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It’s Just Sex Ch. 03

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This story is part 3 of “It’s Just Sex”. It’s much longer that the previous stories, but this trip was worth every word….at least to us. It may be easier to catch up if you read the previous 2 submissions. I appreciate the feedback I have gotten. Hope you enjoy.

The beginning of this story is more for background. First, let me describe my wife. Allison is in her early 30’s (34 at this writing), and still makes my heart skip a beat. At 5’10”, she has always been a stunner, her weight peaking at about 155 after our 3rd child, but now at 126. Even at her highest weight, she turned any guys head. She has the most amazing deep auburn hair, almost the color of mahogany; framing a body with 34c tits and an ass with perfect pear shape.

She grew up in an almost repressive home, sex was never discussed. Her repressive home led to an “awakening” in college and a string of mostly lesbian encounters. While never adventurous in the bedroom after our marriage, she always made up for any variety short comings with vigor…until the last 14 months.

As mentioned in my previous story, Erika, a coworker from our east coast office, and my wife met at a company party. Needless to say, my initial reaction was one of fear as I watched them talk and become more comfortable with each other. I was sure she somehow knew about my encounters with Erika and her husband and was doomed. My stomach was in knots for the next two months until she told me she had to talk to me.

We sat at the dining room table, and as I looked up there were tears forming and I knew I was dead. As she opened her mouth to speak I closed my eyes and waited for the bomb to fall. After about 30 seconds, I realized she was apologizing to me!

She was coming clean about her encounter with Erika, not realizing that I already knew. I hugged her and told her I loved her. Before I could say anything else, she blurted out that Erika had suggested a foursome and she had agreed. I figured this was the time for honesty; I hated hiding my encounters with Erika and Dan from her so I spilled everything. Initially, there were some tense moments but thankfully she never doubted my love for her and our kid’s.

I told her my only concern was that her agreement to swing was to be with a woman. Any doubts I had were quickly erased, as she nearly tore my pants off at the table and began sucking my cock like a world champion. After I deposited huge load of cum in her mouth; she swallowed every drop and told me that she had been fighting the desire to be with a woman again. She was too embarrassed or scared to tell me and became more withdrawn; leading to our nearly nonexistent sex life.

As I thought about it, we had as much sex since her encounter with Erika, than in the previous 1 1/2 years combined. I told Allison we should plan a trip and she agreed before the words even finished coming out of my mouth. We arranged for her parents to watch the kids on the premise of a work/vacation trip and let Erika and Dan know we were cuming to town (pardon the pun).

As our plane landed, I was amazed at how much we were like newlyweds again, hugging and kissing constantly. Erika and Dan had sent a car to pick us up, and we settled in for the hour ride to our hotel. We continued to kiss in the back of the car, and as I saw her with her eyes shut and relaxed; I figured, let’s start the trip off right. After I shut the privacy window, I knelt down in front of her and began running my hands up her legs and under her skirt.

I was amazed to find she had removed her panties during a trip to the plane restroom. Kissing her more, I felt her tongue swirl with mine and I slowly began to unbutton her blouse exposing her tits. I began to rub, suck and gently bite on her nipples feeling her breath become shallower and faster.

I took one hand and began to push her skirt up to expose her beautiful pussy. She has always kept it trimmed to a very light coating of hair and I could feel her juices leaking out all over the seat as I rubbed my hand all over. I roughly pulled her ass to the edge of the seat and buried my face in her sopping cunt. I was licking every inch I could reach all the way down to and including her perfect asshole. I wet my thumb with her juices and pushed it into her ass, while continuing to drive my tongue into her opening. I felt her rise up off the seat, and let out a low moan as she grabbed my head and smashed it further into her pussy.

Allison has full outer and fairly large inner lips, and I love nothing more than sucking and pulling them into my mouth to suck her fluids off. As I turned my attention to her swollen clit, I heard a strange noise but ignored it. After few more minutes of intense attention with my tongue and fingers, I could feel her orgasm begin to build and felt her thighs begin to squeeze the sides of my head.

