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Manhandled in Mauve

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Bobby had heard all the stories about Mr. Springer, but still liked being his assistant coach for the college swim team. They traveled all over the state, and Bobby enjoyed the long drives. He didn’t have to travel in the loud, hot team bus, either. Mr. Springer always insisted Bobby ride in his car.

As the season wore on, Bobby began to notice Mr. Springer taking every opportunity to touch him. Not inappropriately, at least at first. But he’d pat Bobby on his back and let his hand rest there, or give him a smack on his almost-naked bottom and let his rough palm idle there, too. Lately, he’d grip a buttock for a moment before letting it go. That would bring a flinch from Bobby.

The sudden intimacies and attention were somehow exciting for Bobby. He kept his excitement inside, but this unexpected reaction plagued him. Was he gay? Was Mr. Springer gay?

Rumors among some of the swim squad had the coach just that. Some of the guys said he would watch them shower, or stare at them while they changed in the locker room. Bobby never noticed this, although he did notice Mr. Springer watching him. He also insisted Bobby wear the team suit and a robe when helping at the pool or in coach’s office; Bobby could never wear street clothes and certainly no shoes. The swimsuit was tiniest of any team in their conference, and sometimes drew gasps from spectators when the team competed at some of the rural schools.

On one of the last meets of the season, as Bobby and Mr. Spring drove through a very warm spring day, Mr. Springer laughed at something funny and reached over and squeezed Bobby’s thigh. The hand stayed there and Bobby froze a moment staring at it. He looked at Mr. Springer, who had his eyes on the road. Then Springer’s hand began squeezing Bobby’s thigh and moving up and inside. Bobby didn’t pull away. He was glad for a moment that he was dressed and not in the tiny swimsuit, then an unexpected feeling of intense pleasure flooded him as Mr. Springer’s hand brushed his genitals. Bobby sighed involuntarily and Mr. Springer rubbed his crotch. Bobby whined a little plea, but Mr. Springer kept rubbing up and down.

Bobby gasped when Mr. Springer unzipped his pants and ran his fingers inside, easing out Bobby’s dick until if popped from his fly. He ran his fingers down the length of it, then suddenly thumped open the button of Bobby’s pants. Bobby moaned again as Mr. Springer deftly began working him off. In just a few tugs down its shaft, Bobby’s belly began jerking and his head rolled back and forth on the car headrest. Mr. Springer played with the tender cap of his dick and then squeezed slowly downward, milking the boy.

Finally, Bobby shot a spew of come into the air above his quivering belly and his body Gaziantep Binevler Escort arched up as he yelped.

He sat in the seat beside Mr. Springer as the car turned into their motel. Just barely 18, Bobby was unsure what to do. He felt embarrassed and ashamed, and yet excited at the same time. It was as if a pressure had been released from deep in his belly. As he began to give into this feeling, even his remorse at allowing this nasty episode to occur became erotically tantalizing.

As the car stopped, Mr. Springer looked around, the grabbed Bobby’s penis again and stroked it back to erection as Bobby moaned helplessly. Then the coach leaned over and began licking the come off Bobby’s belly. He nibbled and kissed the boy’s tender abdomen. He popped the seat back to reclining position and snapped open the boy’s shirt. Bobby was laid out on the front seat, naked and exposed down to the tops of his thighs. Occasionally raising his head to watch Bobby’s aroused wiggling, Mr. Springer continued licking and sucking Bobby’s belly.

Kissing up the slight mound of the boy’s abdomen, he licked the boy’s navel, and when Bobby jerked and made a little wail, he knew he had a sensitive spot. He methodically tongued Bobby’s navel, working him off the entire time. Bobby gasped and moaned. Mr. Springer spiraled in the tender socket, allowing the wet tongue to plumb it thoroughly, then closed in on the central kernel in Bobby’s belly, which he swabbed mercilessly. Bobby made a low moan each time his coach’s tongue skewered him.

When the boy was fully hard, Mr. Springer gobbled his dick to the root and stroked it as the boy quivered under him. Bobby looked out the windows occasionally, making sure no one was witnessing this, then Mr. Springer’s talented mouth bled all energy out of him and he undulated back into recline.

After a few minutes, the boy exploded with come again, and Mr. Springer swallowed in all, then lapped the boy’s dick clean.

Bobby squirmed on the reclining seat as Mr. Springer finished his exacting licks of the boy’s penis. He was confused and a little scared. Unsure of what would happen next, he froze as Mr. Springer got out of the car and began unloading their luggage into the room. Then he came to the boy’s door, opened it and pulled him out. Bobby tried to cover himself, but Mr. Springer batted his hands away and brought him into the room.

