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Dave Meets His Diva

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I had been helping a friend move out of her room in the coed floor of the college dorm. When I finished, I waved her goodbye, hoping to see her next semester. I returned to my floor and approached my Diva’s room.

I knocked on Ivana’s door and said “Ivana, it’s Dave.”

“Come in,” she said staring out the window, “you’re late.”

“I’m only a few minutes late, Ivana,” I pleaded. I stepped behind the tall Russian blonde Diva and placed my arms on her waist. She turned to face me, her long blonde hair brushing my body. I continued to hold on to her waist.

She smacked me playfully on one side and then the other side of my face. “I smell pussy – where have you been?”

“I was helping Tammy pack out”, I answered.

She smacked my face on both sides again. “I want to warm your face before you go down on me”, she demanded, “I also want you to rim me”.

I reached behind her head and pulled a clump of hair, pushing her mouth to mine. I started sucking her lower lip. She stuck her tongue in my mouth. My lips opened to a full kiss.

She pushed me down and commanded, “on your knees”. I wrapped my arms around her hips and looked up at her adoringly. “Take off my pants”, she commanded me in the usual way we went on with each other. I slipped her jeans below her knees, Kurtköy Fetiş Escort to the floor. She stepped out of them and moved in front of me. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her while spreading her legs. “Kiss me there”, she indicated the inside of her thighs where I usually start to excite her.

My kisses moved up her thighs and to her bikini panties. She pulled them to the side. My tongue descended on her pussy and began finding its way into her slit. I continued licking through the black lace panties. My spit mingled with her pussy juice as it dripped down the side of her leg.

“You want to fuck me? ” she asked.

“Yes, ” I said eagerly.

She dropped her underwear and turned around. She reached for the scented lube and handed it to me. She bent over and reached for the back of my head, pulling. “Put the lube on my ass, ream me and then fuck me,” she said, pointing to her butt. I applied the lube to her butt crack and then rubbed her cheeks together. She moaned. I stuck my tongue in her crack and began licking. I applied the lube to my finger and laid it on top of her butt hole.

“Breathe slowly,” I ordered her as I spread her cheeks. In a short time my finger easily slipped into her hole. I paused and applied more lube to the Kurtköy Gecelik Escort area. I felt her tense up in expectation. “Breathe slowly and push down”, I ordered her again. She relaxed and her inner ring opened up to my finger as it slipped in. I continued kissing the sides of her butt cheeks and moved my inserted finger in slow circles, stretching her hole. She moaned and continued her deep breathing. I squirted more lube on my other finger and inserted it into her widening hole. I continued the slow circular motion. With my other hand, I reached under her and began stroking the outer lips of her pussy. She reached for her mound with one hand and began stroking. Her pussy began to drip onto my hand. I managed to slip a finger into her pussy and began pushing towards my other fingers that were in her butt. Her pussy widened, and dripped more juice on my hand. I inserted a second finger into her and with the two fingers began stroking the outer walls of her vagina. With my thumb I pushed and pulled the shaft of her clit . She was moaning louder and rubbing her mound furiously. Her body contracted, she yelled a gasp and a large squirt of fluid gushed out of her pussy onto my hand.

“Fuck me, ” she yelled to me.

I pushed her over to lean on the bed with her Kurtköy Genç Escort hips in the air. I unrolled a condom and applied large gobs of the thick lube to my cock. I held her hips with one hand and guided my cock into her hole with the other. My dick slid in easily. I held it in place as she began stroking her mound.

“Are you ready for a ride, ” I asked her.

“Yes! Fuck me!”, she commanded.

I started the slow piston action of my cock in her butt hole. I squirted more lube on my cock as it withdrew and slid the lubricated shaft back into her hole. My pounding rhythm matched her stroking. When I felt like I was about to ejaculate, I stopped the pumping, kegeled my muscles like I was trying to stop pissing and waited for the urge to come subside. I felt her contract several times, her pussy pulling my cock in deeper as her juice gushed down the sides of her thighs.

“I want you to fuck my pussy”, she said. I slipped of the condom and placed another one on. I lubed my cock but found it was unnecessary as her pussy was dripping a steady stream. I stuck my finger in and pulled it toward her ass and widened her pussy. My cock slid in as my finger continued to stroke the inside wall of her pussy. I continued the slow pumping as she stroked her mound. I felt no urge to ejaculate and could have continued all night. She gushed several times more. After the fifth or sixth time she ordered me to stop fucking and said “I want you to clean up,”.

I knew what she meant by this command. I knelt down, spread her legs and began licking her pussy from her mound to her ass.

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