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Maidservant and Her Mistress Pt. 03

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“So what? Have you made friends with your new little room yet?” Mistress Veronica asked, playing with the gloves she was holding in her hands.

“Yes my Mistress. A very pleasant place,” replied the scared maidservant.

Mistresses looked at each other and smiled. Slowly, they began to put black leather gloves on their left hands right next to the maidservant kneeling in front of them. They looked down at her, smiling all the time. Maidservant was enjoying the aroma of expensive leather. Mistresses, from time to time, touched her face with their fluttering gloves, which further aroused the maidservant’s excitement.

The room was quiet. Only the gentle sound of putting on two pairs of gloves was heard, intertwined with the delicate sounds of clicking heels of the boots as Mistresses jumped from one foot to the next. Mistress Veronica broke the silence turning to her daughter:

“My gloves put on tightly, and yours?”

“Mine too … they are closely matched … but I like them,” said Mistress Isabelle, stretching hers.

“Me too. That’s what I meant when I bought them yesterday in the shopping gallery. I like it when the glove tightly fits to my hand. It shouldn’t be too loose, because then it hangs sloppy,” said Mistress Veronica, stretching it.

“But you know, tight gloves mean that you need to put them on longer and more accurately on your hands so that they fit well. However, it takes some time,” said Mistress Isabelle, putting the right one on her hand.

“Yes, they have to be put on longer,” Mistress Veronica confirmed, doing the same actions as her daughter, “But who would care, my dear, after all we have so much time and nothing is chasing us.”

“You’re right, mom,” said Mistress Isabelle, admiring her palms. “It’s about time for our maidservant to ask her Mistresses to have a little fun and slap her face. After all, that’s why we met here. What do you think, mom?”

“Yes, because I can see that she is probably getting bored. And there is nothing worse than a bored maidservant without any chores. Maidservant cannot be bored, she has to do obediently her chores all the time.”

“Come on, ask your Mistresses to have some fun and slap your face. Just ask nicely and make an effort and say something more than just the word “please”, show that even a maidservant can be a little intelligent,” Mistress Isabelle ordered, grabbing and pulling the maidservant’s hair.

“Yes, but only a little, because intelligence is reserved for real Ladies like us.”

Mistresses laughed, then remaining smiling, leaned gloved hands on their sides on their waist and waited, gently clicking the soles of their boots on the floor as if showing their impatience.

“Well … maidservant … what are you still waiting for, huh? … your Mistresses are starting to get impatient a little.” Mistress Veronica said in a clearly commanding tone.

Maidservant, kneeling in front of her Mistresses, looked down at the booted feet of her Ladies and began her short speech.

“My dearest Mistresses … I would like to apologize to you for my behavior today that … sometimes you had to get angry at me … Please my Mistresses, as part of my penance, make have fun and slap my face hard.”

This speech was followed by a moment of silence that was broken by Mistress Isabelle.

“You must have forgotten something,” she said to the maidservant, putting gloved palms under her face, ready to kiss them.

Maidservant wanted to take the beautiful palms of her Mistress in her hands when suddenly she got her fingers smashed by her Mistress.

“Get your hands off my palms. Yet I didn’t let you touch them. You allow yourself too much. Your ugly paws will never experience the pleasure of touching this wonderful leather. You only have to gently kiss my fingertips so as not to get them dirty.”

“Honestly, I don’t know if even kissing is too much a privilege for her, honey,” Mistress Veronica interjected.

“Why do you think so, mom?”

“She can stain our beautiful expensive gloves with her saliva.”

“Don’t worry, Mom. She won’t do it. She knows that it is not worth for her. Believe me, it is not worth for her.”

“Not worth?”

“Yes. In the past it happened once when she asked for a faceslapping and stained my gloves with her saliva, then she got her face slapped very hard. She knows that she can’t even kiss them. If I order her to kiss my hands, I mean such an almost contactless peck.”

“Oh, you calmed me down, baby. So I can be calm about my gloves,” Mistress Veronica sighed admiring her palms.

“Relax, mom, don’t worry.”

Then both Mistresses put all their palms to the maidservant’s face so that she “kissed” them. Maidservant, according to the Mistress Isabelle guidelines, pecked every palm almost without touch four times, thanking four times and saying “thank you Mistress”.

Mistresses looked at each other first, and then, smiling, looked at the maidservant from above. Mistress Isabelle stretched her right glove a few more times, then grabbed the maidservant’s chin, squeezing her cheeks Uzun porno tightly and raising her head up.

“You’re lucky today that your Mistresses are in a good mood because we celebrate my birthday,” said Mistress Isabelle, starting to slap the maidservant’s face with her gloved hands.


