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Dirk and the Lady Farmer

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The sun was lying low on the horizon, full dark not more than an hour off, when Dirk pulled his Harley into a parking space in front of the small general store in the center of town. He’d been on the road for two days and was halfway through a four day trip, and this was just one of a dozen small Midwestern towns he’d passed through in the past 24 hours. They all looked the same after a while, like something out of “The Andy Griffith Show,” but he figured that wasn’t really so bad after all. This town was smaller than most with no more than a dozen buildings lining each side of what he thought was Main Street, and as he looked around he didn’t see what he was looking for. As he looked up and down both sides of the street he noticed that he was the center of attention, and he certainly understood why – there wasn’t another bike in sight, much less another biker, and he knew that the locals certainly weren’t used to long-haired strangers in old jeans, t-shirts, and leather vests festooned with club patches riding into town on a bike that sounded like thunder on two wheels. He took off his helmet, hung it on the mirror, and then walked towards the wooden door to the general store, stripping off his black leather fingerless gloves as he went.

The air inside the store was cool, and it was a welcome relief from the heat of the late August afternoon. A bell over the door jingled as he walked in, and a man who must have been the owner looked up at him from behind the counter to Dirk’s left. There was a woman standing on this side of the counter as well, but Dirk didn’t pay much attention to her at first.

“Howdy, stranger,” the man said, sounding like something out of an old Western movie. Dirk smiled a bit as he replied.

“Hey, how are ya,” he said, pulling a red paisley bandana out of his back pocket and wiping his face. “Where are your drink coolers?” he asked, stuffing the bandana back in his pocket.

“Rear of the store to your right,” the man said, pointing in that direction.

“Thanks,” Dirk said, walking towards the coolers, his motorcycle boots clumping on the wooden floor. A few moments later he walked up to the counter and placed two big bottles of Gatorade on the counter. He nodded at the woman next to the counter and gave her a polite smile, and she smiled back. He was considerably taller than her; he stood six feet even, and she was five foot nothing at the most.

“That do it for ya?” the man behind the counter asked. Dirk nodded as he replied.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he said as the man rang up the drinks.

“That’ll be three dollars and ten cents,” he said, reaching for a paper bag as Dirk pulled his leather wallet out of his other back pocket, the chain attached to it swinging.

“That’s okay, I don’t need a bag,” Dirk said, pulling a five out of his wallet and handing it to the man. Then he picked up one of the bottles, twisted the cap off, and took a long drink out of it. It was cold and good, and it gave him chills as it went down. He took his change from the man and stuffed it in one of the side pockets of his vest, then took another smaller drink from the bottle before speaking again.

“Is there a motel around here somewhere?” he asked the man behind the counter. “I didn’t see one on the main drag out front.”

“You didn’t see one because they’re ain’t one,” the man replied, smiling at Dirk. “And the closest motel from here is in Junction City, about eighty miles thataway,” the man said, pointing down the road in the direction that Dirk was travelling.

“Great, just freakin’ great,” Dirk muttered. “Another hour and a half on the road…just what I need!”

“You need a place to stay, cowboy?” the woman said, and Dirk turned and looked at her, really seeing her for the first time.

She was short, about five feet tall, with sparkling blue eyes and short red hair worn in a “pageboy” style. She had a slightly round face, small pert nose and nice lips that were spread in a smile showing her white teeth. She was a solid woman, a little more stout than Dirk normally preferred, clad in a loose-fitting cotton long sleeve plaid shirt tucked into jeans that were tight enought to show off the considerable curves of her full, rounded ass and equally full thighs. The shirt was unbuttoned to the second button which showed enough cleavage to give Dirk a good indication of the mountanous breasts that tented out the front of the shirt. Dirk wondered when was the last time this woman saw her feet. It was an effort to tear his eyes away from the huge mounds of her breasts pushing out the front of her shirt, especially with all of the cleavage she was showing, but he managed it.

“Yeah, I do,” he replied, nodding at her and giving her a small smile. She smiled back at him even bigger in return. “A barn would be just fine if you got one,” he continued.

“My mother would roll over in her grave at my lack of hospitality if I made a house guest sleep in the barn!” the woman said, laughing. Her huge breasts jiggled in her shirt as she laughed, drawing Dirk’s Escort bayan attention again. “I got a spare room in the back of the house that’s yours if you want it, and you can keep your iron horse out in the barn,” she said, nodding to the bike parked in front of the store.

