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Rick’s Chamber Ch. 01

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Rick took a good look at the unconscious man the agents had brought down to his chamber. They had tied the culprit to the chair and left him to be dealt with. He couldn’t have been more than nineteen or twenty, Rick thought. His blond curls were matted to his forehead and his skin glistened with sweat; no doubt from the long questioning he had just endured from the director. For a second, he felt a little sorry for the kid. But, then again, he must have committed a serious offense if he was sentenced to time in his chamber.

Rick went back to his desk and picked up the clipboard that the two guards had left. The culprit’s name was Robbie. This was his second year working for the Agency. Rick snickered while reading the information listed under ‘Personal Records’. He was a typical recruit for the agency; no family, no friends, no police record, and incredibly hot. He also knew, without looking at the file, that he must be a tough cookie. The Director was known for only picking those young men who could handle the kind of clients that were used to getting their way. Rick put the clipboard down and looked over at the culprit. He was beginning to stir. Good, he thought, let the games begin.

Robbie slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room. As kaynarca escort a well-trained agent for the Firm, he knew how important it was to quickly appraise the situation. He was strapped to a chair in a dungeon of sorts. Systematically, he tried to move each body part to see if there was any chance of escaping, but was disappointed to find out that the straps had no give. There was one more thing… something that gave him concern. He had something protruding up his ass. He clenched his ass cheeks to better analyze the device, but he was unable to determine whether it was a dildo or something more sinister. Then he noticed the naked man standing across from him. It was Rick. In an instant, he knew two important things; he had not divulged the information they so badly wanted, despite two hours of grueling interrogation, and that he was about to endure the very type of punishment he was famous for giving.

“Ah…. I see you have regained consciences.” Rick said from behind his desk. “It seems that you have been a naughty boy.”

Robbie looked straight ahead, refusing to acknowledge the man’s sarcastic greeting. Rick laughed out loud. If the culprit didn’t want to talk, that was all right with him. He had all night with the kid küçükyalı escort and he much preferred it when they accepted their fate early on.

“It must feel strange knowing that you are about to be on the receiving end of the Agency’s famous “Attitude Adjustment Therapy”. Rick said as he walked closer his pray.

Robbie made eye contact with his Captor for the first time. Attitude Adjustment Therapy, or AAT for short, was what they officially called the procedure. Most of the time, they simply referred to it as the treatment. Either way, Robbie knew that he was in for hours of torment designed to make him crack.

“Fuck off.”

“In time, my friend, in time.” Rick laughed. “First things first, though. We must tighten that asshole of yours. I’d say that 30 minutes in the chair should do the trick.” He picked up a remote control and pressed the top button. “I’ll be back. Enjoy.”

Robbie felt the device in his ass getting warmer as the man walked out of the room. He was used to devices of sexual torture, but this one was new to him. The door shut just as a jolt of electricity shot into his unsuspecting ass. The muscles in his cheeks instantly clenched tightly around the object.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” Robbie screamed. sancaktepe escort

His arm and leg muscles contracted uncontrollably and he felt himself pushing up against each of the straps. But it was useless. The straps kept him firmly in place. Five seconds went by. Ten seconds. Fifteen seconds. The muscles in his ass were pulsating wildly. Just when he thought he couldn’t take it any more, the electric jolt mercifully stopped.

Robbie took a deep breath and tried to channel the oxygen to the muscles of his aching ass cheeks. He was sweating from head to toe. He took another long breath. Slowly, his muscles began to relax. But before he could take another controlled breath, he felt the device begin to warm up again.

“Oh God. Nooooo!” Robbie cried out.

But it was too late. His mouth snapped shut and his body went into another round of convulsions as the electric device worked his ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhg,” he shouted through his clamped jaws.

The muscles inside his ass gripped the device once again and began twitching. The electricity made his body appear to be lifting up from the chair, but the straps did their job and he remained immobile. The jolt of electricity seemed to last longer this time, and, when they finally subsided, Robbie whimpered softly. He cursed himself for making any noise at all. He didn’t want Rick to know that his first round of punishment was so affective. Before long, Robbie didn’t have to worry anymore. He passed out from exhaustion by the end of the fifth jolt.

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