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Dominating the Field Ch. 04

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She looked over at watched his chest rise and fall. She put her hand on his chest and felt the small wispy hairs as she ran her hand over the skin. All she could do was snuggle up closer to him and wrap her arms around his waist. They hadn’t really talked much after sitting down to dinner together. They had seen a few more of the parents and children from the tournament. He kept asking if anyone was looking at them and each time when she looked around no one was. Kids were chasing each other around. A mother scolded one of her children as he leaned over the partition. It was a normal restaurant ,but she could feel his anxiety.

“Come on Andy we just need to go back up to the room.” She had eaten with a never ending appetite as they sat there. Her burger and fries were the first things to go. He just sat there and picked at his food.

“God Rich what is wrong?” She began to reach over and grab pieces of chicken from his plate and dab them in her ketchup.

“Andy stop that .. there are going to think we are together … I mean seeing each other .. I mean seeing allot of each other.. Not that it was bad.” He was babbling as he sat there. The endless stream of words.

“Rich can you please just be quiet. Its ok we are both adults. Nothing bad is going to happen. I am divorced your single and we are both refereeing a youth soccer league. This is not the World Cup.” He seemed to ease back into his chair somewhat and he stopped picking at his food. She managed to get him back up to her room. Each time he spoke she was hoping he would demand that she strip off her clothes and slide into bed with him. Instead he just drank a glass of water and took a shower. He walked out in a pair of shorts and T-Shirt and just plopped down into bed. After watching 20 minutes of Sportscenter without saying a word he finally rolled over and fell asleep. She let out a sigh and curled up next to him. She let out another sigh as she rubbed his chest. His soft breath turned into a dull snore as his hand slid onto her ass.

“I just wish you were more ….like what I thought you would be like.” She pushed his hand off her ass and grabbed at the pillow and quickly fell asleep.


She quickly woke up as she heard a pounding on the door.

“Mommy? Are you there?” She heard Rylee calling for her through the door and tensed up instantly. Her eyes darted over to Rich as he began to wake up. Her hands reached out and shook him awake. He stirred slightly before she slapped her hand over his mouth. She grabbed him by the arm and forced him into a closet. He still wasn’t completely awake before she shut the door.

“Just please stay here and don’t make a sound. I don’t want Michael or Rylee to see you.” A flicker of anger formed on his face before she shut the door in his face. She pulled a T-shirt over her head and ran over to the door.

“Sorry I forgot you guys were coming so early and I must have slept in.” Her eyes drifted over Michael as he looked at her with a quizzical look on his face.

“Andy you have never overslept.” Michael was right she never had overslept the entire time they were married. By the time seven a.m. rolled around she was already up and going. Her mind grabbed onto a small sliver of truth.

“Well I was just exhausted. Those kids, it felt like they ran me over 10 miles yesterday and I just collapsed last night and dropped into bed. I am gonna need some pain pills just to keep standing the entire time.” She heard a groan come from the closet. Michael looked over at the door as Rylee walked over to the bed and jumped in and flipped on the TV. She was already in her uniform and would be playing in a few hours.

“What was that noise?” Michael looked over to the closet door where she felt Rich’s eyes bore through mirrored glass.

“I think the water heater for the floor is behind that wall. Its been making noise all night long. ” Michael seemed hesitant but satisfied with her explanation as she shifted from one foot to the other.

“Michael can you take Rylee down to the restaurant and get her some breakfast. I still need to take a shower, do my hair, put on makeup, and a few other things.” It was the truth. He had to believe it. That’s when he did it. She felt him lean forward for a second like he was going to kiss her. Then he just shook his head and walked back out the door.

“Princess let your Mother get dressed and I’ll take you down for breakfast.” Rylee looked up for a second as she kept flipping through the channels.

“But we already ate Daddy.” Michael just shook his head and looked at Rylee again.

“Well I am hungry and you probably want a milkshake.” Rylee looked up with surprise and leapt off the bed and ran off to her father. She watched both disappear out the door as Michael desperately tried to shake the quandary that was before him. She moved back over to the closet and opened it. The first thing she saw were Rich’s eyes boring into her forehead.

