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College Visit Ch. 06: Outdoor Break

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College Visit 6–Outdoor Break

After our first incredible fuck, we both need a break


Lexi lay contentedly on my chest, worn out from a long day of teasing, a powerful orgasm by the window, and a passionate fuck on the king-sized bed that left us both panting for breath. As much as I wanted to lay there forever, though, I knew our time together was limited and I wanted to make the most of it.

“Hey,” I said, giving her a little squeeze. “Do you want to get a bite to eat?”

“Mmm…yes!” she murmured against my chest.

“Good,” I replied, squeezing her ass sharply. “If we fall asleep, we’ll never get to round two!”

Lexi hauled herself up to hover above me, her hair surrounding my face and her breasts dangling enticingly over my chest.

“What about three and four?” she asked with a sly smile.

“Them, too. Let’s get dressed and grab some food.”

“And a drink?” she asked.

“Whatever you want…I could use a beer myself after all that work I did!”

“Poor baby–I didn’t realize how tiring it was having sex with a hot young college girl you picked up! You must be exhausted!”

“Oh, I’ll manage!”

I got up and dampened a washcloth in the sink before letting Lexi have the bathroom. Before she closed the door, though, I had a thought.

“Hey–you look much older with your hair up like it was before–can you do that again?”

“Not a problem!” she chirped and the door clicked shut.

Alone in the room, I gave myself a quick wipe-down with the regrettably cold washcloth and got back into my clothes. It had been a few years since I stayed in this part of town, so I pulled out my iPad and looked at places to eat nearby. There was only one that looked right–good food, good beers, not too far away, and open late: the Meadhall. Despite its trendy name, I felt sure we could both find something there to keep us going. To speed things up, I collected Lexi’s clothes and piled them on the foot of the bed.

She came out of the bathroom like a graceful young deer–stark naked, her hair neatly arranged again, completely unselfconscious, and sexy as hell. She moved to get by me but I grabbed her arm and pulled her to my chest.

“Stop, please. Pay toll. Naked college girls pay $10”

“I’m naked…I don’t have any money!” she replied logically.

“Kiss, please.”

She stood up on tiptoe, smiled into my eyes and kissed me, her body cool and slim under my wandering hands. Then she pivoted back toward the bed, grabbed her panties, and got dressed in record time.

“Where are we going?” she asked brightly.

“Some new place called the Meadhall–it’s just down the block.”

“Do I look old enough?” she asked, striking a model pose.

“You look good enough to eat!” I told her emphatically.

“I think we’ve established that already!” she giggled. “But will they serve me?”

“Not a doubt in my mind–especially bahis siteleri since you look so mature and all and you’re out with a handsome mature man like me!”

“Yeah, yeah…ask long as the waitress doesn’t give us the stink-eye again!”

“Do you care what they think?” I asked her in a more serious tone.

“Not even a little,” she replied with confidence.

“Good. Let’s go!”

Ten minutes later, we were seated facing each other at a two-top against the wall.

“No window seats this time!” she observed.

“We can’t always get that lucky,” I told her. “Besides, this way I get to gaze at you!”

Lexi blushed a little and lowered her head, but her smile revealed that the compliment was well-received. “I bet you say that to all the college girls you lure back to your hotel!”

That needed a real response, and as much as I didn’t want to make a big emotional deal out of what was going on, I took her hands in mine and looked evenly into her eyes.

“Lexi,” I said seriously, “I don’t pick up college girls. I’m not sure how this happened today, but I’m loving every minute of it, and I want this night to go on and on. Even if we never have a chance again, I want to be with you as much as I can tonight and I promise you I’ll keep that memory forever. This isn’t some random hookup. This is something amazing…I hope you feel the same way!”

“I’ve been thinking that all day,” she said simply. “I know what the situation is, but I want to do everything we can tonight and make it the best night ever!”

“I’m pretty sure it already is,” I said with a smile, “and it’s only 9 o’clock!”

“Got anything else in mind?” she asked with a sly smile as our drinks arrived.

I stopped to take an appreciative sip of my IPA, then answered her question with a question.

“You know that fetish I have with parking garages?”

“Um…yeah?” she replied.

“I want to show you the next level of that if you’re up for it!”

“You better buy me another drink after this one!” she said with a smile.

Thirty minutes later, we had shared sweet chili calamari and sirloin skewers. My second beer was gone and Lexi was giggly after finishing her second raspberry margarita. She kept up a steady stream of flirtatious talk, hand stroking, and the occasional caress of my calf with her soft booted foot. When I asked if she wanted anything else, she leaned over the table and looked at me seductively “Nothing that they have here,” she said in a suggestive tone.

I paid the check, left a generous tip, and helped Lexi get her jacket back on. Taking her hand, I led her back out onto Broadway. There’s always a wind near the river, and that night was no exception, but it wasn’t too cold yet and we walked happily back toward the hotel arm-in-arm.

When we got into the elevator, though, I pushed 4 instead of 12 and Lexi’s eyebrows went up. I grinned canlı bahis siteleri at her like the cat who ate the canary and said, “Wait and see” in a mysterious voice that made her giggle again. The doors opened on the fourth floor, and with a confidence born of lust and experience, I led her down the halls to a set of doors marked “Kendall Square Roof Garden.”

