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My Daughter in Law Pt. 05

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Alex Grey

This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. All persons in this story are over the age of 18.


The following week when I was speaking to Daniel on the phone he said, “Rebecca’s latest porn video is going to be a huge success.”

I asked, “Another video when was that made? She never told me anything about making another video.”

Daniel laughed as he said, “It was four days after you were here with her.”

“What did she do in the video?” I asked.

“It was another video of her with Mal and his son Jackson along with Mal’s eighteen-year-old daughter Holly, Mal and Jackson took turns fucking Rebecca and Holly and having their cocks sucked by them. The best part of the video was Rebecca and Holly eating each other’s cunts.” chuckled Daniel.

After I hung up the phone call with Daniel, I started thinking about how a month ago, Rebecca didn’t even want to suck my cock. Now here she was loving having a cock in her mouth and cunt, and now I hear that she likes being with another woman. My daughter-in-law had turned into a slut and was willing to do anything for money.

It had been a few days since I had gone over to her house and fucked her, so I thought I would go over and surprise her and ask her about the latest video she made.

When I walked into the house and heard moaning coming from the lounge room, my first thought was that my son had taken a day off work. What surprised me was seeing Rebecca and Holly sitting naked on the couch fingering each other’s wet cunts as they watched the video of them together on the television.

“Hello ladies, what are we watching?” I chuckled.

Rebecca’s head spun around and looked at me and she screamed, “Dad, what are you doing here?”

“Daniel told me that you made another video and it had some hot lesbian action with Holly in the video.”

Holly giggled and said, “Hello Marcus, it’s nice to see you again.”

“You know each other?” blurted Rebecca.

“Marcus, has fucked me a few times,” giggled Holly.

“Do you mind if I sit down and watch the video with you?” I chuckled.

Rebecca patted the seat beside her, “Not at all, please join us.”

After removing all my clothes, I sat down beside Rebecca and gave my cock a couple of strokes as Holly turned Rebecca’s head towards her and kissed her passionately on her mouth. As they tongue kissed each other I began fondling on Rebecca’s breasts and tweaking her nipples. Rebecca broke the kiss with Holly and moaned as I pulled on her nipples.

“Mal, I want to watch you fucking Rebecca’s ass,” giggled Holly.

“No, not my ass, it was bad enough when your brother fucked my ass,” blurted Rebecca.

“My Dad, wants to fuck your ass for a video,” giggled Holly.

“His cock is too big for my ass,” blurted Rebecca.

“You watched him fucking my ass… you just have to learn to relax,” chuckled Holly.

After Holly had helped Rebecca kneel on the floor between her legs, she said, “Rebecca, I want you to lick and suck on my cunt… as Marcus fucks your ass.”

Holly then pressed Rebecca’s mouth onto her wet cunt as I moved behind my daughter-in-law. When I ran my hand between her legs and over her soaking wet cunt, Rebecca moved her knees further apart and lifted her ass up. After pumping my fingers in and out of her wet cunt, I pushed my finger deep into her ass-hole. Rebecca tried to lift her mouth of Holly’s cunt, I heard her gasp and take a deep breath as Holly pressed Rebecca’s mouth hard against her cunt.

After finger fucking her ass for a few minutes and when I thought she was ready to accept my hard cock in her ass, I drove my cock into her wet cunt, coating my cock with Escort bayan her cunt juices. Then after pumping my cock in and out of her cunt, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and pressed the head of my cock against her tight ass-hole. When she took a breath and I felt her relax, I pushed my cock all the way into her ass until my balls were resting against her ass-cheeks.

Holly smiled at me and watched as I started to pump my cock in and out of Rebecca’s ass. I remember the first time that I fucked Holly ass it was on her eighteenth birthday as her father Mal fuck her cunt, I fucked her ass we double-teamed her, as her brother and his friend jacked off and shot their cum all over her face.

I was now slamming my cock in and out of Rebecca’s wet cunt, as Holly ground her cunt against Rebecca’s mouth. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my hot cum into my daughter-in-law’s ass, and once I had finished cumming and my cock was becoming soft I slipped my cock out of Rebecca’s ass.

When Holly released the grip she had on Rebecca’s head and Rebecca lifted her mouth up, Holly barked, “Rebecca, suck Marcus’s cock nice and clean so he can fuck me when his cock becomes hard again.”

Rebecca didn’t protest or complain about taking my dirty cock into her mouth, she licked and sucked the dirty mixture off my cock and kept sucking my soft cock until it was hard again.

