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Diary of a Secretary/Slut Ch. 01

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I had been unemployed for eighteen months; due to the recession my previous employer decided to downsize and because I was 41 at the time, I was amongst the first to go. Finding another job at my age, considering the economic climate, was a nearly impossible task. My husband is a hard worker but his salary just wasn’t enough to get us by, so we had been nibbling at our savings, which were now running out. While working some crummy temp jobs to get us by, I applied for dozens of positions with my spruced up resume, all in vain. Even though I had already considerably lowered my standards, I remained frustratingly unsuccessful. However, one Thursday, while returning from yet another botched interview, I found an unusual ad in a three-day old paper: Smithers & Hall, a consultancy firm, was looking for a “secretary/slut” to handle their paperwork, incoming phone calls and “other secretarial duties”. Although a bit dodgy and questionable to say the least, I was in no position to be picky and since the address was on my way home, I decided to go and have a quick look.

To my surprise the address led me to a brand new office building in a upright neighborhood; I walked into the lobby and read the information board: Smithers & Hall was on the sixth floor of a nineteen story building. When I arrived on the sixth floor, a series of arrows led me to a backwater part of the floor, where I was greeted by a receptionist named Becky who asked me how she could of assistance. Convinced I was in the wrong place, I hesitantly mentioned the ad. She smiled and as she looked me up and down, she whispered:”Interesting.”

“What is?” I asked.

“Never mind.” she smiled as she stepped into a nearby empty office and invited me in. After closing the door, she said:”The ad has been running for the better part of a year now and I’ve interviewed hundreds of applicants so far, but none of them were suitable for the position; so you’ll have to excuse my rather rough and direct interviewing technique, but it saves me a lot of time!”

“Ok.” I said, not sure what to expect here.

“First of all: the actual secretarial duties are easy: answering phones, filing stuff, keeping schedules etc., anyone with half a brain can do those tasks; it’s the slut part of the job that’s the stumbling block for most applicants!”

So it wasn’t a typo, I thought to myself, apprehensive about what was to follow.

“This is a high-stress environment: the men working here usually don’t have the time for a wife, family or even a girlfriend… and the ones that do, need some diversion once in a while: this is where you and I come in. The most important part of the job is to sexually please the men anyway they require: letting them grope you, giving out hand- and blowjobs, letting them fuck you or simply sitting still while they fling their cum on you.”

Looking at her watch, she said:”There you go, that’s the job in a nutshell… I will give you some time to think about it; duty calls, but I shouldn’t be more than five or six minutes, if you’re still here when I get back, we’ll take it from there. By the way, this is what you’d be making a month.” she said, scribbling down a number on a piece of paper. She put down the note in front of me and walked out of the office, closing the door behind her. When I looked at the piece of paper, I couldn’t believe my eyes: it was more than I had ever made in my career: this was seven months of temp jobs worth!

The slut part of the job was a little scary to say the least, but to be honest, I had always lived a promiscuous life. I had cheated on my husband more times than I could count — I still did — and there was little or nothing I hadn’t done or wasn’t willing to try, so I figured this wouldn’t be an insurmountable problem. Off course, doing it on demand and getting paid for it, would make me a whore — nothing more, nothing less, no matter what the title said – but even this didn’t scare me off. In fact, referring to myself as whore made me a little horny.

Not more than six minutes later, Becky poked her head in to see if I was still there; she was clearly –pleasantly — surprised to see me sitting there, waiting patiently for her to return. She walked in, rubbing a hanky over some fresh cum stains on her jacket and said:”Good, you’re still here.”

“Yes.” I said. “So what’s next?”

“If you pass the inspection, you sign the contract and you’re hired; however, first I’ll walk you through the rules which are not included within your contract, for obvious legal reasons:

1)You will exclusively wear skirts, no longer than 5 inches above the knees, accompanied by high heels and either a silk blouse or, weather permitting, a halter top; you are free in your choice of underwear, nylon stocking are allowed, but not encouraged as they hinder access;

2)You will be polite, obedient and submissive at all times, unless told otherwise;

3)You will provide sexual relief to all male staff members wherever, however and whenever they ask; occasionally you may be required to Ümraniye Yabancı Escort provide your services to suppliers, potential clients etc.;

4)You are allowed to give yourself sexual relief at any moment during work hours, as long as it does not conflict with any of the aforementioned rules;

“Do you understand these rules?”