“I sure appreciate that, ma’am,” Dirk replied, his smile a bit bigger as he spoke. “But don’t you think you’d better check with your husband first? You coming home with a biker for an overnight house guest might not go over too well with him, ya know,” he said. The woman broke out in laughter at this, and the man behind the counter chuckled as well. Dirk gave them both a puzzled look, and then the woman spoke again.

“Well, for starters, cowboy, my name is Pat,” she said, grinning hugely at him and sticking out her hand. He took her hand and shook it, and was surprised to find her grip firm and sure. “If you’re gonna be sleeping under my roof tonight, I think it only right that we know each other’s names, don’t you?”

“Fair enough; my name’s Dirk,” he replied.

“Pleased to meet you, Dirk!” Pat said, her blue eyes sparkling. “And as for the husband, well, there isn’t one, so don’t you worry about that! I threw his ass out years ago, the lazy good-for-nothing bastard! Now it’s just me and Max, my Bassett Hound. I love him to death but he isn’t much on conversation, so it’ll be good to have someone to talk to over dinner tonight,” she said.

“I appreciate your hospitality, Pat, I really do,” Dirk said, relaxing a bit and letting his smile get a little bigger. “But you have to let me pay you for the night or at least buy the food, something to return the favor.” Pat smiled up at him when he said this, and he saw a new, brighter sparkle in her blue eyes as she replied.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll come up with something!” she said. She paused and looked up at him for a moment, grinning at him, then broke eye contact as she walked past him towads the door. “Sun’s going down, so we’d better get a move on,” she said, opening the wooden door to the store. She turned and looked at him as he picked up the second bottle of Gatorade from the counter and turned to follow her. “You can follow me out to the farm; it’s about ten miles south of here so we’ll be there in about fifteen minutes or so.” Then she walked out of the store and over to an old but very well kept customized Chevy S-10 pickup truck, getting in and starting the engine. Dirk quickly put the other bottle of Gatorade in his saddlebag, threw on his helmet and gloves, then got on the bike and fired it up. She drove out of town with him following behind her, the thunder of his pipes bouncing off of the few buildings there were in the center of town.

Fifteen minutes later Pat turned off of the two-lane county blacktop road onto a dirt driveway that must have been at least a quarter of a mile long. The land on either side of the road was green with soybeans, and siitting at the end of the driveway right in the center of the huge expanse of farmland was a typical midwestern-style wooden white farm house with a green roof, green shutters on the windows and a wraparound porch. The house had several large, old oak trees around it, effectively putting the house in the shade for most of the day. Dirk could see the barn rising up behind the house, and he pulled his bike up to the barn as Pat parked the truck in front of the house. He got his bag of belongings out of the left saddlebag and walked around to the front of the house where Pat was waiting for him on the porch. She smiled at him as he walked up the wooden steps to the porch.

“Welcome to ‘Shady Oaks,’ my farm,” Pat said proudly. “I grow the best soybeans in the state here, and am damn proud of it!”

“You work all this land all on your own, Pat?” Dirk asked, looking around at the vast expanse of farmland that surrounded the house. Pat laughed briefly before replying.

“Hell, no! I let the hired help take care of that,” she explained, opening the front door and walking inside with Dirk following her. The inside of the house was dark and cool, just as Dirk imagined it would be. “I just keep the books, write the paychecks for the help, and put the rest of the money in the bank,” Pat said as she walked down the short hallway to the sitting room. Max the Bassett Hound was lying on the couch sleeping, and he slowly lifted his head to look at them as they came in the room. Pat scratched him on the top of his head as she walked past, and then Max dropped his head again and went back to sleep. She stopped in the center of the room and turned to Dirk as she continued. “The spare room is through that door and down the hall, the last room on the right,” she said, pointing down the hallway. “Why don’t you go ahead and drop your gear, maybe wash the road grime from your face while I get started on dinner? The bathroom’s right across the hall from your room,” she said.

“Thanks, Pat, I appreciate that,” Dirk said, smiling at her. “I sure could use a shower; do I have time for that before dinner’s ready?”

