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Teen Age Gigolo

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There is no use hiding the facts. At 18, I was a male gigolo. I earned my money by satisfying the carnal needs of older women in our town. Our town was not a big town by any means; but you would have been surprised at the number of older, unsatisfied women in town.

Once the husband hit 50 or so; or became succesful in business; or just got bored with the wife, her frustrations would begin.

Some of these women were raving beauties. Some had seen better days. Deep down, they all needed to be reassured they were still attractive. That’s where I came in. Truth was, if some of the husbands had just treated their wives like whores, I would have been out of circulation.

Six days a week I was busy. On school days, I might have 2 “dates”. On non-school days, I would average 4 to 5 dates per day. There was just that much unhappiness in the town. What pleasures for me however.

I remember one particularly well. Her husband was a prominent lawyer. When he wasn’t working, he was at the country club or out of town on golf outings. If he was away overnight, it was normal for her to be my last stop of the day; and I would stay overnight.

I arrived one evening around 7:00. She answered the door; by her attire, I knew he was away for the evening. She’d kinked up her hair the way I liked it. Extremely heavy makeup and lipstick were added. She was wearing heels, bikini panties, and a gold necklace.

She was in her mid-50s. I’m not normally turned on by thin women; this one was different. She was only 5 foot tall and weighed in at about 90 pounds. She worked out and had a trim figure. She was meticulous in appearance when out in public. Her pussy was shaved; she knew I liked that. Her hair was grey; but she did not appear old.

She greeted me at the door with a heavy kiss; it was almost like she wanted one of the neighbors to tell her husband. She was almost bouncing like a school girl as we went into the living room. The patio door drapes were open; a nosy neighbor would have seen us. I often wondered if she was that unhappy.

She knew I’d had several other dates that day; yet that was not a problem for her. She even knew some of the other women I serviced.

Before we started that night she told me she had a favor to ask of me. Her college roommate was coming to acıbadem escort town and she wanted me to do a 3-some with them. I agreed and could see the sense of relief she had.

We were standing by the slider as we began kissing. I had to bend down some due to her height; and she always rose up on her toes. Her hands were around my neck as we french kissed. My hands were on her ass; I was squeezing and rubbing through thin silk panties which barely covered half her ass.

She could feel my hard on through my shorts; and seemed to enjoy rubbing against it. She pulled her lips away long enough to express her desire to be treated like a whore. I promised she would feel used and abused when I finished.

I lifted her from the ground and turned to retreat from the doors. I did not want to be the cause of family problems. Her children were away at college; heck, I had dated the daughter while she was in high school.

Mona shook her head no; she apparently enjoyed being on display with her boy toy. I resumed french kissing her; her lips were wrapped around my tongue as though she was giving a blow job. That was fine by me. She did give great head.

She wrapped her legs arond my waist. I lowered my hands slightly on her ass so I could run my thumbs across her pussy. Her panties were soppy wet; this would be a good fuck. Her motor was running wide open.

She was so light. I lifted her higher and placed her legs across my shoulders. My face was in her crotch; and I began kissing her mound through those panties. My tongue began driving into her slit; and I could feel her clit quivering as my tongue lapped at it and my teeth nipped on her pussy lips.

I kept this up for 10 minutes or so as she hit one orgasm after another. She was cumming so much the excess juices were flowing out the legs of her panties and onto my chin and shirt.

I stepped back a couple of feet and began to lower her to the ground. She knew what I wanted. As I began to peel off my shirt, she unsnapped the waist button on my shorts. My shorts fell to the floor as my cock sprang forth.

She took my cock in her hand and began lightly tonguing it. Her mouth opened wider; her lips formed around the head as she ministered that tongue all over the pee slit. Apparently my cock head atalar escort had a larger pee slit than most men as she took her time using her tongue to force it open. I could actually feel her mouth cum enter the head of my cock.

She was on her knees; and I lowered myself to the floor. Her mouth never left my cock. I lay back on the floor as she continued administering a superior blow job. Her head was bobbing up and down as her lips maintained a tight grip on my cock shaft.

She lifted her head and smiled that devilish grin. I motioned her to turn around and back her pussy to my face. As she did so, I tugged her panties off the pussy and resumed eating that shaved pussy.

It was oozing creme which seemed to thicken with each slap of my tongue on her clit. Every woman I had ever eaten told me how well I did that; and how they wished their husbands could take lessons.

That white creme was so sweet and tasty; I could not get enough. I finally slapped her ass and told her to climb on for a ride. She knew what I meant.

She moved forward and straddled my cock. Her back was to me and she lowered that sloppy pussy onto the head.

She began rising and lowering herself onto my cock. She was riding up and down like a bull rider in the rodeo. I began to picture her with a cowboy hat and chaps; perhaps another time.

She rode up and down for about 10 to 15 minutes. She was hitting orgasm after orgasm. She came so hard and frequently her juices were flowing onto my balls and pubic area. That was one of the reasons I always shaved. I did not want to leave with a smelly residue in my pubic hair. No hair meant no pussy smell.

I slapped her on the ass and told her to climb off. She had that disapointed, spoiled little rich girl look on her face as she climbed off. I told her to get on her knees and elbows as I wanted to fuck doggie style. She squealed with glee as she positioned herself.

I got behind her and positioned my cock at her pussy hole. It was gaping open and was still soppy wet. I took hold of her ass cheeks as I began to push my cock in. She was so open, I went into the base of my cock. I was holding tight on her ass as I began pumping my cock in and out. Her pussy took it all.

I was fucking her hard; driving my cock deep into her aydınlı escort with every thrust. I looked out the doors and saw the nosy neighbor watching. What the hell, I thought. If Mona doesn’t mind, why should I. I lifted one of my hands and blew a kiss at her. She still kept looking at us. I wondered if this would be a new client.

As I put my hand down, I spit on my thumb and began running it around her asshole. She seemed to like that. Right then, I decided to drop my first nut load into her asshole. I continued fucking her hard. I had conditioned myself to control the release of my loads; and this was my fourth fuck of the day. My balls were slapping her pussy lips and clit as she continued to squeal and orgasm. That woman had a never ending ability to cum.

My thumb had loosened her asshole enough that on my next pull back, I removed my cock. As she moaned in disappointment, I positioned my cock head at her ass and began to thrust it in.

Her head shot back as my cock head went deep into that asshole. I slapped her ass cheeks to get her mind on something other than the cock which was ripping her ass apart.

I began driving deep and hard. I slapped the ass cheeks; and told her to wiggle and fuck back into me. She did.

I fucked another 10 minutes or so when I felt my load begin to build. That tight ass brought it on quicker than was the norm. She would have to work hard to get the next one.

I tightened my grip on her ass as I began to unload my cum. Spurt after spurt spewed forth into her anal cavity. She was in her glory.

I took my time extracting my cock from her asshole. She fell forward to lie on the carpet. She was used but not quite abused. I rose up and walked around. I dropped onto my knees and held my cock in my hand. It was coated with thick white creme and some brown globs; I knew what they were.

I lifted her head and told her to open wide. She knew her job was not finished until she had done clean up on my cock. She looked for a few seconds; she saw the brown globs from her asshole. But then her mouth went open and down on my cock shaft. Like a real trooper, she gave another great blow and suck job as she lapped my cock clean and swallowed all the residue.

I could feel my balls begin to respond and tighten; I knew another load was starting to form.

I patted her on the head and told her she was a good whore who was now used and abused. She smiled and asked if I would fuck her more before I left. I nodded yes; but neither of us knew what the evening would hold before it was over.

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