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Keeper Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

There are elements of many categories in this story, including, but not limited to exhibitionism and voyeurism, anal, and erotic couplings. However, IMHO, it fits best in group sex.

If you are under 18 or are not looking for hardcore sex, back out of this website at once.

My thanks go out to user shittylifelessons for his invaluable suggestions and insights; any mistakes are mine.

New character for this chapter, for more information on other characters, please read the previous chapter:

Maddie, early 30s, 5′ 7″, 140 pounds, short red hair down to her neck; all angles. 34A. Something of a cliché, she may have small breasts but her nipples are long and very sensitive. Her greatest physical asset is her eyes, which are a stunning shade of green. A PoliSci major in college, she then went to law school; she works for a law firm in the Charleston area of SC.

Erin relaxed when Adam, her boyfriend of just over a year, put his arms around her. They were seated on the living room floor in the house she shared with Anna, a friend of Erin’s from work. Erin’s back was to Adam. Anna was at work and would be for hours, so they had the house to themselves.

Erin asked him, “Remember Kim?”

Going on after Adam’s approving grunt in her ear, “You must’ve made an impression on her because she’s invited both of us to go camping at Cape Hatteras this summer.”

Nuzzling Erin’s neck, Adam observed, “Well, that’s fair, because she certainly made an impression on me.”

Laughing, Erin teased, “Oh, you were impressed, alright, by her ass gripping you. Just the thought of that makes you hard.”

With that, she wiggled her jean-covered bottom on his burgeoning erection.

Adam teased right back, “I didn’t hear you exactly complaining about her tongue in your pussy.

Just the thought of that makes you wet.” With that, he drew a finger across her moistening pussy, caressing it through her jeans.

Erin leaned her head back, inviting Adam to kiss her.

He did deeply, his tongue sliding into her now open mouth., his arms circling her waist.

Erin told Adam, “Carpeting on the floor or not, this living room is cold; I need to go to my bedroom to get a blanket.” With that said, she rose and shimmied out of her jeans and panties.

After that, she left the room.

While she was gone, Adam quickly took the opportunity to stand up and take off his shorts and underwear; he unbuttoned his flannel shirt but left it on — it really was cold in the living room now that Erin was gone.

When Erin came back, it was with a blanket.

Looking at Adam’s bare cock standing up in the near darkness, she observed, “Well, this is a nice way to be greeted,” and smiled.

Adam held her and asked, “Really?”

After that, he turned her around and knelt on the floor. He paused in the low light to admire the sight of her ass before him, spread her legs a little, and ran his tongue over her pussy, eliciting a loud moan from her.

Coming up for air, Adam released her hips after pulling her down, saying only, “We have time enough for that. Come here.”

Settling back on the floor, Erin luxuriated in the warmth of the blanket. And Adam’s body.

“We can go to Hatteras in July,” she ventured.

“But not before stopping to pick up some camping supplies in North Carolina. I don’t want to haul that stuff through airports both here and there. I’m energetic, but even I have my limits,” Adam finished.

Wiggling her naked bottom on Adam’s erection, Erin said provocatively, “Your “limits” are pretty good, as far as I’m concerned.”

Fully aroused now, he observed, “OK. Enough time has passed.”

After saying that, Adam put his hands under her arms, lifted her, and lowered Erin onto his thickness. Both groaned as her lips parted and he filled her. Adam lowered his head, and after wetting it with his lips, he used his teeth to nip at the nape of her neck. As he repeatedly lifted and lowered Erin on his cock, enjoying the feel of her pussy’s wetness on him, he moved his hands to her chest, running his thumbs over her nipples.

Keeping his lips on her neck, he moved one of his hands to her asshole and started caressing it. His kissing of her neck, and stroking of her asshole, quickly brought her to the brink of a climax. The sound of skin slapping on skin filled the room as their bodies connected repeatedly. Their moans as his cock repeatedly filled her just added to the clamor.

When Erin’s moans became high-pitched cries, Adam knew the inevitable was about to happen. When she orgasmed, it was with a scream.

Feeling his cock being inundated with her juices, Adam moved both of his hands under her arms and used them to propel her up and down his cock faster. With her pussy now unattended, Erin slid one her hands down to where his body joined hers and started caressing Adam’s juice-covered cock as it filled her over and over. When she thought his arousal was at the edge, she pushed him over that edge by fondling his balls.