“I’ll Bayan escort make sure you do,” Pat said, smiling back. “Now you go on and take care of yourself while I get started on dinner!” Then she turned and walked out of the sitting room, heading for the kitchen. Dirk watched her go, admiring the swinging of her full, rounded ass as she walked. There was something about this woman that both intrigued and excited him, and even though his type was usually the slender blonde with big tits and no brains that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, there was something about this short, stout redheaded woman with big tits that he couldn’t deny. He shook his head slightly and then headed for his room to drop his gear and then shower.

When Pat heard the sound of his boots moving down the hallway, she stuck her head around the corner and watched him walk away. She wasn’t sure if it was the long hair, the faded jeans, the muscled build glimpsed beneath his t-shirt, the leather vest with the biker club patches on it, the bike he rode or a combination of all of the above, but Pat knew that there was something about this man that both attracted and excited her. She felt a stirring in her loins whenever she looked at him, and she was feeling it now as she watched his tight ass walking down the hallway. She sighed as he opened the door to his room and went inside, smiling to herself as she started working on dinner.

“I have a feeling this is gonna be a very interesting and exciting evening!” she said to herself, her smile growing bigger.

The shower felt wonderful, and when Dirk was finished he put his jeans back on and got a clean t-shirt out of his bag, putting that on as well. He thought about putting his boots back on but decided not to; he had a feeling that Pat wouldn’t mind the informality of it all. He also had a feeling he’d only be taking them off again later anyway, and not to go to bed. He walked out of the room barefoot, the aroma of dinner cooking on the stove filling the hallway and the rest of the house.

“Smells great, Pat,” he said, walking into the kitchen.

“And it tastes just as good!” she replied, smiling up at him. “Everything’s ready, so have a seat at the table and let’s eat,” she said.

An hour later the meal was finished, the table cleared of dishes and the two of them were sitting at the table with a bottle of beer each. Dirk had suggested coffee but Pat had suggested beer instead, and Dirk readily agreed. He wasn’t really much of a coffee drinker anyhow, and after the long, hot day he spent in the saddle he could use a beer or two. He took a drink from the long necked bottle, noticing out of the corner of his eye that Pat was watching him intently. She’d been eyeing him all through the meal, and he had to admit that he’d been eyeing her as well. Then he set the bottle down on the table in front of him and spoke.

“That was one hell of a meal, Pat,” he said, and Pat smiled as she took a pull from her own bottle. “Best I’ve had in a long time, and I sure do appreciate you cooking it for me and giving me a place to stay for the night.”

“Why, thank you, Mr. Dirk, I’m glad you enjoyed it!” she replied, smiling at him. “It’s been a long time since I had the chance to cook for a good-looking man like yourself, so believe me when I tell you that the pleasure was all mine,” she said.

“So how can I repay you for your hospitality?” Dirk asked, sitting forward and resting his elbows on the table. “You’ve got to let me do something for you, you know.” Pat leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table as well, creating about a mile of cleavage for Dirk to admire.

“Like I said before, I’m sure you can come up with something,” Pat said in a quiet voice, her blue eyes looking deep into his as she smiled a slightly seductive, slightly wicked smile at him. Her choice of words was not lost on Dirk, and he felt a smile creep across his face.

“Are you flirting with me, Pat?” he asked.

“Yep,” she replied, still smiling that smile at him, and he could have sworn that she pushed her arms together slightly to create more cleavage for him to admire. “Is it working?” she asked.

“Yep,” he replied, looking intently at her across the table. Her smile got bigger and more wicked.

“Then why are we sitting here wasting time, when we could be in my room fucking our brains out?” she said, still smiling at Dirk who was more than a little surprised at her candor. Surprised and aroused, that is; he felt his cock twitch at her words.

“Good question,” Dirk replied, feeling his cock begin to grow in his jeans.

“Then let’s go!” Pat said, getting up from her chair, grinning broader than ever. Dirk put his beer on the table and started to get up, but before he could Pat walked over to him and leaned over to kiss him, taking his head in her hands and planting her soft lips on his. The kiss was hot and intense, and it was apparent from the way Pat invaded his mouth with her tongue that this woman was more than ready to get down to some Escort serious business. Dirk felt his cock begin to harden in his jeans, and it grew even more when Pat’s hand dropped to his lap and squeezed his shaft.

