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In Like Flint

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Anvil Stone had told everything to her cousin Janilyn Lewis what had happened to her in the prairie. Janilyn couldn’t believe her story.

“Anvil, what happened to you is incredible,” Janilyn said. “This is a small town and a lot of people knew each other here. There had never been anyone spotted here wearing a Lone Ranger costume. We’ve asked around,” she said cross-legged at the center of her bed clad in her cami top and Victoria Secret underwear.

“I’m telling you I’m not dreaming. To me he’s not only the Lone Ranger but the Looong Ranger as well, ‘cause he’s big, tall, and lasts longer,” Anvil sighed brushing her long dark blonde hair.

“Well, why don’t we go back there and see if this Long Ranger of yours comes up again?” Janilyn’s cool blue eyes deepening.

“Oh, how he comes. Yes, that would be a wonderful idea. You and me so you could see for yourself in case he pops up again. You know he said that he’ll be seeing me again,” Anvil sighed again.

“What if he doesn’t show up preferring to see you alone?”

“That remains to be seen. For how else can I prove to you that what I experienced was real?”

“Well, nothing harm in doing it. Besides, your story has made me horny as a goat. I want to experience it myself too. Mind if I get a piece of action from this Long Ranger of yours?” Janilyn giggled as she plopped herself flat on the bed, showing all the better the convex structure of her female center through her bikini panties.

“Why not? It’s only sex. It’s not the be-all, and end-all of every relationship.” Anvil replied.

“Gee, I’m starting to feel like a bitch in heat,” Janilyn said, touching lightly the center of her flesh-colored bikini panties with the back of the hairbrush.

The following day, the two set off to that place where Anvil met the Long Ranger a week ago. They sat under a leafy tree and waited. An hour had passed and they’d seen nothing except a couple of rabbits who made out a few yards away.

Another hour had almost passed when they spotted a lone horseman riding in a slow pace on the trail.

“Hey, look someone’s coming!” Janilyn said excitedly. “Is that him?”

“Hardly like,” Anvil said but gawked the same way Janilyn did and anticipated.

The horseman was leading toward their direction wearing a brown beaver hide hat, a woolen poncho, gunbelt rig and lots of stuff bundled on his horse.

“Who is this man? He looks like he comes straight off from a western movie.” Janilyn was quizzical.

As the horseman approached the girls, he lit up a cheroot that dangled between his lips.

“Hi Mister!” the girls almost chorused. He squinted at them and acknowledged the greeting by tipping his hat.

“You looked like a vintage cowboy. What sort of man dresses in that kind of outfit?’ asked Anvil.

“Lookin’ for some bad guys,” he said dryly.

“Not gals huh?” Janilyn said in an impish tone.

The man tossed back his poncho upon his shoulder and withdrew from his vest pocket a sheet of folded paper and handed it to them.

Anvil took the paper and unfolded it.

“Anyone of you have seen or recognized any of ‘em?” The man asked.

Janilyn gaped on top of Anvil’s shoulder.

Max ‘Gato’ Borato Wanted Dead Or Alive, $1,000. Anvil read on the paper. “Such a mean looking guy. Nope never saw him before. How about you Janilyn?”

She looked at the main photograph along with the small ones below with corresponding prices on their heads.

“Oh God I can’t believe this. It seems we’re in a western movie having a dialogue with a bounty hunter,” she said facing Anvil and then turned to the man. “Sorry mister, nothing like these kind of brutes live in this part of town. What makes you think they’re around here?”

“Thanks,” he said and spat out to his side.

“Ah, Mister what are you planning to do with these guys?” Anvil asked.

“Shoot ‘em before they shoot me.”

“Why don’t you let the police do it?”

“A posse? I can do it alone?”

“What about pussy, do you need one er two?” Janilyn teased. Anvil slapped her arm. How could you be such a dirty talker!

“I said I can do it alone.”

“You can’t live alone an’ if you die, who’s gonna bury you? You want us to come along and help you locate this guy?” Janilyn pursued her questioning.

“I said I can work it out alone, thanks anyway.” He said dryly.

“Suit yourself squinty drifter and take care,” Janilyn said in resignation.

Without a word he rode off till he disappeared in the distance.

“That’s not the man, for sure. He’s not even masked.” Anvil said.

But gee! He looked like Clint Eastwood, ain’t he?” Janilyn blurted.

“Yeah you’re right, like in those spaghetti westerns I saw on cable TV. Another incredible thing is in the works here. What do you think if we follow and see what will happen where he’s going?” Anvil said.

“Come on let’s ride before we lose him,” Janilyn prodded. “Besides, who knows maybe he’s pally with that Long Ranger of yours, then the both of us can play musical pricks,” she laughed at her wit.

