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Improving The Grade

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Ms. Bradley was a smart and sexy college professor who also happened to be a closet nymphomaniac. She knew the male students were always checking her out when she lectured, and she loved every minute of it. Ms. Bradley had tall voluptuous legs that connected to a firm ass that men just couldn’t keep their eyes off of. A sexy, flat stomach and a pair of C-cup sized breasts rounded out her alluring figure. She had a face that would make Aphrodite jealous, with big brown eyes, a cute little nose and lips that begged to be kissed. Her hair was dark black, well groomed and fell to her mid back. She wore a fashionable pair of glasses that made her look younger. She was in her mid thirties, but she didn’t show it.

To her students and colleagues she was just a normal woman, but none of them suspected she had a wild side that craved sex. She would often go to bars and seduce the younger men, taking them home and begging them to fuck her in various positions. Ms. Bradley loved the younger men because they were more then eager to fuck her the way she wanted. Their young bodies had the energy and stamina to make love to her multiple times. No one suspected she was like this; that is until she decided to fuck one of her students.

It was a Thursday late afternoon. Class had just finished.

“Tim, can I see you for a moment?” Ms. Bradley asked to her student before he could leave.

He said his good byes to a few friends and walked towards her at her desk. “Is something wrong Ms. Bradley?” He said a little nervous. His eyes quickly checked out her chest which revealed a little cleavage.

“We need to talk about your grades Tim.” She explained to him.

He looks so fucking good. She thought to herself. Tim was a sophomore at the school. He was very handsome; he had a toned lean body, short brown hair with side burns that stopped just an inch above his jaw line. He wore a light brown short sleeve shirt that showed off his muscular arms well. He completed the outfit with a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. He was six feet tall, just a few inches taller then Ms. Bradley.

“Is something wrong with them?” Tim asked, shaking Ms. Bradley from her lust filled thoughts. “I mean, I’m not failing right?” Tim was sure he was passing with a C in the class.

“No Tim.” She leaned forward and rested on her elbows, exposing more cleavage. “However; I think you can do much better in this class.” She looked him in the eyes and stared for a second.

“I know I haven’t been giving it my all. I’ve been really busy this semester.” Tim replied. The look Ms. Bradley gave him was starting to get him aroused. “I have a job, and homework, and friends.”

“I understand Tim.” She stood up and walked to the door. “Are you busy right now?”

Tim stared at her ass as she walked to the door. She wore a loose fitting dark grey skirt that stopped a few inches above the knee. The outline of her ass was still visible in the back and it looked fantastic. A pair of black thigh high nylons covered her succulent legs which stood atop of a pair of sexy high heels that made a clacking sound as she stepped. Her upper body was dressed in a white long sleeve blouse. The sleeves were rolled up past her elbows and scrunched up around her biceps. The top two buttons were undone exposing a little cleavage, but not enough to be unprofessional. A low cut button down vest that matched her skirt completed the outfit. She managed to pull off a look that was both sexy and professional at the same time.

“No. I don’t have anymore classes today, and I’m not working again till tomorrow.” He managed to say, still looking at her ass and wondering what type of underwear she had on underneath that skirt.

“I want to give you an opportunity to earn some extra credit.” She said as she shut the classroom door and locked it. She turned around and leaned against the door. She moved her left hand altyazılı porno over her stomach as she bent her right leg and placed her heel against the door exposing a good portion of her leg. “Would you like to get a better grade?” She took her other hand and played with her shirt collar.

Oh fuck! Was all Tim could think as his dick began to harden as he looked over Ms. Bradley. “Y-Y-Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t hurt me to do that.”

“Good!” Ms. Bradley exclaimed. She put her foot down and walked to the front of her desk where Tim was, swaying her hips along the way.

She sat on her desk next to where Tim was standing and crossed her legs and looked up at him seductively. She didn’t bother to fix her skirt as it hiked up well past her knee exposing the end of her nylons. “I have a special assignment for you Tim.” Her hand reached up and she lightly stroked his left arm.

“What do I have to do?” He barely managed to say. He was so turned on now. This incredibly beautiful woman was sitting in front of him and touching his arm in a flirtatious manner.

“Well Tim, it’s a bit of a personal favor you can do for me. But no one can know about it.” Tim just shook his head. “Can you keep a secret Timothy?”

The way she said his name ‘Timothy’, that sent the blood flowing to all the right spots in Tim’s body. “I-I, can do that.” His mouth suddenly felt dry and his knees weak.

Ms. Bradley stood up and put her mouth near his ear and whispered. “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your hard cock inside me.” She moved in front of him and started to unbutton his jeans.

“Oh fuck!” Tim exclaimed in excitement. “You mean right here?” He asked looking around. “What if we get caught?”

