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Growth Spurts Ch. 07

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“No cars in the driveway!” Tim said to himself aloud. “Wonder where everyone is?”

I parked in the empty space and jumped out of the car. I had just finished doing my “Saturday rounds” with some of the local wives. “Not too bad. $900 for a day’s work.” I think it was James’ mother that let word out that I was available for some intimate servicing. First, of course was James’ Mom Jane Kennedy, followed by Mrs. Tupper, Mrs. Vargas and Mrs. Fukuyama. I did Jane for free but charged the others for my services.

Actually Mrs. Fukuyama was one of my favourites. She was a middle aged Japanese women with nice tits and round hips to grab hold of. Her son was at the same college I was at and her husband was an architect. She complained of what a self-absorbed asshole her husband was who treated everyone with contempt. She loved the way I made her feel when I filled her with my horse cock. Today, I fucked her doggie and dumped my white seed inside her hot, tight cunt.

I dumped some stuff in the back yard and entered through the house side door. The house sounded empty as I kicked off my shoes into the corner. But as I walked towards my room, I heard the fan going in the bathroom.

“Oh yeah. Mom and Dad have some benefit or dance thing to go to tonight.” I reminded myself as I stripped off in my bedroom before pulling on some sweats. I heard a moan emanate over the din of the fan. “Sounds a bit like Mom is getting herself off!”

I was relaxing on my bed when the fan noise stopped and the bathroom door opened. Before I could say “hello,” though my open bedroom door, I saw Mom fly by. My mouth was agape; she was naked and muttered something about how he’d better appreciate her douching her pussy and ass for him. I could only assume she meant Dad but who knows.

She’s usually pretty careful about not walking around half dressed. She always wears her robe. It’s not that I hadn’t ever seen her naked since we’ve already fucked but I guessed she didn’t realize I was home. The way the door and my bed is arranged, the only way she would have noticed me was if she actually looked inside my room. I thought “Hmmmm…”

Quietly as I could I rose from my bed and moved along the carpeted hallway towards my parent’s bedroom. They had a wall to wall – floor to ceiling mirror closet installed last summer so standing outside the door I could see the entire room… and my naked mother. “God she looked hot!”

On the bed she had a number of things laid out. She stood there with her hands akimbo and looked at them. Through the mirror, I could see she had shaved her pussy save for a tiny, trimmed soul patch.

She picked up and held up a black lace garter belt with three straps dangling from each side. Mom wrapped it around her waist and adjusted the hooks around the small of her back. She opened a new package of stockings. As she slid them up her legs, I noted how sheer they were but the toes and heels were reinforced. I thought her long, hot red painted fingernails would make it difficult for her to clip them, but Mom had no problems.

She stood up and checked the back side. There was a thick, dark seam running up the backs of her legs. She smoothed them out to make sure they were straight and checked again. Satisfied she picked up her next piece and held it up. Matching panties. She slipped a pointed toe through one leg hole then the other and pulled them up over her stockings and garters. As she adjust them while looking in the mirror, I saw the back was split open. When she adjusted the front leg holes, “They’re crotchless. I can see her pussy!”

Mom spread her legs slightly and ran a finger along her slit. “God I’m so fucking horny!” She spasmed slightly and moaned as she brought the finger to her lips to lick off the juice. She looked at bağdatcaddesi escort herself in the mirror and giggled like a little girl. Then her eyes popped open and she bit her lower lip. She grinned a sly smile.

My hand automatically dropped to the aching bulge in my sweatpants. My fingertips felt the growing wet spot darkening the grey material.

Mom seductively swayed back towards her bed. She picked up something and wrapped it around her torso. “A corset! She’s putting on a corset!”

The corset was black with lace and some sort of shiny, dark purple lining. She adjusted it to ride just atop of her hips and she laced the front tightly; it squeezed everything upwards and filled the cups to overflowing excess. She pulled her hard nipples out so they just peeked over the top. Mom slipped on some strappy sky high stilettos and stood back in front of the mirror; she turned and checked herself out.

“Jeez! She looks like that blond actress… Marilyn Monroe… no! The French one, Bridget Bardot… ummm. Oh! My absolute favourite that played the wife hooker, Belle de Jour! Catherine Deneuve!”

Mom sauntered over to her dressing table. I could tell she had her make-up done up and made her look very sexy yet very slutty. She picked up a small tube and repainted her lips to match her nails. She opened a drawer to pull out a long handled brush and pretended to fix her already perfect coif. Although she was alone, she gave a coy look around the bedroom. She took the brush handle and rubbed it against her open slit coating it in a slick slime. She brought the brush to her lips and licked it dry before reapplying her cunt juices to it.

