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Birthday Gift

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Coming from a very small town, I was a little shy in my new home. Columbus Ohio isn’t a huge city, but it was allot bigger than I was used to. It was also a large college town. And of course the biggest plus, two hours away from the old home town. I have been living here and going to school since June. I have had different jobs to help pay the bills, but recently I started playing music with a few guys I had met through one of those jobs. I worked for a while as a mix-down engineer at Kingsmill Recording Studios. That gave me pretty much the time I needed for school and to play some music at local clubs. I know this has been a long introduction, but I just wanted to catch you up. That is how I met Leigh. She worked as a waitress at The Castle, a local club. It was a pretty wild place. Three floors with at least one bar on each. The dance floor was a disco throw back, lighted and computerized. The band would set up at the back of this moving light show and believe me sometimes it took allot of concentration to ignore those lights and the images it gave of the ladies on the dance floor.

Leigh was just gorgeous, long brown hair and big blue eyes. They were the color of a light blue summer sky. She was about 5’2″, nice breasts and an ass that made my mouth water. Every time she got close I stammered and stuttered all over the place. Kinda weird, since I was the lead singer for a band called Lunie Tunz. I also played rhythm guitar. We started out pretty mild, you know, her coming over with our drinks between sets and bringing request from customers on napkins, all the while I’m drooling over her every movement. I’ve still retained enough of the country boy shyness that I never said anything about what I was thinking.

One night, with just enough tequila and herb inside me directing my actions. Leigh came over to me with my last drink before the last set. It was almost 2:00 am and I was pretty much settled into going home alone. She handed me my shot and looked deep inside me with those baby blues. Something inside took hold of me and I slammed back that cactus juice, slipped my hand around her back, pulled her close to me and looked back into her eyes.

I told her, ” I’ve wanted to kiss you until your soul felt it since you first looked into my eyes. If you stop me now, I’ll never find the courage to try……..” Before I finished that sentence, she pressed herself tight against me and lightly kisses my lips, slowly parting my lips with her tongue and then probing deep inside my mouth. The kiss felt like a volcano exploding and lasted for a long time.

Needless to say, the last set was over very quickly, and that night was a memory that will live forever. We began to spend every moment together. Making love anywhere and everywhere. She liked the thrill of public sex and I have to admit, I was pretty pumped each time we had a new adventure. We would slip off into a corner or the stock room or even the parking lot out back between sets. Once we had a very intense fuck at a stoplight on the way back to my apartment at 3:30 am. I don’t know how many times that light cycled, but I didn’t last very long at all. She is always amazing.

Leigh has a delicious imagination. There wasn’t anything that she didn’t want to try. It was such a turn on, a beautiful girl that enjoyed my every wish. She told fatih escort me that she would do anything to make me happy. My music was never better. I surprisingly had more energy than I ever had in my life. It’s her attitude and desire to please that I want to write about. I know I’ve already said more than I had to, but I really haven’t even started the story yet.

It was Feb. 7th, the night before my birthday. Leigh and I were eating in and eating out at the same time, so to speak. The subject of my birthday came up, I told her I didn’t want anything, and no party please. I just wanted an intimate dinner and a passionate evening. Just two people sharing my birthday and not allot of hard to digest bullshit. She told me that she promised, she would only do what I wanted and not make a big deal out of it. I didn’t believe her, but I knew by now that I had no way of stopping her if she wanted to make something way to big happen. I just resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have a big birthday. It wasn’t really what I wanted, but anything that made her happy.

I came home from school at about 5:00. We didn’t have a show and I didn’t have to work so I was looking forward to doing nothing, I hoped. None of my roommates were around, which was a little unusual, I kinda paid my rent by doing the cooking for the house. They were always waiting for supper it seemed. I am just glad I love to cook. Hanging on the mirror by a piece of tape was a note addressed to DOC. That’s me. I opened it and read,

Don’t go into the kitchen, supper is on the stove. Don’t bother the cook. You go upstairs and take a shower, your clothes are on the bed. When you finish and get dressed, come on back down and the dinner will be ready.



The note smelled of her. My imagination begin to overrun with the possibilities as I was in the shower. The water flooding over my body only heightened the ideas. After the shower I went into my little bedroom to get dressed. My room was different, sure it was little but it was imaginative. The entire floor was covered with a waterbed. Not to hard to do considering that the room was only as big as a king-size bed. The walls made a perfect frame. A board across the opening of the closet and the doorway completed the frame. Sorry getting off the subject again. Laid out on the bed was a black silk robe and a pair of silk shorts. Another note was laying on top of the robe.

Happy Birthday sweetie. Slip these silky threads over your warm body and come back downstairs to get your present. Don’t put on anything else, all you need is your own scent.

I am already as hard as a rock and the silky material makes it feel soooooo nice. When I get back into the dining room it is already set up for the intimate dinner I wanted. The food looked wonderful and the room was filled with candles. I opened the macramé curtain covering the kitchen door, a single candle lights the room, a voice comes softly from the darken back wall, almost a whisper, “Go and sit down, I’ll be right there.”

Not wanting to spoil the mood I went back to the table and sat at the only plate in sight. A few minutes later the curtains part and out steps one of the prettiest little ladies I have seen in a long time. She has short strawberry blond hair, baby istanbul escort blue eyes, as big as silver dollars. She is dressed in a white silk robe, slightly open she also has on matching lacy silk panties, covering a marvelous little body.

