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Playing Doctor

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Holding the patient file I took a deep breath before walking down the hall to his office. As a radiologist it’s normal routine to consult with surgeons but today I’m working with Dr. Michael Erikson. Not only is he a gifted surgeon but he is impeccably handsome hence the knots in the pit of my stomach. We have worked together a few times before and it never got any easier.

Now I may not be a talented surgeon or the most stunning woman in the hospital but I am a damn good doctor and I could turn a few heads when I wanted to. No matter how much I told myself I could hold my own it didn’t make walking into Dr. Eriksons office any less nerve wrecking. I turned the corner to his office, the door was open. He was standing at the view box with his right arm across his chest while his left elbow was propped on it allowing his fingers to rest over his lips. He was wearing navy slacks with a matching vest and light blue button down and blue striped tie, all hugged his body just enough to show his athletic physique. His hair is well groomed, the only facial hair he has is on his chin and his eyes are hidden behind glasses that added to his smart but sophisticated look. The man definitely knew how to dress to make a woman’s breath catch. Thank God I opted for a fitted black pencil skirt that showed off my runners legs, a green top that accentuated my busty rack and cute black heels instead of my normal light blue scrubs. I wore my long brown hair down and made sure to put just enough make up on so I look presentable. It’s hard to dress nice at work when you know there is a possibility that bodily fluids may get on then at some point during the day but I knew Dr. Erikson and he was was dressed to impress unless he was in surgery.

He must have felt me ogling him because as I was about to knock he turned and I was greeted with his contagious smile.

“Dr. Scott I hope you weren’t standing there too long, I was just looking over our patients’ images.” He said as he walked over and shook my shook my hand.

“Dr. Erikson, no sir I just turned the corner.” I said blushing as I shook his hand back. We walked back to the viewing board and it was all business. Discussing which route would be the safest and least invasive but it’s a difficult situation when surgeons are trying to take tumor off a kidney. There’s always arguments of trying to shrink the tumor first or just taking the kidney out all together. Luckily this patients tumor is on the outer edge and should be fairly easy to remove for Dr. Erikson. Once we both agreed the route he planned on taking didn’t have any major vessels in the way he walked to down to the elevators.

“As soon as I’m done talking with the family I will come tell you how it went. Thank you for you help Dr. Scott.” He had placed his hand at the small of my back sending heat through my body.

“Yes please do and you are more than welcome Dr. Erikson.” I turned to answer just as the bell for the elevator dinged. It couldn’t have come any sooner. I’m sure a man like him could tell when a woman reacted to his touch. As soon as the doors closed I let out a breath of relief. I did life changing procedures all day long and yet surviving another consult with Dr. Erikson and not making a fool of myself was my biggest accomplishment of the day.

I went back to my office to read a couple of images from the ER before I changed into scrubs for my afternoon of scheduled procedures. It was well after seven in the evening when I got back to my office to finish up a few charts. I hung my coat behind the door and went to my desk to find the charts I needed. I stood at the side of the desk reading what was dictated before I bent down to sign where it was needed. Just as I straightened back up I felt someone at my door. I could feel the heat rushing through my body and I’m sure he could see it on my face. I looked to the door to find Dr. Erikson leaning against my door frame, his arms casually folded at his chest and his right foot crossed over his left. Even in his baby blue scrubs, scrub hat and running shoes he looked good enough to eat. He flashed me his award winning smile and now I definitely needed a cold shower.

“How’d it go?” I asked as nonchalantly as I possibly could.

“She did beautifully! We got the whole tumor and she gets to keep her kidney. She should be back in her room shortly.” He said not moving from the door.

“That’s great! I wouldn’t expect anything thing less from you Dr. Erikson.” I said with the most genuine smile I had.

“Mike please, there’s no need to be so formal Dr. Scott.” There was a hint of playfulness in his eyes.

“Ok Mike then please call me Rhi.”

“You getting out of here anytime soon?” He asked coming off the door and taking a few steps toward me. Those damn butterflies came alive in my stomach again.

“Maybe another 30 minutes or so, I have finish up some of these charts. We all can’t have nurses do them for us.” I told him with a small laugh.

