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Good Girl Pt. 01

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My new series about a college girl and her older neighbor.

What would you do?


Allanah Macon leans against the door looking at Dan. She aligns her feet, and reaches towards the ground. Her white crop top falls down with gravity. Dan tries to avert his eyes. Before doing so he sees she’s wearing a blue sports bra. Or is it black? Dan isn’t sure.

“Where’s Dad?” She says.


“Hmm.” She pushes herself against the door frame lifting her hands toward the ceiling. “I’ll wait for him.”

She doesn’t move. Her eyes are locked on Dan. He starts feeling a discomfort with her unending eye contact.

“So…” He attempts to fill the silence and avoid her glare. “What’s up?”

“Mom left to go to her book club.”

“Going to the gym?”

“Just got back.”

“Any boys?”

“There are always boys.”

“Do they stare?”

“Yeah—Kind of like you.”

“I’m not—Sorry. If it seems like—”

“I’m kidding. You’re like my Uncle.”

It’s true. Dan and Jeffrey had become fast friends after him and Samantha had moved in. Dan had been a part of their lives ever since. A part of it was the beer nights him and Jeffrey partook in. Birthdays, Super Bowls, other special events. The families had become connected. It was more surprising for Dan because all these years he had been a Bachelor.

An act of kindness that filled him with joy. Every year he thought it would be the end of his adopted family but every year it continued.

Until recently he saw Allanah as nothing more than the neighbor girl. She was becoming something else. In a silent fashion she had grown confident in her body. It had begun to show in the rest of her behavior. There was no one moment when Dan realized this. It was a conglomeration of different moments.

First it was when her breasts seemed to grow. Dan later figured out that they didn’t grow, she had just started wearing pushup bras around him. Dan couldn’t help but imagine himself grabbing onto and sucking them. It’s a thought he tried to keep at bay.

Then it was her butt that came into focus. Or was it that her clothing style had changed? He knew he had seen her butt in the past and averted his eyes and thoughts. Now he would look over and her butt looked more than perfect. It fit just right into her yoga shorts, legging, anything she chose to wear. It was deliberate. Could he be blamed for noticing that she knew how to pick an outfit?

There was no moment but if one could be named, it was this moment. In a sort of silliness Dan imagined himself as the door frame. Her body pushed firmly against him waiting for Jeffrey to arrive.

Her continuous stretching pushed Dan’s imagination further. When she bent over he imagined himself inside her. When she raised her hand he imagined tying her up. It was all almost too much. Or was it not enough? Dan felt a confused yearning in his pants. He knew what he should do & it wasn’t this.

“Hey Daddy.”

Jeffrey hugs his little girl and takes a seat besides Dan. Before he can say anything to Allanah she’s gone.

“Did you have a good conversation?”

“It was—Uh, a conversation for sure.”

“She’s been doing that to me a lot. Walking away before I can say anything. She thinks it’s a good way to avoid me telling her to do stuff. Jokes on her because I will track her down for my laziness. Anyway, she’s looking awful cute, isn’t she?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Shut up man. We both know she’s growing up. Do me a favor and watch after her. She gets up to anything funky, stop her for me, will ya?”


The night proceeds with several more beers and laughs. The duo in their drunken stupor gets to wrestling. They knock each other around. Knock a beer over and it spills onto the floor.

“Ah, fuck. Let me go get a towel. Did it—Oh fuck—It got on you!”

Dan looks down and sees a dark blotch.

“Go get a shirt from my room man.”

Dan blindly looks for a light switch against the wall. Between the alcohol, the stupidity, and the energy lost from wrestling, he is hardly intelligent enough to find it.

He sees Allanah’s light is on. Dan stumbles over and knocks on the door.

“What?” She calls out.

Without thinking Dan opens the door.

“Do you—I can’t find the light switch—In your dad’s room.”

Allanah stumbles out of bed and manages to find a towel. She wraps herself in it and walks toward Dan. She grabs his shoulder and walks him back to her Dad’s room turning on the light.

Dan blinks in response to the bright lights.

“Where are your dad’s shirts?”

“Jesus…” She sighs and pulls open a drawer.

Dan walks over and picks out a shirt. Removing his own.

“Are you naked?” Dan asks, processing the events of the last few minutes.

“I am. Enjoying the show?”

“I’m not sober enough. I think I missed it.”

“Sad isn’t it?”

“Kind of.”

Dan put the new shirt on and when his head came out from beneath Allanah’s towel is on the floor.

They stare at each other.