“Are you willing to abide by these rules while working here?”


“Excellent, then I think we’re done here. That leaves us with the inspection: this part is quite demeaning, but it’s nothing compared to what you’ll be doing once hired; so take off your clothes, all of them please.” she said as she walked out the room for just a minute, leaving the door open. I slowly undressed, still having a hard time with all of this. It wasn’t until I was completely naked, standing there in an unfamiliar environment, that I fully realized what I was doing: it felt strange but also a little arousing.

Several minutes later, Becky pushed the door open further and said:”Follow me.”

As I walked — completely naked — beside her down the corridor, she said:”This is the last part of the interview, all the men will evaluate you in their own way, however they see fit: if you pass this test, you’re hired!”

“This is David’s office.” Becky said before opening the door and walking in. I followed her in and felt very self-aware, standing butt naked, about to be graded by a complete stranger.

“Hi.” David said, coming out from behind his desk.

“Hello sir.” I said, remembering the rules. As he looked me up and down and walked around me, he said:”Polite, nice figure, big tits — a little saggy, just the way I like ‘m — she’ll do.” as he returned to his chair.

“Ok.” Becky said. “Onto the next.”

We walked out and headed over to the next office and walked in through the open door.

“Brian, this is Maya.” Becky said. “Maya, Brian.”

Without getting up from behind his desk, he said:” Turn around and bend over hon.”

I did as I was told.

“Do you take it up the ass, Maya?”

“Yes sir.” I replied truthfully.

“She’ll do.” he said.

Becky tapped my shoulder, indicating that I could get up again and we walked out.

“Two down, four to go.” Becky said as we walked across the hall to the next office.

“This is Hendry. He’s a real jerk… which makes pleasing him all the more fun!” Becky whispered.

My cunt tingled after hearing her talk like that.

Hendry looked up for behind his computer screen and said:”Ah, the new slut.”

He got up, walked over to Becky and whispered:”On your knees.”

As Becky obediently sunk to her knees, he turned his head to me and said:”Well Maya, tell us a bit about yourself: are you married?”

“Yes sir.” I said as I saw Becky fishing out his erection and taking it in her mouth.

“You ever cheat on your husband?”

“Yes sir.” I replied.

“Does he know?”

“No sir.” I replied truthfully.

As Becky was bobbing her head up and down his large shaft, he asked:”You like cheating on him?”

“Yes sir.”

“Excellent. You’re pretty old, but you’re in reasonable shape, except for those saggy tits. I like married cheating women.” he said, as he grabbed Becky’s head and roughly fucked her mouth for a little bit, then pulled out and jerked off right in her face! It was a really big load, at least five thick strands — as far as I could count — and some residual drops; she happily closed her eyes, opened her mouth enthusiastically and let it happen.

After pulling up his pants, he said:”Welcome aboard Maya.”

Realizing that this was our queue to disappear, we headed out of his office; in the corridor Becky scooped some cum out of her eye socket and whispered:”I’ve gotta go clean up.” and headed towards what I could only assume were the bathrooms.

“Hang on, I’m coming with you.” I said, as I felt pretty moist between my legs. As she headed in first, she half turned towards me and said:”He IS a jerk isn’t he?”

I smiled and said:”Yes, but I don’t mind… I can’t remember a time I’ve been so damn horny!”

As Becky used the left sink to splash some water in her face, I went to the right one and used a few paper napkins from the dispenser to clean up the moisture between my legs.

“How long have you been doing this?” I asked.

“About four years now.” she said.

“Does it ever get old?”

“Not really, there is more than enough variation to keep a girl happy… you’ll see.” Becky replied, with a sly grin on her face. After cleaning up, I followed her towards the next office.

“This is Carter’s office. I think you’re going to like him.” she smiled. As soon as we walked in, I realized what she meant; behind the desk was a tall, impressive black man. He stopped what he was doing as soon as he saw us come in, smiled and walked over to us. Walking around me several times, he evaluated me like a piece of meat, gently poking my ass, my tits; eventually Ümraniye Yeni Escort he stopped right in front of me, caressed the right side of my face and whispered:”She’ll do fine… just fine.” It was like being at a slave-market; god, it was such a turn-on!

