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Dinner Date

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“Are we late?” I asked Kerry while glancing at my watch.

She looked over my shoulder, into the restaurant. “Early I think. I don’t see them.”

The maitre d’ approached the podium, smiling at us. He led us to our table, a rounded booth with two chairs on the opposite end, near the back of the restaurant. It was dark, lit by a candle and a dim hanging light above us. Kerry slid into the booth and I paused, admiring her long legs and the way the material of her skirt accentuated the shape of her thighs. She smoothed the skirt under her as she sat down and she looked up at me with a smile, the same smile she wore whenever she caught me looking intently at her. I smiled back in what I hoped was a casual manner before I sat down beside her, unbuttoning my blazer as I did so.

She looked over at me and said, “Turn this way, your tie is crooked.” She reached up to straighten the double Windsor knot and I took the opportunity to gaze at her beautiful lips, her perfectly sculpted nose and cheekbones. Kerry was radiant that night and when her eyes lifted to meet mine she smiled again, “Did you know that your eyes turn a darker green when you’re aroused?”

“They must be pretty dark now.” I whispered.

“Don’t you two start.” The male counterpart of our dinner guests said. His female guest laughed softly as they stood in front of the table, smiling down at us.

The dinner was delicious, though I can’t for the life of me remember what anyone ordered. The cause for my selective amnesia was due to Kerry, as she was close beside me throughout the meal. Our legs were almost in constant, though fleeting contact. A rub of her thigh against mine, a slight pressure as I moved my knee down her leg. Every time Kerry leaned forward to take a sip of her drink, I would run my hand slowly down her back, against the sweater she wore. As we all chatted, I would reach behind her to rub her neck, or twirl a lock of her hair.

The four of us talked about work, and the school system, and politics and the environment, but my heart wasn’t in to it. I only wanted to touch the woman beside me. Her hand went to my leg; at first I only noticed a small pressure as she gently squeezed my leg above the knee. My hand went from her neck, down her spine, to rest in the small of her back. I slowly worked my hand under her sweater, the feel of her skin making my pulse quicken as I stroked my thumb against her soft skin.

She began to slowly Escort bayan rub my leg, at first it was almost an imperceptible movement, but it seemed that every one of my nerve endings were aware, straining in an electric pulse. I moved hand down, my fingers sliding under the waistband of her skirt and was about to continue downward when Kerry leaned back, pressing my hand, wrist and forearm against the seat. She smiled devilishly without looking at me and her hand went inside my thigh, up against my crotch and remained there. The back of her hand was against my balls, applying just enough pressure for my breath to quicken. She leaned forward again and her hand ran down my leg, toward my knee. I let out a small breath, a brief respite from the delicious torture. I kept my hand under her sweater, caressing her back, sliding one finger under her bra strap and running it sideways, wanting to unhook it… to push her back and lift her sweater up so I could…

“Anything for dessert?” The waiter asked.

Just then the cell phone belonging to the woman was ringing and as she dug into her purse to retrieve it, Kerry’s hand went directly over my crotch, slowly squeezing, massaging my cock and balls, her palm applying more pressure as she looked at the woman, searching for her phone. No one noticed as I let out a short, husky gasp. My legs spread open a little as Kerry continued her ministrations. Her fingers finding me, my cock being engorged and swollen as Kerry grasped me in her hand. She leaned over casually and whispered in my ear, “Do you like that?”

I couldn’t even nod. I was frozen.

Her lips grazed my ear, “Do you like that? Me rubbing you like this? Tell me.”

I nodded as casually as I could.

Her thumb and forefinger took hold of the zipper and brought it down in one deft movement.

“I bet you want me to suck it.” She whispered and just then the gentleman across from us was addressing me.

I answered, God knows how, but I made some kind of reply. Kerry’s hand continued to stroke and press and manipulate me and I swallowed loudly. As her hand encircled me, she pumped my cock once, twice, and had to reach down and take hold of her hand, reluctantly removing it. Kerry chuckled, apparently to our guests, but I knew it was meant for me, it was a victorious, sexy laugh.

