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Adventures in Dexler Park Ch. 01

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Note: All of my stories are true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.


In the mid 1970s I was fresh out of the United States Marine Corps and going to college full time on the G.I. Bill. To supplement my income I worked as a security guard because you could get unlimited hours and most of the time you could spend a good chunk of them doing homework. I figured out that you could make an extra 50 cents an hour working details that required carrying a gun and moved toward that line of assignment. The security company was glad to use me because of my military background and because I knew when and when not to use my gun.

One assignment that I got would change my life in the short run and provide a sexual playground that at the time was beyond my imagination. The Drexler Park Apartments was a new luxury high rise in a swanky suburb of Boston. They had been overly eager to fill up the units and had neglected to do the diligent background checks of new tenants and as a result had ended up with at least a dozen hookers in residence. The customers and pimps were accosting the residents and the security staff. I was sent there to do two things: protect the residents and guards and to provoke incidents with the pimps and rowdy Johns that could be used as a pretext to evict the hookers. This was a perfect fit for me because I didn’t look like a tough guy, slim and wiry was my build but I had a ton of martial arts training, police training and was stupid enough not to care that I was putting my life at risk for $3.50 an hour (heck, it was more than the Marine Corps paid.) I worked from 8:00PM until 6:00AM to be there when the action was going on. The regular security staff was also on duty so I was free to roam and do my thing.

Within 4 months I had pretty much cleared out the bad element through either intimidation or court summons for eviction (along with some assault and battery charges.) The management of the complex approached me and offered me the job as Head of Security. They offered me $100.00 more a week than I was making and a two bedroom apartment. It was a no brainer because it eliminated my commute to school from the suburbs. I had also discovered that there were a ton of beautiful women most of whom were enrolled in Boston colleges living there. I was responsible for hiring a security staff, training them and scheduling them. At the tender age of 22 it was an irresistible offer. I stayed in the position for 3 years, until I graduated from college and had sex with over 180 different women there.

I had my first sexual adventure there while I was still working for the security company. There was a woman there called Chicky. She was in her mid twenties, red headed with short hair and big tits. The down side was that she shared her apartment with her Mother. Every night I saw Chicky when she came home and greeted her warmly making small talk. After about a month there Chicky came home later than usual and was obviously shit faced. She could barely open the lobby doors and was not steady on her feet at all. I walked over to give her support. She told me that it was her birthday and that she had gone out with some co-workers and gotten a little too drunk for her own good. I asked her if she had gotten everything that she wanted for her birthday. She paused and then slurred “Everything but a good lay!” She then fell into my arms and started French kissing me.

It tuzla escort was a quiet night on the job and the regular guard was just sitting there smirking as I wrestled with the drunken Chicky. I suggested that I walk her to her apartment and she agreed that was a good idea. As we were walking down the hall toward the elevator she pulled me into the alcove that held the resident mail boxes and resumed kissing me, this time adding a wandering hand to my crotch. “Why don’t you make this a perfect birthday?” she whispered. I told her that I was fine with that. “The only problem is that I live with my mother. Where can we go?” I didn’t have my apartment there yet but I knew that the building had a Community Room in the basement level that was perfectly suited for our purposes. It was locked so we wouldn’t be surprised and it was furnished with a sofa and some stuffed chairs so we would be comfortable. Being on the security staff I had a key. I grabbed her hand and walked her toward the elevator.

It was only one floor away but Chicky had my pants unzipped and my cock out by the time we heard the ding of arrival. I hastily stuck my cock back in my pants in case there was anyone waiting for the elevator. Thankfully there wasn’t. As we walked toward the Community Room I remembered the only drawback to the place. There was a security camera installed there that the guard at the front desk could view. Since I had saved the Guard Joe from the pimps I didn’t think there was much to worry about.

Once inside the Community Room Chicky wasted no time shedding her clothes. Luckily she didn’t notice the security camera as we made our way to the sofa. I stripped out of my uniform and gun belt and set everything on one of the chairs. Now that we were both naked we could get down to business. While I was kissing and caressing her I got a little bit of the evil going through my head. Just in case Joe was watching the camera I figured I might as well put on a good show. So as I made sure there was always a good angle to the camera. I was French kissing her at this point and had two fingers sawing in and out of her drenched cunt. I spread her legs nice and wide to make sure that there was a good view. After a few minutes I stood up and pulled Chicky’s head toward my cock so that she could suck on me. I turned her slightly side wards so again the camera could get a good view and just started to brutally fuck her mouth. Chicky was just moaning and sloppily sucking my cock. Every few minutes I would pull out of her mouth, cup her big tits and tit fuck her. Then I’d slip back in her mouth for awhile. Her tits were glistening from her own saliva and bounced sexily while I fucked her pretty face.

Chicky asked me finally to fuck her. I put her on her knees on the sofa with her upper body leaning on the back of the sofa. Then I moved forward, knelt slightly and just shoved my cock into her hot cunt. As I fucked her fast and hard I slipped a hand around so that I could rub her clit while I fucked her. Chicky started to cum almost as soon as I touched her. But I just kept fucking her. I must have fucked her for a good 30 minutes before I started to feel like I was ready to cum. Chicky came another three times during that time. When I was ready to cum I pulled her from the back of the sofa in into a sitting position and shoved my cock into her mouth. She sucked hungrily and within a few moments I was pumping göztepe escort my load down her throat. She swallowed every drop and I finally collapsed on the sofa beside her.