The man disappeared out of sight but the girls searched him out. Soon they were on top türkçe altyazılı porno of a stony hill and they spotted him down camping next to Canoe Creek. They dismounted their horses and hid behind one of the big stones jutting on the hill so he won’t see them.

“He’s naked. Looks like he’s just taken a swim. He’s pummeling himself dry with a towel or whatnot.” Anvil said as she examined him in the binoculars.

“Can you see his dick?”

“Yeah, sort of,”

“Oowee, give me it to me.” Janilyn said grabbing the binoculars.

“Hmmm, well-hung kiddo,” Janilyn muttered.

They sat on the grass, their backs against the stone suppressing girlish giggles.

“What do we do now?” Anvil stared the sky, as if looking for answers there.

“He’s certainly a gorgeous guy but a mysterious one. What do you have in mind Anvil? Do we approach him and flirt our way till he gets his pecker hard?”

“He’s not like the long ranger who’s so aggressive. Nothing can stop that Long Ranger. He’s a high testosterone man. This one’s passive. Let’s look at him again. Maybe he’s gonna jerk off.”

Janilyn let out a crispy cackle.


The two girls twisted their bodies up, craned their necks above the stone and peered down.

“He’s gone! Where the hell is he?” Anvil murmured.

“But his horse is there and I think he’s cooking something. He’s set off making coals out of chopped oak wood. Me thinks he’s out hunting for a deer or a rabbit.”

“A rabbit?” Janilyn gasped.

“Why? Have you not eaten a rabbit?”

“No. Thank you. Have you?”

“Once when I was in Brussels.”

“Ewee, what? Like a Rabbit Stroganoff?”

“A rabbit stew with Stella Artois beer in it,” Anvil replied.

Suddenly the two girls felt something hard poked their butts. They turned their faces slowly around and it’s the squinty guy with his long pistols sticking up to their butts.

“What are you up to ladies?”

“Ah, ah could you put down your guns and…and we…we’ll explain?” Janilyn said and held up her hands. Anvil did the same.

Slowly the gunslinger stood up from his genuflecting position and replaced the guns in his holsters. He knew women retaliate with their tongues and not with weapons.

“Thanks. Your guns are sure mighty big,” Janilyn said still smiling.

“So why are you up here?” He said as he sat on the ground, one knee drawn up.

“Nothing. We just wanna take a look at you. You look like a movie star. Maybe we can get an autograph from you,” Janilyn said sweetly.

“We’re curious. Are you really bent on getting that wanted man for money? Say, why don’t you just let go off the man, huh? There’s been too much violence in this world. If you need money, we’ll raise it for you. It’s only money ya know? Leave it to the law enforcers. It’s their job to nab criminals so they could be tried in court,” Anvil said

“Yeah, we could raise a thousand bucks for you, that’s easy!” Janilyn butted in.

“You’ve been watching me naked don’t you?” he said ignoring the subject of money as if this is not his aim. Both girls threw a mischievous look at each other.

“Aha, that’s not our fault. When we came here you don’t have your clothes on,” Janilyn said.

“You’re spying on me. Take off all your clothes. You might be hiding something.”

“Hiding what? You won’t see anything from us except our ‘you know what’!” Janilyn intoned.

“What are you gonna do with us?” Anvil asked.

“Hang you high and whip you up.” His teeth gritted.

“Hey, no joke. If that’s so, you’re cruel to humanity. You’re such a bad guy, hanging us girls who happened to view your soft as a noodle dick. Come on what heinous crime have we done to you?” Anvil sneered.

“Remove your jackets, you first?” he said pointing to Janilyn.

“Ok, just don’t hang me. Right, Mr. er Gunslinger?” she said easily.

Janilyn removed her nice cropped jacket with notched lapel and woven with outdoor horses prints on front and back.

“Jacket only?”

“And the rest.”

“Ok, that’s easy.”

He took a more relaxed pose and unbuckled his gun rig out of his hips and lay it on his side.

Janilyn unbuttoned her shirt top and a tomato red brassiere popped into view dilating squinty drifter’s eyes a bit. Janilyn’s body was full of sensuality, big-breasted and curves in the right places.

“You!’ he pointed to Anvil. “Get them all off too.”

“Why should I? I’ve done nothing wrong against you.” Anvil was indignant.

He took a cigar and struck a matchstick on the sole of his boots as he watched Janilyn peeled off her tight jeans. Soon a stringed thong was exposed. She wore back her boots and hitched up her thong, which outlined her female asset.

Anvil stood pat on the ground without moving, hands folded across.

The squinty drifter shifted his gaze to Janilyn who looked incredibly sexy. She’s 5’5” short of 2 inches to Anvil’s height but a body that can raise even Lazarus. She looked at Anvil and winked at her as she undid her bra, her surprisingly firm and large breasts tumbling free to the afternoon light.