“I don’t kağıthane escort appreciate being pushed into a closet Andy.” God he was pissed. She felt her thighs dampen slightly at his tone.

“I am so sorry… uh Master?” She tried to plead with her body language. His eyes softened somewhat as he began to put on his pants.

“Andy are you serious about this?” The bed felt cool as she sat down. Her T-shirt rode up around her hips. His hand reached out and rubbed her knee.

“If you are Master. I am completely serious.” He smiled a small grin and broke out laughing. He ran his fingers under his nose and around his mouth.

“Ok but exactly why? I mean why would you do this?” She sat for a second and felt her nipples harden and her breath quicken.

“I don’t know why it just makes me feel.. safe and more … I guess confident would be the word .. and it makes me feel attractive. ” A dumbfounded look came across his face.

“So you enjoy being objectified? You enjoy being ordered around by some guy?” Next time I ask a guy to be my Master I am gonna bring a letter of introduction.

“Yes, by some strong guy. It makes me feel like more of woman to have a man take me and use me. To know that I make him feel good and that he wants me in every way.” She reached out and rubbed his chest and played with the hairs on his chest. She felt small goosebumps rise on his chest. He breathed in and out quickly and looked at her.

“Andy … I want to be that guy for you. But I want you to tell me if I hurt you. If you can do that then I can be that man for you.” She smiled as she nodded. Maybe she was wrong for once. Maybe he can be what she needs in her life.

“Well if your fine with it then .. Wednesday I want you alone and ready for me.” She felt her nipples harden more as she pulled off her shirt and rubbed her breasts.

“Yes sir.” She slid over his lap as she felt his hand rub her ass.

“Did you push me in the closet on purpose?” She smiled as she felt the first smack land on her ass.


All day Wednesday all she could think about was Rich. He had been gone all week or at least he wasn’t answering his phone or email. She had even asked another one of the referees if she had seen Rich. No one knew anything. She was about to give up and fix Rylee’s dinner when she heard her phone ring. She quickly answered it and heard Rich’s voice at the other end.

“Are you alone?” She felt her nipples harden the instant she heard it.

“No I have Rylee with me.” She heard a sigh on the other end.

“I told you to make yourself free now fix it and I will be there in about 45 minutes and I don’t think you really want her there… ” She tried to mutter out a request to put it off ,but the phone just went dead. She tried to call him back ,but the phone went straight to voice mail. She called Julia and begged her to take Rylee for a sleepover. Julia tried to say she was busy until she told her she had a date. Julia had tried to worm out every detail ,but she told her just to get over here now and she would tell her everything tomorrow. Even when she finally came to pickup Rylee it took all her willpower to finally force Julia out the door and back into her car. It was maybe five minutes later that she saw Rich pull up. He pulled out a large rolling suit case and set it down on the porch.

“Anything I want right?” She nodded again and wrapped her arms around him and tried to kiss him. He leaned in slightly and gave her a quick peck. His hand roughly massaged her ass through the jeans she was wearing.

“First off I think you need a time out ,but we need to put you in the right frame of mind. Strip, all of it.” She tried to reach for the door to her house to go back in but his hand reached out and shut it before she could open it back.

“Here?” His eyes never faltered for a second. She tried to reach for the door his hand held the door firm.

“Yes” She watched Rich grab for his suitcase and start to step down off the porch.

“No wait I’ll do it.” She looked around and didn’t see anyone coming down the road. Mrs. O’Brien was already asleep anyway. She grabbed her T-shirt and pulled it off. She regretted not putting on some better underwear as he saw the plain white bra come out. He grabbed her shirt and tossed it over a arm. She reached down and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. At least the plain white thong might interest him. She turned around and ran her hands over her ass as she stepped out of her pants. She spun around on her heels as she watched his eyes. Nothing.

“The underwear and bra too.” She tried to speak ,but his hand reached out and slapped an ass cheek. Her hands slid together over her crotch as she looked at him. His hands just grabbed at hers and pulled them apart.

“If you want me to leave I will. You already pissed me off once this week Andy.” She felt a lump form in her throat. A small voice in her head told elit escort istanbul her that she should have been careful what she wished for. A smirk hid any reassurance she could find in his face.

