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Deanne and Me Ch. 04

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It was early in the morning when I went to my truck and started off on my mission.

Almost a year had passed since I last saw Deanne. Yes, I had been missing her. She really is a wonderful person but I must admit that I had been thinking more about her as a sex partner while driving to the airport. Her magnificent body had given such pleasure to me that I was hoping she would still be interested in me sexually.

Having arrived at the airport early, I was wandering around to pass the time until her flight was due. My eyes were on full scan. It was already ungodly hot and humid outside so most of the girls I saw in the airport were scantily dressed. I of course thought that was a nice treat. Problem was, seeing all that naked female skin got me hornier and hornier.

“Christ almighty!” I though to myself. “If this keeps on, I’ll be fucking her before we get out of the waiting area! The girls around are nothing but down right sexy!”

Finally forcing myself to look away from all the eye candy to check my wristwatch, I realized I still had time for a coffee before going to the gate to greet Deanne.

My warped sense of humor gave me a chuckle as I walked into the nearby snack shop. My chuckle came from my pondering of if I should hang a taxidermist sign from the pole in my pants. It would be appropriate because I’d mount anything at this point.

“Regular black coffee please,” I said to the waitress as I sat down at the counter. Seconds later, a wonderfully aromatic cup of fresh coffee was treating my sense of smell.

Try as I might, my thoughts continually went back to those times spent with Deanne when I was in Honolulu. The erection I was trying to get diminished only grew harder. Nearing the end of my coffee, and seeing the time, I picked up the newspaper to scan over it. I figured if anything would kill an erection, it would be the news!

Surprisingly, the flight Deanne was on landed only ten minutes late. A mixture of emotions ran wildly though me as I waited. Then, I saw a glimpse of her. When she had passed through the doorway into the waiting area, I raised my hand and waved.

“Deanne!” I called out, loud enough for her to hear me but not so loud I’d attract attention. “Deanne! Over here!”

When our eyes met, I instantly had another erection in my pants but I was feeling scared as well, wondering what her reaction would be.

“ART!” she yelled as she trotted toward me, her arms outstretched and a wide smile on her face. “My God it seems like decades since I saw you last,” she murmured in my ear as we tightly hugged each other.

After a brief chat, we headed to the baggage claim area, talking and laughing more like close friends rather than boss and worker. We easily found her luggage and headed to the truck. When I opened the door for her to get in, as she sat down and flashed me a great view of those most coveted thighs, she hit me with a very unexpected question.

“Would you take us to my room? I want to shower and change clothes before we go to office,” she asked with a wink.

“Sure. Not a problem at all!” was my reply. I walked around the truck and after putting her one medium sized suitcase and small carry-on bag in the bed, I got behind the wheel and we were off to the hotel. It took less than an hour to get to the hotel, which was only about ten minutes from the office.

“You didn’t bring much luggage for a two week stay,” I commented as I lifted the two pieces from the bed of my truck. Then, as a shot of fear of rejection went through me again, I inquired, “You will be here for two weeks, right?”

Her sexy smile broadened even more. “Sorry to say, it is only for two weeks,” came her answer as she slowly ran her hand down over my cheek, neck, and then chest. “I’d like it to be longer,” she added, her hand now erotically near my crotch.

I laughed from a mixture of excitement and relief. “Heard that all my life, but usually it’s said in the bedroom!”

Deanne chuckled and raised up on her toes. “I seem to recall you’re a perfect fit in me,” she whispered before nibbling lightly on my ear. “Let’s go check my accuracy,” she added.

“Thank God I had the check-in already taken care of for you!” I said as we walked briskly to her room. Opening the door, she entered and looked around. When I closed the door, she turned to face me and I saw she was unbuttoning the last button on her blouse.

“I didn’t bring many clothes because I figured I won’t be wearing them very much,” she informed as she undid her bra. “And I presume you won’t permit a lady to sleep alone in a strange town, right?” she asked as her bra dropped to the floor. I unknowingly grinned as my eyes drank in the arousing site before me.

“Certainly not!” I said, stepping to her as I quickly unbuttoned my shirt. Tossing my shirt to the floor, I reached out and took her in my arms. Her skin was as soft and warm as I remembered. It felt so good to hold her and run my hands up and down her naked, smooth back. She held my arms just above my elbows for a few moments before I felt her hands Escort bayan tugging at my belt. I let go of her and stepped back a few inches, my hands immediately dropping to the elastic waistline of her skirt.

