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My Sensuous Aunt Madge Ch. 04

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Ch. 04 — Talana and I forget the past and begin anew

By way of apology to you, my readers, I deserve your most severe criticism for the unforgivable manner in which I stopped writing this story. Therefore, I shall make every effort to re-earn your readership as well as your respect of me as a writer.

Please forgive my spelling and grammar errors. I have neither an editor no a proof reader. TwoSpot, my always loving and loyal companion is dog and she doesn’t seem to mind when I make mistakes. 😉

It is my most sincere wish for this chapter to be not only a second beginning for Talana and me but also an opportunity me to reestablish myself as a writer in your eyes.

A week after Talana had devastated my world, my cell phone rang. The number on the caller ID was one which I did not recognize. Ordinarily, I would have simply allowed it to go directly to my voice mail but for some unknown reason I took the call.

“Michael, It’s Talana. Please don’t hang up,” The voice on the phone said so shakily I would not have recognized it.

I was too stunned even to disconnect the call.

“Please don’t ask me to explain anything on the phone. I have to see you in person for this,” The voice, calming enough to be recognized as that of Talana said.

“Will you be bringing your new lover, to further complete your annihilation of me?” I asked sarcastically.

“There was no lover. Please meet with me so I can explain everything to you,” she pleaded.

Deciding not to make this too easy for her, I told her I would be willing to meet with but on my terms at the location of my choice. “Meet me at the Sheraton Commander in Cambridge, Massachusetts tomorrow night. I will have a room there.”

“B-b-ut why do you want to meet there? Are in Boston?” she asked.

“No, I am here in town, but I like Cambridge and with the Commander being so close to both Harvard and Radcliffe I am sure we could each find someone else with whom to amuse ourselves should things between us become stifling,” I said. “If you cannot book a flight directly to Boston, try New York or DC. There are frequent flights to Boston from either city,” I added.

“Can’t we just meet here in town?” She asked sounding dumbstruck by my instructions.

“You called me, Talana. You want to with meet me,” I said without further comment.

“I’ll be there,” she said and hung up her phone.

OK, that might have been a classy way to handle the situation had I been 35 years old, but I was barely 18 so let’s take a different tack. LOL

A week after Talana had devastated my world, my cell phone rang. The number on the caller ID was one which I did not recognize. Ordinarily, I would have simply allowed it to go directly to my voice mail but for some unknown reason I took the call.

“Michael, It’s Talana. Please don’t hang up,” The voice on the phone said so shakily I would not have recognized it as being that of Talana.

Staring at the number on the display, I was too stunned even to disconnect the call.

“Please don’t ask me to explain anything on the phone. I have to see you in person for this,” she said, with her voice calming somewhat.

“Will you be bringing your new lover, to further complete your annihilation of me?” I asked sarcastically.

“There is no lover. Please meet with me so I can explain everything to you,” she pleaded.

I was heartbroken but still very much in love with her so I told her I would meet her at 2:00 pm at the lake near the university. The day was sunny and the temperature was warm so I thought an open air meeting at a not too private location would be good for us both. I was somewhat anxious about the meeting but I needed something from Talana if there was to be final closure of our relationship.

I arrived at the lake a little early. Much to my surprise, I saw Talana was already there. As I got nearer to her car, she stepped out of it. Once again, I was stunned. She looked more radiant and beautiful than I imagined she would. She was wearing a white sundress with a bright yellow floral print which extended down to about three inches above her knees. The sundress had spaghetti straps and neckline scooped downward toward her magnificent breasts exposing a slight amount of cleavage. Her dainty feet were clad in a pair of brown leather pumps with heels of perhaps two inches in height. Her long auburn hair fell gracefully down over her lovely tan shoulders. What little makeup she wore was perfectly applied and was not smeared or running down her cheeks Halkalı escort although I could tell by her eyes she had been crying.

She forced a smile as she walked up to me and asked, “Can we please walk for a few minutes, Michael?”

“That sounds like a good idea,” I said. As I was still a little concerned about how things would go between us so I continued by asking, “How should I address you, as Talana or Aunt Madge?” I was not being facetious.

“I only want to be Talana to you, Michael. Now, may I please try to explain to you what happened?” She asked as she looked directly into my eyes.

“No. You may not, Talana,” I replied as I pulled her into my arms.

So many things flashed through my mind as I held her tightly against me…the line from “Love Story,” “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” as well lyrics from the song by the Backstreet Boys “As Long As You Love Me”… “I don’t care who you are… Where you’re from… What you did… As long as you love me.” I sang those softly into her ear as we held each other.

Love at any age can be a very beautiful, magical and forgiving thing when you really feel it.

“Will you please come back to OUR home with me, Michael?” Talana asked with a trembling voice as I felt her squeeze even more tightly against me.

“Yes, my love,” I replied. I decided I neither wanted nor needed any explanation from her. I believed her when she said there was no other lover. When had she had time for another lover? We had been nearly inseparable from the beginning.

As we turned to go back to our cars, Talana said, “May I ride with you? We can come back later for my car or send a tow truck for it. Right now, I need to be with you.”