Dan stares at Allanah’s thin body. He wants to walk up to her and grab her pert tits. He takes in the shape of her hips. The belly piercing fixbet she got two years ago. He sees she’s shaved her pussy. An urge to grab her strikes him.

Allanah stares at Dan’s face. Enjoying his reaction as his eyes explore her body. Enjoy his clear admiration of her form.

Dan takes a step forward. Allanah doesn’t react.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“You’re probably right.”

Dan licks his lips and walks toward the door. Taking a moment to look back at Allanah who hadn’t moved an inch.

Her body called to him. Called to the member in his pants.

While stopped at the door frame he reached down gently rubbing the head of his cock. It was almost enough to get him to turn around but he walked on.

Jeffrey finished cleaning up. He patted Dan on the back.

“That’s enough for one night.”

Dan played the image of Allanah’s body time and time again as he tried to sleep. He envisioned everything that he could have done if he had the time but time was the one thing he didn’t have. If he had spent any more time above with her Jeffrey would have come searching and found something awful.

Dan fucking his baby girl hours after telling him to protect her.


It was obvious to Allanah that she shouldn’t have dropped her towel in front of Dan. She didn’t know what she expected but it wasn’t for him to walk away.

It isn’t that she wanted him to grab her by the throat and ravage her… But she did. She had fantasized about a man taking control. Using her for sex. It isn’t that she wanted to be used, it was that nobody was using her and that made her feel empty. A part of her felt unfilled…

She had enjoyed Dan’s expression. When his face popped out from beneath his shirt it was pure shock. He stared her up and down for an entire five minutes. She stayed still and left everything up to him.

To her mind that was her first mistake. When he started turning away she wanted to reach for his arm… Something. Invite him to her room so that he would spend the night but that wasn’t the fantasy. The fantasy was about Dan taking control.

Allanah saw when Dan reached down towards his pants. She saw him touch his cock and that was because of her. None of them could deny that because it was the truth.

When he walked out of the room she stood there naked. Feeling like an idiot for thinking that it would go anywhere…

Dan left and she went back into her room, throwing the towel aside. She got under her covers and tried sleeping. A part of her couldn’t stop thinking about the way he reached down to touch his cock. That meant something didn’t it?

It meant that he hesitated. He had considered the situation.

Before sleeping she imagined Dan above her. Hand on her tits as he fucked her pussy. Reality was just her hands and fingers but with her eyes closed it almost felt real.


Dan knocked on the door. A part of him hoped nobody would answer. That perhaps Jeffrey and Samantha had suddenly decided to move across the country for reasons beyond their control. That they hadn’t found out about what Allanah had done… What Dan had thought about doing to her. He hoped and prayed but the door opened to Samantha’s smiling face.

Samantha was undoubtedly Allanah’s Mother. You didn’t have to be told that they were kin. Dan couldn’t help but think of Sam as an alternative to Allanah… Even if she was Jeffrey’s wife. It seemed that Allanah’s actions had a corrupting effect on Dan. Or had he always been corrupted?

Had these thoughts always permeated inches beneath the surface? Could it be that all these years he was grateful to be a part of the family because it let him fantasize that it was in fact his family.

It seemed silly. Ridiculous even that a person could go so many years without knowing their actual thoughts. Their own expectations of the world. It was possible, Dan had to admit, that he had embedded himself in this family to make up for the lack of his own.

It wasn’t a lack of prospects. In the last decade Dan had only had three girlfriends. One of which had been by his side for seven years.

She was the hardest to get over.

Lauren Smith was the girl Dan thought he would spend the rest of his life with. A gorgeous redhead with green eyes and hips that Dan would say, “Violated the Geneva Convention.”

It was a tragedy when she told Dan she didn’t want to be with him anymore. The reason she said was just growing apart. That over the years they had grown differently and with different ambitions. A month later she had moved to Seattle and settled in with a black guy Dan had never seen before.

It wasn’t apparent if it was true… Dan didn’t care. In his head, and to this day, he thought that Lauren must have cheated on him. The guilt sat in her stomach until she couldn’t take it anymore. Then she moved in with her lover.

How long had she been planning the move? Leaving an entire state wasn’t a rash decision. She had planned it in advance. Sharing an apartment… Hell… Getting an apartment required time.

Was it on one of her weekends out with the gals?

It didn’t matter. Not now.

Personal tragedy fixbet giriş has a way of sticking with you. Digging beneath your skin to the point that it becomes a tragedy greater than the original. These were the demons that haunted Dan as Sam opened the door. As he leaned into her and they hugged.

