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Helping Pat Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Regret and Revenge

Cassidy had just made the biggest mistake of her life. She gave her brother a pity fuck. She just wanted to help him get over a girl. Yea it was a little weird, but at the end of the day it was just another cock. Cassidy lost count of how many random cocks she fucked in college. But with Pat it turned dark. Once they started a flip switched and he got real aggressive real fast. Being dominated by a strong man can be a lot of fun, but that was her first time taking it in the ass.

They were fucking doggy style and all of a sudden he decided to switch holes. He came in her ass and then he just left. She was alone In her room. She’s had guys leave immediately after sex before, but in those situations their not waiting in the living room. It was so fucking awkward and she hadn’t even faced him yet.

She quickly threw some clothes on and left the house in a hurry. She drove over to her friend Nicole’s house. It was there that she showered. She lied and said that their hot water was out at home. She hung out there for the day. They ordered a pizza, talked about college and reminisced about high school.

That evening they went out to a club, Nicole’s idea. Nicole wore a tight little black dress. It was strapless, but had tiny armband sleeves. To finish the outfit she wore red stiletto heels. Cassidy had a similar outfit at home, and she ran out of reasons for why they shouldn’t go back to pick it up. Pat and the rest of the family were home. She quickly said hi as she walked past the living room where they were all gathered.

Cassidy’s dress was black and short like Nicole’s, but not as tight on her hips and ass. The dressed flowed out in an A-line from her hips. Her dress was sleeveless with two thick straps, and it was sheer above the bosom. The dress was tight over her C-cup breasts. To finish it off she put on her own red stilletos. Her father looked disapprovingly as she left the house, but she was a 22-year old college senior now so there wasn’t much he could do to stop her.

It was cold outside, but the car was already warm at least. She drank and danced a lot that night, but got uncomfortable whenever a guy came up to grind against her. She’d excuse herself to get another drink whenever one tried. Nicole meanwhile had a blast dancing with random guys, but she didn’t go home with any. They left together and Cassidy spent the night on Nicole’s couch.

The following morning Nicole had to go to work and Cassidy didn’t have anywhere else to go, so she finally returned home. She didn’t think to bring a spare set of clothes when she changed into the dress so she was still wearing it when she walked in the front door. She carried her shoes; the December ground was cold on her feet, but it was a short run to the car and then from the car to her house.

Pulling up to the house she saw that her parents were gone. It’s easy to lose track of days on Christmas break, but it must be a weekday. Not having to talk to her father right now would make things easier, but what she really wanted was for Pat to be gone. She prayed for the house to be empty, but she had no such luck. Her brother Pat was sitting in a chair near the front door. He was clearly waiting for her. “Fun night?” he asked while eyeing her hungrily.

“Where’s Caitlin,” Cassidy asked about their younger sister.

“She went for a bike ride,” Pat said as he stood up. “I think she went to a friend’s house.” He slowly walked towards her with his eyes staring at her chest.

Cassidy walked briskly to her bedroom. She went to close the way, but Pat got his foot in the way just in time. She was trying to close the door quickly so it slammed hard on his bare foot, but he made no noise to indicate any pain. He held his ground and the door remained cracked. “Pat, can you get your foot out of the way?”

“I was hoping I could come in actually.”

“Sure just let me get changed first.”

“I was hoping to come in for that.”

“Pat, that was just a one-time thing.”

“I see. You prefer to fuck strangers at a club instead, huh?”

Cassidy kicked his foot to try and push it back so she could close the door, but it didn’t work. He pushed hard on the door and it swung open. She fell backwards and landed on her ass.

Pat looked down at her. In the fall her dress had slid up so that he could almost see her panties. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” He kneeled down and placed his hands on her knees.

“Pat, no,” she said weakly.

“I guess I’m not as good as some random jackass. Is it that it?”

He leaned forward, placed one hand on her side and the other on her breast. He buried his face into her neck and sucked on her skin. He pushed her back to the ground.

His kisses felt good, but it also felt so wrong. She put her palms on his stomach and pushed up, lifting him off of her. He backed off of her and onto his knees. His hands slid underneath her and cusped her ass. She lifted her butt off the ground in response konya escort to get away from his hands, but that only made it easier for him to grip the hem of her panties. He pulled them off and towards her knees. She kicked and struggled, but he was able to get the panties off of her.