A xnxx satisfactory smile played across the man’s lips.

“Come on over here,” The squinty man called, tapping a space beside him.

“You won’t spank me, would you?” she said edging her way next to him. Then she straddled down his hips; a hint of trimmed black hair was faintly visible through her thong front.

“Can I borrow your hat?” she asked her hand quick to get it from his head and put it on her brunette crowned hair.

“How’s this Mr. High Plains Drifter?”

He grabbed her small waist and examined her boobs, her erect large nipples staring at him. Janilyn cupped his cheeks, turned his face to her and kissed his lips. It was a slow burning kiss, kinda exploratory and the man took her down crushing her bottom on his growing bulge.

Anvil turned around.

“I’m gonna leave you guys?”

“Hey, where you going?” Janilyn asked.

“Three’s a crowd, ain’t it kiddo?”

“No you’re not going anywhere. At this time of day a lot of sidewinders will be out down there and you’re gonna be lucky if you won’t step any of them,” the horseman said.

Anvil stopped on her tracks. Huh! Sidewinders! Snakes! But she adamantly ignored and moved on. The last time she saw one she nearly died.

“Suit yourself. They bite hard and can kill you in seconds flat,” he warned.

“Anvil, don’t leave please, just listen to the man,” Janilyn pleaded.

Anvil heard a rattling sound on the grass as she’d gone her way down. She stopped, backed off a bit and looked nervously at the ground she was trudging on. Suddenly she had palpitations. The sight of a snake with its fangs showing was enough to give her a hell of a scare. Now she had second thoughts. She’s really scared of snakes big or small. So she stalked back and along the way she could hear Janilyn’s giggles.

Janilyn was already undoing the buttons of his trouser.

“Seen one of those sidewinders?” the man said his face breaking into a lethal grin for the first time.

“Wow, this is a killer!” Janilyn said as she extricated the man’s cock from his trouser. She rubbed the length of it with her hand and it grew even larger.

Memories of her sexual encounter with the long ranger flooded into Anvil’s thoughts. She licked her lips. Her eyes radiated sensuality.

“Hey don’t just stand there, sit on my face and relax.”

“Anvil. Don’t be such a spoilsport. Join the fun.” Janilyn prodded.

“It’ll turn me on even more if you two could make it together first.”

“We’re cousins, you perv…”Anvil’s voice trailed off.

“Then it’s the kissin’ cousins’ game.” The man flashed again his killer smile.

“Hey take it easy on rubbing, wait till your cousin join us here, ugh!”

“Can’t help it. Such a big one you have here. Owee, I can play this all day long,” Janilyn said as she worked up a fistful stroke.

“C’mere sweet thing, who knows I’ll be dead tomorrow and I’ll never know who among you is the best lay. I never beg in my life, ooh, and now I’m begging you, please, take off the darn clothes before I pop in here.”

The sight of his cock, his handsome face, erased all of Anvil’s values. She fell in lust with him. At last, she began divesting all her clothes, from the black vest stitched with silver thread, cashmere turtle neck and to her faded low-riding jeans.

Anvil was divine in her matching light blue dotted bra and bikini panties. Her incredible long legs, perfect olive skin, perfect breasts and stunningly pretty face add big notches to the man’s excitement. Never had she seen a man’s face etched with wild excitement.

Janilyn was sliding his cock along her crotch.

Anvil walked up to him and stood between his head facing Janilyn. There’s no mistake that it was a view to a kill.

“I want you two to kiss each other,” he said. Slowly Anvil brought down her luscious hips sliding over the man’s mug then settling on his chest.

The two being lost into their lust began kissing each other, tenderly, tentatively until they were catching each other’s tongues in erotic fashion. Janilyn snaked her hands at her back and undid her bra. Anvil’s well-contoured breasts were capped with little nipples in contrast with Janilyn’s. The man’s hands reached first for Anvil’s breasts and molded them, the nipples hardening quickly, then his other hand transferred on Janilyn’s particularly on her large chewable nipples.

Janilyn stood up and eased down her thong and stepped out of it. Anvil reached for his suddenly unattended cock and covered the top part with her mouth. The man groaned and Anvil felt his hot breath seeped below her panties.

Janilyn joined Anvil on licking his cock. The man pushed aside Anvil’s crotch panties and wriggled his tongue inside her gateway to paradise. She uttered a soft moan as she licked the topside of his cock while Anvil took the underside. If only his dick was a harmonica, it could have sounded when their lips run along each side.

“I can’t stand no more, I want him inside me,” Janilyn said and straddled him over his hips. Anvil guided it inside Janilyn’s hot gatefold. Her breath whistled out of porno izle her lungs as his cock slid all the way in. With her hands over his thighs she began her slow up and down motion. The sight of the mingling organs, Janilyn’s starving gasps and the man’s skillful tongue drove Anvil crazy with pleasure.