With two fingers on each side of her slit, she spread herself open and pushed the brush handle inside of her. She bit her lips and closed her eyes. Her lips mouthed a silent “oh” as her head fell back. She slowly fucked herself with the brush as her fingers played against her engorged clit. Her hips started bucking and she made this “uh..uh…uh..!” sound. A small spritz of clear liquid arced from her spread legs and onto the floor.

She moved to the bed and reached inside her nightstand. Mom pulled out a fat vibrating dildo. It had to be about eight inches long with a bulbous head and very thick. It made a loud powerful buzz when she switched it on. She lubricated the tip against her wet slit before pushing it deep inside of her. Again her hips started to buck but this time a larger stream sprayed out from her.

Gasping, Mom called out. “Jesus, Tim! How many times do I have to fuck myself before you stick your big cock inside of me?”

I was stunned. “She knew I was there watching?” I recovered quickly and moved towards her.

“I saw your reflecting in the mirror a little while ago. How did you like watching my show? I think from that huge lump in your pants, you must have enjoyed it a lot! Now show me your big, fat cock.” Mom instructed me.

I stripped down to release my uncomfortable restricted hard dick from my pants. I swear it felts bigger than it had ever felt before. Mom’s eyes grew with lust. She pulled the fake cock out from her dripping hole. “Put that thing in me now!”

I climbed between her spread legs and aimed my cock into the hole gaped by the vibrator. I thought I would have to be careful at first but Mom wrapped her legs around me and dug her heels into my ass forcing me to shove it in all the way. The feeling of her stockings against my body and legs and the sharp pointiness of her heels in my fleshy ass was a “pleasure and pain” sensation I was unfamiliar with.

Even after two kids and that fat dildo, Mom was still pretty tight. It was just too much. Without warning, I started cumming inside of her. Although I had cum multiple times beykoz escort that day, I had no problems filling her up with my sperm.

“Tim! I can feel you spraying the inside of my belly with your cum!” Mom orgasmed. She screamed out. “Fuck yes! Oh god you feel so fat inside of me!”

I was still harder than ever and did not stop the assault on my mother’s cunt. I hooked my elbows under her knee and push them towards her breasts which made her cunt even tighter.

“Fuck me, Tim! Fuck me harder!” She screamed out; her head thrashed back and forth. “Oh gawd! Fuck! Fuck my cunt! Make me cum again!”

Having just cum, I could last a little longer. I pounded her pussy; slamming my hips into her as hard as I could.

Mom’s eyes rolled back inside her head. Her mouth was open but couldn’t say anything intelligible. Only “Gggaah…” or “Uuuhh…” Drool spilt out the sides of her mouth. Her body started to spasm uncontrollably. Her arms flailed around like a flags in the wind. Hot molten she cum sprayed between us. This was too hot and there was no way I was going to stop now.

Mom’s mind had shut down overloaded by the intensity of her orgasms. Her body totally under my control could offer no resistance although her pussy continued to autonomically squeezed and sucked my cock until I could hold back no more.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” I dumped a second load of cum inside my mother’s womb. I couldn’t pull out and it continued to pulse and throb as I collapsed on top of her. I panted trying to regain some strength and breath.

It must have been a few moments before either of us recovered.

“Honey? Hon? Are you okay?” Mom asked me. “That was so nice. I love the way your cock fills my pussy.”

I felt my dick still embedded inside of Mom. I rose up onto my knees and slowly extracted myself from her. White cum poured out from her gaping fuck hole and produced a giant wet spot on the bed. I looked at Mom and she was soaked from her sweating and massive squirting.

“Oh my god, Tim!” Mom stared at my crotch area. “Don’t you ever get soft?”

I looked down and saw my boner was just slightly deflated. It was covered with shiny and slick goo from both of us. Mom pulled me over onto my back. “Let me clean you up a bit, Sweetie.”

She moved between my thighs and used her mouth to lick and suck off the slime. A resurgence of blood returned to my penis until it was full and rock hard again. With my knob in her mouth, Mom braced her hands against my hips. She lowered her head taking it deeper and deeper down her throat until her nose brushed my pubic hairs. She repeated it over and over again. “Good God, Honey! You make me so fucking horny!”

