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Lexi’s Shitty Ride Home

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Lexi had been holding it in all day, waiting for a chance to hit the bathroom. Her waitressing shift was almost over, but it had been a long day. She had a full section of tables all night and only the most difficult customers, so on top of having to take the biggest dump of her life she was majorly losing her patience. There was not a single moment she could have taken to hit the toilet. Thank God she was about to be cut.

When her manager did cut her Lexi was so relieved, she finally had a chance to go. She went straight for the girls bathroom but was stopped by the one thing she wasn’t expecting. The maintenance man.

“Sorry missy but you’ll have to wait til ya get home to do yer business, it’s a real mess in there,” he said.

“Oh God no,” she thought to herself.

“It’s ok, no biggy,” she replied sweetly, doing her best to conceal her discomfort. She’d just go when she got home rather than everyone knowing she totally blew up the men’s bathroom.

This was bad. She still had to finish all her side work before she could leave. She was going to be cutting it close.

So Lexi got started banging out all the little things she had to get done. Fill the condiments, check. Fill the ice bin, check and so on. By the time she got to rolling silverware she was clenching her cheeks with all her might. Occasionally she would loosen up a little to silently let out some gas. That relieved a little of the pressure but she knew if she kept it up she’d be pressing her luck.

Eventually she finished everything she had to do. Now all she had to do was make it home. She rushed to her car and got in. She strained to keep it all in as she bent to get in her seat.

She started it up and got moving, but as soon as she hit the road she knew this wasn’t going to end well. Bumper to bumper traffic as far as the eye can see. As she slowly made her way home her discomfort grew. The pressure in her abdomen was killing her but she was almost there.

She got through the traffic now she was fifteen minutes away. Just fifteen minutes and she’d be home in her own bathroom free to dump this monster load into her own toilet. She was speeding at this point, desperate to make it. She was letting out some more wet little farts when suddenly she hit a huge pothole that bounced her in her seat.


A loud fart blurted from her ass as she plopped back down in her seat. She felt a hot little squirt of shit spread between her cheeks.

This was the point of no return for Lexi because once she started shitting there was no stopping it. She tried so hard to hold on but she couldn’t stop the farts from escaping her asshole.

Her stomach churned as she let it go. A long juicy fart filled the car with the stench of her shit.


Lexi leaned back in her seat as a hot mound of soft shit blossomed between her butt cheeks.

Her asshole erupted like Gaziantep Onkoloji Escort a volcano as she drove. A wave of arousal washed over her while her excrement flowed into her tight leggings. She breathed heavily as her monstrous load of poop filled her panties, slowly making its way toward her pussy.

It just felt so damn good to her. Better than anything she had felt before. It was so dirty and wrong but she couldn’t deny the immense pleasure she was getting from it.

Lexi’s stomach tensed.

“Might as well get it all out now,” she thought as she pushed out another gigantic load of creamy diarrhea into her pants. Her molten river of shit oozed its way up engulfing her dripping wet pussy in warmth.

She moaned in unexpected pleasure while doing her best to stay in control of the car. Her bladder emptied as she grinded her vagina into the mushy pile filling her panties until she came.

Shlick shlick shlick shlick

Lexi orgasmed over and over as she slid back and forth. The sound, the smell, the feel, all these things aroused her so intensely by the time she pulled in the driveway she was sweaty and out of breath from her dirty little experience.

Waddling to the door she readied her keys. Suddenly the door swung open to her surprise. Her girlfriend Dana stood there shocked at the mess Lexi had made of herself.

“Oh my God! What happened baby?!”

Lexi fell into her arms and cried a little telling Dana all about her ordeal, minus a couple of minor details.

“You poor thing, let’s go in the bathroom and get you cleaned up.”

” Thanks, I’m so embarrassed but kinda glad you’re home,” Lexi said as Dana let her to the bathroom.

“Yeah I wasn’t feeling too hot at work today so I dipped out early. I’ve been super nauseous all day.”

“I’m sorry, you don’t have to help me, this is so gross.”

“Nonsense, you’re a wreck! Now let’s get those leggings off you.”

Dana carefully peeled off Lexi’s soiled leggings and tossed them aside. Her panties were literally filled to the brim with the biggest load of shit she had ever seen. The smell stung her nostrils.


Dana burped, choking down a little bit of puke that came up.

“Are you alright?” Lexi asked.

“I’m fine I’m fine,” Dana said with a laugh.

“It’s just a bit… much. I mean when was the last time you pooped?!” She exclaimed as they both started cracking up.

When they were done laughing Lexi looked at Dana innocently.

“Can I tell you something? It’s kinda weird and I don’t want you to freak out.”

“Come on, you know you can tell me anything. What could possibly be so bad?”

“Well when I had my little accident it felt sorta… good? Like… really good.”

Dana looked surprised.

“That’s… um… different,” she replied timidly.

“It felt good?”

“Yeah! Like really really good! Like I’ve never cum so hard in my life good!”

Dana put her arms around Lexi.

