving closer to my groin. Finally, I turned her chin towards me and enveloped her in a slow, sensual kiss and caress. She responded in kind, moving up to my now hard cock and squeezing my now swollen member as I moved to her neck with slow, sloppy, sucking and embrace.

We moved to the master bedroom, where I took in her beauty as we removed each other’s clothing. Her buoyant breasts, smooth silky skin, and trimmed bush heightened my desire for her. After removing my briefs, she quickly went down and engulfed my hard member, taking me in her luscious mouth kurtuluş escort as I caressed her scalp. She looked up at me with my member pulsing between her lips, searching for approval and a sign of satisfaction. I groaned in delight, holding back my impulse to spray her throat with jism and pulled her up to me and laid her on the bed.

As I moved down to take her breasts to me, she moaned and squirmed underneath. I traveled further, taking in her wonderful fragrance, and settled on her trimmed, yet beautiful, black bush. I extended my tongue through her lips and up to the swelling bed of her clitoris. She moaned in pleasure as I grazed her bud back and forth and spelled out the alphabet on her swelling clit. Her hands pushed me into the center of her sex, and she groaned and moaned in pleasurable delight as I brought her to a screeching climax. After she settled down, I moved up and placed my swollen member between her lips and pushed forcefully into her. She bellowed in delight as I hit bottom and began an all-embracing in and out thrusting into her tight orifice. After several minutes, she bucked her hips hard and bellowed out in orgasmic release. I held out as long as possible, but was soon depositing my load into her deep chasm. We settled down into sweet, slow caresses, and it wasn’t long before I felt myself rise up and our second wave of passion swept over us.

I woke up the next morning with Mandy deep-throating me to a state of full hardness. She quickly moved up and mounted me, extending her breasts for my enjoyment. We rode each other to another wave of pleasure and she came on my cock just before I filled her womb with my seed. As we came down off of our sexual high, she said, “Thank God for the Pope.” Thank God indeed.

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