“Now lose the bra and undies NOW.” She hooked her fingers into the panties and slid them down her legs and handed them to him. His foot reached out and kicked her ankles apart. She felt a slight sway enter her body before she regained her balance. His hand reached up and steadied her. Her eyes managed to look up at his as he only managed a curt nod. Her hands shook as she reached up and took off her bra.

“Now can we go inside Rich? Please?” She begged with her eyes. He pointed to the bag.

“You can take that in when you go.” All she could think of was.. Who is this guy? Rich was so neurotic and worried about me that he could barely even smack me for biting him. Now here I am carrying his bag into my house not wearing a damn thing. She shook her head as the bag caught the door jam. Rich gave it a stiff kick as she slid back onto the floor inside of her house. He walked over to the closet and opened the door.

“Get in.” She walked into the closet and sat down. For once she was glad there was carpet in the closet bottom. The door gradually shut and she heard Rich jamming it shut.

“You know I should just call your ex-husband and tell him that your nude inside of this closet. From what I saw he would definitely enjoy that.” A slight chuckle greeted her ears. Then she heard it. He was starting to open drawers and open cabinets. He was looking for something. For a brief second she felt up. Oh my god he can’t be looking for that.

“Rich what are you doing?” The sound of buttons being pushed on her phone stopped as he approached the closet.

“Easy I said I was going to call your husband. I am looking through your cell phone. I am sure his number is in it.” She instantly reached for the door handle. She pushed and pushed ,but it wouldn’t come open. He must have jammed it shut. She heard the phone continue to have buttons pressed on it.

“Well is 708-9134.. his number.” God that was Michael’s house. What is wrong with Rich. She waited for a second. Think .. think .. think. If Michael finds out about this…

“Master please let me out? I know I was bad for pushing you into the closet ,but I promise it won’t happen again.” She scratched at the bottom of the door. God she wished she had just blown him in the hotel on Sunday then he couldn’t throw this back in her face.

“Please let me out. I’ll be good and I promised I would do anything you wanted. Just let me out.” A small squeak of the door hinges greeted her ears as Rich opened the door. She looked up at him.

“I will let you out in a few minutes.” She watched him slam the door shut and heard his foot-steps in the kitchen as he opened the fridge and opened a soda. What was going on. She heard the television flip on and the metal clang of something heavy flopping down on the couch. Time seemed to creep by as she sat there. A chill surged through the air as she sat there. Goosebumps rose up on every inch of her skin. Her nipples hardened to almost the point of a dull ache. Her hands grazed them as she reached up and found a coat. It was a old leather jacket that she had worn back in college. The jacket didn’t cover much as she slipped it over her body. Her hands covered her crotch as she tried to keep warm. She shivered slightly as she looked under the door. The television boomed in the distance as she continued to wait. She closed her eyes and leaned back. A series of breaths passed her lips as she sat there. Just as her mind was drifting off. She heard it.

“Oh my god I couldn’t believe it when I saw him. He was standing there without his shirt on and no matter how hard I try I just can’t get him out of my mind. I can’t even keep my hands out of my pants. He is just so I don’t know… forceful. I wonder if he is like that for real?” She pushed toward the door as she stood up. That was her journal. He must have grabbed it off her desk. She listened intently as he continued to read it.

“Rich can you please not read that?” She heard him laugh.

“I am borrowing it. It will be an interesting read.” She could hear him continuing to flip through the pages. She reached for the door handle and felt that it was again jammed shut. The door to her porch opened and slammed shut. That journal .. she had kept it for almost 10 years. The entries were sporadic at best ,but it held so much about her. So much about her that she didn’t want anyone to know.

“I knew I should have locked it up.” She had started leaving it out ever since Michael left. Her hand reached down and rubbed her pussy as she stood there. Her nipples ached with each caress.

“Yes you should have and next time well we can see what happens then. ” A rough slam against the door told her he was standing against it.

“What do you mean by that?” She felt a growing buzzing of nervousness fatih escort mixed with a heavy tint of arousal drift over her.