Was my little sub trying to “top” me? Perhaps I was being naive but I really did not think she was attempting a role reversal. Only the passage of time would bear out the truth.

When we arrived back home, Talana stopped at the door waiting. I looked at her quizzically and she asked. “Aren’t you going to unlock the door for us. I didn’t have the locks changed.”

“I didn’t throw away my door key either,” I replied with a chuckle.

I am a bit of a sentimentalist so after unlocking and opening the door, I scooped Talana up into my arms and carried her across the threshold.

“God! I am so much in love with you, Michael,” he sighed before whispering to me. Then she nuzzled her face into my shoulder.

When I put her down so she could stand, she turned to me and said, “You will find nothing has changed except my love for you which has grown much deeper. What would you like to do?”

‘Fuck your brains out,’ the horny teenager inside me thought but I said, “Let’s go sit by the pool.”

“Sans clothes?” she asked teasingly.

“Not just yet but I would like to see you in one of your skimpiest bikinis. Go put one on.” I replied with a gleam in my eye.

Without uttering a word, Talana bolted like an Olympic sprinter coming off the starting blocks and dashed to the bedroom presumably to change into a bikini.

I got a beer out of the refrigerator and went out to the patio to wait for Talana. In a few minutes she came out wearing a white bikini. At least, I think it was a bikini. I’m pretty sure two tiny band-aids and a fishing cork would have covered more of her satin smooth deeply tanned skin. I had not gotten hard through anything that had transpired earlier during the day but I was not prepared for this. Neither had I really given much thought to sex before now. I don’t know if Talana had thought about sex either but the way my cock was throbbing inside my shorts and the look on her face as she stared at my crotch told me neither of us cared what we had or had not thought earlier. Talana belonged together.

It was absolutely clear to both of us that there would be very little if any foreplay needed when we went to the bedroom, if we actually made it that far. Even from five feet away, I could smell the aroma of her arousal which always reminded me of a fine Bordeaux. I felt like a stag during the rutting season and she smelled like a doe ready to “stand” and be bred.

Suddenly, I realized she was, once again, trying to “work” me. If I was to regain control of this relationship and I had to do it now.

“Talana!” I snapped at her.

Startled by my tone of voice, she replied, “Yes, Michael. What is it?”

“You were a very naughty girl last week and now I must punish you for it. Go to the bedroom and find a belt for me to use. Then get on the bed Halkalı Escort Bayan and wait for me. I will be there soon to administer your punishment,” I told her.

As she started to speak, I arched my eyebrow and stared intently into her eyes and said, “Now, slut.”

She turned silently toward the door leading into the house and walked slowly away from me. She did, however, gave her hips a slightly exaggerated sway as she walked away. ‘The little pain slut wants to be punished,’ I mused to myself.

I finished the beer I was drinking and went to find Talana whom I knew would be waiting for me in our bedroom. Upon arriving in the bedroom, I found her lying on her stomach with head turned so she was facing the door. I saw my belt on the bed beside her.

Are you prepared to accept your punishment, slut?” I asked her.”

“Yes, Sir, your slut is prepared for it,” she replied.

“Why am I going to punish you? What did you do to deserve this punishment?” I continued to question her.

“Because I told you I was in love with someone else,” she answered.

“No, that is not the actual reason. What is the real reason?” I asked her again.

“Because it was a lie,” she replied.

“Why did you lie to me, you worthless slut?” was my next question.

She hesitated before saying, “I wanted to make you jealous.”

I couldn’t imagine what purpose she thought making me jealous would serve.

“And when will you lie to me again, cunt?” I asked giving her a single fiery stinging slap of the belt directly across her back the magnificent globes of her beautiful ass.

“NEVER!” She screamed in pain surprised perhaps more by the sudden unexpected blow than by the pain she felt.

“I promise I will find a way to make this up to you, Sir,” She sobbed while trying to hold back her tears.

I did not like to punish her in this manner which actually hurt me more from an emotional standpoint than it hurt her physically. I resolved that any future punishment would be meted out by simply ignoring her completely and maintaining stoic silence. I felt no need to spank her any further.

“Turn off the fountain of tears and go get us a glass of wine,” I commanded her.

I could smell the aroma of her arousal which again made me think of Bordeaux. I was amazed how anyone could become so aroused by pain and I found myself becoming aroused once again.

“Yes, Master,” she answered as she scrambled up and dashed out the door to get the wine.

I reminded myself to be alert for future attempts by Talana to top me. She was a wonderful submissive but she did have an impish streak within her.

When she returned with the wine, she knelt beside the bed and without looking up she asked, “Will you make love to me, please?”

There was no reason for us to play games about it. It had been a week since we had had sex and our hormones were in overdrive so I pinched her nipples which hardened instantly at my touch before pulling her onto the bed and on top of me. I was certain that extended foreplay was not on Talana’s agenda at this point because she was writhing her body against me as if she was trying to climb inside my skin.