“That’s so dirtyyyy,” Dana teased as she ran her hands down Lexi’s back until she was palming the massive load in her panties.

“I guess I never thought about it too much but pooping does feel really good. It must feel so naughty doing it in your pants like that,” Dana pondered.

“Touching your poopy bottom like this feels so weird. Like I should be grossed out but because I love you and find you so irresistible it’s okay somehow. It just feels really bad… like when we were kids and we knew we were doing something we knew was wrong… you know, bad in a good way. In a fun way.”

“Yeah exactly! I’m telling you it was such a rush just letting loose like that!”

Dana pulled her close and kissed her deeply as she mushed her fingers into Lexi’s humongous bulge.

She let out a surprised whimper as they kissed.

Then Dana started pulling away.

“I’m sorry, the smell is just getting to me a little. I think I might be sick.”

“It’s okay,” Lexi said pulling her closer. “I want you to puke all over me.”

“You what? I’m warning you I ate a lot today.”

“Just do it,” Lexi said rubbing her tits.

She reached down into her panties, scooped a handful of shit, and smeared it on her chest. The stench wafted into Dana’s nostrils making her gag.


“Oh God.”

“Yes!” Lexi said pulling them chest to chest as they kneeled on the cold tile floor of the bathroom.


Dana retched.

“Come on baby! Cover me in your HOT CHUNKY PUKE!”

Dana’s cheeks puffed up as her mouth filled with puke, she tried to swallow it back down but couldn’t. A torrential waterfall of meaty vomit burst from her cheeks streaming down Lexi’s bare chest.

“Oh geez, there’s so much coming u-“


Another wave of puke shot up her throat before she could finish.

Diarrhea rocketed from Dana’s ass as she retched. Hot liquid shit poured from the sides of her panties plopping onto the tile floor of the bathroom.

“Mmmm your puke feels so good,” Lexi said as she ran her hands over her slimy body.

“It felt really good to get that out,” Dana replied.

They started kissing again, dancing their tongue around each other while they embraced. The taste of Dana’s ejected stomach contents stung Lexi’s tongue as they made out.

Dana’s hand made its way down the front of Lexi’s crap filled panties. Her fingers sank into the warm shit until she could feel her pussy beneath the mess.

Lexi squirmed with pleasure as Dana rubbed her clit until she was nice and wet then slid a finger in her tight little hole.

Her pussy gushed as she fingered her. Between excited breathes Lexi told her to go into the drawer under the sink. She pulled a long hot pink dildo from the drawer while continuing to finger Lexi’s sloppy shit covered pussy.

“Stick it in my mouth baby, I want you to throat fuck me til I’m sick!” Lexi exclaimed.

The long neon cock flopped around awkwardly as Lexi followed it around with her mouth open and tongue out trying to catch the tip of it.

Once her lips caught it she slurped it down vigorously plunging it deep into her throat over and over.


She throated the dildo deeper and deeper gagging and burping as it hit the back of her throat until her stomach lurched.

She pulled the long slimy dildo from her throat with a tidal wave of puke right behind it. She tilted her head back and projectile vomited straight up in the air letting her stomach contents erupt from her mouth like a geyser. A thick stew of chunks flowed down her body as she rode Dana’s fingers.

When she was done barfing all over herself she pounced on Dana, pinning her down and kissing her deeply. She kept kissing her all down her body until she got down to her dirty pussy.

Lexi peeled off Dana’s shitty panties and started licking her filthy cunt and asshole until she squealed.

“You eat my pussy so fucking good, yeah lick my shitty asshole. Open your dirty little mouth!”

Lexi wrapped her lips around Dana’s butthole just as a thick stream of rotten smelling diarrhea came shooting out into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed up as her entire mouth filled with shit and the rest covered her whole face.

Lexi gulped down her mouthful of liquid diarrhea.

“Mmmm, that was tastyyyyy,” she joked.

“Now it’s your turn.”

She kneeled over Dana and sat her big panty bulge right on her face getting into 69 position. She went down and started eating Dana’s pussy some more while she pulled Lexi’s panties to the side and did the same.

Dana licked and licked amidst all she shit filling her panties. Eventually she took them off her and smeared the rest of the shit all over herself.

They squirmed and licked and moaned and groaned covered in shit orgasming over and over as they ate each other out. They went all out licking their shit covered tits and fucking each other with their big floppy dildo for hours. They got in every position they could from doggy style kneeling on the toilet to legs spread on the bathroom counter. They smeared gobs of crap around their pussy lips while they took the length of the long pink cock and dumped assloads of smelly shit on each other after taking it in the ass. They did it all.

Lexi and Dana fucked shit and puked everywhere until they were satisfied. Neither of them knew what came over them that night but they knew it was the start of a whole new lifestyle for them. They got in the shower to rinse the shit of their naked bodies with the hand held shower head. They giggled and scrubbed each other clean while pushing the hunks and chunks of poop down the shower drain with their toes. The girls had experienced a level of pleasure neither of them thought possible that evening and they wanted more.

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