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Tears fell from my eyes with the speed and force of the water tumbling over Niagara Falls. Thick leather cuffs at my wrists were connected by heavy chains to the rafters above; my four-inch black heels were padlocked to me, with short heavy chains ensuring my legs were spread and held close to the bolts in the stone floor.

Again and again and again, the bullwhip tore at my bare body. With each powerful, painful strike, my body would lurch involuntarily. The agony was intense, yet the only sound I made was that of my labored breathing.

i opened my tear-filled eyes, and could just barely discern my longtime friend Kelli across the room, sitting on the edge of a hard wooden chair. She looked ready to rush to me and free me from my bonds, then run away with me and care for my battered body, yet something held her back and kept her on the chair.

my eyes snapped shut again as the bullwhip sliced across my upper back. Still, i was able to keep from screaming despite the agony. Never had i experienced a whipping this severe, but the lessons learned over the previous four years had prepared me quite well for this particular evening.

i heard footsteps, then for the first time felt the bite of the bullwhip across my sensitive breasts. Still, i did not scream, but i was admittedly very close to it. Instead, i began to sob loudly. The most prominent signs of my femininity were graced with a brutal lashing, and i suddenly found myself dancing as much as the restrictive bonds would allow, my body’s fight-or-flight instinct suddenly taking control of me.

Yet, i welcomed the pain. i actually needed the agony. While not a pain slut, i found an erotic solace in the fiery misery. i was slipping into that strange, bizarre state in which i was aware of the continuing abuse of my body without truly feeling it. i was actually finding a small measure of pleasure in this most unexplainable of predicaments.

…which was why Kelli was here, witnessing the extreme violence inflicted upon me. For years, she had known about my interests. i had kept her updated about my training, but had spared her from the majority of the (juicy) details. Curiosity had finally seized her, and now she sat at the edge of an uncomfortable chair, watching a dear friend willing subject herself to horrific pain.

i finally screamed when the bullwhip caught a nipple just perfectly, sending a charge straight down my sweat-covered body to my clitoris, causing it to twitch violently in response. Now the bullwhip was applied seemingly everywhere upon my body at once. i cried, i screamed, i danced, i drank in every sensation.

i wanted this. i needed this. i enjoyed this, and it continued.

At last, the vicious lashing ceased, yet i continued to sob and scream and struggle and sweat. i could practically feel each individual welt upon my skin, yet i was most keenly aware of the general haze of intense, mind-numbing pain. i felt my heart pounding faster than ever before, its sound essentially reverberating between my ears.

At last, the screams ended and the tears slowed. i no longer struggled, but did occasionally shudder in my spread-eagle position. A low, pained moan escaped my raw, parched throat. If my head had not been so securely attached to my neck, it would have tumbled to the floor. my chest still heaved in its quest for air; otherwise, i was quite still, lost in the hazy aftermath.

“I… I…” Kelli stammered. “I’ve never seen…”

i suddenly screamed again as my Master pressed Himself against my backside. my body struggled of its own volition, desperately attempting to tear away from Him, the pressure agonizingly enflaming the myriad welts. The pain worsened as He roughly pawed at my equally-abused chest. The tears fell yet again, cascading to the floor like a heavy downpour upon the countryside. i was too lost in my agony to comprehend what my Master was saying past my ear.

Then, a new, more pleasurable sensation broke past all the sheer pain. i left a tentative fingernail graze the tip of my clitoris. i opened my blurry eyes and looked down to see Kelli kneeling before me. i very nearly called the safeword right then, as in all the years i had known her, Kelli had never ever expressed an interest in bisexuality.

But then, she looked up at me, an expression of wonderment upon her face. It was clear that she was okay with this, at least for the moment.

i finally was able to internalize the pain, allowing me to focus on the pleasure. my Master gently humped my ass, His cock still encased in His jeans. The actions of His hands slowed and became more sensual as He fondled my breasts, this while His lips kissed my tear-stained cheeks repeatedly.

And Kelli knelt before me, gingerly touching and licking me in all the right places, occasionally stroking inside my beaten body.

“Back to the chair,” my Master ordered, and Kelli quickly complied. “Remember,” He noted while gently pinching my sore nipples, “that if you decide to join U/us, you will be at the very bottom of the hierarchy. Also, giving one of U/us an orgasm must first be earned, just like the right to receive an orgasm.”

He quickly dropped a hand down between my legs and began to masturbate me furiously. He was ruthless, battering me with pleasure, making me soon scream in a very different manner until i slumped forward as far as my bonds would allow, exhausted and sated.

“she has truly earned her orgasm,” my Master said as He withdrew His wet fingers from me. He stepped around me and approached my longtime friend. “You’ve just seen the absolute extreme of your friend’s training,” He said, “something which she chose to experience when she came into My service a few years ago today. You do not necessarily need to experience such a severe level of training – that is entirely your choice, if you should decide to join U/us – but you and I will indeed spend many long and informative hours discussing what you want and what I can provide, with your friend’s assistance. In the end, W/we can train you to be a fine slave worthy of any deserving man or woman.”

i lifted my head and opened my eyes, seeing my Master squatting beside Kelli as she sat on the edge of the chair.

“Is this training and this lifestyle what you want?” He asked.

Kelli hesitated, looking at me, then at her feet. “I don’t know. I think so, but I need time to truly consider it.”

“Good. If you had instantly said ‘Yes,” I would definitely not have accepted you. A decision of this magnitude must never be taken lightly and made quickly.”

i wanted to wrap my arms around Kelli at that moment. i knew firsthand the thoughts going through her mind at lightning-fast speed. But, unfortunately, i was held firmly in my bonds.

“I understand your birthday is next Saturday, correct?” my Master asked.

Kelli simply nodded, then looked at me again. “I’ll be twenty-six,” she said softly.

“Then the three of U/us should celebrate together, and I know the perfect restaurant for it. Until then, you are to seriously consider this decision, and that night is the FIRST time I will hear of your decision, if you have decided by then.”

“Master,” i suggested, “may i be made available to her at any time if she has any questions or concerns?”

“Absolutely,” He agreed with an emphatic nod.

i had made my decision four years earlier. For me, the road had been difficult, the training had been rigorous, but i had never looked back and questioned my decision.

Now, Kelli had a decision to make. Her choice would have profound ramifications on her life, and on our friendship.

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