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The Girl Next Door – Day with Kimmy

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The Girl Next Door — Day with Kimmy

Authors Note: This is the next chapter to the The Girl Next Door story. While you don’t have to read the first story, it would help provide context to this one.

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to read the first story and for all the comments. I appreciate the encouraging words and constructive criticism; both are always welcome.

I would like to again, sincerely thank HeyAll for editing and guidance on this story! Very much appreciated to get some help from one of my favorite authors.

All characters in the story are over 18.

Chapter 5

Waking up the next morning I knew I had to focus on work. I also knew that would be hard to do, with the thoughts of Tammi and the last several days in my mind. Especially her saying that she wanted to try anal.

Before I got started with work, I decided to order some of the things I would need for our next ‘adventure’ at her request. Her request was, anal. I was hellbent on making it an unforgettable sensual experience for us to share.

I opened the browser to Amazon and started to search for the items.

Let’s see, definitely will need the green cap Astroglide lube.

‘Should I get the one-time purchase, or will I need the Subscribe & Save option?’ I wondered out loud.

I add the One-Time purchase to the cart. Smiling and hopeful that I would have to upgrade to subscribe and save later.

What else? Definitely need butt-plugs. Searching, I find what I was looking for. Small-Medium-Large starter kit.

CLICK. Added to the cart.

Looking at the displayed suggested items I see something that brings a grin to my face.

“Oh, I a stainless butt plug. The pink jewel looks HOT! She LOVES pink.”

CLICK. Into the cart it goes.

Thinking back to some of the Anal Category Literotica stories, an idea comes to me.

“God yes! Nipple Clamps.”

I find a set with bells on the end and a chain attaching them.

Grinning and imagining the chain pulling down on her nipples, the clip pinched tight.

‘Add to cart’. CLICK.

I think that should do it!

Going to the cart to checkout I see the delivery dates. UGGGG!

Damn, the butt plugs are on backorder. They won’t get here until after the weekend. We cant make this work without the butt plugs!

SHIT. Tammi and I were hoping that we would make this next adventure happen Saturday night.

I called Tammi, who just started back from spring break, to let her know about the order issue. I knew that after a hectic start back to school, she would be looking forward to the weekend.

“Hey, Tammi. I hope you have a great day back and school,”

“Hi Baby! I’m in the car on the way to class and looking forward to seeing my friends.”

“Babe, I have good news and bad news about the order,” I continued.

“Humm. Good news and bad news. Well let’s have it,” she chuckled.

“Well, the good news is I got things ordered, bad news is that it won’t be in until next week. So, we will have to wait a little longer for our next ‘adventure’. I’m sorry baby”

“Awwww, Jason it ok. I want it to be special. If we have to wait, then we do. I am sure we can find something to keep us busy this weekend baby.”

“Oh, based on the last couple of days, I’m sure we can,” I laughed.

“Ok babe, I am at school. Talk later.”

I have to say I was a little disappointed. Exploring anal with Tammi was something that I woke up thinking about. My hard cock was a testament to that. I guess I should get over it and get back focused on work.

The day went by quickly. Calls, emails, texts all helped to make the day go by.

I knew Tammi had a busy day with clinicals and would not have much time until she got home later that night.

Since I had not yet gone for a run in my new neighborhood, it seemed like a good idea.

One of the things I liked about this area is that there were a ton of biking and running trails. I set out on a 5-mile run. Looking around as I ran, I was more convinced that this move was a great decision. The area was wonderful, and the run confirmed what Kim Bradford, my real estate agent, and Tammi’s best friend told me. I had made a great choice.

Making it back home, I pulled off my shirt and shoes and jumped in the pool to cool off.

About 5 minutes later, I heard a sliding door open from next-door. Tammi came across her yard, beer in hand.

A big smile on her face, she strolled over to her gate and entered my pool area.

“I saw you round the corner, all sweaty and hot, and thought you might need a beer,” she smiled.

Then a sound that I can never get tired of. The sounds of a can of beer being opened. “Pshsh.”

She squatted down at the edge of the pool, and beer in hand, offering it to me.

