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Morally Ambivalent Mother Ch. 04

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** This is a work of fiction. It contains absolutely no truth — even the bits that sound plausible. The characters in this story are not based on any real persons, nor is the story based on any real events. It’s a story people, enjoy it for it is. **

** This story is about incest between a mother and her son — both of whom are adults. If you don’t like this subject matter, move along. **

“Are you angry with me?”

It was the first I’d heard from Sona in over two days. I hadn’t been able to sleep the first night, my mind conjuring all sorts of fantasies, each one more erotic than the last; seductive images of Sona and her son, Mobeen, locked in a forbidden passionate embrace flashing through my mind.

I played back the fantasy she’d related to me about her imaginary threesome. I tried to remember what I could, adding my own personally twists and tweaks to suit my personal salacious tastes. Mobeen’s English girlfriend, Karen, played less of a role in my version.

I was trembling when I answered the phone. It was completely unexpected and I’d been feeling edgy since Sunday.

“Listen, I’ll call you back in 5 mins. I’m at home now. Give me 5 mins ok? Don’t go anyway!” I stammered in a half whisper, conscious that my wife might overhear me.

There was a knowing laugh at the other end of line, she was mocking me. “OK, hurry up. Or I might decide I don’t want to tell you what’s been happening.”

I heard what sounded like a cackle. She was laughing at my desperation, relishing the power it gave her over me. She knew my weakness. We perverts think alike, knowing full well how to tease and tantalise each other.

It didn’t take me 5 minutes to shoot outside and climb into the car. If there was an award for ‘get to the car in the quickest time’, let’s just say I’d be an Olympian medallist. I didn’t even bother telling my wife I was going out. She’d look for me then leave me multiple missed calls. It was something I’d deal with when I got back.

For now, the single most important thing for me was to hear about Sona’s escapades over the last couple of days. I was an addict like any other and I needed a fix of my particular form of narcotic.

The phone barely rang when I heard Sona’s chirpy voice ring clearly through the line.

“Hiya!” She greeted, bright as the day.

“Hey!” I replied. “How’re you doing? What’s been happening? Listen I’m so sorry about that argument we had!!”

“Oh, pshhh! Don’t worry about that. It’s all forgiven. How can I hold that against you? I hadn’t even thought about it till you just mentioned it.”

I wish I could have said the same thing. My nights had been sleepless and my days listless. My stomach had been in knots, worrying if she would ever want to speak to me again. Though I knew my addiction to this woman was unhealthy, I failed at every attempt to push her out of my mind and out of my life.

There was a brief moment of silence on the line, both of us jittery with excitement, neither knowing how to start the conversation. She was bursting to tell me and I was anxious to hear. Entering into that exchange suddenly seemed difficult, how exactly does one talk about some casual incest?

“Sooooo, you gonna tell me what happened or do I have to reach through the phone and beat it out of you?” I asked, eager to have the details filled in.

Sona chuckled, delightfully. It was a good sign to hear her in high spirits.

“Oohhh nothing much. Been a boring few days, actually…. Oh, did I mention Mobeen came down for the holidays?” She said coolly, feigning disinterest to tease me further.

“GRRRR, don’t mess me about Sona. I’m on fucking tenterhooks here! I feel like I’m gonna go mad, you know how badly I need this!!”

We both laughed together, two very dysfunctional people sharing our own perverted little jokes.

“OK, ok. Sorry I’m being such a teasing bitch, I know. It’s not fair on you.”

“Damn right! So you gonna tell me what happened or what? What the hell have you been doing since Sunday? Can I safely assume everything’s cool with you? You and Mobeen ok?”

“We’re fine babes!”

“Good…I guess….” I was pleased that everything had worked out, though rather unsatisfied with the brief answer. “So, that’s it? Just ‘fine’? Not ‘FINE’?” I asked, trying to probe further.

Sona snickered. I sensed a cheeky grin stretching across her face. “Weeeeell, lets just say that you were right. And I was wrong. And Mobeen was VERY FINE.”

My heart skipped a beat as my suspicions were realised. It would appear that Sona had been very busy with Mobeen!

“OH MY GOD!!!” I felt a twang in my crotch as blood rushed to my growing member. “You didn’t!!”

“We DID!” She was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Over and over. Here. There. Everywhere. All over the house. It’s like we were on a mission! Fucking all over the place as if to prove to ourselves it was really real! Like this is our little universe and we can be together however we like all over it! God, Escort bayan it was fantastic!”

