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Camera in the Wall Ch. 03

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The flirting continued and I was enjoying teasing my son Sammy. I tried to give him little flashes here and there, some of which he responded to with a smile or grin, but others he either didn’t see or simply didn’t react. The sexy scenes in my room continued and I always used the title ‘you’ so he didn’t really know if I was talking to him or someone else, he always nodded or smiled in response.

I had sussed out Sammy is a breast man so I teased him for three months by keeping my breasts covered, only letting him see some cleavage and making him watch me rub and squeeze them. One night, from the safety of my room, I asked if he wanted to see my breasts and he nodded. I then played with them for a while, teasing and asked if he wanted to see my nipples. He sprang to attention and enlarged the window on his computer so I teased more by describing them and rubbing them. That night I kept it going for four hours and lost count of the times he orgasmed or nearly did, but I kept them covered. I teased even more by describing the rest of my body, especially my vagina. This was on show to him so I assume he could see I was telling the truth and I could see him looking closely at his computer screen. By the end of the session I hadn’t let him see my breasts so I have no idea what he was thinking. I finished by blowing a kiss and said: “Goodnight you.”

The following day neither of us were at work and I spent several hours in my robe doing the chores but was careful to keep my breasts covered to keep the tease going as long as possible, I did manage to expose my vagina to him for long enough to know he had a good look. Mid afternoon I had showered and dressed and asked Sammy to go Eskort Bayan shopping with me as my daughters were coming to dinner the following day and I needed to do a big shop. He was surprisingly happy to come with me and we had a laugh while we were out. A couple of times he tried to touch my breast but I was able to avoid him.

After dinner Sammy showered then we watched some TV. When he put on another scary film, I cuddled a cushion to my breasts to make sure he could not play with them. I was trying to find a good way to expose them to him, which was not there and then. We had a couple of drinks then I went to my bedroom leaving Sammy watching a film that I could not get into.

I went straight for the camera then the bathroom. I really thought Sammy was going to watch the rest of the film but was surprised he was in his room by the time I had finished my wash. I laid on my bed dressed in only a shiny T-shirt and rubbed my breasts. Sammy got interested so I started playing between my legs and talked for an hour. I had got this down to a fine art and could make his penis get hard and soft almost like turning a light on and off. I was so horny I was ready to have sex with him and asked if he wanted to fuck me, he nodded hard and for the first time I heard him reply “Oh yes, I’m ready Mum”.

I said I needed to go the bathroom and left the bed. I knew he was ready to orgasm and laying on his back on his bed waiting for me to return. Instead of going to my bathroom I quietly opened my bedroom door which is right beside it and stepped to Sammy’s door, opened it and quickly ran in. His reaction was priceless, he tried to sit up, he looked at his screen and went bright red, for the first time I saw his screen with something on it he didn’t want me to know about. I ran to his bed, pushed his shoulders back down and jumped on him, straddling his thighs. I grabbed his penis which was soaking wet and positioned it against my vagina and dropped down.

“What the fuck Mum?”

I managed about three humps before he orgasmed in me and about three more before I orgasmed, and Sammy was still pumping his sperm into me.

“I think your words were, ‘Oh yes, I’m ready Mum’.” Sammy’s mouth was wide open in disbelief. When we had both settled down, I climbed off him and stood beside the bed, I held out my hand: “Come on, my bed is bigger for round two.”

Sammy laid there in disbelief looking at me with some strange looks on his face and not moving. The temptation was too much for me, with a grin I put my little finger through the Prince Albert ring, gently tugged and said: “Come on, my bed’s empty if you want more.”

He got up from the bed and followed me, with my finger still in his ring, to my room, Sammy saw the TV screen, went bright red and said: “Oh fuck, how long have you been watching me?”

“Two weeks after you started watching me.” I rewound the tape and we both stood there watching what had just happened next door. I was in his room for a total of eighty-three seconds, that was eight seconds from the time I entered his room to having him inside me, eleven seconds to have reached my orgasm, thirty-six seconds rest, then standing beside his bed for sixteen seconds until my finger was in the ring and a further twelve seconds until we left the room.

“Fuck, did that really happen just like that? I never thought to record you.”

“I bet you never thought you’d fuck me either,” I laid on the bed still wearing the shirt, “Well come on then.”

“First this needs to go.” Sammy said, giving the shirt a tug.

“What’s stopping you?”

“This needs to be done right. I want you on your hands and knees first.” Sammy turned me over ’till I was kneeling and my breasts were hanging and being supported by my shirt. He knelt on the floor looking into my cleavage, he caught his breath. “Mum, oh Mum.” He caressed my breasts through my shirt then ever so slowly pulled it towards my head. He sat back onto his heels so he was lower. One breast fell out and hung down low, Sammy’s chin dropped and his penis rose, both just as quickly as each other. He used both hands to hold the breast and caress it, rubbing the nipple and gently flicking it. “Oh Mum.” Sammy continued pulling the shirt until the other breast fell and he repeated everything including the “Oh Mum.”

He stood up and lifted my shoulder until I was kneeling on the bed, then lifted my shirt off over my head, then immediately placed both hands on my breasts to rub them, “I love tits that hang down like these and your nipples are fantastic. Kneel down again, I want to take you doggy.”

I couldn’t believe how good the ring felt as he was sliding in and out of me. The hard and soft contrast was just amazing and it felt huge. In fact it was huge, it was big enough that it would have easily slid over his penis. I was in seventh heaven when he started on the short strokes and like before I had my orgasm just after Sammy started his. Sammy’s last words before we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep were: “Have you ever thought about getting these pierced? Some gold rings would really suit you with these big dark nipples.”

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