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In The Van Ch. 02

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I woke first the next day, as I usually do, with a hard cock. Stroking it with my eyes closed for a few minutes, I wondered if I could wake my wife for a morning stroke. We had developed a practice where, if she was awake, that she would have the option to reach over and hold my balls while I jerked off. If she was feeling horny, sometimes I would get to fuck her. Of course, this was when the two of us were alone, so I was not sure what she would be in for.

Opening my eyes, I found that she was not there! Justin was asleep on his side, and I was alone with him! My ego did NOT like this!

I quietly got up, so as not to disturb him. My ego made quite a lot of the fact that I had just been naked, jerking off, next to my wife’s naked lover, without her between us as a buffer!

I quietly opened the van door and peeked outside. Nobody was awake, and I could see my wife asleep on a futon outside, next to our good friend, who is also an ex of mine. I crept up to my wife and gently woke her up. She was not thrilled to be woken, but I think she understood, and so she followed me back into the van.

But when we got there, quietly, so as not to wake Justin, she was NOT into being fucked by me and did not even really want to hold my balls while I jerked off. She seemed more interesting in sleeping.

What could I do? So, I silently laid there, slowly stroking myself, thinking about the previous night. It had been a hard, altyazılı porno but great night.

Lying there, I noticed that she had nestled back to be the inner spoon to Justin’s outer spoon. And then she seemed to fall asleep.

My ego had me in a bad place. But at the same time, my cock wanted attention and was quite turned on by everything, even the stuff my ego was making a big deal about! I reviewed how when Justin arrived the night before that she had stopped sucking me so that she could start kissing and sucking him.

My ego tried to make me feel bad about that. My cock accepted the order of things and twitched at the thought. I stroked harder.

My ego made the conclusion that when Justin was around, his cock was the cock that she wanted inside of her. My cock agreed, accepting that truth, and strained harder, requiring me to stroke harder.

My ego noted how I fucked her for like 2 minutes total and he must have fucked her for at least 3 hours total. My cock agreed, and I came close to cumming! I stroked harder and faster. Now I did not care if I disturbed their sleep. The van was shaking.

My ego told me that she enjoyed his cock more. It made direct comparison of length and girth and threw in the quality of his erection. My cock didn’t care, it just jerked again, and I gasped. I quickened my pace again, breathing heavily and quickly.

My ego berated me with the fact mobil porno that it was not just the size and shape and hardness of his cock, that Justin really knew how to use it to pleasure my wife and that I would never measure up! My cock spasmed and thrust, my fist clenched hard, and with a final, silent grunt, it spewed, covering my hand and belly with my spooge.

I relaxed my muscles, and I may have just imagined it, but it was almost like my sleeping wife and her lover also exhaled. I looked over, suddenly feeling shame, but they still had their eyes closed. After a little cleanup, I quietly slipped out of the van and closed the door so that they could sleep.

Emerging, I started my day, getting a drink and finding some food. My ex-girlfriend was also soon awake and we shared our breakfast together outside of my van.

During the course of our conversation, I looked over at the van and I saw it was rocking rhythmically. It was not then totally obvious, I am not sure that my friend saw it, but I could tell that, no mistake, Justin and my wife were awake and enjoying the morning sex I had been denied. My ego twisted the knife further.

I tried to distract my ex from noticing the van, not wanting her to see what was obviously happening.

However, after the van started to squeak and the rocking got more pronounced, and even some of my wife’s sex sounds began to escape, there was no hiding it.

My sex izle friend looked at me when she noticed and smiled a huge smile. My ego was aghast. My cock, however, was thrilled that she had noticed. She said, “Oh! It looks like the Little Woman is enjoying her morning!” She looked at me with a flashy smile and a wink. I just stared at her, unable to speak.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie, it isn’t a secret. We all heard those two last night. Don’t worry, it is cool!” I still could not say anything. “Anyway… it makes sense!”

Leaving me to ponder that, she excused herself and I was then again alone with my ego and my cock.

Later, when they had emerged (my ego wants to let you know that mercifully nobody saw them emerge), he left for his camp and my wife and I sat together drinking coffee. She told me she felt great, and why not? She had everything she wanted: a devoted husband and father of her child who provided her everything she needed or wanted, and a lover who could rock her world.

I told her that I had seen the van rocking. She said that she had tried to keep as still as possible and make as little noise as possible. She smiled, and I told my ego to stuff it.

She then told me her version of the story, excited about the “first” she had just experienced. She said that she had wiggled her ass in just such a way when she first got in the van as to engulf Justin’s hard cock without him moving.

I stared at her. He had been hard when she got in the van! He had been inside her the whole time I had been in there masturbating! They had been awake, silently waiting for me to finish and to leave!

My ego pretty much gave up and my cock won.

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