As we walked out of his office, Becky smiled at me and used both index fingers to suggest the size of his dick: a solid 10 inches! I smiled and as I followed her to the next office, I caught myself really wishing that I would get this job.

After poking her head into the next office for a second, Becky said:”Well, I know Donald is in and I know he’s not in a meeting, so he’s probably whacking off in the bathroom again… no matter, we’ll get to him later, let’s go into Jerry’s office first: he’s the CEO and probably the most important one you need to convince.”

Just before entering, she continued:”He’s 57 so he’s not that much of a hassle, but he’s got a kink for girl-on-girl porn and lesbians, so I’ve got a feeling that — if he approves of you — we’ll be burying our faces in each other’s snatches on a regular basis!”

What? What did she say? That was so unfair of her to put that image in my mind just before we entered Jerry’s office; I was completely turned on! I did my best to calm myself as I offered my naked body for inspection to yet another perfect stranger.

“Sir, this is Maya… she’s applying for the secretary/slut vacancy.”

Jerry glanced over at me and got up. He was pretty good-looking for a 57-year old geezer, although the stark white hair was a bit of a put off.

“Good.” he said as he used one hand to unbutton Becky’s blouse; she remained motionless and just looked at his hands.

“So you like sex?” he asked as he reached in Becky’ open blouse and ripped off one of the cups of her bra, slowly and deliberately, dropping the piece of fabric on the floor and grabbing her exposed tit, squeezing it roughly. Becky closed her eyes and did her best to hide her enjoyment, but it was clear that this was making her — and me — horny.

“Yes sir.” I replied, trying to focus on the inspection part, instead of Becky’s naked tit. After manhandling Becky’s tit for a few more seconds, he walked over to me and groped my two tits, saying:”Big, saggy…” then rolled my nipples between his fingers and continued:”Large sensitive nipples, very good.”

Then he lowered his right hand and put it between my legs, feeling around my bush and quickly locating my wet entrance. “Some of that hair will have to go Maya, I like my secretaries nicely trimmed… Becky, show her yours so she knows what I mean.”

“Yes sir.” she said as she reached under her skirt, pulled down her panties and stepped out of them.

While she raised her skirt to expose her naked cunt, Jerry shoved a finger up mine!

“You see what I mean?” Jerry asked as he put a second finger in me and started moving in and out. I turned my head towards Becky and nearly came when I saw her standing there, her panties rolled up on the floor in front of her feet, holding her skirt with both hands to expose her crotch to us and her blouse hanging open with one tit obscenely dangling out of her torn bra. I stared at Becky’s cunt, which was neatly trimmed except for a very thin line directly above her cunt.

As he kept fingering me roughly, Jerry asked:”Can you trim yours to look like that Maya?”

“Yes sir.” I whispered.

“What was that, I didn’t quite get that?” he asked loudly as he increased the pace and power of his fingering.

“Ye… yes ssir” I shouted, half moaning, now writhing against his fingers.

“Good, then as far as I am concerned you’re hired!” he said, as he redrew his fingers, leaving me unfulfilled and completely vulnerable. I looked at Becky, who was still holding up her skirt in the lewdest of ways. Even when Jerry returned to his seat, sat down and started reading a letter, she didn’t move or lower her skirt; she obviously knew better than that, so I remained still as well, which wasn’t easy, considering the heartless fingering I’d just gotten.

We stayed like that for almost two minutes, until he finally said — without looking up I might add:”Dismissed ladies.” Becky lowered her skirt, picked up her panties and the piece of torn bra fabric and walked out. I followed her and closed the door behind me. As she buttoned up her blouse again, she whispered:”God, the old fart got me all wet again!”

“He got you wet? My cunt is sopping!”

Becky smiled and said:”Better get used to it girl! Giving you an orgasm is not exactly high on their list of priorities; if you wanna get off, most days, you’ll need to do it yourself… speaking of which: I’ve gotta take care of this itch or I’ll be useless the rest of the day.”

“Care to join me?” she added as she headed towards the bathrooms.

“Sure.” I eagerly replied as I followed her.

We entered the ladies room and as she entered the first of three stalls, I headed towards the second stall.

Becky looked at Ümraniye Masaj Salonu me quizzically and said:”I thought you wanted to join me.” as she held the door open.

“Oh, I thought… I didn’t…” I stuttered as I turned and walked into her stall, feeling slightly embarrassed for having misunderstood her.