Almost in exact unison, we were standing there nude in front of each other. Her nipples were as hard as my cock, which was more than eager to slide into her warm paradises.

Backing her up to the bed I gently pushed her onto her back after she sat had down. Without a word I squatted and slipped my arms under her knees, lifting them as high as needed for me to fulfill one of my many desires for her. Before she could react I buried my face in the warm musky heaven of her pussy and slowly slid my tongue from bottom to top of her slit.

“Oh! YES!” she gasped as sexual lightening coursed through her body. As if to encourage me to continue, she parted her legs and placed her feet on my shoulders. My tongue and lips teamed up to take her quickly to her first of what I hoped to be many orgasms. When she was satisfied her feet dropped to the floor and she was sitting up, looking at my face which was covered with her special glaze.

“Now it’s your turn!” she giggled as she slid to the floor and slipped my throbbing flesh into her mouth, all in one quick and sexual motion. Her mouth did magic to me and all too soon, I was unloading into her mouth and throat. Having eagerly taken every drop from me, she licked my balls and kissed my rapidly deflating cock before standing up.

Smiling, she looked at me and said, “You fit nicely in there. This evening, we’ll check out your fit in other places.”

She turned and began walking toward the bathroom. “I have to go shower. Would you wash my back?”

Naturally I agreed to assist her.


Before long we were on our way to the office and spent the remainder of the day acting as if nothing happened. After work I drove Deanne to get her rental car and we went back to her hotel room after she bought some beer and several variations of pizza.

After we were full, I walked over to the small fridge and placed the uneaten pieces inside, then went to the bathroom. Returning to the sleeping area I was going to grab two bottles of beer but I saw Deanne was now on her belly, legs parted, and not a stitch of clothing on. I was looking down the length of her legs and had paused my scan on her inviting ass. With my cock now as hard as a shaft of titanium, I forgot about the beer and crawled on top of her.

“How would you feel if I told you I have to evaluate your performance before I leave?” she asked as I pressed my cock into her ass crack.

“I hope you only evaluate my performance in the office, not in bed. I don’t want to go job hunting right now!” I said with a chuckle as my rapidly throbbing muscle slid into the opening of her wet pussy.

“Oh!” she gasped as the thick head of my cock penetrated into her wet inner sanctum. I pushed in a further. “Oh, Baby! If I judged you by your fucking abilities, you’d own the company!” she softly moaned as she lifted her ass and accepted more of the pleasure I was pumping her with. I slowly stroked the full length of my rod back and forth in her snug, warm, and welcoming pussy. I was slowly building up my tempo, little by little going faster. Faster. Faster.

I was ramming hard and fast back and forth as her once soft moans were transforming into soft screams of enjoyment. Even those soft screams became louder and louder as I felt her body tensing up.

“Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!! Shi-i-i-i-i-i-i-it!!!” she whaled as her body convulsed under me. She let loose the first of many gushes as her pussy squeezed my cock repeatedly, coaxing me to release my pleasure to her.

Blame it on the beer, or on my desire to pleasure her, but I wasn’t quite ready to cum. When her orgasms subsided I pulled my cock from her pussy and chose my next target. The target of tightness I had longed for all these months.

Pressing the tip of my lubricated cock against her anus, she assisted my entry by pulling her cheeks apart and lifting her hips. My immersion into her was easily completed and it was I that moaned in delight as the sensations of extreme pleasure raced through my body. She let go of her ass cheeks and I began the journey to my sexual satisfaction.

The tightness around the entire circumference of my pulsating cock made it impossible for me to withhold for very long, much against my desires.

“Let it go, Baby!” she coaxed, hearing my breathing become panting as my body gradually tensed in preparation for my looming explosion as I rode her heavenly ass to paradise. “Cum in my ass! Let it go!!” she coaxed as she repeatedly tightened and relaxed her anal muscles around my shaft. “Cum on, Baby, let me feel your cum in me!”

Just as an actor follows the directors wishes, she no sooner spoke those words than I could wait no longer. “OH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H DEANNA!” I moaned in a deep rumble as my first load shot into her stretched cavity.

