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Dex and Gem: First Encounter

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“Should I come over?” asked Dexter with slight hesitation.

“I think you should”, her soft voice replied, assuring him that it’s okay. He knows that once he sees Gem, that if the opportunity is there, he won’t be able to say no to her, and deep inside, Dexter has been waiting for this night…

Dex and Gem were both in long term relationships and had on several occasions, fucked during foursome encounters with both couples. Because of busy life schedules they had not seen each other for some months and Dex was excited to hop in a cab and make his way to the keg party.

He arrived to a house full of friends, all of who were drunk and tripping on L.S.D. The offer of Acid was on the table but Dex refused it knowing that the drug would take him away and not allow him his goal, Gem. He was happy to find her a bit tipsy from beer but otherwise sober. Dexter grinned thinking that the Acid would be a perfect distraction for the rest of the party and that it would allow him sometime alone with her but said nothing, unsure about what Gem was thinking or even if she had realised that this was the first time they had hung out without their significant others.

After a couple hours of drinking and playing with the minds of their fucked up friends, Gem and Dex decided to take an adventure walk through the neighbourhood. They eventually made their way Escort bayan through a dark cemetery. Dexter’s mind was racing with dirty fuck thoughts and wanted to press her against a fence, rip down her panties and force his already throbbing cock into her soft tight pussy, but the night was still young and Dex didn’t want it to end there. They headed back to the party, by now both Dex and Gem were drunk and ready to play, Dex could see it in her passionate eyes and liked it.

Once back at the house, Dex yawned signalling that he was tired and was ready for “bed”. Gem picked up on this and invited him to sleep on the couch that was in Ian, Gem’s boyfriend’s room. She led him silently down the hall towards the room. Once inside, she quietly locked the door behind them and turned right into Dexter, her big bright eyes fix on his. She had “fuck me right now” painted in her silent glare, but Dex was going to tease her… He laid her down on the bed and took off her jeans revealing her panties. Slowly, with two hands, he ran his fingers up the outside of her thighs until they were under her panties and carefully pulled them down as she arched her back and submitted to his actions. Gem gasped as Dexter slowly made his way from her knees, to her inner thighs, to her already wet pussy with little soft kisses. He really liked Gems pussy. The taste, the smell, Bayan escort the feel and especially how tight she was compared to the others he knew from the past. It was enough to make him cum right then if he wasn’t careful! After licking and fingering her wet spot for a while, Gem reached down and grabbed Dexter’s throbbing hard cock and brought it to her mouth. Dex enjoyed an amazing and dirty blow job and was now, finally going to get her wet, dripping pussy.

Both were turned on by the fact that their friends were just outside the bedroom door still partying. They must be silent!!! If any one of their friends knew about this they would certainly give the gig up to Dex and Gems life partners.

Slowly at first Dexter pressed the head of his cock into Gems little pink hole, which made her moan and roll her head back on the bed. She was truly an avid fan of fucking, like Dex, and insisted that she ride his hard cock, which he allowed remembering how good her technique was from previous orgies. With two hands on his chest she rode him silently until he could feel her pussy orgasm and grip his cock even tighter. It was time to turn her around and nail her from behind. Dexter fucked Gem to another orgasm barely able to hold his own load in. She turned around once she caught her breath and quietly whispered “do you want to fuck me in the ass, Escort Dex?” He thought, is there any question, and nodded yes.

He loved that Gem was so open to these things; it truly was a huge turn on for him. Again, he slowly pressed his cock into her warm tight butt, being careful not to hurt her. She whimpered with pain and pleasure. He reached around to find Gems hot, hard clit and instinctively began drawing tiny circles on it, building speed and accuracy. Dex could feel Gem pushing her body into his. She wanted more.

Dexter pushed his cock into her ass until Gem exploded with orgasm. He almost lost himself. He stopped, pulled out and laid her back on the bed in missionary position. Dexter than looked deep into her eyes and told her that he really needed to cum. Gem looked back at him and said that she wanted him to cum inside of her pussy and that no one had ever done that before. He fucked her as silently as he could until her pussy was cumming and milking the cum out of his cock. His orgasm was huge and deeply satisfying. It had been sometime since he felt as wild and crazy as he did that night.

Gem asked Dexter to stay with her that night, but he felt worried that someone would notice him leave in the morning. He really wanted to sleep beside her… but instead Dex climbed out of bed, got dressed and walked back over to Gem. Still naked and sprawled across the bed, Gem looked up at Dex. He kissed her soft and warmly on the forehead, hoping one day to revisit her and keep their secret alive, and to add another chapter to their dirty fuck nights.


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