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Part One of A Fruit Trilogy: Persephone Returns

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She brings me a basket of autumn ripe fruit. Padding softly on bare feet, she comes to me at night as she promised she would. Her death is still a pall over our home, but I am comforted in the fact she kept her oath to me. “I will never leave you,” she whispered one night to me. “No matter what?” “No matter what.” Her family always danced in the dark, she knew tricks and spells. I never questioned her. As long as she would come back to me, just for visit. I could go on that way.

I see her cafe au lait skin, shining in the moon’s light. My Persephone. Only allowed to visit on the whims of the underworld. She shimmers as the pomegranates seeds hit the floor. I prop up on one arm watching her. Death did not ravage her beauty, no she revelled in it.

Her hand as smooth and cool as it always was, tracing my cheek. I could smell sweet spices on her skin, as she drew close to me. Her body hummed with an unearthly energy, major gris-gris, I could hear her say. I cupped her breasts in my hand, thumbs knowing the way to knead those nipples into hard pebbles. My eyes found hers looking at me, she smiled and cooed softly, “hey baby girl.”

I know I could not hold the flood of tears back. She leaned over me, kissing them away, soothing me. I wrapped her in my arms sobbing. She moved to her side of the bed laying near me undoing my night shirt murmuring into my skin. She took my hand in hers, she traced her fingers over our hands, smiling. “Ying and Yang, baby, dark and light” “I missed you so much, it’s so empty here” “Shhh baby, görükle escort I’m here now, things will be better now that I can come to you”

I pulled her close to me, her skin tingling against mine. Our mouths found each other, kissing, suckling. She was as sweet as the plums she carried to me. She threw her leg over my hip, drawing me closer, our vulvas rubbing into each other. “, I can smell how much you missed me.” And with that she rolled over on top of me, grinding herself into me. My mind reeled, surprised at her strength as she pushed my thighs open with her knee. Her breasts full and heavy, brushed over mine, making me arch up to her. I mewled as she bent her head and tugged a hard nipple into her mouth, those ever feeding lips pulling at me, I felt every lick and pull deep in my cunt. Our hips seeking each others. Her knee presses into my pussy, making me gasp. “Ohhgoddd yes baby” My head thrashes back and forth as she slides her fingers between aching labia, swollen and slick.

“Mmm mm mm, do I feel a nice thick berry here?” Her fingers swirl over my clit, making it jut from its hood. She smiles as she reaches over me, pulling fat berries from the basket. Her fingers brush my face as she pops a berry in her mouth and feeds it to me, bursting it in my mouth. The memories of previous autumns play in my mind, the way she loved the fall and it’s harvest. Now she splits a fat peach in two over my skin, and greedily laps it up, my body all arcs and curves, under her. I’m breaking a sweat from eskort bayan the heat of her. Again she leans over me and I feel a trickle of cool thick liquid pooling on my tummy and breasts She holds the honeycomb over me, watching the way I writhe under her, and down she goes again.

Sure expert fingers part my cunt lips as she smears honey over my pussy. Her thin braids whispering along my thighs as she laps from the font of my cunt, purring, tonguing deeply, her fingers push in, thrusting slowly. I moan to her, “Please, ohh god please baby, turn and give me your cunt.”

Her long legs swing over me, splaying her pussy to me. I breathe in deep, taking her all in. My fingers open her and I take one long lap from clit to anus. I hear her moaning deep in my cunt. Reaching into the basket, I find fat blueberries and squish them over her skin, marking her. Finding the honey comb, glazing her labia more. Burying raspberries, deep in a cunt as red and dark as one. As I begin to feed on her, I feel her fingers push in deep, two fingers, then three. My teeth bite into a ripe half of her pear shaped ass, growling as I feel her hand fuck me. “Ohhhgodddyesss!”

Her mouth never stops sucking my engorged clit. The rush of sensations plays over me, never in life could she get her whole hand in, but I felt her fingers stretching, twisting. I spread my thighs wide to her searching hand. My whole pussy thumps, a steady pulling and contracting as her fingers brush the bottom of my cervix. I feel like I’m giving altıparmak escort birth and dying and living all at once. Her thumb traces over my goddess spot making me jump, I reward her with a rich ichor, sweeter, warmer than any liquid. I grip her ass and snake my tongue along the cleft, drilling the tip into her dark asshole, she moans and rocks back to me. Wetting her thoroughly, my finger eases into her, and she lifts a dripping chin and cries out to me, begging me to fuck her. My mouth seeks the sweet slick of fruit I painted her ass and cunt with. My tongue dips to draw out swollen berries and honey.

Finding her clit, I latch on nursing from her thrumming pulse. Her hand pounds into me making me scream with each push until I arch high releasing her cunt from my kisses. My cries and moans roll through the house into the woods.

I cling to her, quickly finding her again to drink her nectar, letting it warm my lips and stain my cheeks with it. She rocks back and quakes, giving me all I can take, her skin shining wet with perspiration. Even her sweat was brilliant in it’s otherworldliness, it that is a word. I’ll always remember the glow from her that night. She turns and curls close to me again, kissing my tear streaked face. Her breath sweet with honeyed cunt and fruit. She brings me back to life with all the bounty of her love, her kisses spiced with promise. My eyes flutter as she tells me never to worry about her, and that her love is too strong to die. I fall into a deep sleep, dreamless.

The morning’s sun warms my skin, the scent of ripe fruit wafts up to my nose. I peer out of one eye, looking about the room. The bed is a tangled sweet mess of our love from the night before. I take the sheets and cling to them, breathing her in again, knowing she will keep her promise to me.

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