“Let me worry about that stud.” She said as she quickly pulled down his zipper.

Tim lifted his head back and put his hands on Ms. Bradley’s sidess. She felt nice and smelled incredible. His cock was rock hard and was now being stroked by Ms. Bradley’s hand. Her hands were very warm and soft. Her touch sent shivers up Tim’s spine.

“You like my hands around your big cock Timothy?” She said in an innocent voice.

“Yes Ms. Bradley.” Tim groaned.

Ms. Bradley grabbed the collar of Tim’s shirt with her free hand and forcibly pulled him closer to kiss him. Her pussy became increasingly wet as her tongue darted into his mouth. When his tongue followed into her waiting mouth she playfully sucked on it; letting him know just how good she could be with her mouth. Her hand pumped his shaft harder and they both moaned; their tongues still locked in a passionate embrace.

“Get this fucking shirt off of me Timothy!” Ms. Bradley commanded as she gave his cock a squeeze.

Tim broke the kiss and slowly explored her body with his hands. He slid his hands up her sides cupping her breasts. He moved in close again and kissed her passionately on the lips as he unbuttoned her outer layer of clothing at a deliberately slow pace. Again Ms. Bradley sucked on his tongue as if it were his dick. She did this until her vest was finally unbuttoned.

She pushed him backwards hard, Tim stumbled a few steps before regaining his balance. He looked back at Ms. Bradley with a confused look on her face. Did she finally come to her senses? Was this dream come true going to end before it ever got started? Not a chance!

Ms. Bradley grabbed an opening at the center of her white button down blouse and ripped it open as if her life depended on it. Several buttons flew in different directions as she let out a sexy moan. Spreading the shirt wide open she exposed a very sexy silk black bra that barely contained her luscious breasts. Her hands quickly moved back on to her tits. She massaged them hard. Her tits looked incredible; Tim’s mouth began to water, all he could think about was putting Ms. Bradley’s nipples in his mouth.

Tim reached down grabbed zenci porno his shirt and lifted it over his head and threw it down next to where he stood. He wasn’t very bulky, but he did work out often and his body was well defined. His abs and chest were flat and muscular. He quickly took off his shoes and tossed them next to his shirt. With his jeans unfastened the rest of his clothes easily fell to the floor.

Ms. Bradley ran up to him and quickly dropped down to her knees and pulled Tim’s boxer’s down. She immediately grabbed the base of his cock and guided the head into the back of her mouth.

“Uuuuugggghhhh!” Tim gasped. “Fuck, that feels so good.”

She took her right hand and pumped his rod as her head bobbed up and down at a moderate pace. She moved her tongue in a circular motion as Tim’s cock head slid in and out of her mouth. The sensation it gave Tim was incredible.

“Yeah, suck it baby.” Tim commanded. The pure animal instincts of fucking were now kicking in and throwing all inhibitions out the window.

Ms. Bradley continued to suck on Tim’s dick slowly and methodically, slowly shoving more and more of his cock down her throat. After a few minutes she was able to deepthroat his thick shaft. She removed her mouth from his hard cock and tilted it upward so she could easily suck on his balls. She gently caressed his testicles and licked his sack hard and slowly.

“Your balls taste so fucking good.” Ms. Bradley said. Tim acknowledged the comment with a moan. “Your cock is so nice and hard Timothy. I want you to fuck my titties. Now!” Ms. Bradley unlatched her sexy bra from the front. Her beautiful breasts burst out and jiggled a little before settling still. Tim reached down grabbed his dick and slapped it a few times on Ms. Bradley’s big soft breasts.

“Fuck them Tim.” She commanded as her big brown eyes looked up at him with a lust filled gaze.

Tim needed no more urging. His shaft was covered with Ms. Bradley’s saliva and it worked fine as a lubricant against her chest. Ms. Bradley pulled her tits apart so Tim could get into position. His dick was now pumping in and out between her plump boobs. Her hard nipples poked into his legs every time he thrust forward. Tim grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together putting more pressure on his cock as he humped away at her chest.

Ms. Bradley wrapped her arms around Tim’s legs; her hands massaged his ass as she kept moaning. “Yeah, fuck my titties! Yes! Yes! I’m your fucking whore!”

Tim got even more excited by Ms. Bradley’s dirty talk. He grunted loudly and mauled her tits with his cock. “You fucking like that?!” Tim exclaimed as he was becoming more and more oblivious to anything but the pleasure he felt.

“Yeah baby.” Ms. Bradley said. “I love a good titty fucking…ugh…but I like a good pussy fucking even more.” She winked at him and stood. She swung her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

“Fuck me over here.” Ms. Bradley said as she broke their kiss and hurried to her desk. With one swift motion of her arm she cleared the contents of her desk and sent them scattering to the floor. She then leaned over and faced the chalkboard putting her elbows on the desk. She looked back at Tim and said. “Do me from behind. Fuck your teacher like the slut she is!”

