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All Tied Up

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Where this story ends doesn’t sound like the end and maybe it isn’t but for now it is. If you think I should go on, say so but if not then I’m pretty happy with the way it is.


It doesn’t matter where or how I met Brenda. When I first saw her she was in her wheelchair where she had been confined since birth. She was born with muscular distrophy. Brenda was an extraordinary woman. Nothing in life was ever easy for her. She has a good mind and has used it to make a successful entrepreneur of herself. At 31 she is what people with no disabling physical problem oft times only hoped to be.

I flew to meet Brenda at her home. She welcomed me and made me feel particularly special. She had come in a van. She didn’t expect what I had in mind. Brenda told me where her van was parked and I told her not to worry about it. I nodded to a black stretch limousine just to our right front. I motioned for the driver to come around the car. He did so and opened the rear door for us. I had wheeled Brenda to the door. I told her to put her arms around my neck as I leaned over to pick her up. She did so and I put my hands under her butt and lifted her up so she was fully in my arms. The car door and seat were directly behind mind so a slight step to my rear allowed me to slowly bend at the knees until I was seated, my legs still out the door. I pushed my way into the car, still holding onto Brenda although now she was sitting in my lap. I found her to be relatively light in weight, at least as far as I was concerned. I pushed myself towards the middle of the car. Still holding Brenda by her butt I was able to place her easily into the corner of the seat of the car. I had an extra-long hand strap installed for her to hold onto. The driver placed her wheelchair in the trunk of the car and we were off.

Brenda asked where we were going and I told her not to worry that she would enjoy it. I told her to use the car phone to tell her sister that she would be out of town for the weekend. I had given Brenda a phone number to call that would ring a pocket phone and told her to have her sister ring her back on it. She did and Brenda was looked quite satisfied at the events that far. She asked again where we were going and I told her to be patient, that she would have all the answers in just a few hours.

I raised the translucent window between us and the driver. We could see him, though it was through a filmy glass but he could not see us nor did he have any control over the window. I am quite insistent on my privacy. I told Brenda to put on her lap seat belt to help keep her stabilized. She did so and found me sitting as close to her as I could. I gave her a long full kiss on her lips. While kissing me Brenda grabbed onto the hand strap to hold on. I broke the kiss and ran my hands around her back and gave her a long loving hug. My left hand ran up her right arm to where she was holding the strap. With a quick and easy move I was able to handcuff her hand to the strap. I pushed back and away to see her now. There was a definite look of shock in her face though she didn’t say a word. From a small leather bag sitting on the other side of me I took a cloth rope which was looped on one end. I slipped this end around her right wrist and then tied it to the hand strap on my side. Brenda still had not said a word nor had she moved at all. I don’t know if she were too surprised by it. I then took a second rope, this one made of a very soft sturdy material. I looped one end around her right hand and ran it through and tied it off on the handcuff on her left hand. This insured the integrity of the ties.

I asked her at this point how she was feeling. She said she felt a bit strange in this position but she was not afraid. I assured her there was no reason to be afraid. With her hands secured and her seat belt around her waist, Brenda was rendered immobile in that she did not have the use of her legs. I explained to her at that point how trust between partners was paramount. She agreed. We decided upon a “safe word,” a word or phrase she could use if she became scared or particularly uncomfortable at any time. We decided that the words “it hurts” could in no way be misinterpreted and so that became her safe word.

I went to my leather bag again a produced a very sharp hunting knife. I warned Brenda that it was very sharp and if she remained calm I wouldn’t even nick her let alone cut her. She smiled telling me that it was all right. To show her just how sharp it was I took the knife and with ease cut the top button of her blouse off. Brenda said I should be careful because she didn’t have anything else to wear. I told her not to worry that everything hand been attended to. She told me she didn’t understand but that she trusted me.

