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Jerry’s Ride

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*This story is a work of fiction. All resemblances to any person are purely coincidental. All rights reserved by author. Feedback is more than welcome!*

“Are you sure I’m not going to fall off the back?”

Jerry had convinced Jenna to go out for a ride on his motorcycle. She’d thought about it for years, but had never tried riding. Being out there on the bike, with nothing more to protect her than her jeans, Jerry’s spare jacket, and his spare helmet was rather intimidating.

“You’ll be fine. I’ve been riding these for almost forty years and haven’t had an accident since I was fifteen. If you want, you can hold onto the bar behind you.” Jerry replied.

“No, I’d much rather clutch on to you. If I’m holding you so tight that you can’t breathe, you’ll have to slow down,” Jenna said.

Jerry simply chuckled and helped Jenna get on the bike behind him with a big grin on his face. His wife had refused to ride with him for years, saying it was too scary being on the road with him. He had forgotten how good it felt to have a cute girl wrap her legs and arms around him from behind. He liked how the raised back seat made up for their six inch height difference, so that they were head to head as they set out.

Jenna was clutching on to Jerry as they went down his driveway and on to the streets. The familiar roads of his neighborhood seemed completely new. The cars driving by felt too close – she could feel the drafts as cars passed. Jenna felt her heart racing as she pushed her body hard against Jerry’s. She kept instinctively trying to snuggle against his head, but instead would bump helmets, shaking her up a bit. At first, Jerry took it easy, keeping the bike just above the flow of traffic and only doing a little lane sharing. He placed his gloved hand over Jenna’s clutched ones from time to time to try and comfort her a bit.

Jenna melted each time her lover’s hand covered hers. There was something just so warm and sweet about the gesture. She slowly relaxed, holding on to Jerry a bit less tightly and snuggling against him in a more comfortable position. She began to concentrate on the ride and realized that she loved the feeling. The wind brushing past her body, the feeling of Jerry’s strong back against her chest, his warm thighs pushed against the bike by hers… “I could do this more often,” she thought to herself.

Gradually they left the city behind and started climbing into the canyons. The roads began to twist and Jerry signaled that Jenna should follow his lead on the curves, leaning from side to side into them. Jenna felt the flow of the curves naturally and enjoyed feeling the swaying weight of Jerry and the bike between her legs. The vibrations of the bike, strong against her pelvis, were beginning to get to her. She felt sweat trickling down her back, but also a rising wetness between her legs.

After about half an hour, Jerry and Jenna had left the world behind. They were deep in the canyons. Jerry turned onto a smaller road that hadn’t been paved in awhile. He would slow down for the larger potholes, which caused them to bounce hard against the steel frame of the motorcycle. The smaller ones he would just bursa eskort bayan speed over, creating a gentle bump that ground Jenna’s pelvis into both Jerry and the bike. Jenna couldn’t believe what a turn-on this was! Jerry eventually pulled over in what appeared to be a small turnout and got off the bike.

“I thought you could use a break, given that this is your first time,” he said, with a small glint in his eye. He pulled a couple water bottles from the pack on top of gas tank and handed one to her.

“I have to admit, my legs are a little sore and it’s hot in that gear!” Jenna said, gratefully taking the water bottle and drinking deeply. She felt a bit like a sailor as she climbed off the bike. Her legs were slightly bowed and her inner thighs trembling. However, the pain was pushed aside by her rising need to kiss Jerry. She fumbled, trying to figure out how to get off the helmet and extricate herself from the bulky jacket.

Jerry saw her predicament and quickly came to her aid, his hands along her neck and chest as he helped her out of his borrowed gear. Jerry had already taken off his own helmet and gloves and fastened them to the bike. Once freed, Jenna helped him unzip his jacket, trailing her fingernails down his chest and the sweaty, hot tank top he wore. Jerry placed both jackets under his arm. Jenna looked up at Jerry and kissed him, deeply.

When their tantalizing kiss ended, Jerry looked at her, a bit surprised. “I thought you were sore?”

“My thighs are a little sore, but come on; I’ve spent the past half hour with a hot guy and giant vibrating metal machine between my legs.” Jenna replied, a sultry smile on her lips.

“I’m glad you feel that way, actually. Riding gets me turned on, too. I’ve got an idea,” he said, gently grabbing her arm and pulling her into what looked like scrub brush.

“Jerry, I don’t want to get all scratched up, where are we going?” Jenna complained, starting to twist her arm away.

“Baby, we’re not going through the bushes,” Jerry replied, letting go of Jenna’s arm and placing his hand on the small of her back instead, “we’re going over there.”

Jenna looked and just to the left of the bushes was a small path, possibly a game trail. She let him lead her into the woods and down into what appeared to be a small crevice in the canyon. After less than five minutes, it opened up into a clearing that seemed out of a fairy tale. It was cooler here, shaded by the canyon walls and a couple small trees, and covered in thick grass.

Jenna turned to Jerry, her mouth agape. “How on earth did you find this place?”

“Amazing, huh? I used to go riding and hiking a lot with my first wife. She hates me too much to ever come here, so I think of it as my private spot.” Jerry smiled at her, laying their jackets down over a relatively flat part of the clearing.

“Do you ever take Jackie here?” Jenna asked, wondering if she was intruding on the private trysting place of Jerry and his current wife.

“Nope, never. I’ve come here from time to time by myself to have a quiet place to think, and occasionally to fantasize,” Jerry said as he cocked an eyebrow at her, “but bursa merkez escort you’re the first woman I’ve taken here in, oh, it must be thirty years. Now come here.” And with that, Jerry took Jenna firmly into his arms and kissed her, pressing her against his chest while savoring the clean taste of the water in her mouth, before strongly licking and nibbling along her neck, removing the traces of sweat from their journey.