Changing positions, Anvil and Janilyn turned away with their backs facing each other. The man spread Anvil’s pussy lips and sucked her big clit. Eyes half-closed, Anvil’s hips shimmied and moved into a fit of frenzy. Her primal screams rang out all over the place. Janilyn sped her motions gloving his cock to orgasmic bliss.

“Oh, Fuck! I’m coming,” Anvil exclaimed.

“I’m coming too, yeah I’m coming, oh Jeez, this is big…so big…so full…” Janilyn voice reached high pitch as the big bang hit her like lightning. Seconds later, the man’s hips tensed and Janilyn sensing he was about to come pulled out from him and sucked in time his spewing dick. Anvil joined the licking.

After a while the sexual tension receded.

“It was my first to get fucked on the open wide space under the spectacle of the great sky filled with beautiful colors,” Janilyn said as she snuggled beside him.

“It’s my first in a threesome. I never came so fast as this one. It’s exhilarating.” Anvil remarked as she also lay next to him on the other side.

“What can you say big boy?” Janilyn asked.

“You two took me to heaven and back and swallowed the evidence,” he said.

The girls laughed.

“Hey you haven’t entered me yet,” Anvil said grinning widely.

“I bet Mr. Rawhide here can recover fast for a second helping. I’m thirsty. Let me get my bottle first,” Janilyn stood and sought her horse.

When Janilyn was back she wiped his sticky dick with a wet piece of wipe away Kleenex. “There! It smells like a baby.”

“Hey, why don’t we go down and eat?” The man suggested.

“Yeah, I’m famished.” Anvil said.

So the girls picked up their clothes and shuffled their way down through a stony path.

“Hmmm, not bad.” Anvil said as she tasted the rabbit stew.”

“Glad you have potatoes, I can rustle up some French fries,” Janilyn volunteered as she’s not keen on eating the rabbit stew.

The early evening was cooling and the girls wore their jackets but kept their bare legs close to the open fire.

“Enlighten us Mr. High Plains Drifter. What exactly is your name and where did you come from?”

“Nebraska, but no more permanent address. Joe Speedo is my name.”

“No kidding? Have you been always a bounty hunter? How many people have you killed?” Anvil was curious.

“Not much.”

“So you’re a killer too, huh?”

“Much more of a lady killer,” Janilyn butted in.

“You have a family?” Anvil resumed his interview.

“Yeah, killed by men of this Max Gato Borato. That’s why I’m hunting him.”

“It appears you have been leading a violent life, Joe?”

“I wish it could stop and I wish I could soon snuff the lives of those causing these violence,” Joe said reflectively.

“This is outrageous. I’m kinda lost here. As far as I am concerned we only see these things happen in the movies,” Janilyn said.

“What movies?” He asked.

Anvil and Janilyn looked at each other, puzzled.

“Movies, ah moving pictures on the silver screen where you see people act out like in reality for purposes of entertainment,” Anvil said.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“Hey what kind of entertainment have you seen?” Anvil asked.

“Some singing and dancing in a big saloon.”

“I couldn’t believe this is happening. I think I am under the impression here that we are in another time dimension whether us in your time or you in our time, Mr. Joe Speedo,” Janilyn said.

“Yeah, I’m thinking along that line too, the way you two are dressed up. I’ve never seen the likes of women like you. You smelled and talked differently.”

“I dabbed Poison in my hmmm…” Anvil trailed off.

“Mine is Opium,” Janilyn giggled.

For awhile silence fell on them as if they’re digesting their thoughts before letting them out of their lips

Joe Speedo’s cock was stirring up anew.

In a flash, the girls grabbed his cock. “Me first,” Anvil said as Janilyn’s fell on top of her grasp. “I won, my other hand still on top.” Anvil grinned, grasping the head.

“I don’t want to take this lying down,” Joe Speedo said and stood up, his dick straight like his six-shooter.

The trio pursued their prurient interests and had even more intense and fulfilling menange troi than the first outing.

Soon they settled back into conversation drinking hot ginger tea until the girls fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning when the girls woke up, Joe was not in sight. But they found a note from him.

Dearest, A & J,

Max ‘Gato’ Borato came the night you were all asleep. I set you both as baits. They were six of them led by Borato. When they were about to rape you, I surprised them. They saw me and they spread out quickly drawing up their guns and started shooting up at me. But I had a Gattling gun and wiped them all out. I’ve gone to bring their bodies to the town sheriff and claim my reward. I’m glad you slept like angels and didn’t wake up. Like you said, I’ll begin a new life and stop killing people. I wish I could come back and marry you both but I guess it’s not possible. Thanks for the memory. I had a great blast.

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