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Mom , 30+ Years Ch. 06

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A few weeks after returning home, mom got a call that the apartment she was waiting a year or more to get was now available. A large brick home, with a very large upstairs the owners had turned into an apartment, and which we soon moved into. Mom put a lot of money into her very large bedroom. It had six large windows across the back of the house, with trees right up to the windows that provided privacy, with mahogany stained trim. She installed a white carpet and painted the walls eggshell white. “My” bedroom was a small room in the front of the apartment next to the bathroom. Another large bedroom became a “catch-all” room. A unique feature of this upstairs apartment was the closets that ran the length of the house on the front side and front corner. And the 12 foot wide, L-shaped, cedar closet that was in the middle of the apartment. This apartment was an outstanding place to live, indeed.

It took two solid weeks to prepare the apartment for our furniture. But, it did not hamper our ability to make it our own. We fucked on the toilet, in the very large bathtub, in the large closets, but found it difficult to breathe in the cedar closet.

The apartment had a door next to the cedar closet that led downstairs to the owner’s home, but mom paid visit, and with me making substantial noise around our apartment, we found that very little noise filtered downstairs.

We soon had the apartment filled with what little furniture we had and things pretty much returned to normal for the next five months or so.

I had always intended to return to the South and when school ended. I approached mom lying next to her one evening after our fuck session.

“I suppose, I’ll be cut off soon?” I queried.

“You must really think me a cold bitch.” Mom replied. “You think my bargain with you is like a paper contract that I will, or can, just tear up. I have given you more than just pussy, my dear boy. I have given you a part of myself as a woman. I could and have discarded and denied men, but as your mother, I could never deny you. Hell, you’d probably rape me anyway and who am I going to call.”

“You know I want to move south?” I said. “I already have an interview in Carolina.”

“I figured you would be leaving.” She replied, her voice beginning to quiver. “But I didn’t think it would be so soon.”

“The interview is not for three weeks.” I said. “And we need to discuss the car. I was hoping I could buy it from you?”

The following three weeks was like revisiting the first couple of months after mom and I became intimate. Mom fucked me like a mink. I admit I took advantage of her distress and requested my favorite position often, doggy style, and she showed little distress in assuming her least favorite position. I drove her to work and picked her up after work. We ate out almost every night and found something to do, movies etc. to keep from being in the apartment where we would talk about me leaving. On returning home, we showered together and fucked till the wee hours of the morning.

The two days before I left mom took off work and we went into The City. We left the hotel only to eat. The rest of the time spent sleeping or fucking, many times with mom crying as we fucked.

We agreed on a price for the car. Mom won, I got the car for nothing. I drove to Spartanburg, South Carolina for the interview. I didn’t get the job so I continued to Greenville and stayed with aunt Lois. Before heading for Virginia for another interview, I got the pussy that Micky had offered, twice. I got the job in Virginia and about two months later I was living with a girl, Gayle, kurtköy escort two years my senior.

Two weeks after meeting Gayle, we went to Williamsburg for the weekend. We had dinner, retiring to the motel room around 7:30 and after a shower, in bed no later than 8:30. We fucked until the eastern sky was beginning to brighten up. Also, she could suck a golf ball through a water hose and she did not shy at the cum in her mouth. I was being spoiled. I mention this only because it still makes me smile and I too still find it amazing. Also, to show you the kind of gal I had the good fortune to know for about six months, before I discovered what a slut she really was.

Within about 4 months or so my job took me to New York City and Gayle wanted to go with me to visit her mother in Montauk Point. This worked out quite well as we could spend the night with mom, I could deposit Gayle at her mother’s, and then take care of business in The City and return to visit with mom for a day or two. Needless to say, mom was not overjoyed with meeting Gayle but was overjoyed I was coming to visit.

We arrived at mom’s about 6:30 p.m. and I used my key to let us in.

“Hey mom, we’re here.” I shouted, as we climbed the 18 stairs to the apartment.

Mom met us at the top of the stairs and I introduced her to Gayle. Having prepared supper for us, we ate and sat around the table talking till about 11:30. I was not surprised that Gayle and I would sleep in separate beds, but I was a bit surprised that mom gave Gayle her bed to sleep in. The bed’s headboard sat against a classed double French door, and I figured that if I had a thought to wander mom had made it difficult.