Finally we decided that it was time to get dressed and out of there. We walked back to the elevator hand in hand. When we got on the elevator I pressed 4 for her floor and L for the lobby. I left her with a big kiss a “Happy Birthday” and a promise of a rematch. As I walked down the hall toward the lobby and security desk I decided to ham it up in case Joe had been watching. I lowered my hat so the brim almost touched my nose. As I got to the end of the hallway I hitched my gun belt up and dropped it again quickly. I was surprised that instead of Joe’s chuckle I heard a group laugh!

Joe had been watching alright. And had invited a few of the young male tenants who happened to wander in to stand behind the desk and watch the action. There were six of them there laughing and clapping. Needless to say I became a living legend that night to some of the Dexler Park residents.

The next day Chicky acted like nothing had ever happened. When I finally went to work and got my apartment though she always showed up at my door when she had a few drinks. I offered the guy Joe who was a few years younger than me a position with a raise and we became good friends. He was unfortunately one of those nice guys and could never get laid. The women he dated always “just wanted to be friends.”

One Sunday afternoon Joe and I were hanging out at my place smoking a doobie and watching TV when there was a knock on the door. When I answered there was Chicky again shit faced, wanting to fuck. I motioned her into the apartment and walked her into the living room. Joe’s eyes lit up when he saw her because he had always wanted to have a shot at that hot pussy. Chicky knew Joe of course from the front desk and slurred a hello to him. She seemed a little confused at what to do for a minute then just grabbed me and started kissing me. I pushed her a back a little and told her that I was a little tired from working late the night before. She made a little whiny sound and frowned so I let her kiss me and I worked my hands up to those big tits. I kissed her neck and ears and felt her responding. Again I stopped and pushed her away. I told her that it was no good that I was just too tired to give her what she needed. Her frustration was visible and I glanced over at poor Joe. “Chicky,” I said suggestively, “Why don’t you let Joe have some of that lovin’?” She swayed there for a minute and then said “What the hell, I just want to get laid.”

I walked her over to the sofa and sat her next to Joe and then went and sat on a chair. Chicky wasted no time falling all over Joe and getting a bit urgent. Within five minutes she had his cock out and was sucking him off. As I watched Joe opened his eyes and glanced at me with a stupid grin on his face. I just smiled, got up from my chair and moved over to the sofa on the other side of Chicky. Somehow we got her and ourselves undressed and were standing in front of the sofa while Chicky sat and took turns sucking our cocks. She really seemed to be enjoying herself because she rubbed us on her face and made moaning sounds as she sucked away. Unfortunately Joe couldn’t help himself and came in her mouth. He collapsed on the sofa next to Chicky and she was left with my cock to work on. I stopped üsküdar escort her and moved down so I could lick her pussy. She lay half on Joe as I spread her legs and started to lick her already steaming pussy. I took my time licking her all over and sticking my tongue in her pussy but stayed away from any direct clitoral contact. Joe was watching me eat her pussy and Chicky had one hand on his cock trying to revive him.

Joe got hard again and moved up to straddle her face and I continued to eat her cunt. I could look up between his legs and see his cock sliding in and out of her lips. I started to lick soft circles around Chicky’s clit and she moaned in response and lifted her hips to get more contact. I slipped a finger in her hot pussy and finger fucked her while I licked her clit. Joe’s cock slipped out of her mouth when her orgasm hit her. He moved away as she rode the wave. I motioned him to change places and told him to go ahead and fuck her. Joe knelt on the floor before her and slid forward, guiding his cock into her very ready cunt. He started to fuck her for all he was worth. Chicky was just laying there still recovering from her orgasm but steadily started to respond. She looked at me standing there watching and told me to move closer so she could suck my cock while Joe fucked her. I was glad to oblige and straddled her face, feeding her my hard cock.

Within a few minutes I was getting a bit uncomfortable so decided to try and different position. I told Joe that it was time to make a change. He looked a little disappointed until heard me ask Chicky if she ever took it up the ass. Chicky smiled and just nodded her head up and down. I turned to Joe and told him that he was going to get to fuck her ass while I did her cunt at the same time. He smiled with anticipation but wasn’t sure what to do. I ran into the bath room and got some hand cream and then returned to the living room. I sat on the sofa and had Chicky straddle me and sink right down on my cock . She just pumped up and down on me with a strange smile on her face as I threw the cream to Joe and told him to smear it all over his cock and then get behind her. Joe was soon crouching behind Chicky taking aim at her ass hole. I pilled Chicky closer so that she would be more exposed. Chicky stopped fucking so Joe would have a steady target.

I knew that Joe was getting the right idea when I heard Chicky moan “Oh my God!” and then felt his cock between the membrane of her cunt and ass as he slid in. I gave him a chance to get positioned and then slowly started to move my hips so I could fuck that pussy. Joe got the hang of things after slipping out a few times and soon we had a really good rhythm going. When I would move out he would sink in. Chicky was in another world. When I looked at her face she was in total ecstasy, a bit of drool sliding out the side of her mouth. Joe and I picked up the pace and Chicky just let go with a huge orgasm. Her cunt was spasming all around my cock and the sound of her guttural moan sent me over the top. I started pumping a huge load into her cunt and then I heard Joe mutter, “Oh shit!” and he started to cum in her ass.

Afterwards we lead Chicky into the spare bedroom and left her to sleep for awhile. Joe and I just hung out talking about what a couple of evil dudes we were. Joe went in and fucked her one more time after about an hour. Shortly Chicky came out of the bedroom dressed and went on her way home.

Whenever I saw Chicky she always acted like nothing ever happened. She just showed up at my door whenever she got drunk. I tired of her after awhile and had other interests but my friends, male and female, often took care of her needs.

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