She let out a shriek like I had never heard and began to hump my face smearing her cum up and down my face. I could feel her asshole muscles pinching my thumb at the base, and it masaj porno made me lick and suck harder. I hoped and prayed for what was coming, as she went rigid and came like a fountain into my mouth. Far too much ejaculation was coming out and what I could not swallow spilled over her thighs and onto the floor and seat of the limo/car; as well as my shirt (glad I had taken my jacket off).

I hadn’t seen her cum like this in a long time and only stopped licking because she pushed my head away and immediately lowered her face to mine; licking and kissing every bit of her wetness off my face. I would have been content to climb into the seat next to her and savor her sexual rebirth, but she had other ideas.

She began to push me down onto the floor of the car, grinding her hips on my rock hard cock. In a flash she had moved down and began to undo my belt and open my pants. Yanking them down just far enough she was rewarded as my cock sprang out and nearly hit her in the face. There was still a wet spot on my lower stomach and she began to lick the precum that had gathered, while at the same time rubbing my cock and balls.

I gasped as she took my cock into her mouth and jammed her head down till I hit the back of her throat. Allison has never been into deep throating, especially because of my thickness; but if we had had a little more room she would have given it the old college try. As I groaned I opened up my eyes and looked to the top of the car; only to see the privacy window open. That’s what the noise was…SON OF A BITCH driver. I started to get up but Allison knew what I was looking at and mouthed silently that it was her that opened it.

Oh well, fuck it I thought, if she’s willing to put on a show so am I. I relaxed and let her continue to try to suck out my tonsils through my cock. As I felt my orgasm build, Allison did something she had never even come close to doing…she licked my asshole then stuck her finger in while continuing to suck like a pro. That was it, Game, set, match….I felt like a gallon of cum was being sucked out of my body as spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat. She didn’t miss a drop and after my spasms subsided, I pulled her up for one of the deepest kisses I remembered sharing with her; sharing our combined flavors.

I was a good thing we still had some time till our hotel because my legs were so weak that I probably couldn’t have stood up. I laid there with her on my chest wondering who this new vixen was…I wasn’t complaining mind you. About 15 min later we pulled up to the hotel and I struggled to compose and arrange myself; after a wink from the driver. I’m sure the reception desk attendant had to be able to smell the strong odor of sex as we checked in.

After the bellman put our bags into the room, Allison tipped him while I got out the cell phone. Just to be sure I asked if she was sure about this, I would be happy just spending the next 10 days with her. She kissed me deeply and said that it was something she wanted, but also felt she needed to do it. I called Erika on her cell and told her we had just checked in. She giggled and said that Dan and she had gotten in earlier that day and were across the street in the sports bar.

When I told Allison this, her eyes lit up with excitement; I suggested we take a shower to clean up, but she wanted to meet them as is. I had to clean my face a little, her juices had “glazed up” and it felt like my face was cracking each time I smiled or opened my mouth; which made Allison laugh hysterically.

As we were getting ready to walk out, I spun her around kissed her and reached up under her skirt, working two fingers into her pussy, thrilled to find it very moist. I heard her give a small groan as I worked them around to ensure they were fully coated then withdrew them and wiped any juices on my upper lip. Twisted I know, but what the hell, this was our no holds barred sexual release vacation; and I wanted to keep her scent with me.

It took us a few minutes to locate Erika and Dan, but we found them in a nice corner semi circular booth that afforded some privacy. There was the usual small talk, and at the first break in the conversation, I took the opportunity to let them know that Allison and I had discussed everything and were both coming into this with open minds. Erika looked at Dan and smiled, telling us she hoped that was true, since they had planned to test our openness. I pressed her on what this meant, but she kept telling us to be patient.

Dinner consisted of mostly app’s and salads, but the highlight was Erika’s foot rubbing my cock through my pants. After finishing up, Dan suggested we head to a club he had “discovered”. When we got out of the cab, it was obvious that this was more than just your standard dance club. After entering and paying the “couples” entrance fee, we were greeted by a gorgeous brunette dancing on a platform, bare assed naked and giving views her physician had seen before. We all exchanged glances öğretmen porno with my wife squeezing my hand in anticipation.