My zipper was still undone and my erection was freed, straining against the material of my underwear. As we drank our Bayan escort coffee and picked at our desserts Kerry would brush her hand against the tip of my cock, sending an electric rush of excitement to my brain. Instead of fighting back, I reached down to place my hand on her leg, slowly lifting her skirt. A centimeter at a time, gently squeezing, slowly caressing her smooth, milky thigh.

Kerry remained impassive, though she opened her legs further as my hand drifted up to her inner thigh. She smiled and chatted, but I finally caught a note of her true state as she licked her lips and I saw goose bumps on her arm. Slowly my hand rode up, my fingers making little circles and when I expected to feel the material of her panties, it was the moist heat of her pussy. My hand stopped, I was shocked and I saw her smile again, pressing her mound against my hand, forcing me to realize that she was naked under her skirt and wet and hot and her hips gyrated slightly, moving her pussy against my fingers.

I began to stroke her lovingly, softly parting her lips, and then feeling the achingly smooth skin between her lips and the crease of her pelvis. I rubbed her gently, the very tip of my middle finger going in between her lips. The wet lips accepted the entry of my finger, and I moved it just inside, in and out, in and out, never far in, just enough to tease and torment. I sped up the movement of my fingers, increased the pressure, and masturbated her delicious little pussy until I felt her hand grip my thigh and we slowed down…

Once again, she reached into my pants and cupped my balls, as I stroked the length of her pussy, from her pubic hair, enjoying the smooth roughness of it under my hand, then down, in a slow meandering line to the cleft of her ass.

I have no idea how long we tormented each other, but when she announced that she needed to “freshen up” I asked if there was a house phone. I had to make an important phone call. Please excuse us, won’t take a minute, be right back. Kerry went to the bathroom and I detoured around the bar, behind a row of plants, a quick furtive glance and then I pushed open the bathroom door.

Kerry was standing in front of an open stall. Neither of us were smiling, neither of us spoke a word but I rushed to her and she almost fell back as I barreled inside the stall, locking the door. We were at each other in an instant, our mouth clashing in deep, furtive kisses, our tongues Escort dueling, fighting, stabbing in and out of each other’s mouths. My hands kneaded her breasts as we kissed, her hands pushing down on my pants. I felt my erection spring out of my underwear as she pushed them down past my knees and I reached under her skirt, lifting it up and a pause, a mere millisecond of a pause, as our eyes locked fiercely.

I pushed against her, and I moved the head of my cock against her slick pussy. I moved it in between her lips, and Kerry flicked her head side to side in a lightning shake, telling me NO in so many words…

I dropped down to my knees, holding her skirt against her hips as I forced myself to slow down, to enjoy myself. I gave her mons a soft kiss, running my tongue up the length of her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, lick it for me.” She sighed.

I kept licking her; sending my tongue inside her briefly, then back out to kiss her clit. Her pussy was so wet, so delicious… I didn’t want to stop as her hips began to grind against my face, her hands gripping me by the hair, pulling me into her, demanding that I lick her harder. Her moans echoed off the walls and she pulled me to my feet.

Just as I stood up, we kissed each other ferociously, and her hand encircled my pulsing cock. She jerked it twice, three times, and I pushed inside her, my hands on her hips, digging into her and her arm was around my shoulder, her other hand on my ass, pulling me inside. My hips were like a machine, and the smack of our flesh seemed deafening. Her back was flat against the wall of the stall, and it groaned with each push and creaked with each thrust. We pumped at each other, fucking like mad, and we moaned loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear. We grunted with each thrust and soon there were primal growls erupting from my throat and I growled that I loved fucking her, that I wanted to fuck her harder and harder and she moaned as the slick sound of wet flesh smacked. I pushed her against the wall harder and she gripped me tighter. I put my hands on her ass, gripping her firmly and lifted her up, then down – my hips pushing up, my hands forcing her down on each rhythmic thrust. Faster, faster we fucked and moaned louder, louder. The world seemed to shake around her as I felt the walls inside her clutch me tight, then the rippling flesh inside her… I let loose and as I came, my open mouth against her neck, she must have felt my moan inside her throat. I kept pushing, thrusting harder as my come shot out, gushing in a scalding torrent. Soon we slowed, and our bodies felt an ache previously unnoticed and our breath came out in great gasps as we kissed deeply…

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