Mom and I were up early as I was going to drive her to work. We left Gayle sleeping.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve bringing that bitch into my home.” Mom said, scorchingly as we rode.

“She found out that I was going to New York City.” I replied, defending myself. “She had already taken off work. How was I supposed to say no. It could have looked funny.”

“Don’t jerk my chain, sonny boy.” She returned. “Nothing would look funny. We learned long ago that people don’t look at us and think you’re fucking me. And you can bet that you’re going to give me a good fuck this morning before you go back and fuck that bitch.”

“The Agiston’s not home?” I quizzed.

Now, the Agiston’s had converted the basement of their home into a bedroom for mom when she was a lived-in, before she had gotten her own apartment.

We entered the home, mom shut off the alarm, and made a quick walk-through to make sure that all was as it should be. She returned to the kitchen and we made a bee-line down the steps to the basement. As I stripped, I watched mom remove her shoes, white uniform, slip, panties and bra. I admit, it was a bit of a shock. I had gotten used to Gayle’s 23 year old body and now there stood mom in her 43 year old glory. Her thighs were tight from her walking but they were larger than I remember. Did her tits always sag like that? And did her ass always have those dimples all over the place? But, life brightened up when she turned to face me and I saw that lavish bush between her legs.

I followed her to the bed and fell on her like a hungry beast. I attacked her breast, suckling hungrily. Turning her over, I nibbled on her ass and thighs. Finally, I turned her to her back. She spread her legs, reached for my rock hard erection, and when I felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy I shoved it in her, letting her yelp as it pulled hair going in. We broke into maltepe escort a frenzied rhythm, with her ass meeting my thrusts and the heels of her feet matching the rhythm on my ass.

“Aagggggggg! Fuck me, you big cock motherfucker.” Mom pleaded. “Fuck me until I can’t stand up. Fuck me hard, damn you.”

“I’m going to fuck your ass off.” I promised, as I hammered her pussy and forgot the thoughts of a few minutes earlier.

This bed was a bit higher than most and this was not the first time I had fucked mom here. I pulled out of her and grabbing her legs dragged her to the foot of the bed, bringing her ass to sit right at the edge. I promptly reentered her, pushing her legs wide and watching my cock pump into her as I stood at the edge of the bed. Mom lifted her head to join me in the viewing of our coupling. I slowed to a long stroke, moderate rhythm

“I’ve missed you so much!” She exclaimed. “You’re hard cock. Your cum in my belly.”

For many long minutes I fucked mom like this. Her neck would tire and she would drop her head back to the bed for a moment or two, only to lift her head again to stare at our coupling.

When the time arrived, my fingers massaged her mound, playing in the forest of hair, and my thumb found her Clit.

“Aaahhhhh! Soft, sugar.” Mom cried. “It’s so sensitive. Yes! Like that.”

I softly stroked and massaged mom’s clit as I slowly stroked into her, pulling almost out before pushing deep again. At one point, I stopped stroking and mom, desirous of the stroke, pumped her ass to keep my cock pumping into her. This brought me very close to exploding inside her as her action showed great desire on her part. A female in lustful heat.

Her body stilled momentarily as the orgasm seized her. Mom’s ass lifted as she came.

“Ohhhhhhh! Son of a bitch!” She bellowed. “FUCK ME! DAMN YOU, FUCK ME HARD!”

I did as I was commanded, grabbing her ass in my palms to hold them up so I could slam my cock straight into her. With her ass lifted up, her pussy sopping wet and desirous, I shot my load deep into her.

“YES! YES!” She shouted. “Fill it up! I feel it. I swear I feel it!”

I dropped onto her. We hugged passionately as I continue to pump into her, kissing her neck and face. After long moments, we stilled and lay silently in each other’s embrace.

“Come shower with me.” Mom said. “You can’t go home to Gayle smelling all funky.”

Mom cooked me a breakfast of ham and eggs before I left. She then walked me to the door.

“You know, I really hate the thought of you going home and fucking her.” Mom stated.