“We might as well get familiar with each other’s bodies, right?” Becky whispered, as she undid her short skirt and let it slide onto the floor. She then unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra — what was left of it — dropping them both on the floor. Except for her high heels, she was now as naked as I was. I stared at her gorgeous, 27-year old body, which had all the right curves and no imperfections whatsoever.

“My god, you’re beautiful.” I whispered as I reached out and traced my fingers along her perfect breasts. She gasped and closed her eyes as her body reacted by giving her goose bumps all over.

“So sensitive!” I added as I continued tracing my fingers along her arms, belly, loins, neck and back. She responded by putting her hands on my tits, gently squeezing them and saying:”There so big and…”

As she stopped mid-sentence, I whispered:”Say it. I don’t mind.”

“Saggy.” she added.

As my nipples got hard almost immediately, she smiled and said:”Mmmm, you don’t mind at all apparently.”

I giggled and said:”You know what’s strange: I couldn’t stand it if my husband said something like that; yet, this is the third time you guys have called my tits saggy and it just makes me hornier every time!”

Becky smiled and said:”That’s because you’re a bit of a slut, aren’t you?”

“Let’s get on with it, shall we?” I smiled as I cupped her crotch and used my middle finger to find her entrance, then inserted two fingers. She moaned and did the same to me. A few seconds later, we were plunging our fingers in each other’s love tunnels, moaning and writhing against the wooden walls of the stall. Becky reached out with her free hand, found my clit and started diddling it. I reciprocated and a feverish battle ensued as we tried to bring the other person to orgasm as quickly as possible. After several glorious minutes of moaning and trashing around, Becky said:”Let’s finish this!” and slowly squatted down. I followed suit, feeling her fingers probing deeper and deeper in my tunnel while I felt less and less resistance around my fingers, jamming them deeper into her cunt. By the time we were both completely squatted, we were ready to explode!

Barely a few seconds later, we started to orgasm almost simultaneously and although I didn’t have many inhibitions left after that inspection, I started off by moaning as quietly as possible. Becky’s total lack for discretion was contagious however, and so I quickly started screaming my lungs out and trashing against the wooden walls along with her, making the entire stall wobble. Empowered by our mutual pleasure, we further increased the rate of diddling each other and tried to cram our fingers even deeper into each other; needless to say, our orgasms were absolutely spectacular!

After what seemed like six or seven minutes, we finally let up and redrew our fingers, both of sitting down on the cold tiled floor, catching our breath and giving our cunts some rest.

“I am going to enjoy working here.” I whispered while catching my breath.

“I bet.” Becky smiled. “I am just glad they finally hired another slut.”

My worn out cunt tingled when she said that.

“When I started here, it was just Jerry, Carter and Hendry… three cocks I can handle, but now there’s six of them and they seem to be getting hornier with each passing month, so no matter how much I like sex, I am sure glad we’ve got another set of holes around here now!”

“Stop with the nasty talk.” I grimaced as I felt another contraction in my cunt.

Becky laughed.

Suddenly we heard the door to the ladies room open. “Becky?” a male voice asked.

“That’s Donald.” she mouthed to me.

“Yes sir?”

“I figured it was you howling in here…”

“I was just showing Maya around, getting her acquainted with her new work environment, sir.”

“Maya, the new girl. Is she in there with you?”

“Yes sir, we were just on our way to see you.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then why don’t we perform the inspection right here?” he said, as we heard him lock the outside door. Becky got up and unlocked the stall door, but before she could push it open, Donald said:”No, stay in there and lock the door.”

Becky complied and as we looked at each other puzzled, Donald asked:”You girls naked?”

“Yes sir.” Becky said. “Why, is there anything we can do for you?” she continued in a soft, seductive tone.

“Yes, slide your cunt under the door so I can fuck you.” he said as I heard the distinct sound of a zipper. Becky slid on her ass towards the door, moving her legs outside of the stall until everything below her bellybutton was outside of the stall. I got up and sat down on toilet seat behind her, watching curiously.

“Like this sir?” Becky asked.

Donald didn’t answer, instead her penetrated her roughly and started fucking her, rocking her body back and forth, moving it a few centimeters up and down with each of his thrusts. Becky grabbed my ankles and whispered:”Oh god.”

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