Looking down at her, he now saw her pussy. She was mostly shaved, with the small bit of remaining hair trimmed down to a small landing strip. He eagerly pulled out his dick. “Did he cum on your dress?”

“No, he shot his huge load inside me,” Cassidy lied.

While stroking his dick with his right hand, his left hand reached out and placed two fingers inside her. She moaned slightly at his touch. “You’re so wet.”

“Yea that’s from him. You should bend down and taste it so you can know what a real man’s cum is like.” Pat leaned in as if he was going to take her up on the offer. Her juices smell sweet, but there was something inside him that just couldn’t get past the idea of tasting another man’s cum. Cassidy was disappointed. “A real man knows how to pleasure a woman,” she taunted.

“Oh I’ll show you pleasure.” Pat climbed on top of her and inserted his dick into her. She gasped with each one of his powerful thrusts. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of the carpet to stop her from sliding. She arched her back, pushing her shoulders and head into the ground. Keeping her eyes closed tight she imagined that it was someone else fucking her and it worked well. She was getting into it, moving her body with his motions, moaning louder, but then he ruined it by attempting to talk dirty to her.

“Shut up and kiss my neck,” she ordered. She stretched out her neck to give him easy access. Her eyes opened as his lips made contact with her neck. She quickly got back into the mood. Looking up at the ceiling she felt waves of pleasure course through her body as she orgasmed.

“OK get off me,” she ordered after she came. He stopped kissing her neck and his thrusts got less forceful but he didn’t stop. “OK I confess you were better than him. Now get off and let me shower. I’ve been out all night and I feel gross.”

He still didn’t stop so she reached up and grabbed his earlobe. “Ow” he said as he pulled out of her and twisted his body to get away. “You may be big and strong now, but I’m still your big sister and I can still kick your ass. Now get out.” He reluctantly complied.

She just laid there on the ground for several minutes. She had opened Pandora’s box and it was all just getting too weird now. She was completely uncertain about what to do in the long term, but in the immediately future all she needed was a shower.

She climbed to her feet and stumbled into the shower. She didn’t wash herself. She just let the hot water run down her naked body. It felt good and she was able to finally calm down. That is she was able to calm until he returned.

Her eyes shot open when she heard the curtain slide back. Startled she turned quickly and slipped, dropping down to one knee. “I could get used to you dropping to your knees every time you see me,” Pat said smugly.

“You ass, you scared the shit out me,” Cassidy shot back.

“I’m sorry,” he replied dryly. “I thought you might have been waiting for me to join with how much time you spent in here.” His eyes gazed over her naked body. “You know I think I have a handle you can grip to help get up,” he said as he lowered the front of his mesh shorts to pull out his erect cock.

“Damn it Pat. You’re so gross. Get out of here.”

“I’ll get out faster if you helped me finish faster,” he said as he lightly stroked his cock.

She sighed as she stood up. She turned off the water and then turned to step out of the bath tub, but he sidestepped to block her. “Pat. let me through.”

“I will soon,” he said as he reached out with his other hand to grab her tit. She protested, but didn’t push his hand away. “It’s only fair. I helped you cum, but I haven’t had my release yet.” His thumb made slow circles around that erect nipple. “Besides, I think you like it.”

Reluctantly she reached out and placed her hand on his cock. She stroked it weakly while both his hands fondled her C-cup breasts. He pawed at them aggressively, squeezing and pinching her nipples. One of his hands slid around to her back and tightly gripped her ass. The force of the squeeze caused her to take a step closer to him.

“My arm is getting tired,” she complained.

“You could always get back on your knees,” he replied.

Defeated, she complied. Getting back down on her knees she took his erect member into her mouth. He placed his hand on the back of her head as she bobbed back and forth. He felt a sense of pride having now been in all three of her holes.

She kept her hands by her sides as she sucked his cock. At first she only took the tip in, but his hand on the back of her head applied a constant pressure until she was deep throating his cock. She had done it before for other boys so she escort konya just thought about those experiences to get through this.

