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Truly Irresistible

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Author’s Note: The ridiculously late and final sequel to Irresistible and Still Irresistible. Thanks everyone, and enjoy.


Television just wasn’t cutting it. I couldn’t get her off of my mind.

I’d fallen right into the same routine I had every night. Beer and TV usually made me groggy quick, especially on a full stomach. One pull of a lever, and my aching feet were up and my hands were behind my head in the recliner. The same recliner where she had climbed into my lap without her panties and rode me like a stallion.

I rubbed my face and blinked hard. I couldn’t even believe the predicament I’d found myself in. Glancing down at my watch, I rolled my eyes when I saw how late it was. Most nights I was out by nine. Work was enough to make sure of that everyday. Yet I had sat in that chair and thought of nothing but Sarah for hours. I kept seeing her tan face, her tight round ass in those gym shorts, and her lips wrapped around my….

I rocked forward in the recliner, flipping the footrest down. With the press of a button, the living room went black. I had to try to get some sleep. I stood and made my way for the stairs, trying my hardest to ignore the way my spent cock felt in my shorts. It throbbed when the image of her hazel eyes and her pierced tongue flashed in my head. For heaven’s sake, my nineteen year old daughter had been talking to me while her best friend had sucked me off behind the island in the kitchen.

I couldn’t shake that thrill.

I hadn’t felt that alive in so long. The whole episode was just dirty and hot. Just the thought of it was enough to make my heart skip a beat. Sarah was a poison that tasted so good. The incredible sensation of being with her trampled any guilt that surfaced.

Still, I couldn’t think of Sarah without thinking of Julie. I knew if my daughter ever found out what had happened, she would be mortified. Technically, I wasn’t doing anything wrong or illegal. Sarah was over eighteen after all, but she’d been friends with Julie forever, and it terrified me to betray my daughter’s trust in such a way.

The stairs seemed harder to climb everyday. Usually I blamed that on age. As I made my way up to the second floor, I could feel every tiny ache in my knees. That night, the stairs beckoned to me but grew taller beneath my every step. I tried to ignore it, but my heart was fluttering. Sarah was upstairs in my daughter’s room. She’d be sleeping in the room next to mine.

I made my way to the end of the hall toward my room, but I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the closed door of Julie’s bedroom. Taking a breath, I strode onward. Then I hesitated. I glanced at Julie’s door again. From the crack at the bottom of the door, I saw a faint blue light. Julie’s TV probably. The girls were no doubt settled in for the night.

A rush of excitement hit me in the chest. It occurred to me that I could open the door and check in on them. I imagined Sarah would be wearing her “barely there” night clothes. Maybe I could catch a glimpse of her.

I leaned close to the door. My hand was trembling as I wrestled with whether or not to turn the knob. Something stirred in my shorts. I wondered how Sarah would look at me. It was usually the same hazel stare that lingered just a second too long. Her eyes would flicker over my body. Then she would lock gazes with me, and without so much as a breath she would seduce me with the warm glow of her eyes and the twitch of a grin.

“Dad, why are you creeping on my room?” I turned quickly. The blood drained from my body when I saw Julie standing in the hallway. My daughter propped herself up with one arm on the bathroom doorframe while she brushed her teeth. I hadn’t even seen the light from the bathroom on my way up. The damn door must have been closed. I’d been so smothered in the thoughts of Sarah. Now Julie stared at me with a single eyebrow raised and a thin ring of toothpaste coating her lips.

“Oh, uh… there you are,” I said as smoothly as possible. “I w-was about to check on you guys… make sure you were alright.”

My entire body felt like it was overheating, and my insides churned.

Julie blinked at me. “We’re not five, and we’re not camping. We’ll be fine, Dad.”

I grinned and patted the air. “I-I know. I just… well uh… goodnight honey.”

“Aw, no goodnight for me?”

I could have jumped through the wall when Sarah appeared suddenly in the open doorway beside me. A single look at her was all it took. Her straight chocolate hair fell over her shoulders, luscious and beautiful as ever. The tiny white tee that she wore might as well have been pantyhose, for I could see the dark circles and soft tips of her nipples through the thin fabric.

I blinked and glanced away. Julie watched me with a bored expression.

“Well,” I said with a nod, “I was going to tell you both goodnight a second ago, but Julie just let me know that you are both big girls now. No more flashlight puppets, no more Evil Ghost.”

Sarah’s pretty face lit up. “Dang. I used to ataşehir escort love Evil Ghost! Can’t he tell us one scary story, Jules?”