“You want me to move her to my bed?” I asked, not trying to hide the fact that I was definitely going to fuck Gayle when I got home.

“Oh! Hell no!” Mom replied, sarcastically. “We wouldn’t want her to think something funny was going on, now would we?”

“Funny, mom.” I reply.

I found Gayle drinking coffee when I entered the apartment. Sitting there in her nightgown with nothing underneath, I was instantly interested in getting her hot young ass into bed.

As she sucked on my cock, I wondered what she might think if she knew where my cock had been 30 minutes earlier. After getting me good and hard, she climbed aboard and I let her ride for a good while before putting her on her back and giving her a lengthy fuck.

We dressed and made the trip out to Montauk Point and I returned to The City for my work. Mom had to catch a bus home, with me not getting back to the apartment until about 9:30 p.m.

“You want me to cook.” mutlukent escort Mom asked. “Are do you want to take your Mama out for a late dinner.”

“Lets go to Teresa’s?” I proposed.

We walked to Teresa’s and enjoyed a great dinner. We returned home around 11:50.

Mom changed the bedding on her bed and we undressed and entered the bed naked as we always had. She accepted me between her legs, I entered her and we slowly fucked as we talked.

“I can’t believe you still can keep it up?” She said, somewhere in the conversation.

“Hey! I can still fuck you all night long.” I said, offense in my voice.

“And I can still let you.” Mom replied. “I bet Gayle is lonely in that bed all by herself with no warm cock in her. I bet I can still out fuck her.”

“Mom, you’re always going to have the best pussy.” I assured her.

“You still got some warm cum for me?” She whispered lovingly.

It took me a while, with her enjoying every moment of it, but yes, I still had some cum for her.

Mom and I had a day and a half to enjoy each other’s company sexually, but we managed to get out a bit and enjoy the Island, which was beginning to experience a population explosion. I was not going to be sad about heading south again.

About midday of the second day, I was showering in preparation for leaving. My plans were to pick up Gayle and make the drive back to Virginia nonstop. Mom had gone for a walk.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Mom asked. Knowing the answer, I could hear her already undressing.

I made room for her underneath the hot stream of water as she joined me. I began to massage and caress her body as she stood there before me.

“You study my body so hard.” She observed. “I hope you’ll always find it to your liking.”

“I’ll always love your body.” I reply, as I took her left nipple into my mouth.

“Are you going to miss me?” She queried. “You’ve got that little piece of tail to keep you warm and tuck you in at night.”

“I’m going to miss you terribly.” I replied. “I much rather prefer you to tuck me in.”

Mom reached down and began to toy with my cock.

“You cannot imagine how bad I miss having this around.” She stated. “I hate the thought of that bitch sharing your cock. Does she fuck you good?”

“She never says no.” I answered. “And she sucks my cock real good.”

“You cum in her mouth?” Mom quizzed.

“Every time.” I answered, in a challenging tone.

Mom reached outside the shower curtain, her hand returning with a towel, which she folded before dropping it to the bathtub floor. Kneeling on the towel, mom lightly kissed my cock before putting the head of it into her mouth. I watched her suck on my cock slowly, taking more and more of it into her mouth as she used her index and thumb to stroke the shaft. As I had fuck her earlier that morning, I hoped I could cum quickly if that’s what she intended. I also wondered if the hot water splashing on her back would hold out.

Long minutes passed;

“Mom, I’m going to come.” I warned, giving her a chance to eject my cock from her mouth. “I’m cuming! Aaggggggg!”

Mom began to gag slightly as she expelled the cum out around my shaft. I admired the woman, my mom, for her gameliness not to be outdone by another woman. She stood and I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. She was still gagging.

“You didn’t have to do that, you know.” I whispered. “You don’t have anything to prove.”

“You don’t mean that.” She challenged.

“I do mean that.” I replied, as I slid myself down to take a prone position in the large tub. “Now come down here and feed me that pussy.”

It took a bit of maneuvering, but she quickly positioned her pussy over my face. Then, I had to contend with water flowing off of mom’s ass trying to drown me as I sucked and lapped at her lavishly covered pussy.

“You sweet, sweet man.” She moaned.

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