He removed his hand from the back of her head when he was ready to cum. With the pressure removed, she immediately pulled her head back to remove his cock from her mouth. He grabbed the base of his cock to aim the spray of cum. The initial load hit her in on the nose. He continued rub his cock, milking out more cum. He leaned forward and got up on his tiptoes so that his cock was above her. He watched the last few drops fall into her hair.

He turned the water back on for her before leaving the bathroom. Cassidy didn’t linger in there long. She grabbed a towel, but didn’t bother to wrap it around herself. She just held it bunched before her front so that it covered her tits and pussy should he glance at her as she ran through the hall.

She left the water on so that Pat wouldn’t be alerted that she was on the move. She ran to her room and locked the door behind her. She leaned into the dresser and tried to slide it to block the door, but it was too heavy for her. The bed was on wheels so that was easier her to move. She pushed it right into the corner so that it blocked the door, but an opening door would try to unsuccessfully push turn it into the other wall.

She then grabbed her suitcase out of the closet and began emptying her entire closet into it. Then she grabbed her backpack and threw electronics in there, her phone charger, alarm clock, etc. In about an hour she had her room packed up.

Cassidy sat on the bed and plotted ways to get back at Pat. At first she imagined getting him arrested and then she thought about him getting raped in prison. It was a fun thought at first, but she didn’t want to cause him that much pain. He was a pretty decent lay, but this power dynamic had gotten out of control. She needed a way to put him back in his place. She thought of various ways to manipulate him emotionally. She realized Mr. G was the key to hurting him. This all started when Pat convinced that his math teacher was fucking his ex.

Cassidy dug out her hand mirror and wipes to clean her face. She then meticulously applied her makeup. It had to be flawless. To finish it off she put on her glossy pink lipstick.

With her makeup set, she looked over her outfit. She was wearing a baggy gray sweatshirt and a pair of bright white short shorts. Looking at her legs she wondered when was the last time she shaved. She couldn’t remember. The small blonde hairs weren’t noticeable against her pale white skin, but she felt the stubble when she reached down to touch her legs. It would have to do; no way was she getting back in the shower here.

Cassidy stayed in her room until she heard multiple voices coming from the rest of the house. It was safe if someone else was in the house. She found Caitlin and Pat talking in the living room. Cassidy briefly worried about Caitlin around Pat, but she grew less concerned as she stood in the doorway and watched them. Caitlin was too young and Pat’s interactions with her where fundamentally different than they had been with Cassidy, even compared to before they first crossed that line. Pat had been periodically staring at Cassidy’s chest since long before this trip home.

“Oh you are home,” said Caitlin when Cassidy walked into the room. Cassidy gave Caitlin a hug and then waved hello to Pat. Pat returned the gesture by nodding his head and letting out a small inaudible sound. Caitlin and Cassidy talked for ten minutes while Pat mostly sat there in silence. His eyes moved around a lot, looking at Caitlin’s face when she was speaking and Cassidy’s chest when she was speaking.

Then Cassidy announced that she was going for a walk. “It’s cold out there,” Caitlin replied. “You’re going to freeze in those shorts.”

“I’ll be fine,” Cassidy replied as she looked at Pat. “I won’t be outside for long.”

It was a short walk to Mr. G’s house, but the cold air was already turning her legs red. At least it wasn’t windy. She knocked on his door and prayed that he was home. None of this would work if he was out, but fortunately he answered the door.

He was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and an old green T-shirt. “Hey,” he said loudly once he saw her. He clearly recognized her, but the name took a moment. “What can I, uh, do for you?” He mostly looked her in the eyes, but she caught him do a quick glance down at her legs.

“Hey, Mr. G. I was walking through the neighborhood and wanted to stop and say hi.”

“Yea, sure, of course Cassidy. Come right on in.” He emphasized her name as if he was proud of himself for remembering it. “It’s cold out there,” he said as he led her down a hall to his living room.

“Yea I guess I got used to that weird heat wave we had last week.” She sat crossed legged in one corner of his couch.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“I just walk in the door and you’re already trying to liquor me up,” Cassidy teased, konya escort bayan “You’re living up to your reputation.”

“My reputation? Dear God what are they saying about me?”

“Oh I’m just joking. I’ll have some water.”

“So how old are you now anyways,” Mr. G asked as he poured her a glass. “You know just so I know what drinks I can legally offer.”