“Then you aren’t the right kind of doctor.” He said with travesti porno a sexy a hell smile and came to stand at the front of my desk.

I slid around behind the desk to put more space between the radiating heat he was sending through me. It made me wonder if he had this effect on all women and even some men. Lord knows his handsome enough to have both.

“Come have a drink with me.”

“Are you asking?” Raising an eyebrow to him.

Laughing “Yes of course, I maybe a cocky surgeon but I do have manners Dr. Scott.”

“Rhi please” I put my paperwork on the desk.

“Rhi will you please come have a celebratory drink with me?” He asked again leaning on my desk eliminating some space between us. I’m sure he’s never had to ask a girl twice before. Which I’m sure explains the amusement in his face.

“Ok just tell me where to meet you and I will see you there in about an hour? I need to shower and change.”

“Just shower and put the outfit you had on this morning and we can leave from here.” How could anyone ever tell him no? I’m almost positive they didn’t.

“Will that be okay for where we are going? I mean that’s more of a work outfit.”

“It will work just fine.” He said still amused. He lean over my desk a little more to look at the clock on the computer and I took a step back .”I will pick you up in the front at 8:30.” He looked at me before turning towards the door.

“I’m looking forward to spending some time with you out of this hospital Rhi.” He have me a seducing smile and walked out if my office.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked myself plopping down into my chair. I was no virgin but it has been a bit since my last relationship and Mike sent tingles down my spine. I wasn’t sure if he wanted anything physical but there would be no way in hell I couldn’t give into him. I was going to have to take a freezing cold shower.

By the time I was done showering, drying and straightening my hair and getting dressed I had just enough time to get to the front doors. I smoothed out any wrinkles in my skirt and fixed any stray hairs on the way downstairs. “Be cool Rhi, you can do this.” I gave myself a pep talk before exiting the elevator like it was every other night.

Waiting by the curb freshly showered and leaning against his Audi A7 the man looked like a magazine ad. “I am so screwed.”

He stood the second he saw me with his gorgeous smile and held out his hand ensuring I didn’t fall stepping down. “The outfit is even more stunning tonight.” He said as he opened the passenger door and guided me inside with his hand on the small of my back. “Thank you” I said before he closed the door. I admired him as he graciously walked in front of the car to the drivers side. He wore the same navy suit as earlier sans the jacket. With his perfect hair and matching belt and shoes there was no doubt in my mind he was the best dressed person for miles.

“So are you hungry?” He asked as he slid his glasses on and shifted the car into drive. “So fucking screwed.” I told myself again as I tried to find a polite way to say there would be no way in hell I was going to eat.

“I actually had a late lunch but if your hungry please let’s get you food.” There’s way to many knots and butterflies in my stomach for food. Alcohol is what I needed just to help me calm my nerves.

“I actually know this place not too far from here that serves a great drink and isn’t too loud. How’s that sound to you?”

“Sounds perfect!” And we were in the evening traffic. He knew how to handle the car, every movement was smooth and fluid not once did I feel like I needed to be strapped in by a four harness buckle like this style of car should have.

“How was the rest of your day after we met this morning?” He asked keeping his focus on the traffic but still some how making me feel a little more comfortable. I shifted to cross my legs, “The same busy routine, the day flew by. That’s why I was actually surprise to see you at my door. I figured you be long gone by this time.”

“Normally I am but I told a certain doctor I would update her on a mutual patient we have, so I had to stay a little late today.” A sexy half smile came on his face.

“You don’t update all the doctors you work with after you performed surgery on their patient?”

“That’s what charts and nurses for for Dr. Scott.”

“I could have done the same Mike you didn’t have to stay late for me.”

“But then we wouldn’t be going to have a drink now would we.”

“So what would you have done if I said I plans tonight?” I asked as we pulled up to the valet at a small up scale bar. My door was opened before me could answer me. He handed the keys to the valet guy and came to my side, placing his hand at the small if my back again. Heat pulsed through me.

“I don’t take no for an answer Rhi.” He leaned down to whisper in my ear as we walked to the front door of the bar. Goosebumps popped up on my neck and arms from the closeness of alt yazılı porno his lips to my ear.