With escort bayan bursa a scream of his own, he then clamped his mouth to the back of her neck and added his own juices to hers in her pussy. Afterward, they both sat in the darkened living room, at once catching their breaths and savoring each other’s presence…until after 30 seconds of bliss, they heard a key enter the front door lock.

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Erin in a loud whisper, “Anna’s home early!”

Erin quickly scrambled to her feet, picked up her jeans and panties, and ran to her room while trying to put them on while keeping his cum from dripping out of her pussy.

For his part, Adam put on his underwear and shorts over his rapidly softening but still wet cock, taking the time to button his shirt, but not bothering to tuck it in.

Then Anna entered the room, turning around to close the door. She then reached over to switch the light on and gasped as she noticed Adam.

“Ummm…the store was slow, so they sprung some of us early tonight,” she blurted, “I mean, I need the money which is why I took a second job, but this still feels good.”

“Hi, Anna! Surprised you’re home so early,” said Erin gaily as she entered the room.

She visibly relaxed when Erin entered the room, but a triumphant look quickly came over her face.

She took in Adam’s unkempt look and the hastily-donned but inside-out pants on Erin and yelled, “I interrupted you two making out like a couple of teenagers!”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it,” stated Erin, with relief tangible in her voice.

“OK, you got us,” agreed Adam.

Not noticing the others’ discomfort, Anna chattered on, “Look at you two! You’re both adults now, with decent jobs. Get a room already!”

“Yeah, that’s good advice, Anna,” murmured Adam, “And on that note, I have to work tomorrow, so it’s time for me to leave.”

Erin chimed in, “Let me escort you to your car,” and followed that by taking Adam by the arm and all but pulling him outside.

They were well away from the house, almost to the sidewalk, before the humor of the situation overcame them and they both started laughing.

“Damn, that was close,” noted Adam.

“Yep,” agreed Erin, “A minute earlier and she would have seen enough to know it wasn’t a make-out session.”

“A minute?” scoffed Adam. “Way less than that.”

When they got to his CUV, they kissed goodbye. It was a bit of a lingering kiss, but as their hunger for each other was sated, at least temporarily, the kiss was more affectionate than hungry.

When they broke apart, Erin let him know, “Kim will use her connections in Carolina and will set up everything for Hatteras.”

“Everything?” asked Adam suggestively.

“Down boy,” laughed Erin, “You’ll just have to suffer until then.”

“If all of the suffering is like tonight, I think I can handle it,” he replied good-naturedly.

Soon enough, July rolled around, and one morning, they flew out of Phoenix to Charlotte.

Kim’s connections were good, but she wasn’t independently wealthy, so some driving would be involved.

Kim met them at the airport there and they reacquainted themselves with each other. Kim’s hugs for both Erin and Adam took a while but no one was complaining. Still, remembering that they were in a very public place with lots of witnesses, they kept things low-key.

They piled into Kim’s SUV with Adam driving while the two women caught up on each other’s lives in the back seat.

Adam asked, “Where’s the nearest home improvement store near here? We have some supplies to buy.”

“Take a right out of here, then take the second left,” Kim told him, “And then keep going. Not only is the store there, but it’s also in a plaza with a department store. We’ll be able to get everything we need. I have a few things with me, but nowhere near enough to go camping.”

With that, Adam drove off while Kim and Erin turned toward each other and started talking, almost at the same time.

“It’s great to see you!” squealed the women before kissing each other like the long-time lovers that they were. After exchanging tongues and hands, the women broke apart.

Kim reached into her backpack and pulled out a jar that she showed to Erin. “We’re using all of this in the week ahead.”

Adam’s ears perked up at Erin’s sarcastic response, “A plus-sized jar of lube? Whatever will we use this for?”

Kim, laughing, said, “You didn’t actually think I invited you two out here because of your personalities, which are great, by the way, did you? I expect that shortly after we get to the campground at Hatteras, my tongue will be in your pussy and Adam’s cock will be in my ass.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” enthused Adam.

“It better, because it works for me,” advised Erin, “You’re good, but I’m craving her tongue there almost as much as she’s craving putting it there.”

At that, Kim and Erin kissed and groped each other; they might not have waited for the campground, but Adam interrupted them with “OK. We’re bursa sinirsiz eskort there. Let’s go spend some money.”

They walked into the cavernous store on a mission. They found a tent rated to sleep 8 and put it in their cart.

“‘8’ is way more than us 3.” commented Erin.

“Well, that’s 8 small people and we’re not going to be sleeping much,” answered Adam.

“‘4’ ” interjected Kim.