“Well it seems from all of this. What happened on Saturday and what has happened tonight that you don’t like to be out of control. You just want the illusion of it.” She felt a gentle dampness surge through her crotch. Who is this guy?

“That entire night wasn’t even about us. It was about you and your fantasy of what you wanted. You didn’t want me. You wanted someone to spank you and play your game. I don’t care what you want. I am tired of being the nice guy and I think this is the perfect time for me to show someone that.” Her hand snaked down and felt the growing dampness as she settled back down onto her knees. Her hips arched into her hand as she heard his breathing outside of the door. The light almost blinded her as she knelt in front of him.

“Did I say you could put that on?” She quickly pulled the jacket off and crawled out of the closet.

“No sir, but I removed it and there is no problem now.” He smiled again.

“I think that is for me to decide…. Candy.” Her eyebrows shot up like she had been hit by a bolt of lighting. She felt a glowing cloud of redness form on her chest and spread into her face. Her nipples begged to be touched as her began to rub faster.

“Uh Rich that is not my name and I really don’t like you calling me that.” She felt her body try to catch up with the breath that she was expending. His hand slapped her ass as she knelt there. She let out a brief whimper. As a second tried to form ,but she crushed it in her mouth. His hand reached out and grabbed her chin. His thumb pressing over her lips.

“I think you are just saying that.. I mean you started rubbing yourself as soon as I said that.” She jerked her hand away and placed it on her thigh.

“Too late you can’t put the candy back in the dish and expect not to be punished for it. Now tell me you love your new name.” She tried to relax ,but her body kept betraying her. Her hands moved up and down her thighs desperate to finish what she had started. Her eyes met his and she knew she didn’t want to break that easy. If he wants it so bad .. he is going to have to take it. She clinched her jaws together and put her hands over her chest.

“No.” She shook her head and smiled back at him. Fine if he wants to give me the name of a stuck up stripper… I am going to act like one.

“Good.” Good? What did he mean by that? Before her mind could figure out anything further she felt him push her forward onto her stomach and pull her arms behind her. His hand pressed on the back of her head as his body pressed into her back. She heard a small zip as she felt something plastic loop around her wrists and tighten.

“There.. I wish I could have found some handcuffs ,but if zip ties work for the cops. Well they can hold you.” She jerked her arms from side to side as she tried to get free of the zip ties that now bound her wrists. He seemed to like watching her struggle as he sat down on the floor next to her. His hands reached over and roamed up and down her torso. His fingertips rubbed up and down each rib as he sat there. Her eyes shut as she gave into his ministrations. The warmth of his hands felt so comforting after she had been pushed into the cold closet. His hands felt along her knees as she slid onto her side. The slight burn she had gotten from being on her knees seemed to melt away as his hands rubbed. The feel of his fingers began to move up to inner thigh as she laid there. Before he could get closer her eyes popped open. He smiled back at her. Her breathing was still quicker than usual ,but not what it had been before.

“Well now that I have you relaxed.. I can decide on your punishment.” She smiled as she managed to get on to her knees and shake her ass at him.

“No no you enjoy that too much. I don’t want to encourage you to do that anymore.” She whimpered and frowned.

“Now be a good girl and tell me what your name is.” He looked at her expectantly. She looked back at him as she thought “what could he do?”


“Damn it why won’t this spot come out.” She picked at a place on her tiled kitchen floor as Rich sat at the bar enjoying a sand-which as she scrubbed her kitchen floor on her hands and knees.

“Candy?” His eyes were still focused on the plate as he pushed a potato chip into his mouth.

“Yes sir?” She tried not to sound displeased when he told her to scrub the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. As she tried to walk to her bedroom to get dressed he stopped her and walked to her sink and pulled out a bucket and a sponge. After some cajoling and a few accidental brushes against his crotch with her hand he had finally relented on allowing her the apron. She looked up expectantly.

“No more swearing. You need to set an example for Rylee.” He smiled and took a big bite of his sandwhich before setting it back down on the plate. She looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at him as he sat there. If I have to suffer he does too. She reached over and dipped the sponge into the hot soapy water and rang it out over her chest. There that will work nicely she thought. His eyes only perked up for an instant.

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