Jerry pulled Jenna down onto the jackets and continued kissing her. Their hands roamed along each other, quickly removing clothing until they lay naked and sweaty in the dappled shade. Her lust brought on from the bike’s vibrations was starting to overwhelm her ability to think clearly. She needed to cum, and soon.

“Jenna, can I go down on you? I want to taste every inch of you.” Jerry said, looking down at her.

“I’m kinda sweaty…” Jenna replied, thinking it might be a turnoff. Her husband, Matt, hated the taste of pussy so passionately that, even though she knew Jerry had tasted her before, she still wasn’t convinced he could actually enjoy it.

“Perfect.” Jerry replied, as if he hadn’t heard her, and dipped his head between her legs. Jenna felt his mustache and goatee briefly brush up against her thighs, then, suddenly, felt the soft bristles push against her clit. She squirmed at the new sensation.

“You okay?” Jerry looked up, his facial hair already glistening with her juices.

“Oh, yeah. I just wasn’t expecting that feeling. Matt’s clean shaven and,” Jenna paused, realizing she needed to stop talking so Jerry would continue, “it feels amazing. Beyond amazing. Brush up against me again?”

Jerry smiled. He let his facial hair brush against her clit, more gently this time, before slowly licking her pussy from bottom to top. He licked every inch, savoring the sweet taste of her. He moved along her labia, taking time to relish every inch. When he reached her clit, he circled it with his tongue. Jenna shuddered slightly, enjoying the sensations. Jerry licked and pushed with his tongue for a moment, teasing her, before opening his mouth and sucking her clitoris between his lips. At the same time, he inserted two fingers into her waiting pussy.

Jenna moaned. Her cry echoed off the canyon walls and back to them, turning both of them on even more. She continued to moan as Jerry sucked hard on her clit. At the same time, he thrust his fingers deeply in and out of her, curving and turning them as he went. When he felt she was ready, he added a third finger, increasing her pleasure. He pushed against her cervix with each thrust, making her moan loudly. With his other hand, he grabbed on to her ass and began tracing circles around her tight little anus.

Jenna couldn’t take it any longer. She began to cum, moaning loudly, enjoying the sounds of her moans projected back to her. Her juices flowed freely, rushing over his fingers and along her asshole. Jerry continued his ministrations until she finally pushed him off, needing space to breath before she passed out from the pleasure.

After a few moments, Jerry rolled back towards Jenna and laid his head bursa sınırsız escort bayan against her belly. “You like being in my private place?” he quietly asked as he lazily traced circles along her breasts.

“I wish we could live here. I could fuck you here all day.” Jenna replied, moving her hands to rub through Jerry’s hair.

“Unfortunately, at some point, we have to go back before Jackie wonders why our motorcycle ride is taking so long.” Jerry replied. He moved from tracing circles on her breasts to squeezing them, then pulling on her nipples.

Jenna tugged on Jerry’s hair so that he lifted his head and moved up her body. He took advantage of the time to lick along her belly and between her breasts. When he reached her face, she kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. Jerry pushed on her hip, convincing her to turn over. She happily did so, getting on all fours on the grass, her curvy ass high in the air.

Jerry grabbed on to her hips and thrust himself into her. She ground against him, wanting his dick as deep into her as possible. Her pussy was sensitive after being fingered and each nerve sparked in pleasure. Her nipples kept brushing along the grass, stimulating her even more. It only took a few of Jerry’s thrusts before she began to cum again, moaning his name.

Jerry slowed a bit as Jenna’s pussy clenched around his penis, enjoying the tight, wet feel. He leaned forward, grabbed on to her large nipples, and began pulling on them. She instantly came again. He moved to her ass, kneading and pressing against it as he pounded into her. He couldn’t hold out much longer and began to press into her with full, deep strokes.

“Jenna, oh Jenna, baby, I need this,” Jerry moaned as he arched into her. His deep thrusts were moving faster and faster. Jenna ground herself into him, hard, pressing back as he pressed forward. They moved in unison, her breasts now pushed hard against the grass, not caring how loud they were in their sunlit clearing.

Finally, with a loud cry, Jerry came into Jenna. His penis pulsed over and over, unleashing his need for this beautiful girl. At last, his orgasm coming to an end, Jerry collapsed on top of Jenna and then pulled her onto her side so he could spoon against her as his penis slowly shrank.

Jerry and Jenna rolled on to their backs, letting the warm sun dry them. They held hands, taking time to catch their breath before getting up and getting back in their gear.

Jenna could feel the throbbing in her thighs now as she walked back to the bike. “Jerry, is there a quicker way home? I’m really feeling it now.”

“Of course,” Jerry replied, not telling her that there was always a faster way on the motorcycle. Once off the little road, Jerry gunned the accelerator. They made quick work of the canyons.

Once on the freeway, he brought the bike up over 100 mph for a bit before slowing again. He made it a bit a game. He’d speed up until he could feel Jenna tense behind him and squeeze tightly against his chest. He’d then slow until she relaxed. Over and over, tensing and relaxing, until they made it to the off ramp for his house.

“That wasn’t what I meant by a faster route!” Jenna shouted as they waited for the signal to change.

“Yeah, but you liked it!” Jerry countered back. He was right. She had liked it. The changing speed caused her to flex and stretch her muscles, making them ache less. She drove home completely satisfied and aching for their next encounter.

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