Looking up and her, I was tempted to grab the beer and her hand and pull her in, clothes, and all into the pool. After all, who doesn’t love a aksaray escort wet T-shirt contest? Right?

However, I didn’t want to push my luck. I took the beer, looked into her eyes, and raised it.

“Cheers, Tammi. Here’s to you and the rest of the semester. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Jason. This is a tough semester with having to do clinicals. I will need to be extra focused.”

Taking a big gulp, I enjoyed the taste of the cold beer. Even more, I enjoyed being with her.

She was still in her student nurse’s scrubs, apparently just getting home from school. The maroon color looked so good on her. Even though she was a student, it was obvious that she had those tailored. They fit too well on her- following the contours of her body. Not the kind of one size fits all scrubs.

“By the way, I talked with Kimmy and what do you think about going to Wekiwa Springs with us on Saturday. Kimmy and I go there a lot. It is a fun place. Canoeing, Hiking, Biking, and swimming. Please, say you will go.”

I looked at the smile on her face and how could I say no?

“Of course babe. I want to learn all about this area. It sounds like fun! Who would say no to spending time with not one but TWO beautiful women?”

“Oh! Is that right? Is that why you are going to go? Two beautiful women,” she said as she punched my arm,” Just remember who your ‘babe’ is.”

“Tammi, you will never need to remind me of that!”

“I better get back and start my homework. I have several reports about today’s rounds to get done.”

“OK, thanks for the beer and if you get bored, feel free to come to your window,” I said with a grin on my face.

“I will keep that in mind if I need a break. But if I do that, I might not get back to my work.”

She smiled as she looked over her shoulder walking back to her house.

I finished the beer relaxing in the pool before heading in myself to grab some dinner.

I wondered if there would be a show tonight. After checking several times, I decided that Tammi was making the right choice and doing her clinical reports. I decided to head to bed.

As I woke up the next morning, I saw a text from Tammi.

Tammi: Sorry ?, I didn’t get around to the show last night. Just knew if I started, I would not stop and would not get anything else done. LOL

Jason: It’s OK Tammi, first things first. I am really looking forward to Saturday and spending some time with you and with Kimmy. She was so wonderful in helping me find a place. I can never thank her enough for finding this place for me.

Tammi: I know she had a great time working with you and I know we will have a great time! Talk to you later ??

My mind started to wonder about Saturday. I love the time with Tammi and it would be nice to get to know her best friend Kim a little better. We had a great working relationship while she helped me locate a place down here. It would be nice to get to know her on a personal level.

Kimmy, like Tammi, is about 5’4″ — 5’5″ inches. Both are blondes, Tammi’s hair is longer, and Kimmy’s is cut shoulder length. Both have that Florida girl look. Beautiful with bright white smiles. Kim had a darker tan than Tammi. While Tammi has an athletic body, Kimmy has more curves and those curves are topped off with a nice set of what I guess are 36D’s. I wondered if they were natural or implants. But because Kimmy dressed so professionally when we were working together, I could not tell.

Knowing that Wekiwa Springs will involve swimming, figured that I would find out when she was in her bikini. Natural or Implants! I was just hoping that Tammi would not mind me finding out.

The rest of the week went by quickly. Tammi and I talked on the cell, texted and chatted in person when she got home.

She was getting home late, her dad was already home, and we were not able to get any real private time if you know what I mean. We stole a kiss when we could, but that was about all. Even so, I enjoyed our talks.

I heard about her day, what she learned, and how focused she was about learning. Her compassion came thru when she talked about her clinicals and her opportunity to interact with patients. It was clear, she had a big heart and cared for others.

Friday afternoon came around and I packed it in early. I grabbed a towel, a beer, and headed to my pool.

About 20 minutes later I saw Tammi’s call pull in and just behind her was Kimmy’s white BMW.

They both got out of their cars and waved over to me and said they were going to change and asked if it would be OK for them to join me.

“I would love that. Come on over,” I yelled over.

As I was sitting on one of the steps, I watched them make their way over to my pool. They brought some beer and some snacks with them. Tammi using a long t-shirt as a cover-up. Kimmy had her black bikini top on and yellow Lulumon shorts complementing the top.

