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Old Family, New Loves Ch. 03

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Savannah was turning into my home. I was learning to love the ambience of this historic and enticing city. It had its modern parts, surrounding the inner core of beauty and tradition. Many of us avoided those areas of the city and stayed where we felt the depth of the history seeping into our hearts.

I had become a part of it. I had also become part of my new family. I’m Patricia, or Trish, if you remember.

Kate was not really a mother to me. She was more of an old friend and confidante. She had been my mother’s big sister, and had loved my mother almost as much as had I. Along with her husband Pierce, they made me feel that I was almost another daughter. But not quite.

I still had stirrings in my sweet parts when I saw them around the house with no clothing on. We all practiced nudity now. That is, Kate and Pierce and I. That was how I really knew I was considered a daughter. They always bared themselves, even when their children were around. They were naturists, it is true, and their progeny knew that. I always felt loved and welcome.

Like many of the older families in Savannah, there were rumors and gossip about this family. I haven’t given Pierce’s last name to protect them all from identity, and perhaps some speculation. But the rumor about their nudity was true, of course.

And I had grown to love being nude whenever I was at home. I could even sunbathe in the nude because our veranda was completely enclosed. I always went naked when the children were home. We didn’t often get visits because they were all busy young people. But when they did visit it was so much fun.

Having found a job in city hall, I would go to work every day now with Pierce. We were so close to our places of employment that we would walk. We went most of the way together, and then we would separate and he would go to his law office. My job was in the computerized mapping section of the Planning Department.

It was actually interesting work, developing maps of the city and surrounding areas. But I did love getting home in the evening, going upstairs to my room, and disrobing. I loved the freedom of nudity now. We would dine happily that way, drinking wine with dinner, and enjoying stories about work and play.

They would describe their trips to various resorts where naturists could be free to practice their sun worship. They had been taking those trips for most of their lives, and they had always told the children what they were doing. It seemed that they were pleased to continue recounting their stories to someone they could talk freely with about their nudist adventures.

As we grew closer they would even tell me a few stories of how they had also got into swinging. Kate had blushed when Pierce first brought it up, but that soon passed. I enjoyed hearing all of it. It did make me feel close to them. And it made me often go upstairs and play with some toys that Julia, their youngest, had given to me to please myself.

One morning Kate was excited. I could guess why. She loved it when one of her children was able to come home. During breakfast Pierce and I were eating, fully dressed, ready to go to work. Kate was naked and her breasts were bouncing up and down as she let me know that Samuel and his new girlfriend were coming for a visit.

This was good news. I had been here over a year now and only Chester and Julia had been able to come home. Now Samuel was coming, and I was pleased. Though we had all seldom seen each other, I still loved to visit with them all. Mom had regretted living so far away, but it had been her job, and then her sickness, that kept her from coming here more often.

The bedrooms of all the children had been kept ready for them to come home. I was sleeping in the room that Julia had shared with her sister Gwendolyn. We had made love here, when she initiated me into the world of sex. I had visited the room Chester slept in with his brother Samuel. He and I had made love there. That had been sweet.

I was certainly developing some wonderfully sensual memories of this house. Now Samuel and his sweetheart were going to be in that room. It had twin beds, but I assumed they would push them together. I was beginning to expect that every person in kaynarca escort this family would enjoy sex to the limit.

They arrived during the day, before Pierce and I arrived home. They were installed upstairs and were now down in the parlor with Kate, who was now fully clothed, of course. We would not be nudists in front of Samuel’s girl. I knew my cousin Samuel. I had last seen him at Mom’s funeral.

His girlfriend was a lovely little thing named Sandy. She was Asian looking. I couldn’t tell where her ancestors came from, but her English was perfect. She was completely American.

During the conversation it was revealed that she was born in Seattle of a Japanese mother and an American officer in the Navy. Her hair was black as night and her eyes were brown. She was dressed elegantly in a lovely sundress.

I could see she was tiny, but her breasts were rather larger than I expected from a Japanese girl. She was a graduate of the University of Georgia in Geography. I liked her immediately. She seemed so poised and cultured. I felt a little intimidated by her intelligence, but she was completely gracious and open.

We dined and then spent the evening learning all about each other. Mostly it was Samuel’s parents getting to know this new girl in his life. I was left out a little. But they brought me into the conversation enough that I never felt like an outsider. Sandy was especially interested in my work on maps, since she had lots of experience with Geographic Information Systems.

Anyway, the time passed and eventually Kate and Pierce went to their master bedroom on the main floor. Samuel, Sandy and I chatted for a few minutes more and then all went upstairs to our rooms.

I got ready for bed. I took my shower, which I do at night. Then I toweled dry and left all my clothes off, of course. It had taken me almost an hour to get ready for bed but I was in no hurry because tomorrow it was going to be Saturday.