I smiled when I saw Julie roll her eyes. She turned and stepped into the bathroom. I stood awkwardly in front of Sarah. I kept my eyes cast down, but that afforded me a glimpse at her long bronze legs. For the tiniest second I stole a glance at her waist and nearly shuddered when I saw her pink panties… or were they shorts? Either way, they had my dick swelling.

“Well, I would let you tuck me in, Mr. Harris,” Sarah told me.

I cut my eyes over at her in warning, but Sarah was enjoying herself. She wore that same hint of a grin, and toyed with her tongue stud again. Those warm hazel eyes coated me like a fly in tree sap. I saw her pull at the hem of her T-shirt, which stretched the thin fabric tighter over her breasts. She knew what she was doing. My shaft was filling with blood fast.

“Yeah, you were the one that always had crazy ass nightmares, too,” Julie said when she flipped off the light and emerged from the bathroom. “Remember the one about the glowing eyes at your window? Where that thing tapped the glass?”

Sarah shuddered. She shoved Julie playfully when she approached.

“Shut up!” Sarah snickered. “I hated that dream.”

Sarah looked back and forth at Julie and I. She bit her lip and put on her best pouty face.

“Now I’m scared, Mr. Harris, can we sleep with you tonight?”

I knew it was a joke, but the hairs on my neck stood when I looked at my daughter to gauge her reaction.

“Um, that doesn’t work so well anymore, Sarah.” Julie laughed and ushered her lovely friend into her bedroom. “I’ll protect you from the crazy window demons.”

“But, what about flashlight puppets?”

“Go Sarah!” Julie said still laughing.

I smiled.

“Make good choices,” I joked.

Julie narrowed her eyes at me playfully. “Goodnight, Dad.”

When her door closed, I could hear the girls laughing within the room. I shook my head and sighed. Finally I was able to adjust my hard dick to a more comfortable position. I wondered if I would get any sleep at all.


I wasn’t sure why but I blinked my eyes. The ceiling fan turned lazily. In the dark, everything was a blue haze. Wearily, I glanced toward my window. I wondered grimly if I would ever remember to buy some curtains that could block the street light a little better. I felt the twist of a sore muscle in my lower back. I distantly heard Julie’s voice in my head telling me to buy a new fancy foam mattress. I rolled to my side and tried to get a bit more comfortable.

Someone was sitting in my bed.

Startled, I lurched forward. A soft hand pressed on my bare chest, pushing me back down onto the mattress flat on my back.

“Shh, shh, shh.”

Before I could react, a face was lowering to mine. I could make out the drapes of rich brown hair. Lips brushed against mine. Hot heavy breath washed over my cheek. There was just enough light to see her hazel eyes staring back at me. Her voice was a whisper.

“You forgot to tuck me in.”

I shuddered when her tongue slipped into my mouth and teased my own. I could feel the stud in her tongue, and it wasn’t as hindering to her kiss as I might have thought. She breathed me in before taking another lick, coaxing me to kiss her. I lifted my head and she withdrew slightly. I saw the grin in her eyes. She was toying with me… or was this a dream?

I heard her moan softly, and I clenched the covers into my fists. She swept her brown hair around her neck and leaned her head down to one side. Her body was bent beside me like a recoiled snake. Those soft lips closed on the edge of mine. She pecked and nibbled at my lip, hinting at a kiss. When I turned to meet her, she barely pulled away again. I could see the naughty flash in her eyes. My cock was already straining against the sheets.

My arms wound around her and pulled her into me. Our lips crashed together. When they parted an instant later, we were tasting each other desperately. I wanted her so badly I could have crushed her. I firmly slid my hands up and down her back beneath the thin T-shirt. We could barely breathe. All I could hear was the sound of our lips and the rush of exhalation. I found her head, weaved my fingers into her silky hair, and pulled her deeper into the kiss.

She had found her way under the covers to straddle me. My mind melted away like butter on a hot skillet when I felt her seat her crotch against mine. Through my boxers, I could feel her mound crushing into my stiff cock. I stifled a moan. Her stiff nipples tickled my chest, even from behind her shirt.

Our lips parted and we stared at each other breathlessly. Sarah looked so alluring, even in the gloom of my bedroom. My eyes wandered over her smooth tan cheeks and her exposed neck. Her flesh looked so smooth and flawless. I fought the incredible urge to pull her down and devour her. The corner of her mouth twitched upward ataşehir escort into that familiar naughty grin she had shown me so many times before.

