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A Special Day in the Life Ch. 00

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What or who is “The Clitoris Alliance”

Please allow me to summarize 100,000 years of human history for you in a few sentences.

100,000 to 10,000 BC: Men are stupid, only making stone knives, flint arrowheads, and walls to divide people. Women domesticate animals, begin farming, form language, and sew clothes so that all humanity survives the ice age. Here is proof. Mari always picks berries and fruit to bring to her lazy mate, Jon. When he eats them in the cave, of course he just throws the husks, stems and seeds on the floor. Of course, it was Mari who had to clean it up and take it outside. Eventually, Mari noticed that fruit and berries were growing from the rich soil in the garbage pile. You didn’t think a man invented farming, did you? More proof? Mari’s granddaughter, Beth, had to find grapes for her mate because he insisted and beat her if she failed. To carry enough, she made the first wicker basket and clay bowl. Being frugal. she did not want to waste the juices that were left when he finished his dinner, so she saved them in the first jug of her own design. Days later it had fermented. When her mate suadiye escort drank the world’s first wine, she was rewarded with quite a roll in the pile of furs that was their bed. Then he fell sound asleep instead of beating her. Ah ha! Everyone everywhere wanted wine. Trade was born. You didn’t think it was a man, did you? Domesticating animals? The men killed everything they saw. It was a woman petting and feeding a lost baby lamb that started everything. Warm clothes? Shoes? Think about it. Everything that made it possible to survive the ice age had a feminine touch. Yeah… OK… men found a brush fire started by lightening and brought it back to the caves. But who do you think thought of cooking food for the first time?

10,000 to 4000 BC: Men are stupid, only making more walls, weapons, and wars. A slave with incredible powers of persuasion begins international trade, scientific advancement, exploration of the world simply by flattering the men who own her. She seems to provide fantastic sex when given silks and spices from distant lands, prompting her “owner” to scurry to seek those items. The yakacık escort tiny village where she served grew to be the first city in the world because of her. Her name was Rhodopis. The Daughters of Rhodopis becomes a hidden guiding force in human development. In their own secret meetings, lesbian domination and sexual slavery becomes the perfect structure for a stable culture. Secretly Dommes guide with incredible efficiency. Slaves obediently accomplish any task commanded of them. Later, the pyramid builders of the Pharaohs begin to worship her in secret.

4000 BC to 1000 AD: Men are stupid. Male dominated empires wage constant warfare. The idiot rulers think they are gods! Men only develop bronze, then iron to make better swords while women struggle to raise families and cook dinner. Art, science, and civilization stumble along sporadically. The Daughters of Rhodopis now have several underground catacomb headquarters from which they manage to prevent the complete annihilation of all human life.

1000 to 1500 AD: Men are stupid, having destroyed art, trade, and science. The secret society known şerifali escort as the Daughters of Rhodopis just barely manage to quietly suggest and prod the men who think they rule the world into some semblance of civilization. The Daughters of Rhodopis choose to build more catacombs under tiny villages that later grow to become London, Paris, Berlin, Peking, and so on because of their guidance. Kingdoms, noblemen, and the feudal system are allowed to grow because these are concepts simple enough for men to grasp and not hurt themselves too badly.

1500 AD to the present: Men are stupid, building little more than bigger and better weapons. The secret society is now known as The Clitoris Alliance and controls most governments and international businesses. Never once have they started a war, but have prevented many. True, they make sex slaves out of unsuspecting girls, but many of the sluts they select would likely have died of STD being forced to work as whores in a man’s world. Please bear in mind that even a sex slave may advance to high rank within the Alliance based on her sexual prowess, intelligence, and cunning. There are several secret strongholds of The Alliance around the world to conduct business, train slaves, and continue to promote the advance of civilization. The castle in the following story is mainly a resort for these Dommes, but also a slave training center.

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