“YES, BABY! Bayan escort YES! OH YES!” she moaned repeatedly as she moved her ass in perfect rhythm with my strokes. I was feeling dizzy from the intensity of my orgasm as I savored the pleasure I was experiencing. After she had drained every possible drop from me, I rolled onto the bed beside her. It was then I realized she had been fingering her pussy while I had been fucking her in the ass as she pulled her arm from under her. I grasped her wrist and guided her finger into my mouth, slowly sucking her juices from it.


The next morning I woke to the sensation of her long, soft hair against my abdomen and her mouth caressing my erection. Pausing from her self initiated activity, she looked up at me.

“Your alarm cock woke me up,” she explained with a grin, kissing the tip of my tower of flesh held gently in her hands. “It was knocking at my backdoor…”.

She licked up the length of my shaft. Waves of pleasure raced through my groggy body.

“So I thought I’d answer it,” she finished stating before taking the entire length of my pole into her throat and mouth.

“Oh my God!” I said in a combination of a groan and gasp. Her hand was lightly rubbing my firm, cum replenished scrotum as her mouth coaxed me closer to her goal.

Sensing by my gasps and moans of delight as well as from the actions of my manhood within her mouth, she knew I was nearing climax. Without a word she was almost instantly straddling me, guiding me into her saturated pussy. The warm softness of her labia slid over my tip and it was soon pushing against the roof of her uterus as she lowered her body on top of me until I was supporting her entire weight on my hips.

“God, I needed this!” she whispered as she laid down on top of me, making certain my excited flesh stayed buried within her. Moving her hips in ways I never dreamed possible, her soft lining massaged my cock into elation. I lifted my hips to force myself deeper into her as she rode my shaft to the penthouse of pleasure. I had grabbed her by the ass, both to keep her in position and to enjoy the feeling of it, but she was lost in the haze of her own satisfaction.

She screamed out in pleasure as her body jolted, jerked, and shook on top of me as I felt her release flowing down over my sac. Thrusting my cock upward, driving it as deep into her as I could, she had me in a head lock with my face buried between her firm breasts as she screamed out again. Another wave of cum washed over my balls as she stole one more orgasm from her private sexual breakfast buffet. She was panting rapidly as her body collapsed on me with my cock still rock hard and deep in her satisfied pussy.

“You didn’t cum?” she whispered in my ear as her hot breath pulsated over it as she struggled to regain control of her breathing.

I shook my head to confirm her query.

“Oh Baby, I don’t know if my body can handle any more right now,” she said softly as she sat upright, my cock still throbbing within her saturated pussy. “This is the most intense sex I’ve had since the last time I was with you. My heart is still racing!” she explained, seeming to be truly disappointed. Her fingers randomly traced over my chest as I looked at her. She was beautiful. Her long hair perfectly framed her face and flowed gently down over her ample breasts, making her even more visually enticing. Before I could suggest anything, she was looking deep into my eyes.

“I know!” she exclaimed. “I haven’t given you a foot job yet; Would you like that?” she asked with unmistakable excitement in her voice. My mind instantly replayed the movie from the last time she did that and I willing accepted her suggestion.

She rocked her hips back and forth a few times, giving my cock one last treat from her pussy before she stood up on the bed. I scrambled to the floor and walked to the foot of the bed as she laid down on her belly with her feet just beyond the edge of the bed. I had grabbed the bottle of oil and was now positioned at her feet, pouring a generous coating of oil on her feet and my cock.

I massaged her feet and ankles for a few moments before I lifted them to my anxious cock. Touching the rigidity of my cock, instantly she wrapped her soft, slippery feet around my shaft and tickled me erotically with her toes. She trapped my flesh between the soles of her feet and I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

Repeatedly scanning her legs and ass elevated my arousal level quickly as she moved her feet and toes around and over my cock. I ran my hands up and down her calves, leaning forward a bit to push my cock tightly against her feet.

With my cock nestled in the erotic grasp of her feet, I moved my hips back and forth, allowing me to enjoy the texture of her feet around my desire swelled flesh. Her well oiled feet felt like crinkled velor to me as she expertly coaxed me to within an inch of losing my resistance.

I couldn’t resist the coaxing and let loose. My first shot landed half way up her Escort back, creating what looked like a snowball against the dark tan of her skin. Another wad flew through the air and landed on her ass.