“That’s more like it, Mr. Harris,” Sarah snickered quietly.

The fog began to clear away in my head. Everything had happened so fast. My body had reacted, but my mind was only beginning to stir. It was as if I had only suddenly realized that the woman on top of me was my daughter’s best friend. Some part of me must have known, but my senses had been smothered in desire. I shot a nervous glance at the bedroom door. It wasn’t even closed entirely!

“Sarah, you shouldn’t be in here,” I whispered.

Her smile grew. It seemed like her eyes were glazed with lust. I clutched her tightly and my mouth dropped open. Sarah had begun to grind her crotch against mine, slow and hard.

“You’re not going to tell me to leave, are you?” Sarah murmured the words, her voice just above a whisper.

“S-Sarah!” I hissed. “Julie is right next… oh… mmmf… my daughter is in the other room!”

I could hardly concentrate enough to speak. My cock was bulging hard and Sarah rocked her crotch over it like she was trying to roll it into dough. The pressure was intense and incredible.

“She’ll hear!” I hissed again.

“Oh please,” Sarah said, rolling her eyes and grinning. “An earthquake wouldn’t wake that girl up.”

Sarah fell against me and dove for my neck. I sealed my lips to contain the groan behind them. She swirled her tongue from my collarbone to my ear, sucking and biting my flesh as she went. Her breasts were mashed against my chest. Her thighs seemed to split wider and cradle my cock even tighter. My legs stiffened as I suffered her embrace. Sarah was like a parasite in that moment, clutching me and sucking the life from my body.

Instead of draining me, Sarah was invigorating me, pumping me full of desire. All I could do was hold her closely. My hands found her tight round ass cheeks. My fingers wove into her panties, forcing them down over her ass while I squeezed at the soft flesh that filled my palms. When I did, Sarah clenched her cheeks and thrust into me in response. My eyes all but bulged. I tugged at her panties and let out a stuttering gasp. I heard her snicker when she lifted herself up.

Looking up at her, I marveled at her beauty but was ashamed of the lust I felt for her. I wasn’t sure which emotion tipped the scales. Both guilt and desire seemed to feed and grow from one another.

“Sarah, honey… this isn’t… this isn’t such a good idea,” I said as calmly as possible. “Maybe… a-another time?”

Sarah flipped her hair around her head and studied me. She looked amused.

“Uh-huh. We’ve been over that,” She said.

I watched her middle finger slip into the low neckline of her T-shirt. She pulled down, stretching the thin material to expose a single breast. I blew out a long breath. My cock strained against Sarah below. I was frozen still as she lowered herself over me. Her big tit came right toward my face.

Flesh mashed against my open mouth. Every conscious thought scurried from my brain. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and flicked the tip with my tongue. I couldn’t get enough. Every ample inch had to be tasted. Craning my head, I lapped and bit at the underside of her breast. Sarah cradled my head close and smothered me with her chest.

“Oh… that feels good….” she breathed.

Hearing her voice sent my cock into fits of throbbing. It also grounded me in reality. I eased her away as gently as possible.

“We can’t… I just….” I breathlessly searched for the words. “We can’t keep doing this.”

Sarah gave me another skeptical look.

“That’s not what I feel down… here.”

She rolled her hips forward, giving my dick a good stroke through our thin clothing. My head slammed back against the pillow from the sensation. Sarah grabbed her exposed breast, groped it, and rolled her nipple between her fingers. Her eyes bored straight through me. I clutched her tight ass and jerked at her panties, holding on for dear life.

“Maybe you need a taste, Mr. Harris,” Sarah teased.

I lay stunned while Sarah crawled up my body. She dug one knee into the pillows beside my head. I found myself gazing up between her tan thighs, across her stomach, and to the underside of her breasts. Sarah peered down at me smiling. I could feel my heart pounding rapidly in my chest. She hooked her second leg behind my arm. The heat from her inner thighs coated my face. My eyes were inches from the outline of her sex in her panties.

Sarah reached down and tugged the pink fabric to the side. They stretched to rest easily beside the swollen mound of her pussy. She slid a finger between her pursed lips. After a few slow strokes, the finger was tracing my mouth, coating my lips with her juices.

When she squatted lower, my hands flew up to her thighs and pulled her crotch into my face. My eyes rolled when her pussy slid over my mouth as fluidly as warm anadolu yakası escort bathwater. I allowed her lips to glide over the flat of my tongue. She tasted of sweet lotion and dirty sex. Fingers clutched my hair, tugging my head into her pussy. Sarah slowly rode my face. Every chance I got, I tried to probe her with my tongue, or lick at the hood hiding her clit. Yet Sarah didn’t seem interested in any oral procedure. The young woman merely rubbed herself over my mouth, my nose, and my cheeks.