That said, I slowly cut away the rest of her buttons one by one. I pushed aside her blouse enough so that he bra came into view. It was a white one of no particular note. I took the knife and slowly placed the knife underneath it where it held the bra cups together. Then, with a quick move, I pulled the knife to me, the material cut away Kartal Ukraynalı Escort as if it were only crepe paper. I noticed a shiver come over Brenda. She smiled and I told her not to say a word. She nodded her head in agreement. I then used the knife to move the bra first away from one breast and then the other. In each case, however, her position kept the blouse and bra pushing back over her breasts. I decided this was totally unsuitable. I stood up as best I could and used the knife to cut down the sleeve of one arm and then the other pulling it across the front on the blouse until some of the material fell away of its own and I was able to easily remove the rest. Finally, by simply cutting the straps of her bra I was able to pull it from her body leaving her entirely naked from the waist up.

I took a little time to gaze upon her naked breasts for a little while. It came to me that I might try something which had the possibility of being very erotic. I moved myself as closely to her as possible. I took the knife and ever so lightly touched the tip of one of her nipples. I then moved it from there to the bottom of her nipple and very gently traced the bottom of her taut nipple. This made her nipple visibly harder. From there I pulled then knife tip lightly down her front, around her belly button to the top of her pants. As things were I decided to take the easy route, I pulled her pants and panties down at the same time leaving her completely naked in the car.

There was something that did not seem quite satisfactory yet, however. I moved her legs apart so that her pussy was in full view. Now things were as I desired. It was at this point I pulled a blindfold from the leather case and told her of the inner padding to insure she could see nothing. I placed the pure black blindfold over her eyes and pulled the cinch in the rear for proper tightness. Now my mind was racing with what I would do first. Brenda was in total submission and I had every intention of making the most of it.

I pulled some ice from the car’s bar and rubbed it over and around her nipples. The melting ice dripping down the sides of her breasts and into the valley between them and finally flowing down to her belly button. I took some more of the ice and rubbed it along her lips. I had one large cube now and told her to lick it. She did. I took the cube and placed it into her pussy between her legs and removed my hand. Brenda squirmed underneath the coldness of the ice in her pussy. I pulled a lemon from the bar and squeezed the lemon quarter so a small bit squirted into the air. I asked her what it was she smelled. She said she couldn’t tell me so I told her it was an orange. I told her I would place it to her mouth so she could taste it. I did that and she said how sweet it tasted. I decided to take this little experiment of mine one step further. I took a packet of sugar, wet my finger tips and took up some of the sugar. I told Brenda that I was putting salt on her lips. She slowly moved her tongue out to taste it and quickly retracted it saying there was so much on her lower lip she was afraid it would dry there. I told her not to talk so much and to worry even less. I told her the proper reply at this point was, “Yes sir.,” to which she responded in like manner.

Next I took out two nipple clamps. One at a time a attached them to her nipples just tightly enough so they stayed on but not tightly enough so they could possibly hurt. I told Brenda that later on they would be tightened little by little. I told her I was going to check each to make sure they did not fall off. I took the time to actually tighten them a little more, Brenda seemed not to notice. The clips were tied together by a rope style silver chain.

I could feel the car coming to a stop. I used the intercom to ask the driver why he was stopping. He informed me we needed gas. I thought it would be a good time to use the men’s room, told Brenda and told her I’d be right back. She expressed a like need. I informed her that unless she desired to go entirely naked to the lady’s room she’d have to stay where she was and that in good time she’d be relieved. I reminded her of the condition of her clothing, got out of the car closing the door behind me. Brenda protested however I didn’t hear what she said entirely. It was not her safe word so I did not concern myself with it.

When I was done relieving myself I went to the small convenience store within the gas station bought some water, candy and a few other food items. I returned to the car. The chauffeur was standing outside the rear door of the car. I told him not to bother with the door. He waited for me to get in before entering the car himself. We were off again. Brenda asked me how I was going to arrange for her to relieve herself and I told her that it was taken care of and she would be attended to in good time. I told her how important it was to be patient and to always do exactly as I said. She promised she would. I could see her strain a little at the ties on her arms. She didn’t protest though. Once back on the Interstate I opened Kartal Üniversiteli Escort the bottle of water, took a drink and offered Brenda some. She took some to get the “salt” off her lips. I told her she needed to drink some more so she’d be satisfied for at least an hour. She did without a word. As I held the water up she tried to move away from the bottle by holding her head down and away from the bottle, the water fell from her mouth and onto her body. She asked me to dry her off. I told her it was not necessary, she’d dry off soon enough.