Both girls got down to their bikinis and walked into the escort pool. My hopes of then jumping in and losing their tops were dashed.

One thing that was not dashed was my first look at Kimmy in her bikini. I didn’t have to wait until Saturday, I thought to myself.

She was well built with curves in all the right places. I could tell that her breasts were all-natural.

I guess she hid them to be professional, but there was no hiding them now. If I had to guess the top was a size too small and her breasts spilled out the side and the top was just a triangle that barely covered her nipples. I hoped that Tammi didn’t catch me staring at Kimmy.

As I looked away from Kimmy, Tammi smiled at me. One of those smiles that signaled I was busted, but she did not mind. What could I do but just smile back?

We had a great time talking about all kinds of things. How they met, their longstanding friendship and their boyfriends, and how immature men their age were. The conversation flowed freely and was entertaining.

Turns out Tammi and Kimmy have been friends since second grade. Each feeling like they were part of the other family. They frequently spent time at each other’s homes. Sleepovers, breakfast, lunch, dinners, they always seemed to be with each other. They grew up together, went to the same school thru high school together. Double dated together. They were like two peas in a pod.

As the conversation worked its way to their high school years, I was fascinated to learn some things about them. They each talked, sometimes one finishing the others sentence. It was clear that they indeed were the best of friends.

I loved listening to them and what they had to say. Especially the part where they wanted to learn to kiss and how they would practice on each other. They were quick to add that it was just kissing and did not go anywhere past that.

Kimmy was incredibly open, sharing that they would talk about their latest date. How they would compare and share how big their dates cocks were. How good they were at eating pussy. How big a load they would shoot, either into their open mouths or deep in their pussy.

As she talked, I started to pair images of them doing these various things, my cock stiffened.

They also shared how they would double date. When they knew that Tammi’s dad would be working thru the night, they would go back to Tammi’s house and do Netflix and chill.

They told me about a few times where they would be together with their boyfriends and eventually, either on the couch or in Tammi’s bed, they all wound up either half or completely naked.

One thing would lead to another and they would start to suck their boyfriends off, or their boyfriend would eat them out and they would wind up next to each other each taking their boyfriends dicks for a good ride or fucking side by side.

I guess women talk about sex as much as us guys do! I was glad they were comfortable sharing with me.

My curiosity, along with my hardening cock, got the better of me and I had to ask, “And what about you two? You two must have given your boyfriends a show. Sucking on each other’s tits and eating each other. Right?”

“Oh my god no!” Tammi replied, “We made a deal that we would never be intimate with each other. We would not cross that line. It was hot fucking next to each other, our boyfriends liked seeing each other’s girlfriend naked and getting fucked, but not anything that involved the two of us. Besides, I’m sure our boyfriends would not suck each other off — fair is fair,” she smiled.

I glanced over to Kimmy, and she seemed to have a half-disappointed face. I started to ask her about what she thought about being with another woman, but Tammi interrupted, looking at her watch and saying her dad would be home soon.

Tammi had planned to put together a late dinner for when he got home.

Something seemed odd about the abrupt nature of her comment. But, off they went, getting out of the pool and toweling off and putting their cover-ups back on.

I slowly made my way out of the pool, mindful of my half-hard cock, I followed them to the table and chairs.

I hugged Kimmy, then she turned to walk out the gate.

I grabbed Tammi and gave her a big hug and kiss. As our lips locked, she wrapped one arm around my neck, the other hand slide down to my cock.

She gently rubbed my cock.

“You can enjoy looking at her, but you can’t touch. This is mine,” she said as she gave my cock a squeeze.

I moaned as she released my cock, I looked down into her eyes.

“It’s all yours baby, I’m no fool.”

Tammi turned and followed Kimmy out the gate.

Looking over her shoulder, she said, “we’ll see you at 7:30 AM! Park opens at 8:00 so we will get there as it opens.”

I just watched as those two firm asses bounced out the gate, shaking my head and thinking, “Yep, I made the right choice moving down here!”

I got up around 7:00 AM and poked around the house and promptly at 7:30 AM, I met kağıthane escort the girls at my car.