Behind her he saw Allanah. Who smiled at him. Dan smiled back as platonically as possible.

“Are you hungry?”

“Is Jeffrey here?”

“He’s picking up some—” Sam lowered her voice. “Tampons for the little lady.”

“I can hear you mom.”

The group was gathered around the kitchen island.

“That’s a shock.”

Allanah rolled her eyes and walked to the living room adjacent.

“I heard you and Jeffrey got pretty crazy your last beer night?”

“A bit. Just a dirty shirt.”

“Oh—Thanks for reminding me—I have your shirt ready.”

Sam walked away to grab his shirt from the laundry room. Dan wanted her to stay to keep Allanah at bay but she was gone before he could speak. It seemed that both Allanah and Sam had a talent of disappearing.

Allanah was already by Dan’s side.

“I’m sorry.”

Dan sighs and begins his portion of the apology. The adult portion where he shows restraint and an unwillingness to let it happen again. “It was unexpected. I was drunk and didn’t know how to react—I liked it—” That’s not right. “But it wasn’t appropriate and we shouldn’t ever do that—”

“—”You liked it?—”

“—Because it isn’t—What?”

“You liked it.”

“I didn’t mean to say that.”

Sam walks in to the moment of silence and hands Dan his shirt.

She looks towards a clock. “Oh fuck. My book club is starting soon. I’ve got to go Dan! Can I leave you here with Allanah?”

“Maybe you should—”

“Course I can. You’ve been here when nobody’s home.”

“True—It’s just—I don’t want to bore Allanah!”

“Does Dan bore you?” Allanah shakes her head.

“I think he’s really fun to spend time with, actually.”

“See, it’s settled.” Sam walks out the front door.

Allanah walks over to the door and locks it for her Mother. Allanah walks back over to Dan and stands inches from his face.

“You liked it?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I heard you.”

“I didn’t mean to say that.”

“You did though.”

Allanah gets closer and puts her hand on Dan’s shoulder. He pulls back.

“I wasn’t thinking—Your dad could come home—Any moment—” Dan began desperately searching for any reason why the conversation should end before it ever began.

“You know Dan, Dad always texts me when he finds the tampons. He never remembers which ones I use.”

“Has he texted you?”

Allanah steps forward and puts her lips a hair away from Dan’s. He’s trying not to move. Fearing that any movement would join their lips together and change everything.


Dan swallows.

“What were you saying about my naked body?” Allanah asks.

“I didn’t say—”

“How you liked seeing me naked?”

“I did it’s just that—” Dan reached for words and couldn’t find them. “—you’re too young.”


“Allanah, what do you want from me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then let’s leave it.”

Allanah’s face, inches from Dan’s, turns from a smile to frown. She turns from Dan and walks up the stairs slamming her bedroom door. Dan lets out a sigh and counts his blessing. He was moments from kissing her. He could feel each second they stood together that his will was weakening and each second he wanted her more.

The night went as usual. Jeffrey arrived from buying tampons and they drank the night away. Though there was no wrestling the men stayed up later than intended.

And whether it was beer or just a general horniness Dan asks Jeffrey, “Is Allanah dating anybody?”

“You know how it is at that age. Us guys are just total shit bags. We hooked up with girls and stopped talking to them for the fuck of it. It was fun—Don’t get me wrong—but it was pretty shitty. She brings a guy or two around and it doesn’t go anywhere. She’s probably getting tired of that. But you know, we’re older now and I know you would never do that to my baby girl.” Jeffrey laughs. “Or I mean—any girl.

Dan smiles to himself. Jeffrey’s right. Dan would never treat Allanah like all those other boys. That’s the key word boys. Young men without experience who treat girls as just a number. Dan knows he isn’t like them. He cares about the women he dates. He cares about Allanah and would treat her better than any of those guys ever could.

“Never. I love her as much as you do.”

“Fucking right! She’ll be lucky to find a guy like you.”

“She’ll find somebody.”

“Can you fucking imagine? You, dating Allanah. Oh man I’d fucking kill you. You’d never do that would you?”


Jeffreys phone rings at midnight. A text from Sam begging him to come to bed or he’ll be tired the next day.

“Do you wanna spend the fucking night?”

“Can I?” Dan knows that he shouldn’t be there are a lot of reasons. He shouldn’t be here overnight.

“Sure man. You’re family.”

Jeffrey goes upstairs and gets pajamas for Dan. After putting them on Dan goes to the guest bedroom and tries to fall asleep but it eludes him. He’s feeling guilty about the other night… Allanah.