“Rebecca, likes to be dominated and told what to do, don’t you Rebecca?” Holly chuckled.

Rebecca lifted her mouth off my cock and replied, “Yes, I like being told what to do.”

She then returned to sucking on my cock as Holly grinned at me, and said, “That’s enough Rebecca you can stop sucking Marcus’s cock.”

Rebecca removed her mouth from my cock and crawled back away from Holly, I moved between Holly’s legs and lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and with a hard fast thrust I drove my cock into her wet cunt and began fucking her at a furious pace just like I knew she liked. As I fucked Holly like a dog on heat, Rebecca was pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt.

As my cock exploded inside Holly’s cunt, I reached out and squeezed her small breasts and pulled and twisted her nipples. When I had finished cumming and had pulled my cock out of Holly’s cum filled cunt, Rebecca fetched us a drink.

“Rebecca, why didn’t you come and tell me earlier about making more videos for Daniel?” I asked.

“He told me not to tell you… he wanted to surprise you,” Rebecca replied.

“Tell me about the last video you made for him?” I asked,

“It was a movie where I was kidnapped and tied to the bed and fucked by several men,” replied Rebecca.

“Did you enjoy being tied up?” I asked.

“Not at first, some of the men were rough… Daniel said it was to make the movie more real,” Rebecca replied.

“Was there a lot of other men watching the video being made?” I asked.

“Yes there was a lot of men watching and most of them shot their cum over me,” Rebecca replied.

All those other men paid Daniel, to watch you being fucked,” I chuckled.

“Daniel didn’t tell me that,” Rebecca blurted.

“I want to be there the next time you make another video… to make sure your safe and so I can look after you,” I said.

“He did ask me if I wanted to fuck his customers for money,” Rebecca said.

“Daniel will turn you into a prostitute and an escort… you need to have Marcus looking after your safety,” said Holly and then said, “You have to be careful of Daniel he offered me a lot of money to let a dog fuck me on a video.”

“Rebecca, would you let a dog fuck you?” I asked.

“Maybe if the money was right,” chuckled Rebecca.

“I would love to watch my brother Jackson being fucked by a dog,” laughed Holly.

As I stroked my soft cock I watched as Holly and Rebecca started Bayan escort kissing and groping each other, they were soon lying on the carpet locked in a sixty-nine with Rebecca on her back and Holly on top of her, eating, sucking and fingering each other’s wet cunts. I desperately worked on my soft cock wanting and hoping it would become hard again.

With my cock once again rock hard, I knelt down onto the floor behind Holly and lifted her ass up and rubbed my cock over her soaking wet cunt. Holly gasped and attempted to lift her mouth off Rebecca’s cunt only to have Rebecca pull her head back down and pull her mouth against her cunt.

I drove my cock all the way into Holly’s eighteen year-year-old cunt in one quick thrust and heard her let out a muffled moan. I then began pumping my cock in and out of Holly’s cunt as Rebecca began to lick Holly’s cunt along with my cock and balls as I pumped my cock in and out of Holly’s cunt.

With Rebecca and Holly locked in a sixty-nine position on the floor, I held Holly’s hips and began thrusting my cock in and out of Holly’s wet cunt faster. My low hanging balls slapped against Rebecca’s face each time I thrust my cock into Holly’s cunt. Rebecca continued licking Holly’s wet cunt and my cock as I thrust my cock into Holly’s cunt. It wasn’t long before my cock was erupting and shooting my hot sticky cum into Holly’s cunt. After shooting several loads and with my cock becoming limp and soft, I withdrew my limp cock from Holly’s cunt.

I sat back and watched as my hot cum dripped out of Holly’s cum filled cunt and dripped over Rebecca’s face. My daughter-in-law Rebecca who only a few weeks ago had told me she didn’t like the taste of cum, was now sucking my cum out of Holly’s cunt, Rebecca had turned into a sex-hungry slut and I was enjoying how much she had changed.

As I sat there watching Rebecca and Holly eating each other’s cunts, I wondered what else Rebecca would be willing to do for money, would she really let a dog fuck her for money? I already knew that she would let other men fuck her and that she didn’t mind being videoed having sex with men and women. I knew Daniel could convince Rebecca to do anything he wanted for money and knowing how much of a deviant he was I was sure he had a lot more planned for my daughter-in-law.

After Holly climbed off Rebecca’s body, they both sat up beside me to catch their breath. Both their faces were covered and glistened in each other’s cunt juices and when they started kissing each other passionately I started working on my soft cock. Watching them kiss and lick each other’s face had my cock throbbing in no time and when I was fully hard and close to cumming I reached out and pulled Rebecca’s head down to my hard cock.