We were able to walk straight in and found a table in the back corner. We ordered our drinks and I took in the place, it was very modern and low lit. Most of the outer tables were small two tops while the tables in the center were more for larger parties. This made it easier for the smaller parties to talk without having to yell over other tables next to them. The front entrance was all windows and the bar was quite impressive covering one side of the space. The waitress came back with my vodka seven and Mikes crown and coke. He raised his glass, “To a successful day if saving lives.” I raised mine to his and we clinked glasses before taking a drink. My drink had been made more vodka than seven which help ease my nerves.

He sat across from me, his eyes never leaving me. It made me shift in my chair and his smile let me know he knew what he was doing to me.

My glass never had a chance to get emptied before our waitress brought me another one. Because the first one was so strong I was already buzzing so I made to to pace myself with this one. Mike kept the conversation going, slowly making me forget about my nerves and just enjoy the night out. We talked about what schools we went to, the sports we played and everything in between that lead us to work for the same hospital. Come to find out he was really easy to talk to but I’m not sure if that was just him or the combination of him and the alcohol. We sat and talked until we were the last people in the bar. It then I realized I had to use the restroom and excused myself. When I got back to the table he had already paid. “Michael you didn’t have to do that, at least let me give you half.” I said reaching into my clutch for my debt card.

“I asked you out for drink so I will pay. And your really going to call me Michael? Not too many people can get a way with that.” He said laughing.

“Oh I’m sorry I’m not sure why it came out that way.”

“Don’t apologize, you aren’t most people.” He lead the way out of the bar and grabbed his keys from the valet before coming and opening the door for me and helping in the car.

He started the car and turned to face me in his seat. It was like I wasn’t in my own body, he leaned over weaving his hand through my hair and kissed me. We sat in front of the bar for in not sure how long making out. When he pulled away he slid his thumb across my cheek, “I couldn’t wait anymore. I’ve been waiting to see what you taste like for a while now.” If I wasn’t turned on before I was now.

“I have wine and vodka at my place, feel like continuing celebrating with me?”

“I don’t know Michael it’s late and my car is still at the hospital.”

“I will take you to your car in the morning.”

“Are you asking me to spend the night with you?”

“I do have a guest room but yes so that neither one of us has to drive again tonight.” He was laughing again.

“How am I supposed to say no to that.”

“I told you I don’t take no for an answer.”

Of course he would live in the nicest penthouse in the city. It is thirty floors up and the only living space on the floor. The elevator opens to his own private foyer.

“This is beautiful.” I told him as we walked into the living room.

“Thank you! You feel like wine or more vodka seven?” He asked as went to the kitchen bar.

“A glass of wine would be great.”

He opened a new bottle and set it on the counter while he grabbed two wine glasses out of the cabinet. He poured the wine and handed me a glass as he walked around the bar to me. He set his glass down and buttoned his vest and took it off and hung it on the back of one of the chairs. I took a big sip of my wine needing more liquid courage. He loosened his tie and took it off and placed it on the same chair as his vest, his eyes never leaving me. My pulse quickened and I took another drink of my wine. Once I set my glass back down he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

“What are you doing?” I asked in the smallest voice.

“Nothing you don’t want me too Rhi. If you want me stop I will and you can sleep in the guest room down the hall.”

He puts his hands in my hair pulling me to him. His soft warm lips devoured mine. My hands found their way into his chest which was rock solid under his button down. I was so lost in his kiss I hadn’t noticed his picking me up and walking to his room. He set me down and made sure I was steady for letting me go. He broke our kiss to bend down and take my shoes off. When he stood back up he kicked his shoes off next to mine and pulled to me him again. If we stopped now I would be completely content the man was making me melt with his mouth. He walked me back to the bed and with one hand on my back he laid me on the bed. He caught himself with his other hand and moved us both up towards the top of the bed, his mouth not leaving mine. He stopped suddenly and moved down üvey baba porno to my hips and slid his hands to the back of my skirt to unzip it before sliding it off.