At some point in the drunken stupor Dan finds himself drunkenly walking over to Allanah’s bedroom. He knocks lightly and there is no answer. He’s convinced that this is somehow a good idea.

Without a response he decides that this can’t wait. He opens the door and says her name. No response. Dan thinks to himself that he shouldn’t be here. He should be in bed jerking off and then sleeping. But he doesn’t really want to. He’s drunk and horny and wants to talk to Allanah.

He paces up to the bed and gently shakes Allanah awake.



There is a hesitation. “Why are you in my room?”

“I was thinking about you.”

“You—you were?”

“How it was wrong that I—you know?”

“Saw me naked?”

“You don’t have to say it.”

Allanah sits herself up. “I do. What did you like?”

Dan can feel his cock start to rise. “Everything.

Dan knows what he should do and what he wants to do. They are opposites.

“Allanah… Can I get into bed with you? Just for a bit?”

“Should you?”


He gets beneath the blanket and wraps his arms around her.

“Are you comfortable?”

Allanah doesn’t respond. Instead she pushes herself back into Dan. Her butt is pressed up against his pajama pants. Dan hears himself moan. He can feel his hips start to push back against Allanah. A part of his sober mind is waking up and it’s telling him to stop but the drunk mind continues to exist. It tells him that all that matters is that he feels good and in this moment he does.

He can hear Allanah’s shallow breaths. He wants to make them louder. He runs his hands down her body and grabs hold of her waist. He uses it to pull her back into him. The extra force from pulling makes his dick fully hard. He is pushing against her as if he was fucking her. Dan wants to. Though even his drunken minds he knows it’s a bad idea.

Allanah loves the feeling of Dan’s cock pushing against her ass but she wants more. She wants to feel him inside of her. She’s never done that before but some instinctual part of her knows that is what’s supposed to happen next.

She reaches her hand back and grabs Dan’s face. She turns and kisses him. Dan doesn’t kiss back right away. There’s a resistance that gives away as he feels her tongue reach for him. When their tongues meet his thrusting somehow grows more frantic. The desperation of his lust is growing and neither of them can contain it.

Allanah loves the feeling of bliss that spreads through her. The sensation of him behind her. The feeling of their mouths joined together. She wants more but knows she couldn’t. Or is it that she shouldn’t? The coulds and should of the moment become blurred as every rule she’s ever learned is broken.

Dan stops thrusting and grabs Allanah by her throat. He pulls her into another kiss.

“You make me feel so fucking good.”

“Do I?”

“Yes. I’ve been thinking about you all week.”

“What about me?”

“I’ve thought about fucking you.”

“Are you going to?”

Dan’s thrusting is a soft force. He holds Allanah by the throat as she awaits his response.

“I can’t.”

“I want you to.”


“Please Dan? Fuck my pretty little pussy?”

Dan roughly grabbed her throat.

“Shut up you slut.”

“How will you make me?”

“I can’t.”

Dan pushed himself away from Allanah. She reached her hand out and put it against his cock.

“I know how you can shut me up.”

“No—Allanah—I can’t let you.”

She sat up and lifted the blanket off from Dan.

She got next to his ear and said, “Pretty please?”


“I’ll make you feel good if you let me.”

“Only a handjob.”

Allanah hungrily lowered his underwear and pulled out his cock. It was bigger than she thought it would be. Not huge but she couldn’t imagine it fitting inside her much less her mouth. She was glad he wasn’t going to make her do it—This time.

She wrapped her hand around the cock and moved her hand up and down. From the first moments her fingers touched it Dan was moaning. She could just see that his head was leaned back in total pleasure.

“Does that feel good?”

“Feels so fucking good. Please keep pumping.”

Allanah’s hands continued moving at a rhythmic pace. The sounds of his moans served to turn Allanah on and made her feel sexy. They made her feel as if she was satisfying her purpose as a woman. Was it wrong that she was doing it with an older man? She didn’t think so. Especially because it all felt so fucking good.

Dan took a moment and pulled Allanah into a kiss. She kept her hand on his cock and slowly moved her hand up and down. As she pulled away Dan told her how beautiful she was. How she had satisfied him more than she knew.

His moans got deeper and more rapid. As inexperienced as Allanah was she knew that this was what she had been waiting for. The big secret that all virgins find out about. How would his cum look? What would it taste like? Should she swallow it? She had seen it in porn before but she wasn’t sure if that’s what was sexy. She wasn’t sure if anything she did was sexy. All she knew was that Dan kept making the motion of fucking her and she liked it—that.

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