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Graduate Life Ch. 02

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Tom, having lost a bet to his girlfriend, Becky, spent the first couple of days thinking of ways to get out of it. The wager he’d lost was that Becky could persuade his house-mate James to go-down on her, after she and Tom had fucked. Becky won the bet. Tom’s forfeit was to have Becky’s name tattooed onto his abdomen, just above his cock. The bet was won on Sunday, Becky had arranged for the tattooing to be done on Wednesday – she knew the longer she left it the less likely Tom would be to go through with it.

At lunchtime on Monday she went to the tattoo shop where it would be done. It was owned by a couple and Becky introduced herself and explained to the owner the tattoo ‘she’ wanted. Speaking with the wife, the husband was tattooing someone at the time, she explained, as much as she dared, about a bet that she had won and this would be the prize. They arranged for the work to be done on Wednesday after work, the shop closed at six to the public, but they often had people in afterwards for work by appointment. It was set, they would be there at six-thirty on Wednesday. Becky had chosen the font and size of the tattoo and arranged for Helen, the part owner of the shop, to do the work. All that was left was to tell Tom. She thought she’d leave it until Tuesday, so he’d have less time to fret or try to wriggle out.

On the eve of the big day, Becky prepared Tom. After dinner she told him it was all booked – seeing a glint of fear in his eye she acted. Explaining that in preparation for the tattoo she would have to shave him; re-enforcing the point she’d made before, that if after a while he didn’t like the tattoo all he had to do was not shave and it would in effect disappear. Adding that, as a side benefit, she loved to suck a shaved cock and balls. Becky made a show of shaving Tom. He was fully erect almost from the start. The job done, his cock and balls smooth, Becky gave him a wonderful blow-job, making a point of swallowing all his cum.

She met Tom after work and took him for a drink, they had some time before the appointment for the tattoo and she wanted to help the situation with a little dutch-courage. Helen was waiting for them at six-thirty with the shop quiet and all but closed up. She led them through to a back room. In it were a reclinable chair – a bit like a dentist’s chair and a bench with tattooing equipment. The walls were adorned in tattoo designs, however, Tom didn’t focus on those, as any other customer may have, he knew what ‘design’ he was having.

Helen put him at ease, explaining the process and the after care of the tattoo. As Tom lay in the chair and lowered his trousers Becky carefully positioned herself between Helen and Tom’s head, partially obstructing his view of her working. She whispered in his ear words of encouragement as Helen first cleaned the area for the tattoo then applied the transfer for the design. Becky continued to whisper encouraging words to Tom as Helen went to work and before he knew it the job was done and Helen was applying a bandage to the area and explaining how long it had to stay on for. She gave him some cream to help the healing process. Tom wanted to peel back the bandage and have a look but Becky intervened.

‘Later darling, you don’t want it getting infected now do you? Besides, I saw it as it was going on – trust me it looks wonderful.’

Tom was keen to get home and didn’t push the point. Becky paid for the tattoo and they left. Late that night, just before bed Tom peeled off the bandage to apply some cream and saw the tattoo for the first time. They both stared at it and Tom immediately noticed two things, first, it was a lot bigger than he’d imagined – the lettering was nearly an inch high; there was no way simply letting the hair grow back would hide this. The second thing he noticed was the punctuation. Tom had assumed that he would have just her name tattooed, i.e. ‘Becky’, but what was actually written was ‘Becky’s’ – the apostrophe denoting the singular possessive, i.e. his cock ‘belonged to Becky’.

For her part, Becky was delighted, form now until the end of his days, any woman who saw Tom’s cock, let alone sucked it, would know instantly that it belonged to her, to Becky. Noticing the tinge of fear in Tom’s eye she knew she had to say something.

‘Oh, darling it’s better than I thought. I want to kiss and suck it right now. I want you to fuck me all night.’

She knew that there was no way any of that would görükle escort happen – that tattoo had to heal, but she wanted Tom to hear the words. As the weekend approached that tattoo healed and Tom started to get used to it. By the following weekend he was ready for sex. Becky pandered to him, knowing his ego had been bruised by her having her name written above his cock – so when he, with a hopeful inflection to the question, asked if he could fuck her arse Becky agreed. She knew he needed to re-affirm, what in his mind was the dominant role. Becky went down on Tom beforehand. She was mesmerised by the sight of her name, inches from her face as she sucked. So much so that she almost missed his approaching orgasm. It had been a few day since Tom last came and she knew it would be a big one. Tom, seconds from cuming, felt her let go of his cock, his disappointment brief as he imagined sliding his cock into her tight arse.

Becky, playing to Tom, picked up a cushion and went over to his desk. She bent over it and, placing the cushion on the desk spread her legs and bent over. Looking him in the eye she spoke.

‘Darling, cum fuck my arse, fuck me hard. My arse is so tight I can’t wait to feel your hard cock in it. Just make sure you lube it first.’