Well, it already was now. I was still up after midnight. I had taken some time to send an email to Julia telling her I missed her and discussing her brother’s girlfriend. So I was climbing into bed when I thought I heard a cracking sound. It was faint, but I was curious. I climbed out of bed, slipped on a peignoir, and went out into the hall.

In the hallway everything seemed quiet. But then I heard another crack down the hall. I slowly tiptoed down there until I was outside Samuel’s room. The door was shut, but light was slipping out under the door.

I heard the crack again, and what could only be a moaning sound. I was frightened, but I needed to at least check and see if they were okay in there. I didn’t want to intrude, but this was so odd. I tapped on the door.

Just like when I had tapped on this door when Chester was staying here, I heard a scampering sound. This time the door was opened slightly by Sandy. She peeked out around the door and smiled at me. I could see her looking at me in the peignoir. I had forgotten that it was completely transparent.

She widened her brown eyes, and the door gap, and I saw she was dressed in a bustier holding up her brown tipped breasts. I could see her nipples were hard. She had no panties. Only black, silk stockings held up with garters, and ultra-high heels. Her pussy was shaved and the lips were swollen. I started getting moist, very moist.

“I was afraid something was wrong. I’m sorry to disturb you, Sandy. I guess it’s okay. I’ll just get back to bed.”

I wasn’t really wanting to get to bed. I was wanting to know what in the world was happening. I wondered where Sam was. Was he okay? Also, she was so arousing to me. I was reluctant to leave. I wanted to know what was going on. Even more, I wanted to know if I could be part of it. I was becoming a real slut, but I loved it actually.

“No, no Trish. I was thinking of you just a few moments ago. Tell me, are you a naughty girl? If you are I’ll show you something you’ll like. Want to come in? Please, let me entertain you.” And she laughed.

This was going to be interesting, I was sure. My pussy was already tingling. I loved this family! I eagerly entered the bedroom and there, stretched out on one of the orhanlı escort twin beds, with his wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts, was Samuel.

He was completely naked, and his ass and back showed the marks of what could only be some sort of whip. He was moaning. But I thought I heard him whispering for more, more.

Sandy was standing beside me, almost as tall as me with her high heels. She placed her arm around me. Then she handed me the whip she had in the other hand. It was leather, with about half a dozen straps attached to the handle. It felt oddly good in my hand. She smiled at me again.

“Go on, dear. He loves it. He wants it. Tell her you want it you little pussy boy! Tell her you need to be whipped. Speak up, or Mistress will be angry. Hear me, little slut boy?”

“Please whip me. Oh god, I want it. Yes I want it. I need to come Mistress. Please Trish, punish me. I’ve been bad, so bad.”

“I didn’t tell you to come yet. Don’t you dare you little prick. Whip his ass Trish. Do it. But take off the gown first. Alright dear? Let me see that lovely body. I lusted for you when I first saw you. Oh yes, I did.”

I was lusting for her too. I don’t know how she knew I liked girls, but I was happy she did. My pussy was so wet now. I think I was dripping. I put down the whip and stripped out of the peignoir. Then I picked up the whip and I slapped Sam’s ass. Not too hard. I was not sure how to do it right yet. I didn’t want to really hurt him.

“Don’t worry, Trish. Whip him so that you can see the mark. He won’t enjoy it any other way. I know that from experience. I’ve been his mistress now for months, and I have yet to have him ask me to stop. He loves it, and I love giving it to him. I think you may too. Go on. I’m just going to play with your pussy now. You want that, don’t you love? Sam, you want me to cram a dildo up her cunt, don’t you dear little prick?”

I smiled at her and she kissed my lips, and then got a thick, rubber dildo from her bag. She slowly inserted it and began to fuck me with it. I was beginning to moan, but I started whipping Sam at the same time.

I timed my strokes to the fucking I was getting. Every time she rammed it into me I whipped Sam’s ass or back, and he moaned with pleasure. Finally, I started coming so hard I had to stop. Besides, my arm was tired.

“Sandy, could I eat your pussy? You make me so horny.”

“Thought you’d never ask little girl. You’re a choice piece. I was creaming tonight just hoping I could get together with you. Let the little pussy boy stay there. You and I are getting on the other bed, and I’m going to come all over your pretty face, my dear. Come on, let’s share some pussy eating.”

I scampered over to the bed. I was completely naked and my nipples were aching because they were so hard. My pussy was leaking, just waiting for some lady tongue to lick it. I wanted to eat some pussy too. I was really hungry.

It had been too long. I lay supine on the bed with my legs spread apart. Sandy got over me and lowered her shaven pussy down to my lips, as she began to lick around my thighs, teasing me.