We made our way to a private booth, which had apparently been reserved by Dan and Erika and ordered a couple cocktails. In the center of the booth was a slightly raised table, designed to double as a dance station. Several beautiful ladies came over and entertained us, with both Erika and Allison getting more than their share of attention. What happened next really surprised me, as a couple (husband and wife we later learned) came over and began to gyrate on the platform. I was surprised to find this club used both male and female dancers (no wonder Dan liked it).

Dan was visibly aroused, and both women were really getting into the show. Allison and I hadn’t been to a strip club in years, and I watched as she began to slyly rub her thighs together on the bunched up fabric of her skirt. By this time it was almost all the way up, and I know Dan and Erika were getting flashes of her pussy as she moved her legs. After they finished dancing and stepped down and we had a few minutes to grope each other.

Allison and I were in a heated kiss, I had my hands on her tits and up her skirt; when I heard Erika say “Well, Hello” and a voice reply “May I?” I looked up and for the first time since I initially met my wife, I was speechless. I was looking at the most stunning woman I had ever seen (apart from my wife of course). Although there were subtle differences, I swore I was looking at Halle Berry. Store bought, but perfect 36D tits and an ass sculpted by a master; and the same “Catwoman” hair. My wife had to reach over and shut my mouth, which got a laugh. She knew that I always had a fantasy about Halle Berry so she wasn’t upset.

If there was a fraction of my cock not hard already, as soon as her naked body began to gyrate, it was gone. I didn’t even look down as my wife began to rub my cock through my pants, trying to milk out the precum that I knew was causing a wet spot to form on my pants. She squatted down; I could see the inner lips of her pussy hanging down a little. She reached over with both hands on my legs and began to move up to my face.

Suddenly, she reached over and grabbed my wife behind the head and smacked their mouths together in a fevered kiss; all the while pressing her nipples into my chest. If their lock lasted another 10 seconds, I would have blown a load in my pants; but she broke apart from my wife and turned and kissed me. She backed away and turned to Erika who was rubbing her pussy through her pants and planted the same lip lock. I LOVED THIS PLACE. She refused any money I tried to offer her and blew us a kiss and walked away.

Everyone had a laugh at my reaction, but it was nothing compared to a few minutes later when she walked back in fully clothed and sat down with a cocktail grinning at me. Erika broke the silence and introduced Trish, the surprise she was hinting at. Erika and Trish had been friends for a long time, with Erika helping Trish through her divorce. The club in addition to have male and female pro’s, allowed amateurs, and that was how Trish wanted to introduce herself.

When Erika told Trish of our ‘interludes’, it in turn led to a hot session between those two. By this point in the evening, no one wanted to drink; fucking was all we wanted. As we stood up to leave, Trish came over to kiss me again, and flicked her tongue over my upper lip, saying she liked my after shave. Allison winked at me, and with a deep breath we headed back to the hotel. The suite Dan and Erika was huge with a kitchen area, living room(not sitting area), a guest room and a master suite big enough for an orgy….imagine that.

There was a supply of alcohol and fruit for munching. I poured some Champagne for the ladies and a bourbon for myself and Dan. There seemed to be nervous chatter going on as Erika put some music on. The first few song’s were slower and Allison and I began to dance, pulling each other in tightly. We were kissing and rubbing our hands over each other, I had grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her skirt up slowly till her ass was exposed.

My grabs became more intense as I ran my fingers up and down the crack of her ass, while she ground her pussy on my cock. I opened my eyes when I felt another set of hands on Allison’s ass, to look right into Trish’s big brown eyes. Allison broke our kiss, turned around and began to kiss Trish. It was the most beautiful and sexy thing I had ever seen, as they explored each other in the way that only two women can.

Moments later, Erika joined them and the clothing began to come off and soon Dan and I were watching three beautiful naked women kiss and rub each other’s body. We pulled two armchairs over and sat watching as they dropped to the floor slowly, licking and kissing each other. Erika had moved behind Allison and was running her tongue down her ass, pulling the cheeks farther apart to reach in and touch her pink asshole. oral porno At the same time, Trish was sucking and squeezing on her tits, with her fingers rubbing over her own pussy.