She moves closer to me and stops at my elbow. “I am Angel. This is your birthday present from Leigh. Here..” she hands me another note and stand there just looking at me.

Here is the rest of your present my love. Just as you asked, an intimate dinner, and a passionate evening. Angel completes the package. She’s all yours for the entire evening. I took care of the privacy, you won’t be bothered.

All my love


I am floored. I don’t know what to do next. I just sit there and look at the note. Finally a voice speaks up from beside me.

“Doc, I am here for you, I will do whatever you ask. Leigh wanted this to be very special.”

When she had finished talking she knelt beside me, it was only then that I noticed that there was only one chair in the room. Sitting on her knees, she fills my plate with food and begins to feed me. Lifting the fork to my lips she wipes my mouth after each bite. This continues until my plate is empty, almost instinctively she gives me drinks of wine as I need them. Dinner finishes without another word. When the last bite disappears she stands up and takes my hand. Leading me into the living room.

The living room is laid out much like the dining room, candles, soft music, but in place of the table are some silk comforters covering the center of the floor. Pillows are also laid about the comforters. Angel leads me into the middle of the lay-out , unties the belt of my robe and slips it off of my shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She kneels down and moves it out of the way. Again taking my hand she gentle coaxes me to the floor beside her. Standing up, she steps down by my feet and starts to dance to the music, slow and seductive. She unties the belt of her own robe, letting it fall open as she dances. Her breast are very firm and the nipples are hard and pointing out like little bullets. Slowly she removes her robe, teasingly, invitingly. The look in her eyes starts me to boil.

Continuing to dance, she moves closer and is within inches of my touch. Reaching up I slide my hands along her tender flesh, feeling the heat. Seeking out the nipples and rolling them between my fingers. Angel slips her thumbs into the sides of those little panties and looks back into my eyes, as if asking for my help. I again reach up and slide those lacy coverings from her hips, down along her legs and hold them as she steps out. She is now completely naked in front of me, dancing and enticing me. Her fingers replace mine on her nipples and massaging those wonderful little bullets.

Stepping across my lap she straddles me. Her hands move to the v between her legs, they slowly open her labia for me to see inside. Her fingers find the small mound of flesh and rub and stroke her clit until the look on her face betrays that she is close to cumming. I lean forward and slide my tongue along her lips. Tasting the moist skin as she starts to rub her pussy against my tongue. When she starts to cum, she grabs my hair and pulls me close to her as I slip inside the folds with my tongue.

As kağıthane escort her orgasm subsides she steps back and kneels between my legs. She kisses me hard as her hands rub my chest. I feel a drop of her cum fall on my leg. Touching her again I can feel how wet she is. It is running down the insides of her thighs. She moves slowly over me and down my body, kissing and licking all the way. She reaches my crotch and takes me in both hands, licking me like a kid with an ice-cream cone. Stroking me softly, squeezing my balls, she opens her mouth and slides down over my shaft until I am deep inside her hot mouth.

I feel her tighten her throat around me. She licks out and teases my balls as I am buried deep. Her head starts to build a slow rhythm up and down. Just when I know I can take no more, she sits up and slides her body up mine until she is again straddling my hips. This time she is on her knees and she reaches back to put the head of my cock against her hot cunt. Sitting back down on my lap she slides down over my cock until it is deep inside her sweet box. Placing her feet on the floor, she raises up and starts to squat up and down faster and harder. As she is bouncing up and down I reach under and slip my finger into her hot wet ass. She goes wild, bouncing and riding me like a bare back rider on a bucking horse. She starts to cum again and I am flooded with her juices.

She stands up and lets me slip out of her. Turning around she gets on her hands and knees, reaches back, open her cheeks and offers me her ass. She is covered with her own cum and her pussy is quivering and swollen. I jump up and plant myself behind her. I can’t let this pass and I reach up and slide my tongue along her wet slit and into her hot ass. My tongue pushes inside and she pushes back hard against me. When I have her cumming again I take my prick and push the head past the rim of her ass. She lowers her head and starts to finger her pussy and pinch her clit. I push in a little at a time, slowly, steadily, deeper with each push.

When I hit bottom she starts to rock back and forth, picking up the rhythm, moaning and panting. As expected this didn’t last to long and I was about to cum. As my balls contract, again almost as if she sensed me cumming, she lunges forward, turns, and buries my pulsing and throbbing cock deep in her mouth. I start to cum and she swallows fast. She continues to suck and swallow until I am no longer jerking and squirting into her. Letting my spent cock fall from her mouth she lays down and pulls me close. Her kisses are like fire, I suck her tongue into my mouth and rub and stroke every inch of her body. We “celebrated” my birthday until almost sunrise.

When it was all over and she was about to leave I said, “I know this was a special gift, but I don’t know anything about you. You didn’t talk at all. I really do love Leigh, but I don’t think I will get you out of my mind for quite some time. Will I ever see you again, I don’t mean like last night, I wouldn’t ever expect that. But I do want to be friends. If you do?

Angel picks up her coat and purse then opens the door. She turns back to me and with her words again takes my breath away. “Yes Doc, I would love to see you again, and I know that Leigh wouldn’t mind. Even if it was like last night. I’ll be around, I just moved in with her. Leigh is my big sister. I’m starting school in the fall here. I just graduated at mid-term. Bye…..” and out the door she goes. I’ll bet it took me at least an hour to close my mouth.


Copyright 1998, Warren Bowen. ALL Rights Reserved

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