Brenda then asked me how much longer it would be before we got to where we were going. I assured her that we were literally minutes away. The sound of stones crackling beneath the wheels of the car seeped through. Brenda turned her head as if to see where she was. The car came to a stop. I told her I would be back in one minute. I instructed the driver to remove several clothing bags from the trunk and take them inside the house. I gave him keys to do this. Having done that I told him to get in the car and when he heard the door slam shut to stay there for a minute before parking the car and going to the servant quarters of the house.

I got into the rear of the car and removed the restraints. I told Brenda that she was not to touch the blindfold however. I assured her that we were on a very large estate which sat well back from the road. I got out of the car from my side and went around to where she was seated, undid the seat belt and picked her up. I carried her up the steps to the front door which had been left slightly ajar as instructed.

Brenda then heard a woman’s voice and asked who it was. I told her it was just one of the servants and not to concern herself with it. She told me she was a little bit scared. I reassured her there was nothing to fear. I told her she was going to be extremely well taken care of for the entire weekend. I told her not to remove the mask until told to do so. She agreed. I carried her to the master bedroom upstairs. Again Brenda heard a woman’s voice, a different one this time. I noticed she was about to speak and put my finger on her lips indicating she should not say a thing. Actually there were two women in the room unknown to Brenda. I asked them if they fully understood what they were to do and they said they did. I told them to proceed. Now Brenda was aware of the second woman’s presence. I placed Brenda in her wheelchair which had been brought up. One of the women pushed it into the bathroom that led off from the bedroom. One of the women took the mask off Brenda’s face. Brenda seemed a bit shocked to see both women, apparently in their 20s, were completely naked. One of the women helped Brenda onto the side of the sunken oversized bath. To her it look more like a wading pool. The other woman took Brenda’s legs and placed them into the bath. The water had already been drawn and Brenda found it to be just a little bit hot but not too much so. Once in the tub one of the women, wit light brown hair, stood in the tub the other woman holding Brenda from outside the tub. The woman in the tub took Brenda’s right hand, lifted it just above Brenda’s head, placed a handcuff around Brenda’s wrist and attached the other end to a wooden handle that was suspended by a chain from the ceiling. Brenda was told to see if she could easily wrap her hand around the handle. She could. The woman told her that was just for safety, emphasizing the word ‘just.’ Brenda pulled on it and noticed that although it was sturdy there was some motion downward in it allowing her to pull it down a little bit.

That done, the woman outside the tub placed a wooden chair into the tub and the two women helped Brenda into it. Brenda looked down at the bottom of the chair legs and saw there was some sort of rubber grip that stabilized the chair. The blonde woman who had been standing outside the tub now got in behind Brenda and asked her if she were comfortable. She showed Brenda two leather looped straps hanging from the ends of each arm of the chair, for purposes of safety she could grab onto them if she started to feel unsafe. Then the woman behind Brenda took a shower head which was at the end of a flexible metal hose, turned on the water and then directed the stream of water to Brenda’s neck. Brenda could feel the very warm water stream down her neck over her shoulders and down her front. She started to relax under the water’s soothing stream.