He closed the door and pushed Bobby up against it. He watched the boy, a moment, sighing and half-naked against the door. He kissed him deeply and Bobby’s head rocked back, a gurgling moan pouring out of him. Springer felt his young student’s naked belly grind into him, quivering in nervous excitement. Squatting, he stuck his mouth to the boy’s belly, leaving inflamed hickeys as he sucked the boy’s flesh until Bobby wailed at each welt. Then he moaned and begged a little when Springer’s lips again glued themselves to Bobby’s navel; the coach sucked at it cruelly, bringing whimpers from the teen. The tugging in the tender zone seemed to pull a cord deep in Bobby, one connected to his dick. Then Springer’s powerful tongue gouged in the sensitive cavity; the boy’s trembling belly, moist and salty with sheen of sweat, inflamed the coach with lust. Never taking his mouth from the hollow in Bobby’s belly, he pulled the boys’ shirt down his arms and then his pants down his trembling legs. Each movement brought a groan from Bobby, since it seemed to pluck at the sensual cord Springer’s insolent mouth tugged in his belly. When the boy was fully naked, Mr. Springer tongued Bobby’s navel awhile longer as the boy moaned and bowed out his back to him. The intense sucking interspersed with Springer’s relentless tongue in this erogenous spot sent fire into Bobby’s belly and he felt himself becoming hard again.

Finally, Springer popped his mouth loose from Bobby’s belly with a loud smack and gasp from the boy.

Mr. Springer rose and walked Bobby to the bed. Bobby sat, then lay on his side as Mr. Springer doffed his clothes. Seeing him naked finally, Bobby was unnerved at his hairness and size; Mr. Springer’s dick looked a foot long. He sat on the bed beside Bobby and rubbed his arm. Bobby couldn’t look at him. When Mr. Springer leaned over and kissed Bobby’s neck, the young man almost jumped off the bed. But the feel of the man’s lips on his skin was exciting, he couldn’t deny it. The kiss was warm and wet, expanding to a gentle but insistent suck.

Mr. Springer rolled Bobby onto his back and lay down on him. He kissed his lips and Bobby let out a nervous snort from his nostrils. This couldn’t be happening. He was allowing a naked man to press himself into him, to kiss him — and it was exciting, arousing. Bobby wondered if he truly was homosexual.

Mr. Springer began sucking at Bobby’s neck as he kissed him, always returning to the teenager’s now-yearning lips. Finally, he tongued and sucked each of the boy’s nipples to painful erection and knelt between the boy’s thighs.

When Mr. Springer coated his mammoth dick with massage oil, Bobby grew frightened. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. Surely Mr. Springer didn’t intend… to fuck him.

Bobby trembled when his coach pulled his knees apart, spreading the boy’s thighs wide on the bed. He looked down at Bobby a moment, and the teen was terrified when he felt Mr. Springer’s mammoth dick bob a moment on his belly, stretching up past his now-tender navel. When Mr. Springer put the tip of the dick at Bobby’s asshole and eased it inside, the pain made Bobby jolt. A ripple of tension ran down his torso. Mr. Springer watched Bobby’s wiggles intently.

Bobby expected it all to stop at any moment. His coach couldn’t intend to go through with this.

“I can’t… ooooo…” Bobby began, cut off by Mr. Springer’s dick easing a little deeper into him. When it was in a few painful inches, Mr. Springer began fucking him, stroking in and out of the boy.

Bobby stared up at Mr. Springer, but avoided his eyes. As the dick eased ever deeper with the stroking, a warmth began to radiate in Bobby’s belly. Mr. Springer began going much deeper with his strokes. Grabbing Bobby’s own dick, he worked him off as he did so.

“Please… wait… oooooo” Bobby moaned and hissed as the dick pushed ever-deeper into him. After a few strokes of fucking, Mr. Springer would begin poking a little further in his young assistant. After awhile, Bobby realized Mr. Springer was sinking several inches of throbbing dick into his twitching anus. Bobby felt its curved tip raking inside him.

Suddenly, Mr. Springer leaned forward and stuck Bobby deep in his belly. Bobby lost himself as Mr. Springer skewered him to the hilt, all the foot-long dick now in the squirming boy. Bobby could feel the blunt head course deep into his guts.

“No… take it out… I…uh!… ahhh!… ooooo!” Bobby begged, his voice melting away into a moan as Mr. Springer began relentlessly deep-stroking him.

The teenager’s whimpering pleas slowly became gasping breaths, and then, at last, deep sighs and thumping moans as Mr. Springer hungrily plunged into him. At each deep thrust, Bobby’s midsection arched upward to handle the intense penetration. Mr. Springer was mesmerized by the boy’s wiggling tremors as his fear and pain melted into swooning desire.

“Oooo… yes… yes, ” he whispered.

“Do you like to be fucked deep?” Mr. Springer asked, grunting with effort as he plunged his dick into Bobby.

“Yes… fuck me… fuck me deep,” the boy replied, gasping and moaning. “Ooooo… nnhhh…. uuhhh.”

Mr. Springer now was fucking Bobby in regular rhythm with the entire length of his rod. He’d pull out almost all the way, then send the huge dick plunging back into the quivering boy. Over and over. Bobby made deep little groans edged with alarmed whine when Springer’s dick skewered his guts to the very limit. It seemed to Bobby the shaft was stinging him deep with its very tip, and he began to feel it bursting a knot in the very nut of him.

Finally, both of them came in a frenzy of bucking and shaking. And they collapsed together.

Later, Mr. Springer took Bobby to the shower, lathered him up, and fucked him from behind. Back in bed, he fucked the boy raw and made him come until he was drained.

Neither of them spoke of it again.

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