The wind swirled around us as we walked out into the neatly kept rooftop. Lexi exclaimed in delight at the surprisingly tall trees and the neat arrangement of benches. As we strolled down the wide pathway, no one else was in sight. Around us, tall buildings pushed into the sky. When we got to the end of the path, there a stairwell labeled “Parking Garage” in front of us. Lexi turned to me in surprise.

“Are we on the roof of a fucking parking garage?” she said with amazement in her voice.

“I told you it was next level,” I told her with a smile.

“SO next level!” she answered.

“If you look through there, you can see the river,” I pointed out. “Otherwise, it’s all trees and buildings.”

“Why doesn’t anyone come up here?” she asked.

“Oh, they do–there’s concerts and yoga classes and people eat lunch here all the time! It’s just that most people forget about it on Saturday night when it’s not as warm outside.”

“I love it!” she chirped in her happiest tone. “Show me more!”

There wasn’t a lot to see, but we walked the rest of the paths, admiring the few plants still holding onto their leaves and a few late blooms. Finally, we came to a curved metal bench and I sat down, pulling Lexi onto my lap.

“So what’s your plan?” she asked teasingly as she snuggled against me. “Are you going to rip my clothes off right here on the bench?”

“Well…maybe,” I admitted. “I was kind of thinking we’d find a quiet place as far from the hotel windows as we could…”

“Let’s go!” she exclaimed. “I’m up for it!” Thank you, tequila!

I led Lexi off the path and across the lush grass. There was a planter of shrubs that bordered the entire garden, screening the view and keeping people away from the edge. Hand in hand, we skirted a tall blue spruce and found a small spot that was shielded from prying eyes in almost every direction. Someone on a high floor might happen to look down and see us, but that was it.

“Right here?” Lexi drawled.

“Right here!” I told her with a grin.

“I wish I’d known,” she said in a mocking Southern accent. “I would have worn a skirt!”

“Well, the best-laid plans, you know…”

“Pun TOTALLY intended, right?” she smirked.

I grabbed her waist and lifted her up to sit on the wooden retaining wall, then moved between her knees. I kissed her hard, reaching inside her jacket to stimulate her breasts through the layers. She responded eagerly, pulling me into her body. Almost immediately, I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating güvenilir bahis against my stomach. She moaned a little against my lips and pushed herself against me heatedly.

“Oh, fuck…I’m so horny right now!” she pulled back to say, panting slightly.

“Get down!” was all I could manage in response.

Lexi slipped off the wall and fumbled with her belt. Eagerly, she pushed her pants down to mid-thigh. My hand went immediately to her crotch and I laid my middle finger along her slit, finding it warm and wet. I curled the long digit up inside her and then used it to spread her lubrication all over, coating her labia thoroughly. Lexi, meanwhile, unbuckled and unbuttoned me and pushed my jeans down just enough to free my eager cock.

“Turn around!” I gasped when the cool air hit me.

She spun in place and rested her elbows on the wall, her ass jutting out invitingly. I licked my palm and spread saliva on my cock to ease its entrance, then moved in behind her and nudge the swollen head between her pussy lips. With a groan, I sank into her in one long thrust. Lexi’s back arched in pleasure and I heard her moan as well.

This was not the passionate sex we had upstairs. This was pent-up horniness expressing itself in public–the cool air and the potential danger adding spice to the raging lust between us. I fucked her with deep strokes, fumbling one hand up under her sweater to play with her breasts while the other reached around her waist and came to rest on her mound. With more gentle fingers, I kneaded slowly just above her clit, adding stimulation without giving her what she wanted.

“Oh, fuck! Stop teasing me!” she demanded, reaching down to push my hand lower.

I grinned in the dim light of the city and did as she asked, rubbing energetically back and forth across the hood of her clit. Her excitement added to my own, and in just a few minutes I could feel my cock beginning to swell.

“Oh my fucking God!” yelped Lexi, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Me, too!” I growled as my hips moved even faster. With a savage grunt, I slammed my body into her one last time, lifting her up onto her tiptoes with the force of my thrust. My cum burst inside her in pulsing waves and my hand clamped down on her pussy in response. That did it for her! As soon as she felt my cum hit her inner walls and my grip tightened across her clit, she exploded as well, arching her back to push against me as hard as she could and moaning aloud that began wordlessly and ended with a gasped series of “yes…yess…yessss!” as her orgasm filled her senses.

Collapsed across her slumped body, my heart pounded from exertion and excitement. I held her tightly around the waist until my cock softened and slipped out of her pussy. She quickly tugged her pants and panties back into position while I did the same. Then she turned within the circle of my arms and hopped back up on the wall again.

“That was so fucking hot!” she grinned at me.

I nodded wordless, still speechless, and kissed her deeply.

“You know what?” she asked me softly.

“What?” I replied.

“I think I’m starting to like parking garages!”

I smiled and kissed her again. “Let’s go back upstairs.”

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