The girls brought a picnic lunch and their swim bag. I had a backpack with a towel and a change of clothes.

The girls were each wearing a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt. Tammi was in her familiar pink top and Kimmy in a coral one. Both were gorgeous and there is no doubt they would be getting a lot of looks at the park. We hopped into the car and were off to Wekiva Springs.

On the drive, we talked about what Wekiva had to offer. Hiking, canoeing, biking, kayaking and of course swimming. It seemed to have a little of everything. We decided that we would hike the grounds first and then kayak around and go to one of their favorite picnic spots for lunch.

We pulled in just as the park was opening with a few cars in front of us. We paid the $6.00 entrance, found a shady parking spot, and got ready for the hike.

Since I had a large backpack, I threw some of the waters we brought with us into it and we set off. I was excited to explore the area and even more excited to spend time with Tammi and Kim.

The park is a nature sanctuary. Birds, squirrels, otters, and various other animals. I was hoping to see an alligator, but then again, I wasn’t. The girls assured me they would protect me if we came across one. I guess I might have looked a little more apprehensive than I thought.

The hike was on a relatively flat, marked 8-mile trail. We took our time to explore everything the trail had to offer. The plants and flowers were abundant, and I loved the palm trees! Not many palm trees in Northern Virginia. Being less than 30 min away from a park-like this and in this weather was so satisfying.

Our conversation was wide-ranging. A lot of it centered around the beauty of the park, but we did find time to talk about personal things. Tammi talked about school and how much she is learning. Kim talked about work and some of the creeps that she came across selling houses. I talked about how little I missed the Virginia area.

The girls stopped often to take a pic or a selfie and promptly posted them on Snap Chat for their friends. They even included me in some of the pics. We took breaks to grab a drink of water or a quick granola bar and made our way along the trail. Each turn of the trail presented another thing to explore or another animal to see.

We finished the hike and sat down, a little sweaty, each of us enjoying a nice cold water that we bought at the concession stand. We bought a few extra waters and grabbed the picnic from the car and loaded it into my rental kayak and pushed off. We were paddling our way to find the girls’ favorite picnic spot.

It did not take long to get to the spot, and right after we got the kayaks on the beach, the girls stripped down to their bikinis and sprinted back into the water. I quickly followed.

The cool water was refreshing and very welcome after the hike. Kim had the bikini from the night before, which again, left nothing to the imagination. Tammi had her coral top and back bikini, not leaving much to the imagination either.

After cooling off Tammi walked thru the water and put her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply. Then she whispered so Kim could not hear, “remember you can look but no touching.”

“Yes my love,” I replied as a smile grew on my face.

Busted again. I was starting to think she was psychic and reading my mind.

Then lifting her up, I tossed her into the water, a shriek filling the air.

Kim and I just looked at each other, then at Tammi, and laughed.

That toss leads to a heated splash battle that left all of us laughing and smiling in the warm sun.

One thing I did notice is that the cool springs water left the girls’ nipples hard and poking thru their tops. My smile just got bigger as I enjoyed the scene.

After splashing and cooling off, we laid the blanket out and had the packed picnic lunch. The girls did a great job putting together a healthy assortment of fruit, cheese, trail mix, and a bottle of red wine. We leisurely had the picnic as we continued to talk and laugh.

As the picnic started to wind down, Tammi flashed me a smile as I looked at her eyes. Her gaze then dropped down to between her legs, then back up to me.

“I am so ready,” she mouthed.

Then quickly looking over to Kimmy, she pulled her bikini aside, flashing her pussy at me.

What could I do but smile and shake my head at her teasing? She knew that I could not do anything at the park and with Kim there.

“You just wait, you tease.” I shook my finger at her smiling.

We grabbed the blanket packed up and before getting back in the kayaks for the return trip, took another quick dip in the cool water.

We returned the kayaks and heading to the car I turned to the girls and put an arm around each of them.

“I just want you both to know what a great time I had with you today. Thank you for including me and for showing me the area. I hope we can do more of this.”

Kim was the first to reply. “Well, since you had a good time so far, how about we get some steaks, fish or whateves and throw it on the grill. We can pick something up and Publix on the way back. How about that Tammi?”

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