“I can’t believe it!!” I bellowed into the phone, unable to contain myself.

“Believe it babes! And you remember that fantasy I told you? All the way back when? Remember? The one about me, him and Karen?”

I of course was rather well versed in how that fantasy went considering I’d re-imagined it so many times since then.

“That fantasy didn’t do my boy any justice!” She added, breathlessly.

“What? How?” I was trembling with excitement as my cock ached against the confines of my jeans.

“He’s a fucking stallion! That boy definitely has my sex drive! He’s just relentless.” Sona dropped to hushed tones as she whispered conspiratorially. “This one time, he just kept hammering me one hour straight! He was like a fucking steam engine! I had to beg him to stop!”

“I can’t believe it! This is… fucking incredible! So you actually did it? You fucking little bitch!” Sona giggled as I threw playful profanities at her. “Shame on you young lady!”

“It feels unreal. It’s weird; it feels like we’ve always been like this. Like, together in this way. I don’t feel shy, or ashamed, or embarrassed or anything like that. It feels really natural and open. We’ve just been walking around the house naked and fucking whenever we want like it’s nothing. Like, completely normal and everyday. I don’t mean ‘everyday’ as in ‘boring’. Completely the opposite!! But, still natural. Like, it’s ‘normal’ for US. You know? I don’t know, I can’t explain it!” She was breathless as she excitedly tried to organise her thoughts into coherent sentences.

“Well, I guess it’s not that strange. I mean, you’ve always been together — as mother and son I mean. I guess it’s expected that things would feel natural and normal. Even like this.”

“Maybe. But we’re so casual about it. We’ve become casual so quickly, I mean. I thought it might be awkward. After the first time, on Sunday, I thought it might be weird. You know, we’d crossed a boundary and all that rubbish. I thought he might be weird with me. Or that I might feel weird towards him. But it wasn’t like that at all. It felt really normal and natural. Isn’t that strange?”

“I don’t know. I’m no expert of course. But like I said, in a way the two of you already have a trusting and loving relationship. I guess it’s very easy to be natural and normal with each other because that’s how your relationship already is. Think about it… Imagine how it is with a guy you don’t know that well. You’re self conscious… You don’t know what they’re thinking… They don’t know what you’re thinking. The rules and norms of your relationship are still being formed. It’s awkward because you’re still finding your feet in the relationship. It takes years for that stuff to settle down. Here, you guys have already done all that ‘settling-down’ stuff. It’s very easy for you and Mobeen to just be yourselves because that’s how you’ve always been with each other. That’s probably why it feels so natural and relaxed — there’s no agonising about your relationship before, during or after.”

“Yeah but, I expected something like this to change the dynamics of the relationship. Well, I didn’t ‘expect’ it as such, but you know what I mean. I just figured it would affect it.”

“Well maybe it has. Maybe it’s such a natural and subtle change that neither of you have spotted it and have adjusted to it without any problems?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. Sounds like you’re being a bit philosophical, but whatever. All I know is I’m glad things are ok. I hope it stays like this. It kills me to think we’ve forever fucked up our relationship.”

“Who knows. Guess you might find out one day… or never at all.”

“Yeah, nice attempt at reassurance, babes. Maybe you’d like to read out a few holy verses on how we’re committing atrocious sins while you’re at it?” Sona spoke with icy sarcasm in her voice.

“Well, I’m just being honest. I don’t know the future and neither do you or anybody else. But seeing as what’s done is done, I guess you should just cherish what you have and do your best at keeping it that way. Glass half-full sorta thing….”

“Yeah, I guess. I don’t want to do anything to hurt my baby.”

“Well, if that’s the case, make sure you always keep a tube of lube handy. You know lubeless jiggy can be very stressful on a man’s cock! Ha-ha!!”

“Ha-ha, you bastard!” Sona giggled delightfully.

The two of us laughed together as I felt her relax and the concerns ease. Clearly there was much for her to think about. Who knows what the future now held for them. Somehow I suspected I’d be around for a long time in her life to listen to her problems and help her through whenever I could. Sadly, it would appear I was condemned to enjoy the salaciousness of this forbidden relationship only as an outsider and commentator.