It was getting hard to breath. I lapped at her wet pussy as best I could, sucking in air through my nose when it wasn’t smothered in her hole. Her ass cheeks felt incredible. I molded them in my hand, pulled the flesh up toward her back and felt the cheeks bounce back from my grip when I released. I tried to turn my head to bite at her thighs. Still her moist lips slid over my cheek.

I was lost. I gave myself over to my every desire. How long had it been since I’d had such an intoxicating sexual fling? It felt too good to deny. Everything became just a rush of lust, emotion, and impulse. Her dirty sweet smell and taste was all over me. I loved it. My boxers were stretched tight by my standing erection. It pulsed with energy begging to be freed.

Sarah climbed off of me at last and I followed her, sitting up in the bed. My chest heaved. A ravenous craving had infected my senses. I cradled Sarah into my lap. She was watching me intently. That damn little grin was on her face. I frantically worked my cock out of my boxers. My swollen tip prodded her inner thigh beside her pussy and we both gasped.

“Oh, fuck,” I muttered absently.

Sarah giggled. “You look really worked up, Mr. Harris. I like you this way.”

I ignored her taunting and took the base of my cock in my fingers. Her warm lips touched my tip and before I realized it, my dick had jabbed its way into her hole.

Sarah’s head fell back and a short loud moan escaped from her lips. My hand shot up to cover her mouth. I had to bite my lips to keep myself from crying out. Her pussy slid completely over my bulging shaft. I had to fight the urge to moan with every velvety inch of her moist hole. It was as if a warm, wet, static charge had enveloped my cock. She shifted, spreading her thighs and nestling deeper into my lap. Sarah flung her arm around my neck and pulled me in tight.

Then she was fucking me. It happened so fast. Her ass bucked into me, driving my cock deep into her. Our breathing was deafening. I cast a wary glance at my open door, but my view was soon blocked by a large breast. She held my cheek to her chest while she rode me. I couldn’t get close enough to her. Her shirt felt hot and somehow restricting. I reached around her, grabbed the hem, and tore it over her head.

Sarah stifled her giggle into a hissing smile. She tugged my head to her chest. My hips thrust upward hard while I kissed and sucked between her tits. I was losing all restraint. I felt the temptation to smack her tight ass, to pull her hair, to moan and yell and scream. I was trapped beneath her, and the restriction of my movements was infuriating. I couldn’t take it. I wanted more.

In an instant we were whirling on the bed. I swung her around and we crashed together on the mattress. I grimaced when the old bed creaked for a second. It mattered little. I had her where I wanted her. I pushed myself up on my arms and gazed down at Sarah. Her brown hair fanned out around her head. Her hazel eyes twinkled up at me. Her little half smiled coaxed me onward.

“Bout time you take charge,” Sarah hissed with a sexy wink. “C’mon Dave, fucking give it to me, I can take it.”

I was taken back that she had said my name. It seemed so improper coming from her. Odd as it was, my name had poured from her lips like wine, and I was drunk from the taste of it.

My hips flew into motion, driving my dick into Sarah like a piston. Soon there was an intense burn of friction on the side of my shaft. Her panties, I realized. I didn’t care. The discomfort was nothing compared to the orgasmic sensation of her warm and wet pussy. My eyes were drawn to the twirling of her luscious tits. My hand shot over to catch one of them in motion, and I squeezed her nipple until she bit down on her bottom lip. She gazed up at me with her naughty have smile. It was clear that she was having the time of her life being drilled by her best friend’s father.

I hooked one of her legs and bent her thigh toward her bouncing breasts. The girl’s flexibility was incredible. The sight of Sarah with her legs spread wide, her underwear pulled aside, and her sexy smiling face made me ravenous. I slammed my hips into her, and immediately I knew I had gone too deep.

Sarah let out a loud yelp. Her brow furrowed and her eyes rolled. I clapped my hand over her mouth. My head snapped around toward the door. I was frozen in place with my cock buried to the balls in Sarah’s sopping wet pussy. I held my heavy breath and listened. My eyes were trained on the door in the dim hallway.

Sarah was rolling her body beneath me, curling her hips up against my cock and swirling me inside her hole. When I glanced down, I felt and saw her tongue slide between my fingers. I drew my hand away and bit my fist. A scream was ready to burst from my throat.

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