“Wow so are you graduated from college?”

“No I’m a senior, but I’ll need another year to finish up. Switching majors really slowed me down.”

“Yea that happened to me too. I started as a chemistry major before I got into teaching,” he said as he handed her a glass of water. He took a seat at the other end of the sofa. He leaned back in the corner, slouched back with his arms spread out along the back and arm of the couch.

Cassidy pulled out her phone and texted Pat, “Man it was cold outside. Fortunately I found a warm couch not far away.” Pat didn’t respond so Cassidy periodically sent him more provocative texts until finally she’s telling him, “Wow Mr. G is so much bigger than you. I see why Maggie left.”

Mr. G was a little annoyed by her texting on her phone, but it wasn’t constant, just a few seconds to send a quick message every eight minutes. He attributed it to her generation. She was actively engaged in the conversation though by asking follow up questions to his stories and sharing her own stories. They compared college experiences and shared memories from when she was in his class.

“So how’s Pat doing?” Cassidy finally asked.

Mr. G clenched his teeth and made a face as he debated how to diplomatically answer. “Not as good as you.”

Cassidy let out a short fake laugh. “That bad huh?”

“You did great. I mean you struggled, but you also came in for extra help. You didn’t get an A, but a B is solid. Meanwhile Pat just doesn’t make the effort. He doesn’t come in for extra help; he never has any questions in class. I don’t even think he has the derivative rules memorized.”

“So what did he get?”

“He did pretty bad on the final. I haven’t put in the grades yet, but I think he’s going to get a D for the semester.”

“I want you to give him an F,” she said excitedly as she leaned towards Mr. G.

Mr. G was caught off guard and coughed a bit. “Usually those requests go the other way.”

Cassidy sighed and looked on the ground. “Pat hit me,” she said preferring that to the truth. Then she looked up at Mr. G, locking eyes with him. He saw tears forming in her blue eyes. “He has to pay for what he did to me.”

Mr. G angrily clenched his fists. “I can drive you to the police station.”

“It’s been too long. The bruises healed. They’re not going to believe me. Plus I don’t want to put my parents through that. This is the way I want to get him back.”

“I don’t know. I mean I could look through his final and see if I graded him inconsistently, maybe there are some places where I gave him too many points.”

Cassidy placed her hand on his knee as he was talking. “No one will know.”

Mr. G stared at her hand, watching it as it slid up his thigh. Then he looked at her. She had scooted towards him, leaning in towards him. He sat up and scooted slightly towards her. She continued to lean in and their lips met. It was a long open mouth kiss with no tongue. She kept one hand on his thigh while the other grabbed his side. He wrapped his arms around her as they continued to kiss.

Now sitting on his lap, she removed her baggy sweatshirt. Underneath she wore a simple white tank top with no bra. He eagerly grabbed her tits and soon enough he was taking off her shirt. Soon after that she took off his shirt.

Then she unbuttoned his jeans and liberated his cock. She placed her fingertips on the tip and slowly slid her hand down to the base. Shen then pulled up slowly sliding her fingers against his skin until just her fingertips were touching the tip of his cock. She repeated this process and stopped the third time her hand hit the base of his cock. With a firm grip she leaned back and looked him in the eye. “I’ll fuck you if you give him an F.”

“He failed so fucking badly,” Mr. G replied.

Cassidy stood up and removed her last bit of clothing. Mr. G stared at her blonde bush as he eagerly removed his pants. Her down there hair was trimmed down to a small landing strip. He laid down naked on the couch and she climbed on top of him. Grabbing his cock once more she guided it into her pussy.

There was a time in high school where she thought of Mr. G as the cute teacher and fantasized about doing just this. He still looked good, but that schoolgirl crush was long gone. This was about power now. She looked past the couch as she rocked back and forth on his cock. She saw his collection of James Bond films on a shelf. She imagined herself as some secret agent, completing a mission to accomplish and end goal.

Mr. G was having a great time underneath Cassidy. He initially placed his hands on her legs, but felt the stubble so he moved his hands up. He felt her flat stomach, smooth skin, and her large C-Cup breasts. He didn’t remember them being this big when she was a student. Maybe she developed more in college or maybe he just didn’t remember that well. He definitely never got this good of a look at them before.

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