Tom was ready to cum even before to touched her. He eased first one, then two fingers into Becky, making sure he lubed her as she’d asked. Then he stood back and surveyed the scene before taking hold of her hips and easing himself into position. He could feel the tightness of her arse as he first placed his cock at the entrance to her arse, then pushed it in. He paused for a moment, whilst they both got used to the feeling; then he began to fuck her, slowly, gently at first then picking up the pace. Becky knew after taking him so close with the blow-job he wouldn’t last long. She was right, a couple of minutes later she felt Tom explode his cum deep in her. Tom’s load spent he withdrew from her and slumped onto the bed.

A week later Becky was lying in bed thinking about how much she liked the setup with Tom and James. It surprised her how easy it was for her to take charge, especially with James. She’d grown to like the dominant role she’d adopted and wanted to explore it more and to do so had done quite a bit of internet research. It had affirmed much of what she’d observed with both of them. She had decided on her next step; the hardest thing was broaching the subject with Tom – she wanted to put it in a way so as to make him think it was his idea. She also had to make sure James would go along.

The next small step with James was simple. One weekend, after he’d cleaned her of Tom’s cum Becky told James she wanted him to shave his cock and balls and keep them shaved. She’d grown to prefer Tom that way and saw no reason not to keep James in a similar state.

She told him to fetch a bowl of warm soapy water and a razor. James simply retrieved the items, barely giving an inquisitive look as he did so. Becky, as she’d done with Tom, shaved him – of course by the time he was smooth James was sporting a raging hard-on, made to appear all the more bigger by the lack of hair. They both liked the feeling of smoothness as Becky gave James his reward wank.

Ever since she came across idea of orgasm denial in her research she couldn’t shift it from her head. She had, of course, flirted with the idea in an amateurish way with both of them, but to truly have control she’d convinced herself that the cock had to be locked-up, locked-up in a chastity device. The question was would James be willing to cede to her that much control. She started planning. To begin with she planted the idea in Tom’s mind, a hint here, a suggestion there; to the point that when she broached the idea Tom almost suggested a chastity device for James. Becky made sure that Tom appreciated the magnitude of the sacrifice James would be making and that Becky would need to do something big for him, it was but a short step for her to introduce the notion of her taking James’ virginity – both making the assumption that he was such.

One night, after James had licked the cum from her pussy and as she was rewarding him with a wank Becky decided to sound James out on the idea of orgasm denial. He was at just the right moment; she’d subdued two orgasms and a third was building.


‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Do you remember me telling you we’d never görükle escort bayan fuck?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Well, that might not be entirely true. I have been thinking of our relationship and I’d like to take it further.’

‘Ohh, Mistress.’

Her timing was impeccable, she gripped hard the base of James’ cock and stifled another orgasm.

‘Could I? I mean would you, would you let me?’

‘I’ve been thinking how well you’ve been doing and how we may develop our relationship and I’ve come to the conclusion that I will control your orgasms – I will decide when you get to cum and as a reward for this I will let you have sex with me.’

Becky had resumed James’ wank and he was close. This time as she explained that she would control his orgasms she wanked him to a climax with the encouraging words.

‘Cum for me, cum for me James, there’s a good boy.’

James was in heaven. His mind was a spinning with thoughts of fucking Becky as he jetted rope after rope of cum into the air. She said she wanted to control his orgasms, to his mind she already did. When she asked him not to wank he didn’t and when she told him to he did. On the evenings when he would prepare her for Tom and she would command him not to cum until after he’d cleaned her he was excited. He enjoyed the tense, nervous excitement of those times – a constant hard-on waiting for Becky to return, followed by the powerful feeling of release when she either wanked him herself or had him do it for her. To him it was a win win situation, so of course he eagerly agreed. Becky left him with a task – to do some internet based research, for which she suggested a few websites.

She had already bought the device, a CB 6000, a chastity device that fitted over the cock with a ring that seated around the base behind the scrotum. The two parts locked together, secured either by a key, which she would hold, or with a tamper proof security tag.

It was a week later when Becky arrived at the house with the device. She wanted to play the situation carefully and decided to have James in the device for a while before telling Tom. The evening proceeded much as others had, James prepared her for Tom and waited patiently for her return. This time, as Becky descended the stairs, naked with Tom’s cum oozing from her, she carried a small bag. James was intrigued by it but she wouldn’t let him see its contents until after he’d cleaned her. As she stood behind him slowly rewarding him with a wank she instructed him to open the bag. In it was the device, the CB 6000. James had seen one on the internet, at the site Becky had directed him to. This seemed different, more real as he examined the genuine article. Becky sensed the excitement in James – his cock seemed to grow even harder as he looked over the device.