As our giddy laughter subsided a brief silence descended onto our conversation, a moment for each of us to absorb Bayan escort the reality and enormity of what she and Mobeen had done in the privacy of their home, away from accusing eyes and intolerant minds.

“Wow… really, this is fucking amazing. I’m gob-smacked. Shocked, gob-smacked, surprised, astounded all at the same time.” I said, whistling loudly through pursed lips

“Come on, though. Surely you suspected this was going to happen. I mean you were the one encouraging me, suggesting I get dressed sexy and all that. You must have known this was coming! What else did you think I’d be calling you about?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I expected it. I thought it MIGHT happen. I’ll admit, the pervert in me HOPED it would happen. But, I was just waiting to hear from you to find out for real. Even then, this is still such a massive thing, it’s still shocking whichever way you look at it. I mean, he’s your son, Sona.”

“I KNOW!! My God, I’m definitely going to hell now.” Sona, chuckled nervously.

“I think there’s a special place in hell for all of us…. Definitely for you!”


“Ha-ha. Ok. Just kidding…. Change topic! Ok, so you guys have had a lot of fun then.” I grinned into the phone.

“MMMMmmm lot’s and lots. And lots and lots more.”

“Wow, sounds like you’ve been busy.”

“I think I’ve lost count of how many times we did it. A couple of times we did it for so long they just sort of blended into each other! Ha-ha!”

“Wow, like a regular married couple!”

“Yeah! But definitely in the honeymoon phase! He can’t keep his hands off me!”

“I’ll bet he can’t! I bet he’s counting his lucky stars! A hot mum who’s fit, gorgeous and gagging for it!”

“You’re forgetting to mention a mummy who’ll let him do anything to her!”

I could tell Sona had a sneaky grin on her face in readiness to drop another saucy nugget of information.

“Really? Sounds like you two have been a little bit kinky as well as naughty on a massively immoral scale…”

“Ha-ha, you could say that…” She teased.

“Well… come on then, spit it out!”

“I let him… do me in the bum!” She whispered excitedly. As if saying it out loud would wake the neighbours to her kinky little secret.

“Reeaalllly???” I shifted in my seat as my cock twitched with earnest. “You really have been a naughty girl, haven’t you?” I teased.

“hee hee.. MMMmm, I have!”

“And how did Mobeen manage to score that one so early on in your frolicking? He really must be a stud then, two days into fucking and he has his woman giving up her anal cherry to him?! Ha-ha!!”

“Ha-ha! He didn’t have to work for it at all actually. I gave it to him easily. I told you, I’d do anything for him.”

“So it would appear! So tell me then, how did it happen?”

“Weeell, he was on top of me, it was pretty intense, and we were fucking real slow and sensual. Normal fucking. Vaginal, I mean. It was like, we were just enjoying being connected, just exploring that feeling of being joined. He told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved how my pussy felt. I just melted; I told him how much I loved his cock being in me. It was really natural and sensual.”

“And then? How did it get to the ‘dirties’?”

“It’s not dirty. Not the way we did. It didn’t feel dirty for us.” She said plainly. “He just looked deep in my eyes, I felt a bit hypnotised I think. I could stare into his eyes all day.”

“Ahem… and then he….” I prompted.

“Well it was quite natural how he did it. He came out of me and pushed my legs back and then pressed up against me again, except this time further back, at my bumhole.”

“Just like that?”

“Yeah, he didn’t say anything. No pleading or begging or fumbling about trying his luck or anything like that. He just pressed against it. He was really confident about it, like he knew it was ok with me.”

“How did you feel?”

“It felt weird. I wanted to arch my back and pull my bumhole away, get him aligned with my pussy again. But there was something about his expression, like, it was going to happen. Like it was ok, like he’d take care of me and I had nothing to worry about. He stroked my hair and kissed me. Kissed me deep and passionately. He didn’t say a word. He just looked at me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s strange it didn’t feel like I was giving it to him, it just felt natural. Like we were just going to make love in a different way.”

“So just like that?”

“Well not quite. It did hurt! It was difficult getting it in. But all throughout I felt like he was reassuring me. I didn’t feel at all like I was doing something for him or that I was giving something away. It didn’t even feel much like I was doing it for me either. It just felt like loving him differently. Like it’s ok for us to love each other in that way. Like we were exploring each other, just enjoying how our bodies feel with each other.”

“Wow, that actually sounds quite emotional and Escort spiritual.”