I spread her lips apart and licked them. I rubbed her clit with a thumb and ran another finger up her cunt to find her G-Spot. She whimpered a little as she kept licking my thighs, and began nibbling my cunt lips. Two soft lady mouths started sucking each other’s shaven pussy to get that sweet, honey cream.

I ran my tongue into her pussy and tried to fuck it hard and she did the same. Biting my labia she moaned again and began thrusting her pussy down onto my face. I almost couldn’t breath, but I wanted that cunt. I wanted it, and she wanted mine.

I was starting to squirt a little and she gasped as it hit her in the face. But she just giggled and kept licking me. I knew she was coming from all the juices flowing into my mouth. We were both coming and loving it.

With some exhaustion we separated at last and she rolled over to cuddle with me. Sam was still moaning over on the other bed. He was still begging to be whipped and to come. Sandy just looked at him and laughed. Then she looked at me, and she had a decisive look on her face.

“Do you want tepeören escort to help me give my sub a little pleasure? He’s been rather good tonight and I think he could use some reward. What do you say? You’re into cock aren’t you? Along with pussy? I am, and I thought you were the same.”

“Oh sure, Sandy. I love a good hard fuck. The harder the better. I love everything about sex. I think I’ve just found out I’m into dominance too. I’ll see how that goes in the future. Right now I’d love a hard cock in my pussy. I bet Sam would love to fuck something about now. He hasn’t come tonight, yet. Oh, my he must be getting blue balls along with the red ass shining in the light.”

I giggled and Sandy leaned over and kissed me. I almost forgot that I was going to get fucked. Her lips were so sweet and gentle on mine. But I pushed her away at last.

“Come on. Let’s do some fucking.”

She got up quickly and ran over to her bags. She searched until she found a strap on. I knew those well. I had lost my pussy virginity to one while Julia fucked me with it.

“I thought Sam was going to fuck me, Sandy? What’s with that?”

“Don’t worry my love. Let’s get Samuel up and standing. I want you to lean against the chifforobe and let him fuck your cunt from behind. Sound good? Sam, get the fuck up and do your job.”

She untied him, and he unsteadily rose and climbed off the bed. I felt sorry for him for a moment. Then, I remembered him begging for more whipping. He was enjoying this. His prick was hard, and it was nice and fat too. I loved to be fucked with a long, fat cock. This was going to be fun.

I leaned against the piece of furniture and Sam came up behind me. I was still wet and slimy from our cunnilingus so he could slip right into my pussy. He was eager to come. I guess he knew he was going to get to fill me with his jizz. I hoped so. I loved come, in my mouth and in my pussy.

I could feel him begin thrusting into me deeper and deeper, and it was so fucking good. I was shivering with passion; now and then I heard him groaning. I took a quick look back and saw that Sandy was now fucking him.

His ass was filled with her strap on. I had seen it, and it was a long one too. I know he was enjoying it because he increased his fucking. God, it was so fucking good. I was squealing with lust for more cock. I was begging now. I wanted to keep coming while he filled my pussy with his creamy seed.

Sandy was panting loudly and yelling at him to fucking come, because she was. She must have liked it when he shot at the same time that she had a huge orgasm. I felt one last, hard ram. His milk was filling me up. I could feel it running down my legs as he kept fucking slower now.

“You fucking little pussy! Did you come for her? Did you? I’m pleased tonight, you cunt lapper. I won’t punish you this time, little bitch. Okay, take your dirty cock out of her. Hear me little bitch? Take it out.”

Sam kissed the back of my neck as he pulled his limp prick out of me. I had to get down on my knees now. I wanted to suck it. I was hoping Sandy wouldn’t mind. I love sucking a cock, especially one covered with my pussy juices. I taste so good, you know?

I was gobbling his dick, and Sam was groaning because it was so sensitive now, after just coming. Sandy was laughing. I think she was just happy. This had been a good night for her. She got to whip her sub, and she got to suck my pussy, and she got to fuck the ass of her little pet.

When I finished with Sam’s cock I stood up, naked and glad, and grabbed Sandy. I put my arms around her and began feeding my tongue to her. She was kissing me back with fervor. Our lips were soft and yet forceful too. I loved making out with a pretty girl. She was beautiful. She was fine. I hoped she liked me too. I think she did.

After awhile I needed to get to bed. I said goodnight to Sandy and Samuel. He kept his head down for now. He was a sub when in the bedroom. Sandy said goodnight. I went out and back to my room. I didn’t hear any more noises. I wondered what other play they were up to. But I was too tired now. I slept quite well that night.

In the morning, I was downstairs before the two of them. Kate and Pierce were working in the kitchen and greeted me. I could see they were preparing a special breakfast for their beloved son, and his new girlfriend. I almost laughed out loud, but I didn’t. I had a thought, not his new girlfriend, but his new Mistress. What a fun family I was part of now.

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