After he’d cum Becky told him to fetch some soapy water and a cloth. She washed his cock and before it had chance to harden again and secured it in the device. She loved how it looked and couldn’t resist testing it. Becky, naked, kneeled down in front of James and took his balls in her mouth and sucked them; his reaction was instant, his cock started to grow but was restrained by the device. It had clearly started to become painful for James who let out a yelp. She was thrilled with this development and placing the key on a chain around her wrist returned to Tom.

She stayed over most of the following week to keep an eye on how James was managing with his new device. She’d already decided on the programme for his release and when she would fuck him. He of course was oblivious to this plan and believed it was his behaviour and obedience that would dictate it.

James’ first release came at the end of the first week – after an evening with Tom Becky came down and had James clean her. Once complete she ordered him to stand before her.


‘Yes Mistress’.

‘I am pleased with how you have taken to the device and decided to release you for orgasm. We are not going to fuck today, but you will orgasm. I have decided to reward you, I am going to suck and wank you to climax – but before I do I am going to hand-cuff your hands behind your back. I want to remove the temptation you will undoubtedly have after a week of being caged. If you would like that then turn around and put your hands behind your back.’

James was in a dream-like state as he immediately acquiesced to her demands. bursa escort Becky had decided that he would not be allowed to grasp his own erection for a period to re-enforce her ownership of it, of him.

His heart racing, his hands cuffed James looked down as Becky removed the key from its chain and undid the lock holding the device in place. His hard-on had already started to grow before the device was removed, it grew to its full length immediately as she slid the cage off his cock. Becky felt a hint of stubble as she bent down and took James’ cock in her mouth. A minute or so later she felt him approaching orgasm. Looking up at him she offered him a choice.

‘James, you are so excited tonight. Owing to your obedience to me I am going to reward you with a choice. Either I can continue the blow-job until you cum or I can stifle it and wank you to completion, lets say, after two more build-ups. What will it be?’

James’ head was spinning – he knew he would last less than a minute if she continued the blow-job, but it was so good.

‘The blow-job please Mistress.’

Becky leaned in, taking the head of James’ cock in her mouth and gently nibbled and sucked him to a climax – and there was so much of it, it even caught her by surprise. She swallowed a lot but there was too much and a lot erupted onto her face. She stood up, congratulating James on his orgasm she kissed him, making sure he tasted his own cum.

His orgasm done Becky cleaned, shaved and caged his cock before releasing the handcuffs.

She couldn’t help but notice how much more attentive James had become since she caged him in the CB 6000. She’d already decided that his reward would come the following weekend, but hadn’t told him that.

On Saturday afternoon she knew Tom was planning an afternoon at the rugby with his mates. He too was more attentive to her and was over the moon with the mid-afternoon fuck and blow-job before heading out to meet his friends. Becky took a shower then, still naked and damp headed to James’ room. He wasn’t expecting her but was delighted none the less as she walked in naked.

‘James, if you would like you may fuck me this afternoon; there are however, a few rules.

Firstly this afternoon is about you, we fuck until you cum. Second, although the afternoon is about you I will remain in charge, you will be tied to the bed, I will then remove your cage and then we will fuck.’

James nodded and lay on the bed awaiting Becky. She bound him to the bed with a bondage kit she’d bought especially for the purpose and then proceeded to remove the device. As before he was hard almost instantly. Becky lay on top of him, rubbing his cock along her pussy lips, then gently eased herself onto his cock.

James was in heaven as he felt her soft warm pussy slide down his cock. She rode him gently, letting him dictate the pace and felt the tell-tale vein in his cock throb announcing the imminent orgasm.

‘James, I can feel you are about to cum, do you wish me to stop and wait for it to subside or are you ready to cum?’

‘Stop, stop please Mistress.’

He wanted this to last as long as it could and new that when he came it would be over, his cock would be caged. Becky did as he asked and twice more eased off his cock and gripped the base to prevent him from cuming. As she felt the next orgasm approach James announced he was cuming – Becky was more than a little glad to hear this as she was starting to become sore. When he did cum it was a big load – an afternoon’s excitement and a week’s denial resulted in a substantial build up of cum and it all flooded into Becky who collapsed onto James’ chest. She eased off his cock and felt his cum start to ooze out of her. James didn’t say a word as she inched up his body and placed her well-fucked and full pussy over his face, lowering herself onto his mouth.

James obediently took to his task and licked the warm juices from her – this time his own seed; it brought Becky to another of the many orgasms of that day. She lay for a while against his bound body and drifted in and out of sleep. Eventually she arose and following the routine of last week shaved and cleaned James’ cock.

‘James, so I know you want this, before I cage your cock I want you to re-affirm your willingness to obey me by asking to to cage your cock and control your orgasms.’

‘Mistress… Please cage my cock and control my orgasms?’

Becky, relishing the power, slipped the CB 6000 onto James and snapped the lock shut. She lay next to him, the soft skin of her naked body against his for nearly an hour before she decided to untie him; his now dried cum all over his face and his cock already straining at the cage.

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