“Mmm, nice!” Pat said in a low voice, breaking the kiss and smiling at him. “I can’t wait to suck on this and then smother it with my big tits!”

“Speaking of which,” Dirk said, glancing down at her huge tits beneath the shirt and then looking back up at her. Pat got the hint and quickly pulled her shirt out of her jeans and began unbuttoning it. She opened the shirt to reveal her massive mounds encased in a semi-sheer bra, and Dirk wondered how it was strong enough to contain her obviously heavy breasts. The bra clasped in the front, and Pat quickly unhooked the clasp and pulled the two cups away from her tits, revealing them to Dirk. They were huge, round and full, swinging with their weight, the nipples hard as two pencil erasers and surrounded by large, pale pink areolas. Pat grabbed them in her hands and squeezed them together, then leaned forward and pushed them against Dirk’s face.

Dirk slid his arms around her waist as he latched on to one of her nipples, and Pat moaned as he sucked hard on the nub. She could feel her pussy getting wetter by the moment as Dirk sucked on first one and then the other nipple, and when he reached up to grasp her mounds in his hands she let them go and dropped her hand back down to his cock, rubbing and squeezing the big lump there. Dirk squeezed her huge tits hard, pressing them together as he sucked on her nipples and making Pat moan loudly.

“Let’s go, cowboy,” Pat said, breathing a bit faster as she pulled her tits away from Dirk’s grasp and face. “If we don’t get to my room right now I’m liable to fuck you right here on the kitchen table!” She grabbed his hand and nearly yanked him out of his chair, leading him down the hallway to her room.

Once in her room she led him over to the big four poster bed, then turned to face him as she stripped off her shirt and bra that were both just hanging from her shoulders. She looked at Dirk with obvious lust in her eyes, and her eyes widened a bit when Dirk slipped off his shirt and she saw his muscled torso for the first time. She quickly unfastened her jeans and stepped out of them, her huge, heavy breasts swinging with her movements. She tossed the jeans aside and stood naked before Dirk, breathing heavy with excitement. She watched as he unfastened his own jeans and pushed them down over his hips and down his legs, her smile growing bigger when she saw his hard cock for the first time.

“Nice cock, Dirk!” she said, smiling up at him. Then she walked over and dropped to her knees in front of him, reaching out and grasping his cock in her hand and gripping it tightly. She cupped his balls with her other hand as she pumped his cock once or twice, then opened her mouth and slid her lips over the head. It was obvious that she was in no mood for formalities and was eager to get right down to business as she slid her mouth all the way down the hard shaft, her soft, wet tongue sliding along the underside of his cock as she quickly deep-throated his entire length and sucked on it. She squeezed and massaged his balls as she sucked on his cock, her head bobbing up and down the length as she worked the shaft in and out of her mouth.

“Damn, and she deep-throats, too!” Dirk said as he watched her working on his cock. She looked up at him and smiled as she continued sucking his cock, then released it from her mouth after a few more strokes.

“And I swallow, too!” she said, pumping his cock as she spoke, “But that’s for later; right now I want you to tif-fuck me before I fuck you!” She stood up and turned, walking the few steps over to the bed and climbing onto the big mattress. She lay on her back, her head on the pillows, then grabbed her huge mounds and pushed them together as she looked at Dirk.

“Now bring that cock over here and let me wrap my big tits around it!” she said, and Dirk obliged. He climbed onto the bed and then straddled Pat’s body, moving into position with his cock hovering over her mammoth tits. She held them apart as Dirk pressed his cock down, then clapped them together around his shaft. His cock disappeared from view between her huge tits, and she held them together tightly around his shaft. Dirk could feel the precum flowing from the tip of his cock, and he started moving his cock up and down between the massive globes to spread the slippery fluid around and make fucking her tits easier.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it,” Pat said, looking down at the head of his cock as it appeared at the top of her tits with each thrust. “Fuck my tits, baby, fuck my big tits!” Then she lowered her head down and licked the head of his cock as it appeared with each thrust, the valley between her tits now slippery with his precum. His cock was sliding easily between her huge tits as she squeezed them around his cock, her tongue licking the head with each thrust. Dirk pushed harder and forced his cock further out of her cleavage, and she immediately clamped her lips around the head and sucked hard. Dirk held his cock still for a moment to let her work on his cock with her lips and tongue, then resumed stroking her big tits.

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