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Weird Fantasies 20: Massage

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Female Ejaculation

I go for a massage, at a new place. Because, um, trying somewhere new? I don’t know. A friend recommended it? Something, anyway.

So I go, and on the price list is a special luxury massage. So I ask for that.

They ask if I’m sure, and try to tell me what it is, but I don’t care about marketing blah. So I just say yes.

I go and undress and lie down and a guy comes and rubs my back. And a guy is good. I like a guy. Stronger hands is good.

He massages me like normal, and everything’s nice, and then he takes the towel off my hips and rubs my ass too. Which I guess is the special part. So I assume that, and just let him, and that’s nice too. I mean, it’s really nice, having your ass rubbed, so I don’t tell him to stop or anything.

Then he puts his finger into my ass.

Which is a surprise.

So I should be shocked. I should jump up and tell him to stop. Instead I shift my leg so he can reach better.

He keeps rubbing my back, and fingers my ass, and ends up with two fingers inside me, pushing. I press down on the table, and make myself come.

And then he leaves, while I’m still lying there, bedava bahis shocked at myself, panting. And I get up, and get dressed, slightly embarrassed, and go.

The next time, a week later, I ask for that again. Trying not to look too self-conscious as I do. And this time, after his fingers are inside me, I sit up and turn around, and say I want to do something for him, too. I slide my hand over the front of his clothes, and take out his cock. He stands at the end of the table, and I suck him as he fingers me.

After I while I ask if there’s an extra-special massage or something.

He grins, and says there probably is.

I turn around, and lie on my back in front of him and lift my legs right up and backwards so he can reach. Because sometimes it’s just better this way. I’m ready and fingered and covered in oil, so he just stands close against me and puts his cock against my ass and it just goes right inside.

I love anal. There’s times when I just completely love anal. Like now. I’m stretched and full and on my back and intensely pleasured. I’m rubbing myself and he’s watching and he’s just completely, casino siteleri breathlessly inside me.

He fucks me, and kisses my feet and ankles too, just because they’re right there. He fucks me, and I come, and then he does too.

“Oh wow,” I say. “That was amazing.”


“Next time,” I say. “I want the extra-extra special.”

He grins and says there isn’t one.

“Yeah there is,” I say. “Everyone fucks me there.”

He looks surprised, and a bit shocked, so embarrassed I get up and pull a towel around me and go to the bathroom. Because anal. And he’s gone when I come back to get dressed. So I’m not sure if that means he’s disgusted with me or not.

I’m nervous all week. I go back for my next appointment, and he starts massaging me like normal. Normal for him. He fingers me again.

“So what I said last time,” I say, nervously.


“So that,” I say. “What I said. I meant it.”

“Good,” he says. “Because everyone else cancelled their bookings.”

“Oh,” I say. “Well, I guess you’d better go get them.”

He goes and opens the door, bahis siteleri and people come in. A lot of people. Ten, maybe fifteen, and both men and women too. I’m a little nervous, looking at them all, and they notice I’m nervous from body language or something I suppose, because they’re professional massage people. So they massage me, and stroke me, and take turns fingering me, all of them.

After I while I say I think I’m ready, and lie on my back again, like I did the last time. I do it the same way again, because it was nice, and people have anal sex with me. All the people.

They’re nice. They’re polite. Each new person introduces themselves, and says their name, and shakes my hand, and kisses me. Sometimes they shake my hand with their cock already inside me, which is sexy somehow too. I have sex with five guys, and then the first woman. She has a strap on, which I’d wondered about, and seems happy just doing me for a while. So that’s nice too! I have sex with more men, and after a while there’s another woman with no dildo, but she kneels down and licks me out, which doesn’t seem fair, so I say she could get on the table with her, and I lick her too.

After that I sixty-nine with the women and fuck the guys.

And after we all come, after I’m buzzy and happy and wonderful, they all give me a massage, like the most all-over, all-at-once best massage imaginable. So that’s nice too!

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