Rebecca opened her mouth and took the head of my cock inside her mouth, I took hold of her head by her hair and pushed her mouth all the way down until her chin rested on my pubic hair and all my cock inside her mouth. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat and when she started to struggle for breath, I lifted her head up and then began to pump her head up and down on my cock.

Holly sat there smiling at me as she watched me face fucking Rebecca, she knew what it felt like after being face fucked by me plenty of times before. With the fingers of one hand rubbing her own cunt, her other hand fingers were furiously fingering Rebecca’s cunt. I could feel Rebecca sucking my cock harder desperate to make me cum, as my cock started to shoot my hot cum into her mouth I pressed Rebecca’s head down keeping her mouth all the way onto my cock.

When I had finished I released my grip on Rebecca’s head and watched her lift her mouth off my spent cock and give the head of my cock a few licks before sitting up beside me. She turned to face me and with a beaming smile opened Escort her mouth wide to show me she had swallowed all of my cum. I knew that Daniel would have had her opening her mouth for the camera after swallowing cum.

Rebecca then asked, “Would you both like me to make you a coffee?”

“Yes please,” Holly and I replied.

When Rebecca was in the kitchen, Holly said, “Rebecca is going to be making another movie tomorrow.”

“Another movie with your father and brother?” I asked.

“No, Daniel has plans for Rebecca to be fucked by a couple of different men… and what I heard they all have massive cocks,” giggled Holly.

The idea of watching my daughter-in-law being fucked by a couple of men with large cocks excited me and I wondered how big their cocks would really be and if Rebecca knew that she was going to have all her holes stretched to the max.

When she returned with our coffees I asked, “I hear that you’re making another movie tomorrow Rebecca… I’m going to come and watch do you want me to come and pick you up and take you to the studio?”

Rebecca gave Holly a scowl and then replied, “Only if you want to Dad… Daniel was going to arrange for me to be picked up in the morning.”

“I will phone Daniel and let him know that I will be bringing you to the studio,” I chuckled.

The three of us sat there having our coffees, with Rebecca sitting between Holly and me, as soon as we had finished our coffees Holly and I started taking turns at groping her body. Rebecca’s head was turned from side to side as we took turns kissing her and we each twisted and pulled on one of Rebecca’s nipples making her squeal and her nipples stick out further.

I watched as Holly took Rebecca’s nipple into her mouth and gave Rebecca’s nipple a bite and pulled on her nipple making her scream and plead for Holly to stop.

When Holly lifted her mouth off Rebecca’s nipple she said, “Rebecca I think you should have your nipples pierced… what do you think Marcus?”

“Yes… your nipples would look great pierced,” I chuckled and then added, “Maybe some more piercings and a couple of tattoos would look great on you.”

“How would I explain the piercings and tattoos to my husband?” blurted Rebecca.

“Tell my son that you did it for him to spice up your marriage,” I replied.

“Rebecca have you thought about telling your husband Connor about what you have been doing?” asked Holly.

“No… I’m scared that Connor would leave me if he found out, he already hasn’t been interested in fucking me lately,” replied Rebecca.

I didn’t have the heart to tell my daughter-in-law that I knew that my son was more into men than women and that he was fucking one of his work colleagues. I’m sure Connor would be happy for his wife to fuck other men and that he might join in for a threesome once he saw the men that were fucking his wife.

“We should all get dressed… Connor will soon be coming home from work and I don’t want him to catch us,” blurted Rebecca.

“I better head home and clean up… Dad has his friend Steven coming over tonight,” Holly mumbled.

After Holly had left and Rebecca and I had dressed, we were sitting at the kitchen table having a coffee waiting for my son to come home from work. When Rebecca received a text message from Connor telling her that he was working late again and that he wouldn’t be home till late tonight. Rebecca was upset that her husband was once again staying at work.

“Rebecca, why don’t you change into something sexy and I will take you out to dinner and cheer you up?” I suggested.

“Dad are you sure that you want to take me out for dinner?” Rebecca asked.

“It will be like we’re on a date,” I replied.

“Okay, let me go and get changed,” Rebecca giggled.

When Rebecca returned to the kitchen she was wearing a short mini-skirt and blouse along with knee-high boots, she looked amazing and like a prostitute that would stand on the street looking for customers. I knew of just the right place to take her out to dinner and cheer her up.

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