Both Erin and Adam looked over at her quizzically.

“I invited Maddie to join us. You remember her from college, right, Erin?” continued Kim, “Anyway, she’s a lawyer near Charleston now and will meet us at the campground.”

“Maddie?” exclaimed Erin, “Oh, Adam, you’ll both like her and be a little uncomfortable around her. She likes hard things up her ass and she likes to put hard things up others’ asses. I brought a second jar of lube just in case we need it. And I expect, and hope, that we will.”

Adam looked a little uncomfortable at this, but Kim saved Erin.

“I may miss her more than Erin. Her tongue, while not as good as Erin’s, is still pretty good. Plus her strapon never needs recharge time. And while you’re good, sometimes a girl can’t wait.”

Adam relented, and looking at his watch, said, “OK, for now anyway. But we need to get going if we’re going to get to the campground while there’s still enough light out to set up.”

With that, he threw a couple of lanterns in their cart and proceeded down the aisle to find a grill.

After they were done there, they went to the department store to get the other things they would need while camping, like food. Kim made some noises about how much money Adam was spending, but he quieted her concern with “Well, we’re not spending much for the travel, so my vacation budget has plenty in it.”

Soon enough, they were on their way east to Hatteras.

When they got to the campsite, there was already a two-seater sports car there with a redhead sitting in it.

As the figure got out of her car and ambled to her feet, Erin grabbed Adam and brought him over to make an introduction.

“Hiiiiii, Maddie! Long time, no see! Since college, at least!” yelled Erin. “This is my boyfriend, Adam!”

Maddie took Adam’s proffered hand, looked him up and down, and said, “Nice to meet you, Adam.”

Adam looked at Maddie’s long legs, tight shorts, and red hair, and he liked what he saw.

Maddie then looked at Erin and went on approvingly, “Looks good, and based on what Kim said on the phone, he knows what he’s doing in the sack.”

Taken aback, Adam turned to Kim as she unloaded the car and asked accusingly, “Phone?”

A little chagrined, Kim said, “Well, I had to get her up here somehow…did I mention she can be direct to the point of making me look shy? Anyway, we need to get this stuff set up before dark.”

“OK. Kim, Maddie — you go explore and see what’s around us while Erin and I finish setting up,” Adam said, “If we’re all here, we’ll just get in each other’s way.”

Hearing that, Kim and Maddie wandered off, hand-in-hand, while Erin and Adam set about finishing setting up the campsite, which consisted mostly of setting up the tent and throwing down a few blankets and sleeping bags in it. And each person’s backpack. The set up would have gone faster except for the fact that they kept running into each other “inadvertently”.

Darkness was falling when Kim and Maddie returned, by which time, the others had a fire going in front of the tent.

Kim and Maddie nodded approvingly at the state of the campsite, while Erin and Adam took in the slightly disheveled state of the other two.

“Getting started without us?” teased Erin.

“Just getting reacquainted,” answered Kim coyly, before pointing all over, “The beach is over there, some cold showers and bathrooms over there, and the campground store is over there. Anything that we’ve forgotten, they’ll have.”

“‘Reacquainted’? There’s a word,” mused Erin as she reached out and stroked Adam’s hardening cock through his shorts.

“I think we better take this inside the tent while there is still enough light to find the tent,” advised Adam.

“And before we are all too preoccupied to bother,” Maddie joined in.

On that cue, all four entered the tent, shedding clothes and piling them in a corner by lantern light. They lay down on the available blankets and sleeping bags, Kim next to Maddie and Erin next to Adam.

Adam began the “festivities” by caressing Erin’s ass before moving his face in to kiss her bare shoulders.

“It’s been a long day of being near you and not being able to taste you…until now,” whispered Adam.

“Let me fix that,” stated Erin huskily, before rolling on to her back, moving her legs over his shoulders, and using a hand to push his head down to her pussy.

He feasted like a man deprived, stopping, as was his habit, only to kiss her inner thighs.

Kim and Maddie enjoyed the show visible in the lantern light; they lay back with a hand escort bayan between the other’s legs.

“Damn!” exclaimed Kim, “I want some of what he’s getting!”

Kim’s knees were up near her chest, giving Maddie easy access to her clit, which she happily strummed. Kim came with a rush and a scream. They watched Adam using his tongue to part Erin’s lips, using that tongue to pull out some of her juices so he could savor the taste.

Kim rose and moved over to Erin and Adam, playfully pushing Adam out of the way. To the delight of the other three, she instructed him, “Get up by Erin’s head so she can get you ready for Maddie.”

