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Laney and Marcus had been dating for a couple of months. She was sure he ‘could’ be the one. He was tall, attractive, smart, and had a really nice cock. She was submissive, but not nearly as into the whole idea as he. Her giving in was as much to please him as to please herself. He was awesome in bed, but when he was in ‘dom’ mode, he was amazing! He was in it for the sex at first. Her body was perfect. She had been a cheerleader all through high school and college. Thick strong legs, tight round ass, and breasts that were not too large but well ample enough to provide the best titty fuck he ever had. And she was sub. Could she be the one? Tonight he would push her to the edge and see what she was really into.

On the eve of their 2 month anniversary both had planned a little suprise for the other. Laney bought a bottle of wine and was cooking dinner at her place. Marcus had someting much more intense in mind.

He was late, 15 minutes as always. Dressed to kill in a black suit cut just right to show his body off. She wore istanbul travesti the mini and low cut top from their first date. Both had ended up on the floor at the edge of his bed. Their first date lasted 3 days. During dinner he commanded her attention and she knew his ‘dom’ was in full force. Next came some slow dancing to ‘their’ song. As the song ended they begin to kiss. Soft and slow at first then deep and long. He flung her back onto the bed and she could feel him growing against her. Her breath quickened as his fingers found her sweet pussy. Into her ear he whispered ‘your mine. only mine’ and she moaned ‘yes sir’ in response. Minutes passed like seconds as her pulse raced thinking of him inside her. Clothing flung from all sides surrounded them as he pressed the tip inside. She was soaked. Moaning more loudly ‘fuck me…sir’ she ached for his cock. Marcus firmly covered her eyes with his hands and brunted into her ear ‘you do what I ask and I won’t hurt you’ again and again. He was sliding into her slowly şişli travesti with each deep breath she took. ‘I won’t hurt you Laney’ ‘not unless you make me hurt you’ She squeezed her nipples just the way he liked to see her. They were hard and she felt each pinch tingle through her pussy.

The next few moments were an intense mixture of terror and excitement that she will never forget.

His hand grasped her neck. So tightly her breath was nearly cut off. The force of his thrust a deep, hard pounding. “ahhhgg’ she gasped as he repeated ‘i wont hurt you’ and thrust his cock inside her with more and more force.

Blood pulsed in her veins as if pressing against a wall with no release. She could not cry out. She could not break free. His thrusts quickened. Her body never lost the sensation of him but her mind drifted into a lifetime of endings to this night. Terror gripped her fully for a brief moment and she almost passed out. She was soaking wet he could her it each bakırköy travesti time he thrust.

His voice was quivering. She knew that sound well. He spoke differently when he was holding back. When he needed to cum. When he would not allow himself to. She realized suddenly that she was going to cum. Her hips were moving into him with each thrust… of their own will. His hand grew tight around her neck cutting off all breath.

Something was spinning. Was it the room? Her head? Her body? Flashes of light streaked across the room in her eyes. She wanted to explode with every ounce of her being.

She could feel him throbbing inside her. He was going to cum.

His grip fell away. She took in one deep breath that her body could not get quickly enough for the moan she let out as she came again and again. “Oh godddd!” “Oh my GOD!!!!” she cried. He released inside her with such force most of his cum oozed from her pussy and onto her thighs.

Breathing faster she began to see again. He was smiling. Biting his lower lip holding back so he could listen to her cum. ‘Oh my god…’ she cried. Tears streaming down onto her cheeks. Her body spent with the orgasms that had exploded through her. All she could manage before she passed out was…



‘I think I love you Marcus…’


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