Another shot was fired from my flesh cannon. Then another. Then another.

Before long, I had spotted the skin on her back, ass, thighs, and calves with the result of my satisfaction. I had cum so much her feet were thickly covered as well. Some of my gratitude was slowly creeping down her over her ankles and calves.

“I love the feeling of you cumming on me,” she said softly as her feet continued to massage my now limp cock. Even though I had one hell of an orgasm, it still felt wonderful to have her feet and toes stroking me and rubbing me gently between them.


The two week duration of Deanne’s visit disappeared in an instant. We had enjoyed countless of hours of talking, cuddling, and of course, sex. It was Saturday and our last day together. The mood was teetering on the edge between explosive sex and a total loss of control over the sadness and disappointment we both were experiencing as we tried to come to grips over our impending separation.

We were both, of course, nude, as we seemed to always be as quickly as possible once we were in the safety of her hotel room. We were laying on the bed, her head on my shoulder and my arm around her torso. She was entertaining herself with my cock and I had no complaints.

“I was hoping this day wouldn’t ever arrive,” she whispered. Her hand felt like heaven to me as she enjoyed every inch of the soft skin that covered my hardened muscle and the firmness of my balls.

“Same here,” I confessed as I reached over to run my fingers lightly over her temple and through her hair. I kissed her on top of her head as my hand slid down over her cheek. She kissed my palm and we lay there in silence for several more moments.

She had repositioned herself onto her side. Her hand roaming up and down my torso from my neck to my navel as her leg rested over my throbbing rod.

“We haven’t made love outside since I’ve been here. Do you know that?” she asked, stretching to kiss me. I smiled uncontrollably, fairly certain what this was leading up to.

Within an hour we were dressed, in my truck with a cooler full of ice, beer, sandwich meat, and all the fixings for a picnic in the bed of the truck. I knew just the place to go for this, the last day of our unity.

It took just over an hour to get there. The entire trip, my cock was dancing wildly within the confines of my sweatpants as my hand enjoyed the curves and softness of the skin on Deanne’s leg, exposed to her crotch due to the shortness of the ‘skort’ she wore.

Slowing down almost to a stop, I turned onto a narrow dirt road that was lined with a thick forest on either side. Pulling back on the lever to engage the four wheel drive, we began the trek upward through the lush canopy nature had prepared for us. Soon, the incline of the road leveled off and Deanne was treated to one of the best views this part of the country has to offer, and fortunately for us, it was on my Uncle’s property so our privacy was guaranteed.

I parked the truck and shut off the engine. Deanne was out of the truck and taking in all the beauty before her. I quickly joined her, placing my arm around her waist.

“This is absolutely beautiful!” she exclaimed. In front of us and about seven hundred feet below was the Allegheny river. It was lined with an uninterrupted carpet of green leaves being proudly worn by the trees that covered the mountain side. The sun sparkled off the ripples of the river as it flowed over the rocks in the riverbed below as Deanne and I stood there for a few moments.

“Oh, Art!” she said as she began to undress. “This is just perfect!” she stated as her eyes covered every inch of the view while she took of her few pieces of clothing.

Following her lead, I too was soon undressed and we were standing nude, arms around each other, in the warm sunlight as we enjoying the view before us. A few moments later, I excused myself and went to the truck, returning quickly with the cooler and a large, thick blanket for us.

I spread the blanket out, fairly close to the edge of the cliff but still back far enough to be safe. My cock was hard and anxious to enjoy the pleasures this naked goddess of sex that stood near me had to offer.

“Come on over,” I called to Deanne after I had sat down on the blanket. She joined me on the blanket and my hands wasted not a second before they began savoring the curves of her naked body. I don’t know how long it took, but it seemed like an eternity before she spoke.

“I know what will make this perfect for me” she said, standing up beside me. “Lay down on your back, Hun,” she requested.

Assuming the position she requested, my head was toward the cliff and I scanned up her shapely legs, over her well groomed bush, continued up over her flat stomach, paused to enjoy the firm round breasts she had, and ended when I was gazing at her face. I watched as she stepped one foot over me. She was straddling over top of me and knelt on her knees with her already wet pussy coaxing my erection to it’s opening with the help of her hand.

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