Hearing this, Maddie moaned, her hand a blur between her own legs. So did Adam, but he didn’t let that slow him down — when he got to Erin’s head, he didn’t hesitate to present his cock to her willing mouth. She alternated between swirling her tongue around the head and all but swallowing his cock. The excitement of her technique, always spectacular, was heightened by the sensation of Kim’s tongue in her pussy. With Adam fucking his cock in and out of her mouth and Kim burying her tongue in Erin’s core, Erin was as excited as she’d ever been.

When Kim started tickling her asshole with a finger, Erin went off, covering Kim’s face with her juices. And seeing his girlfriend come so spectacularly pushed Adam over the edge, filling her mouth to overflowing with juices of his own. Seeing a rivulet of cum slide down Erin’s cheek, Maddie moaned at her, “Get him hard again for me.”

Adam and Erin cooperated — he never went completely soft and she never let him out of her mouth.

All the while, Kim kept herself busy by gently kissing Erin’s pussy.

Sensing that Adam was hard enough to keep Maddie happy, Erin finally let him out of her cum-filled mouth, disentangled herself from Kim, rose, and took his hand, guiding him over to Maddie.

She sunk down beside Maddie, bringing Adam with her, Adam moving in over Maddie.

When he moved down to tongue her pussy, Maddie demurred, informing him, “I’m wet enough already; just get to work.”

When Adam placed his cock at the entrance to Maddie’s pussy, Kim moved over to caress one of Maddie’s nipples while kissing her. Erin used that moment to tell Adam simply, “In,” while bringing her lips to his.

Not being dense, Adam did just that, his cock entering Maddie’s tightness while his tongue entered Erin’s mouth. At that sensation, Maddie moaned into Kim’s mouth. Erin reached down to feel Adam’s cock as it plunged in and out of Maddie.

The feeling of Erin’s hand on his cock added to his excitement, causing him to speed up. Maddie raised her legs to allow Adam deeper access to her moistness. Seeing that, Kim was struck by an idea.

Taking her mouth off of Maddie’s, and her hand off of Maddie’s nipple, Kim told her, “Hold on,” and went over to her backpack and withdrew one of the jars of lube.

Seeing that development, Erin cried, “That’s a good idea!” before taking the jar out Kim’s hand, removing Adam’s cock from Maddie, and covering it with some of the lube.

Feeling forlorn and forgotten, Maddie asked, “What’s going on?” before that devolved into a guttural moan when she felt Erin putting lube on and in her asshole.

Maddie raised her legs even more to allow them easier access to her bottom. Adam took that as a sign, plunging his thickness into her bowels.

Maddie’s squeal of happiness was muffled when Kim pressed her lips over Maddie’s mouth, with her hand going back to Maddie’s nipple. Erin took Adam’s head in her hand, clasped her fingers in his hair, and brought his mouth to hers, his tongue entering her mouth and playing with hers.

He started fucking Maddie’s ass slowly out of consideration for her, but she soon started moving her ass toward Adam, trying to pull him deeper into her. When her moans became high-pitched wails, Erin moved her mouth off of Adam’s, put her forehead on Adam’s, stroked his ear, and told him, “Fill her ass the same way you filled my mouth.”

With a loud wail, Maddie started shuddering in orgasm. With her shaking around his cock, Adam filled her ass with so much cum that some of it leaked out. After he was spent, he fell next to Maddie, rolled over on to his back, and said only, “Wow.”

Maddie seconded the idea with, “You got that right.”

Erin rose and went over to her pack, pulling a cleansing wipe out of it. She went back over to the other three, taking the time to slowly clean off Adam’s cock and Maddie’s asshole.

When the other three looked at the wipe and then at her, she said impishly, “What can I say? When I was a kid, I heard the phrase ‘Be Prepared’ and took it to heart. You should see what else I have in my pack.”

She threw the wipe into one of the back corners of the tent and lay down next to Adam. He reached back to roll a blanket over her, caressing her thigh before it was covered. For his part, Adam was enjoying the sensation of Maddie’s and Erin’s warm bodies on either side of him.

Erin snuggled in next to him while Kim snuggled in next to Maddie. Erin stroked Adam’s cock while asking Maddie, “Did Kim and I tell you he was pretty good, or didn’t we?”

Maddie answered with only a breathy, “Yup.”

The four lay back on the blankets and sleeping bags and coming down from their erotic highs.

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