Tim positioned himself behind her. He lifted her skirt over her nice round ass and grabbed Ms. Bradley’s sexy black thong and pulled it hard down past her long nylon covered thighs and finally off of one leg. Tim wrapped his hand around his cock and pounded it against her ass cheeks a few times before sliding it along her pussy lips teasingly. Her juices coated the top of his cock.

“I’m so fucking wet right now.” Ms. Bradley moaned.

Tim grabbed his rock hard cock and guided the head towards Ms. Bradley’s eagerly waiting pussy mouth. aldatma porno Ms. Bradley arched her back slightly so Tim could easily enter her. The head of his cock slowly entered her tight wet opening. Tim and Ms. Bradley gasped at the same time. Her pussy was warm and very wet, but it was tight too. In a word it was perfect.

“Damn, I didn’t think you’d be so tight.” Tim said in surprise as he continued to inch his way further into Ms. Bradley.

“Mmm, yeah put it in me slow. I’ll let you know when you can give me a good fucking.”

After a few slow strokes Tim was now able to pump his shaft in and out of Ms. Bradley’s pussy with no problem. Her moist fuck hole had quickly adapted to his cock. More and more juices leaked from her cunt as Tim pounded away.

“Yeah, oh god your cock feels so good inside me.” Ms. Bradley said. “Ugh… I like it rough. Fuck me!”

Tim grabbed a hold of Ms. Bradley’s waist and started to increase the tempo and force of his thrusts.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh.” Ms. Bradley moaned and squirmed as Tim’s stiff cock drove in and out of her pussy. His balls slapped against her clit with each forward thrust. “Oh yeah! Ugh, I’m you’re fucking whore. Pound my pussy!”

“Ugh!” Tim moaned. He tightened his grip on Ms. Bradley’s sides and thrust his cock into her as hard as he could. Her cunt was so wet now he could easily sheath his pole into her. “Yeah, you like getting drilled by my fucking cock!” Tim exclaimed as he smacked Ms. Bradley on the ass.

“Yes! God damn it! Harder! Earn that fucking A!” Ms. Bradley commanded. She reached back and grabbed Tim’s ass and pulled him into her as hard as she could. “Yes! So fucking good! Ugh, ugh, ugh” She repeated as Tim continued to ram her fuck hole. “Call me a whore! Talk fucking dirty to me!”

“Ugh, yeah!” Tim said. “You’re my fucking whore!” Tim slapped her ass hard. Ms. Bradley responded with a moan. “I’m gonna pound your pussy and you’re gonna fucking take it.” Tim smacked her ass again.

“Pound my pussy Tim.” Ms. Bradley said breathing heavily. “Make me cum all over your fucking dick.” Tim drilled his cock in and out of Ms. Bradley’s cunt. Her breasts bounced back and forth from Tim’s humping. They were both now drenched in sweat. “Yeah, pull my hair.”

Tim reached forward and grabbed a handful of Ms. Bradley’s hair and pulled it back just enough to raise her head back.

“Yes! Fuck! Ugh, pull it. I fucking love the pain.” Tim pulled her hair a little harder. “Yes, oh fuck. I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeee!”

Ms. Bradley’s body buckled. Every muscle in her body tensed as her vaginal walls squeezed Tim’s swollen rod. Her juices flooded her pussy and Ms. Bradley let out a low moan. Tim let go of her hair and she collapsed on the desk. Her body shuddered uncontrollably. This was the most intense orgasm she had every experienced. Tim feeling the flow of her juices and the tightening of her pussy was close to orgasm as well.

“Your pussy feels so fucking tight.” Tim said. “I’m cumming!” Tim plunged his tool deep into Ms. Bradley’s cunt and shot out string after string of semen. “Fuuuuuck!” He moaned. The sensation around his cock was earth shattering. Tim had no idea he could shoot out such a huge load.

When he finished he fell on top of Ms. Bradley. They both laid there for a few minutes and cuddled as they came down from the experience they just shared. Tim stood up first and gathered his clothes. Ms. Bradley did the same. They dressed and made themselves presentable in silence.

“That was incredible.” Tim was the first to break the quiet.

“No one can ever, and I mean ever, know about this.” Ms. Bradley replied. She walked around her desk and picked up a post it note and a pen that had been on the floor. She scribbled a note on one of the little square sheets. Finally she walked over to Tim and handed him the note.

“This is my phone number. We’re fucking at my place next time.” She said.

“Does this mean I improved my grade?” Tim asked.

“Yeah.” She said with a smile. “I hope you can…” She quickly looked down at his crotch. “…keep them up.”

The End.

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