“It was. I think we just stared into each other’s eyes throughout. It was really intense. Emotionally and physically. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

“So how did it feel? Is it like vaginal? Must be more rough…”

“It was quite nice actually. Felt weird at first. When he first entered me it was quite painful. I think he could tell I was hurting so he was really gentle. We took it really slow. There was no pressure or anything. Like I said, it felt like were exploring. It felt like he was in charge and I liked it. It felt like he was exploring my body, enjoying how feel around his cock. I felt like I was discovering another way for him to love me. I felt like I WANTED him to find new ways of enjoying my body!”


“Yeah, so we just took it slowly. Took ages before he could fully fit in me. Don’t know how long but I loved every minute of it. Slowly taking him in. Feeling myself stretch around him. It felt so thrilling to do that with him, to see the intense look in he’s face as he eased into me. Knowing he’s liking the sensation of how tight I am there. Knowing that I can give him something so pleasurable.”

“Sounds really intense!”

“It was! We were just getting used to the feeling. Taking our time. Just enjoying being joined in that way. It did get quicker later though. He went slowly but her got quicker when it started to feel really good for me. Soon after he got all the way into me, I really started to like the feeling. It felt quite raw. Not that different to vaginal, except more intense. Like on another level. He could tell I was beginning to like it. Don’t ask me how but he knew just the right time to start to fuck me a little. Slow at first but he got quicker. MUCH quicker. It was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt.”

“So you proper arse fucked?”

“Yeah… eventually. But like I said, it took a long time. I don’t even know how long. Maybe because we took our time at first, the fucking felt so great, like my body was really being prepared for it. We definitely fucked though. I mean proper FUCKED. Like the same as vaginal — proper pumping and thrusting.”

“How did that feel?”

“It felt awesome! I mean, like I said, maybe because of the long build, but I’m telling you, finally fucking like that felt incredible!! Like normal sex times 100. Times a MILLION! It felt rough and raw and passionate, I loved it!”

“Wow! Did you cum?”

“Course I did! I lost count how many times. Once he started fucking me like that I think I started cumming almost straight away! Over and over. I’m telling you, it’s really intense!”

“Did he come as well?”

“Yeah, he didn’t last long. Once he started to proper fuck me in the bum, I don’t think he could hold it back for too long. He came inside me. He told me I felt too good there and he couldn’t hold back. I loved hearing that, hearing that I felt good for him. I told him I really wanted him to cum in me and he did, he filled me up properly there.”

“How did that feel?”

“It felt nice. Really nice. Cos it’s tighter there I could really feel his throbbing cock, like I could feel it pumping his cum into me. It felt awesome. I don’t know if I imagined it but I’m sure I could really feel his cum splattering my insides. Maybe I was just so delirious and happy from the intense fucking and cumming. I don’y know. Ha-ha! Anyway, just knowing that he’s satisfied and enjoyed himself was nice. Enjoyed being with me. Enjoyed my body. It was nice every time he came. Wherever. However.”

“Did you do anal just the once then? Did he cum inside you each time?”

“We did anal three times. The third time he came in my mouth.”

“Really? You sucked him off after he’d been in your arsehole?”

“Yeah. It sounds gross, I never thought I’d ever do something like that. I never even thought I’d do anal with anyone. I mean, I know it happens in porn all the time but that’s porn, you know?”

“So you weren’t grossed out or anything?”

“No, really, I wasn’t. It happened really quickly. We were fucking, pretty rough. I was on all fours and he was behind me, pulling me by my hips and really hammering me in the arse. I was delirious, cumming multiple times and really just taking it like my life depended on it. He then pulled out and came round to my face and put it in my mouth. I really didn’t think about it at the time. I’m telling you, my brain was mush, all I could think about was making my baby cum. I sucked him off and licked him clean without once thinking about it. I just loved satisfying him. Seeing the smile on his face, the way he looks at me like I make him so happy. Like he’s proud of me. I just want to keep doing that. Make him happy any way he wants. Like, I know it’s wrong but the fact I’m doing it with him makes it feel like I’m completely his. Like, by doing something wrong, and naughty, and a bit nasty, I’m proving just how much I belong to him. I don’t know who I’m proving it to, whether myself or him. I just know that I like the feeling of it. That feeling of being devoted. “

Sona went silent for a bit before continuing. She knew she wasn’t making much sense as she rambled on excitedly.

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