Turn over, sweetheart. Lay on top of me on your back so I can touch more of you. I loved her firm trim body, her soft smooth skin and her eagerness to please me. I had almost forgotten she was my aunt. I still loved her as Aunt Madge but I loved her far more as my Talana.

When she had turned over, I brushed her silky auburn hair aside exposing her tender neck to my caressing lips. Talana shivered ever so slightly as my fingertips traced slowly over her hips, across her thighs and upwards along her now trembling flanks. The sounds she made were a mixture of gentle sighs and soft moans which left no doubt in my mind she had missed me at least as much as I had missed her.

Talana draped her firm legs over my thighs and pulled my turgid cock firmly against her soft saturated lips of her labia. She closed her legs encasing it in her warmth as she gently undulated her hips to further arouse the fire inside my loins.

As I lay there with her I could not help but silently thank my uncle, Bob, for having been such a fool to give up this incredibly remarkable and sensuous woman giving true meaning to the expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In my mind, Talana had never been trash for she was truly a treasure.

I reached down with one hand to gentle but firmly massage her clit as I cupped and caressed her Escort Halkalı breasts with the other. Her nipples were so hard that even my hardest pinches brought forth little more than a whimper from her luscious lips.

As my fingers opened the hood surrounding her clit, I tenderly stroked the sensitive tip. It was only a matter of seconds until I felt her body shudder as it was racked by the first tremor of her orgasm. I could feel her juices flowing down the base of my throbbing cock onto my now almost aching balls.

Talana moaned, “Michael, please fuck me. I need you so badly. I’ll do whatever you want but you have to fuck me. I have been going crazy all week needing to be with you and feel you inside me. Let’s just forget everything from the past and be together for today.”

Talana was right. The past was exactly that; the past.

She shifted onto her side to face me and kiss me a deep tender passionate kiss before laying back on the bed to offer herself to me. I was always amazed when I saw this beautiful woman lying before me that she wanted me so much. Of course, that was merely a second or two before my raging teenage hormones went into hyper-drive.

Neither of us wanted nor needed any foreplay. We would have ample time for that in the future. At this moment, Talana wanted to be taken and I fully intended to take her. She splayed her legs open as if she was doing a side split and pulled her labia open with her finger making herself fully open for my entry.

I could only hope this would not permanently maim either of us as I thrust my cock forward into her waiting pussy. She was as wet and ready as a bitch in heat and I felt little resistance as I plowed inside her. She clamped her arms and legs around me as our bodies met in our first coupling as if she was an octopus clutching its prey.

When Talana made love with me, she never held ANYTHING in reserve. For her, it was all or nothing — do or die. I did not know it at the time but she would become the lover against whom all my future lovers would be compared. Naturally, I would not tell them that.

I leaned down and sucked her nipples which were by this time as hard as diamonds and spiking upward in perfect little cones. We thrust against each in a maddening pace no longer caring whether the other reached their climaxed. Our own individual needs were far too great for that. Relentlessly, we pounded our bodies against each other almost as if begging the other to surrender in defeat.

Our passion and desire was too great for either of us to even think about holding back to wait for the other. We exploded in a simultaneous orgasm which drew both us immediately into the waiting arms or Morpheus.

When I awakened, I found Talana nestled tightly against me. “Ready for round two, Sir?” She asked as she flashed me a radiant smile.

“No, you little slut, go make us a sandwich or order pizza or Chinese or anything. Dammit, I’m hungry and as good as your pussy tastes, I need real food,” I growled with a laugh in my voice.

I had almost fallen back asleep when I felt a weight upon the bed. Talana had prepared a bed tray meal for me. She had made a fresh Reuben sandwich for me and a Rachel for herself. She also had a small plate of sliced Gala apples and Brie cheese beside the sandwiches.

“I had difficulty selecting what to serve you to drink, Sir. I thought a Riesling with go good with the sauerkraut on your Reuben but I know how much you like Guinness Extra Stout so I chose that. I hope it pleases you,” Talana said.

“You did well, little one,” I replied.

“Thank you, Sir,” I want nothing more than to please you.

“Then shut up and feed me, girl,” I chided.

“I love being your girl,” Talana said as she released a sigh.

After we finished eating, Talana took away the bed tray and returned to join me on the bed. We chatted idly as lovers do on subjects of little importance. It was wonderful just lying here close to her and talking with each other.

Suddenly, my awesome girl dropped two bombshells on me at once.

“Marsha will be arriving this weekend and she will be staying here for a few days,” Talana told me. “She and Daniel are having a bit of difficulty,” she added.

“Are you prepared for that, Talana? You and I will not alter the way we behave just because my mother is here,”

“Michael,” Talana replied as she stepped out of her submissive mode, “if you will permit me to do so I will show her how a wife should treat her husband.”

“YOU GO GIRL!” I exclaimed.

“Do I detect a bit of an Oedipus complex if you?” She asked. “Do you want to take your hot, sexy mother?”

***Readers, this is your story as much as it is mine let me know by comments of messages how you would like to see this saga progress or end if you so desire. You make the call.

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