They laid Allison on her back, spreading her legs while continuing to excite every part of her body. I could see the wetness on her thighs and her pussy was swollen with juices. Neither woman had touched her yet, but then Erika slowly began to place little nibbles on Allison’s inner thighs and then gave a long lick on the crease between her legs and pussy lips. Allison let out a deep moan but was cut off when Trish placed one of her nipples in her mouth, and began to suck like she was possessed.

Erika used both hands and pulled the lips of Allison’s pussy apart, and ran her tongue from asshole to clit, lapping up as much of the leaking juice as she could. This caused Allison to gasp and pull her mouth from Trish’s tits for a moment. She looked up at Trish and told her she wanted to taste her. Trish slowly placed her legs around Allison’s head and I placed a small pillow under her head. Trish threw her head back and I could tell that Allison had begun to bury her tongue in Trish’s pussy. I had to get closer so I laid on the floor to watch my wife’s tongue frantically lick every inch of Trish’s pussy; sucking on the lips, flicking the clit then drawing the clit as deep into her mouth as she could.

This caused Trish to throw her head back and she began to pinch her nipples and squeeze her tits. At the same time, Erika began to work on Allison’s pussy in earnest, her head moving up and down as she licked between the folds of her pussy lips; pulling them apart and shoving her tongue deeper and deeper. She turned her attention to Allison’s clit, which was as erect and engorged as it had ever been, sucking it into her mouth and working her tongue around the clit and hood. Allison wasn’t going to last very long, and I could see her body begin to flush as her impending orgasm was nearing.

Allison, never stopped licking and sucking Trish as I heard her gasp and buck her hips, thrusting up to meet Erika’s face. Her body went rigid, with her ass raised off the floor, and she began to shake as Erika continued to suck her clit. I could tell she was cumming and heard Erika gasp as Allison began to loose her fluids on her face in an amount she was not expecting. Erika continued to rub Allison’s pussy as the cum poured out all over her tit’s while Trish was rubbing her pussy up and down Allison’s mouth, as she neared her own orgasm.

Trish let out several small grunts and a guttural moan as she rolled over off of Allison’s face, which allowed Erika to rise up and kiss Allison, gently holding her chin as they were joined by Trish. Three tongues were shared as they darted back and forth between each other. When Allison commented that Erika didn’t cum, Erika responded that we had all week and she was sure she would cum soon enough. “Besides” she said, “we have some voyeurs who have received no attention.

In fact, both Dan and I had removed our clothes while watching them; and were stroking our cocks enjoying the scene that unfolded in front of us. My cock felt like it would explode, and I had precum smeared over the head and shaft, coating both hands. Allison reached over, grabbed my hand and led me to lay on the floor. I watched as Erika positioned Dan so legs overlapped and our cocks were only a few inches apart. I looked down as all three women began to grab and attend to our rigid cocks.

Trish commented she was in heaven, my cock is just under 8″ but almost 6 ½ inches around at the thickest part; and Dan is over 9, thinner but not thin. She grabbed them both and began to alternate between them with Allison sucking my balls into her mouth. I could feel some saliva as it dripped down over my asshole, as Allison gently moved my balls to get in and lick my asshole. I could make out Erika devouring Dan’s dick, sucking in as much as she could when Trish moved to mine. I had never experienced anything like this as the three ladies moved back and forth between both of us, bringing us both to the edge and then backing off just enough.

Erika moaned that she needed to be fucked and decided I was the lucky fuck toy. She grabbed my saliva coated cock and with her ass facing me, proceeded to lower herself down. I was still amazed by her pussies tightness as she worked me deeper with each drop, till at last I felt her ass cheeks press on my groin. She squeezed her pussy muscles and began to raise and lower herself allowing me some room to rise up with my own thrusts and meet her rhythm. I looked over and could see Allison begin to lower herself on to Dan. I heard her whimper a little as she tried to get it all in on the first shot.

Allison and Erika were facing each other and their hands an mouths were all over each other. Soon, I was greeted with my fantasy as Trish lowered her lovely dark pussy on to my face. The contrast between her’s and our wives was amazing as I hungrily sucked her dark inner lips into my mouth, and worked my tongue as far up her cunt as I could. I alternated between pussy and clit as I tried to get every drop of her juices into my mouth; savoring the strong taste and smell. I swallowed her creamy juices and knew that I was not going to be able to last much longer.

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