Mom crawled off me and went on her hands and knees. I moved behind her between her knees and used my hand to aim it again into her fuck hole. Mom jumped a bit. “Oooh Sweetie! I love having you inside me but my poor little pussy is so stretched and sore, I don’t think it could take it again so soon. Fuck me in the ass!”

It never occurred to me to perform anal, especially on Mom. All the women that I have fucked wanted it in their vaginas and after they came, were too exhausted to do anything else.

I re-aimed my cock towards Mom’s backdoor. It looked so tight and pink and sexy especially since she was still wearing those crotchless panties. I stroked my cock a bit and pushed out a big gob of pre-cum to help lube her up. When she felt me against her, Mom pushed her ass back and took me inside her. The head popped right in without any difficulty. I took hold of her hips and tried to proceed slowly but she moved back quickly; I was deep inside her in an instant.

“Oh fuck, Tim! That feels so nice. Your dad would never fuck me there.” Mom moaned. “And your hot, fat, caddebostan escort big cock in my ass feels so much better than that dildo I been using!”

I pushed in as hard as I could. My hips slapped against her ass. “Oh, gawd, Tim! I can feel it in my belly! Harder! Make me cum!”

I increased my speed and intensity and slapped against her as to as fast as I could. Mom could only make this “Au… Au… Au…” sound. She buried her head into the bed.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ooooh FU…C…K…! Come inside me now!” Mom screamed out. “I’m cu…m…m… Au… Au… Au…!”

I started exploding inside of her. It felt like the biggest load I had very experienced. Certainly the biggest number of shots!

“Oh fuck, Mom! That was incredible!” I panted. No answer. “Mom? Mom?”

Her body was a limp rag doll but continued to shake and spasm as if jolted by electric shocks. She was out cold. I laid her flat on her bed, belly down; hard cock still inside of her. I tried to pull out, but her ass squeezed and sucked me back in refusing to release me.

When I was finally able to start slowly pulling out, Mom’s body would react and orgasmically quiver with each inch I extracted. At nine inches, only my bulbous knob remained inside. Then I had an evil thought. Instead of letting it pop out, I pushed myself all the way back in. There was no protest since she was kind of still out of it. My sperm inside acted as a lubricant and made it easy to slide in and out. I slowly pumped her ass; easy at first pulling almost all the way out then pushing all the way in and pressing my hips hard into her ass cheeks. “Christ! She’s such a hot fuck!”

Mom laid there unmoving. I increased my speed and intensity. She was going to make me cum again. I yelled out an “Oh fuck!” with each slam into her ass. I got four or five “Oh fucks” before I climaxed, but my balls were mostly empty now and I could only shoot air. I came so hard, it hurt but I kept fucking her anyways until I couldn’t.

I managed to roll off Mom; her body still quivered and shuddered uncontrollably. She made this sort of “Gggaaahhh!” sound. It was more than a few minutes before Mom gained some sense back. “Mom?”

“Oh fuck, Tim! What did you do to me?” Mom managed. She giggled “My cunt and my asshole are so sore, but so satisfied. I doubt I’ll be able to walk properly for a week!”

She dropped a hand between her legs. “Holy shit! Your cum is still pouring from me!”

“Ding-dong!” The front door.

“Shit! What time is it?” Mom panicked. “That’s James.”

“James? Why is he here?” I asked.

“Your dad couldn’t go because of his last minute business trip so James volunteered to take me to the benefit.” Mom explained and sympathetically added. “But I think he’s going to be a little disappointed and not get what he thinks he’ll get tonight. I may have to just give him a hand job; I’m just so sore.”


“Honey, go answer the door? I need to clean up a bit.” Mom asked.

I pulled my sweats back on and ran down to let James in. He was dressed in a classic, black tux and looked really good.

“Oh hi, Tim!” James said surprised. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Mom is just finishing getting ready.” I chuckled to myself. “She had some unexpected interruptions.”

It was a few, but Mom came down soon; a little wobbly in those patent leather high heels. James’ mouth was a bit gaped at the sight of Mom. I wasn’t sure if he was impressed or shocked by how she looked. Mom was dressed in a mid-thigh length, black cocktail dress. The v-neck front was low enough for me to see that she was still wearing that corset she had on. She didn’t really bother cleaning herself up much. Her stocking seams were a bit of a mess and had obvious cum stains on them. She fixed her lips but her hair had that “just freshly fucked” look.

“Hi James! Thanks for taking me.” Mom smiled and gave him a kiss.

Mom hugged me. She smelled of perfumed powder and sex. She gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered into my ear. “Wait up for me!”

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