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One for the Road Ch. 06

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Next morning I awoke to the sound of June moving around in the lounge area. I looked across from the bed and made eye contact with her. She was naked except for a black g-string. She gestured to me and I nodded. She walked to the kitchenette and started to make coffee. I liked the way her small firm tits didn’t need any support.

I rolled onto my side and looked at Ingrid. She was snoring. The twisted sheet exposed her leg all the way up to her hairy pussy. I slowly eased out of the bed and headed for the toilet. When I re-emerged I grabbed the coffee and sat on the lounge. June sat next to me with a cup of tea in her hand.

We chatted about last night while we watched Ingrid slumber.

After about half an hour Ingrid rose onto her elbows. The sheet fell away and her soft breasts were exposed. June offered to make her a coffee. I watched as she nodded and her breasts bounced in concert with her head. I watched June’s tight ass as she handed Ingrid her coffee.

I asked where Steven was. He had gone for a run. I checked my watch. We had three hours to vacate the room. I turned on the TV. Ingrid snored as we watched a sports show.

Steven eventually returned to the room. He was sweaty from jogging. He stripped and headed for the shower.

As Steven dried himself I noticed that his penis was starting to become erect. He put the towel and down walked over to the bed. Ingrid was still sitting up, her soft breasts on show. She held her empty coffee cup in one hand. Steven walked up to her and took the cup from her hand. She wrapped her fingers around his hardening cock.

Steven pulled away and placed the coffee cup in the kitchenette. Both June and I watched his cock grow as he walked. Ingrid was absently rubbing one her breasts. From the movement under the sheets I assumed that she was touching her pussy with the other hand. Steve stood there watching for a few moments. June ran the toes of one of her feet up the back of his leg. His cock was almost Betturkey fully erect.

“Why don’t you fuck her?” June asked as she looked up at that monster prick, “Ingrid’s begging for cock.” Steve looked at me but I just shook my head. I just wasn’t up for it.

“But we have an agreement. No sex with Ingrid on the trip.” Steve said to the three of us.

“Maybe the trip is over?” June said as she looked knowingly at Ingrid.

“What are you suggesting?” Ingrid asked as she threw the sheet to one side. Her hairy pussy and curvy thighs were on full display now.

“Well,” June hesitated as she looked at me, “I’m going to stay here for a couple of days. If you want to head south with Ingrid I am happy to accommodate Steven for as long as he wants. He can even come home with me. He could give my useless Husband some lessons”

“That’s a great idea. I have to start work the day after tomorrow so I have to leave this morning,” I said as I turned to admire Ingrid’s womanhood, “and I’m happy to have you stay with me for a while.”

No one said anything for a few moments. The TV cut to an add about lingerie but my gaze alternated between Steve’s huge erection and Ingrid’s thighs. She was slowly parting her knees, exposing her juicy pink slit.

“I have wanted to fuck you for months” Steve sweetly whispered to Ingrid.

“Me too,” Ingrid replied as she parted her pussy lips with her fingers, “please fill me.”

Steve’s penis was bigger than ever. He took a few tentative steps as Ingrid spread her legs wide apart.

June moved closer to me on the lounge as we watched Steven climb onto the bed. He positioned his knees between Ingrid’s legs and lowered his mouth onto her red, swollen nipples. She put her arms around him and drew his body to her.

June started rubbing the inside of my thigh and I reciprocated. She parted her legs and I slid a finger into her vagina. She moved her hand to my cock but there Betturkey Giriş was no life in the old feller.

Steve lowered himself onto Ingrid’s waiting body. He paused as the tip of his erection touched the edge of her slit. She manoeuvred her hand between them to grasp his cock. She rubbed it along her pussy lips then guided it into her aching hole. He slowly lowered himself as that giant cock stretched her lips.

June and I had the perfect view. We could see between their legs as his Steve’s cock disappeared into Ingrid’s pussy. June was starting to squirm as I worked my other fingers into her dripping cunt.

Steve started moving his cock in and out of Ingrid’s pussy. Slowly at first, he drew the length of it all the way out then pushed it back in. Over and over again with increasing pace and forcefulness that prick thrust into her.

June dropped onto her knees and presented her butt to me. I pulled the flimsy g-string to one side and deftly inserted four fingers into her. She pushed back and I watched my knuckles disappear into that hungry cunt. She pushed back again, harder and more desperately, as I pushed my thumb inside her. My whole hand was now inside her twat but she didn’t take her eyes of the couple on the bed.

Ingrid was totally wrapped around Steven. Her arms and her legs pulled him into her. He responded by pummelling his rigid tool into her with ever increasing haste. He went wild, pummelling her until they were a sweaty mess of cock and cunt. She was taking all of him and begging for more. She bit his neck and scratched his back. He grabbed her arse and dug his hands into her. His cock was pumping her savagely.

Steve mumbled something in Dutch. Ingrid locked her mouth on his. He gave one almighty push and then I saw cum oozing out of her. Ingrid was almost hysterical. Her breathing was out of control and she was almost crying as she spasmed in a series of wild orgasms. He collapsed on Betturkey Güncel Giriş top of her.

June then pushed violently back on my hand and she erupted in a loud orgasm. She fell forward and curled up on the carpet as her eyes looked up at me. She whispered something but I couldn’t hear it due to the sound of heavy breathing in the bed.

No one moved for about half an hour. I broke the spell by taking a shower. On my way past I swatted Steve’s backside. He smile at me as he pulled his shrinking cock out of Ingrid’s slit.

After the shower I packed as Ingrid took her turn under the cleansing water. June put on a thin housecoat as she tidied the room a little. She ordered some breakfast for herself and Steven. By the time it arrived Ingrid and I were ready to go.

Steve, still naked, hugged Ingrid as June settled into the bed. Steve and Ingrid spoke in Dutch for several minutes then kissed deeply. There was a knock on the door. It was room service. June called the guy into the room.

As Ingrid and I walked past him and into the hallway I heard June tell him to get his cock out.


So, that’s the story of my trip. That was a year ago. I just answered a phone call from my wife. After the obligatory niceties she told me how she felt and I agreed. Our future was summed up in a few short sentences. Put the house in Sydney on the market. File for divorce. Let the lawyers take their share. Split the rest. See you later. Yeah. Yeah.

I put the receiver down. I walked through the lounge room of my rented house. I picked up my drink and looked at the postcard Steven had sent me. He was engaged. Lucky girl!

I headed for the bedroom. On my way I tossed my night gown into the laundry hamper. That postcard had made me think of Ingrid. I wondered what she was doing. I thought of her warm, wet pussy and those breasts. My cock started to harden and my hand instinctively touched my balls.

By the time I opened the bedroom door I was fully hard. I looked at the bed.

Ingrid was on her back, waiting for cock. A small trail of semen seeped onto the bed. I heard the ensuite flush and turned as Joe, my neighbour exited. We exchanged high fives as I climbed between Ingrid’s legs. She was ready for me.

She’s always ready.

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