The woman who had been standing in front of Brenda introduced herself as Donna and the woman behind her as Sandra. She explained it was their job to get her very clean so she would be ready. Brenda asked what it was she would be ready for. Donna told her that she would know that in just a little while and not to worry, to enjoy her bath. Brenda did so. Sandra gave Brenda a warm wet face cloth and told her to use it for her eyes while she shampooed her hair. At first the shampoo felt like any other Brenda had given herself. Then, she could feel Sandra’s obviously strong hands massaging her scalp. It was obvious to Brenda that Sandra was Kartal Vip Escort expert in what she was doing, the scalp massage felt extremely good and very relaxing. Sandra explained to her that in addition to being clean she needed to be completely relaxed. Sandra pressed her finger tips against the sides of Brenda’s head near her eyes and massaged there. Then she turned her attention to Brenda’s neck. It seemed that Sandra was fully aware of every little place that could have any tenseness at all. Brenda relaxed her entire body as Sandra’s hands expertly used a combination of the slipperiness of the soap and gentle pressure to relieve all signs of tension. As Sandra started working on Brenda’s shoulders Donna took a bar of soap and began to wash Brenda’s front. Donna was kneeling in front of Brenda as she soaped up her hands and then applied the soap to Brenda’s chest. First she took that soap and worked up Brenda right arm. She took great care in using a combination of soap, wash cloth and her hands in exacting a complete washing of Brenda’s right arm and hand. Sandra washed the soap off at Donna’s request. Donna did the same thing to Brenda’s left arm and hand. At that point Sandra told Brenda to be prepared to place the wash cloth over her eyes while she rinsed her hair. As everything else had been to that point great care was taken in assuring all soap was removed from Brenda’s hair. Sandra told Brenda she was applying a hair rinse. Once again, exactly as she had shampooed Brenda, Sandra applied and rubbing in the hair rinse to her hair. The second massage was equal to the first and Brenda found this to be equally as relaxing as well. Brenda had been feeling sexually aroused by the attention of the women from the first time she saw them. At this point she was very aroused. She said nothing, however, but allowed herself to enjoy it to its fullest.

As Sandra was rinsing Brenda’s hair Donna began to soap Brenda’s chest and stomach. As before, Donna paid very close attention to cleaning Brenda’s entire front, breasts, stomach and arm pits. Brenda found herself become ever more aroused. Donna placed aside the wash cloth, took the soap in her hand and ran the soap and her hands over Brenda’s breasts. Donna gently squeezed Brenda’s breasts and then pushed her hands up on Brenda’s chest, around to her underarms and then in a sweeping motion brought both hands down her sides and then back up over her stomach to her breasts again. The motions and sensations that Donna created were as erotic as any Brenda had ever felt. She felt herself shiver under Donna’s touch a little more each time Donna’s hands ran over her body. Brenda looked up into Donna’s face but could not tell how much Donna was enjoying this, she gave no appearance one way or the other. The sensations were so wonderful Brenda lost herself in the feelings. Brenda opened her eyes just in time to notice Donna nod to Sandra. Sandra cleaned all the soap from Brenda’s body. Where ever Sandra directed the water Donna followed using her hands to help clean off the soap. As they cleaned off Brenda’s front she felt Donna pinch her nipples lightly as she ran her hands over her breasts.

Just at about that point I entered the bathroom and went to the foot of the tub so I could watch the proceedings. I immediately took off the bath robe I was wearing and stood naked before Brenda. In watching these women work on Brenda, almost oblivious to my presence, my cock became erect almost immediately. Brenda fixed her eyes upon my erect cock. I smiled at her and she then blushed when she knew I had noticed her stare. Donna asked me if they should proceed and I told her to do so. Sandra wrapped her arms around Brenda from behind and under Brenda’s arms. Her hands were directly over Brenda’s breasts but did not clutch them. She instructed Brenda to grasp the handle next to her right hand to steady herself and then lift her to an upright position. Sandra pulled down an harness sort of device to hold Brenda upright and secured it. It wrapped around her chest and back and upward from under her arms where the support widened greatly. Sandra suggested that even though she was securely fastened, Brenda should still hold onto the strap which was still attached to her right wrist for steadiness. Donna now wrapped her arms around Brenda, her legs bent at the knees, and helped Brenda to her feet while Sandra tightened the harness. While she was holding Brenda, Donna took the opportunity to kiss Brenda on her neck. Donna’s breasts were firmly pressed against Brenda’s and Donna acted upon her own feelings. When the harness was in place and Sandra said it was all right to let go, Donna did not let go immediately. With a smile on her face Donna kissed Brenda full upon her lips and allowed her tongue to probe Brenda. The kiss did not last long but its effect was immediate and pronounced for both women. Donna let go and looked back at me. I nodded my approval. Brenda looked down and saw that the harness had lifted her just enough so her legs, though not straightened out, we resting upon her feet and bent outward at the knees. She also noticed that her feet were tied with about two feet of separation between them. Brenda looked back over her shoulder at Sandra and then back at Donna in front of her. She asked about the ankle ties as they seemed entirely unnecessary. I told her everything had a purpose and in due time she would understand it all.

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