“Mmm much better.” He leg between mine and started kissing my neck. I let a moan escape my lips as his hand went to squeeze my tit. I could feel his smile and my neck. I wrapped my legs around his and started to unbutton his shirt. I want to feel his bare chest on me hands. He sat up for a second so I could pull his shirt out of his pants and he could unbutton the cuffs. He took his arms out of the sleeves and threw the shirt on the floor once he was out of it. He pulled at the hem of my shirt making me sit up so he could take it off and throw it next to his on the floor. Kissing me again he pushed me back to the bed and I finally got to feel the hardness of his chest on mine.

He went back to teasing my breast but this time he moved my bra down enough to let my nipple free. He took my now exposed nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. Making me arch toward him and my sex clench. His leg pushed up against me giving me the pressure I needed. He moved to the other nipple and tortured it the same way. My hand went he chest and made it’s way down to the top of his slacks. He raised his hips just enough for me to undo the button and slip my hand down his pants. My breath caught when I felt the size of his dick and again I felt his smile on my skin. I was certain there was no way I was going to be able to fit him.

“I promise you will.” He said in my ear reading my tension.

I let out a sigh as he kissed his way down my body. He stopped just above my panty line before he sat up and pulled them off and added them to the pile on the floor. He started to kiss that sensitive area around my knee and made his way up to my sex. The anticipation was making me wet. He made me wait as he by past the area and went to the other leg. His hand slid up my other leg and cupped my pussy making me moan loudly in approval. His fingers massaged my folds before finding my opening and dipping a finger tip inside. “My God sweetheart your already so wet.”

He pulled his finger out to circle my clit. That was it I fell over the edge and climaxed. Arching toward him he used the opportunity to push two fingers in me making me cum harder. I was grabbing the sheets at my sides and squirming like crazy. He kept a slow rhythm with his fingers and sucked on my nipple again. My hand was still on his hardening dick. I squeezed it and moved my hand up and down and I was rewarded with a small groan. He pulled his fingers out of me and got up off the bed. He took whatever clothes he had left on off and climbed back on the bed to take my bra off.

We were both naked in his bed he moved between my legs and I was able to finally see his long, thick dick. He stroked it a couple of times before positioning the head at my opening and bending down to kiss me. Ever so slowly he pushed his head into my tight pussy.

“You are so fucking tight Rhi.” He said through gritted teeth.

I was holding my breath. “Breathe baby, you have to relax for this to work.”

I did as I was told, “there you go let me baby.”

He would slide a little in before pulling back and pushing in more. He kept his rhythm until he his hips were touching the back of my thighs. I thought I was going to rip in two. He stilled giving me time to adjust to the new sensation. Once he felt me relax and start to move my hips he bent to put his fingers in my hair and pull my head back. He sucked on my neck making me cum, “hold on hun I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

He sat up on his knees and pulled my legs up on his shoulders, this allowed to penetrate so much deeper. “OH MY GOD Michael!

“What baby tell me, tell what I’m doing to you.”

” You are driving me crazy. I don’t know how much more I can take Michael.”

” Relax sweetie and just enjoy it.”

He reared back and slammed into me hard. He’s balls slapped against my ass but the sound was muted by my scream. He pulled back again but this time when he slammed He reared back and slammed into me hard. He’s balls slapped against my ass but the sound was muted by my scream. He pulled back again but this time when he slammed into me he rolled his hips. It only took a few more pumps of his hard cock and I was cumming for the third time.

“Agh your pussy is squeezing my dick so tight baby.”

With my legs still draped over his shoulders he bent over me pulling my hands over my head. He had me pinned to do with me what he pleased. He ground his hips against mine, this added pressure to my exposed clit and his dick felt like it was all the way up in my stomach.


Still holding my hands above my head with one hand, he used the other to grab my ass and lifting it slightly. Giving him depth to I’m sure an area no other man was gifted enough to reach. His cheek came to rest against mine allowing me to hear what I was doing to him. His breath was shallow and quick and with every deep thrust he let out a groan. I was effecting him just as much as he was effecting me. “Your gonna make me cum sweetheart. I’m going to cum I’m you.”

“Please Michael! Please cum!” My head was thrown back with my eyes closed. He was going to make me pass out from touch pleasure if he didn’t cum soon.

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