“So your Mistresses will be kind to you today …


“And they won’t slap your face too much for punishment …


“And they’ll just have a little fun …


“And they only will stroke your cheeks,” Mistress Isabelle finished, but she continued to increase her faceslapping strength.


“Yes, I agree with you my love,” added Mistress Veronica, also stretching her gloves and joining the maidservant’s faceslapping.


“Her Mistresses will get her used to their fun slowly …


“They will have a lot of time for their fun …


“So they don’t have to hurry …


“And all the more unnecessary effort.”


“Yes, especially since her Mistresses are Ladies,” added Mistress Isabelle.


“And Ladies slap face gracefully and with charm, but effectively make the maidservant feel both physical and mental pain,” added Mistress Veronica.


Over the next few minutes, the maidservant’s faceslapping sound was heard, combined with the mocking laughter of her arrogant Mistresses and the clicking of their boots as they moved and changed their positions as they slapped her face.

Mistress Veronica, although she slapped face for the first time, did it very professionally. She behaved as if she were an experienced dominatrix. She knew what force to hit, at what angle. She knew how to set the face of the maidservant properly so that it had the right effect. She knew when to raise the maidservant chin and look into her eyes smiling.

After a few minutes of continuous faceslapping, which made the maidservant tears, smiling and happy with their result, Mistresses stopped for a moment, wanting to see the effect of their fun.

Mistresses stretched their gloves, then grabbed the maidservant’s hair, gripped it firmly, and began to watch the faceslapping effect by shaking the maidservant’s head once to the left once to the right.

“Hmm, you know my dear, I didn’t know that such the ugly face after a few faceslaps could be so red, the more so because after all we didn’t slap her hard at all, right? We are very delicate and sensitive women,” said Mistress Veronica. “I have to tell you I’m impressed with our work, and you?”

“I fully agree with you, mom. As you can see, we don’t need much effort, and we can relax not bad and relieve our stress and emotions. I wonder what our maidservant thinks about it. Maybe she would present us her impressions after your debut. You would have to ask her and you can still have some fun. I will be happy to look at the side and not disturb you.”

“Well, basically, I’m curious about her opinion myself. I hope she will praise me, because if she doesn’t, she’ll get her face slapped hard. Anyway, she will get her face slapped,” said Mistress Veronica, amused, and then directly addressed maidservant and raising her chin slightly upwards, “So? How did you like faceslapping?”


“Thank you, Mistress, I loved it,” replied the maidservant in a sobbing voice.

“I hope I didn’t slap your face too much, huh?”


“No, my Mistress.”

“You probably enjoyed it, right?”


“Yes, my Mistress.”

“And you can’t wait for your Mistress to slap your face again, right?”


“Yes, my Mistress.”

“And you won’t be able to wait when you enjoy it again, right?”


” Yes, my Mistress.”

Mistress Veronica turned for a moment towards her daughter and smiling at her and stretching her gloves asked her:

“So how am I doing, honey? Okay?”

“You look amazing, mom. I see you are escalating. I don’t recognize you. How much dominant energy is in you. You are slowly beginning to be like me. I would like to swap places with you at least for a moment, because I’m slowly starting to envy you.”

“Thanks, honey. But no … I won’t swap with you now. I won’t deny myself the pleasure of slapping her face.”

Mistress Veronica then turned back to the maidservant.

“Where were we? Remind your Mistress what you recently told her!”


“I said … I can’t wait … when I feel good again … when you slap my face, my Mistress.”

“Ah yes…


“Indeed, I have already remembered …


“But you know that for a moment of pleasure you have to deserve, right?”


“Yes, my Mistress.”

“You know that for a moment of pleasure you have to deserve by doing obediently your chores for your Mistresses, right?”


“Yes, my Mistress.”

“You know you’re here Öğrenci porno to do obediently your chores for your Mistresses, right?”


“Yes, my Mistress.”

“Chores first, then pleasure, right?”


“Yes my Mistress.”

“It may be time for you to show your Mistresses how a real maidservant should work, huh?”


“Yes, my Mistress.”

“And then, after hard work, you’ll have a bit of pleasure. Would you like it, right?”


“Yes my Mistress.”

“And then, after hard work, your Mistresses will repay you. You would like them to repay you, right?”


“Yes my Mistress.”

“And how are your Mistresses repaying you?”


“By slapping my face.”

“I did not hear.”


“By slapping my face.”

“By slapping my face and what?”


“By slapping my face, my Mistress.”



“Honey, what do you think about this?” Mistress Veronica turned to her daughter, “I think it’s time for our maidservant to show us how she can work, right? And then maybe we’ll have fun again and slap her face, as she deserves.”

“By saying as she deserves did you mean punishment or reward?”

“Is it important? For her it is all the same, and for us, it is important that we have fun.”

Mistresses laughed.

“I think so,” Mistress Isabelle continued, “That it’s time to check our maidservant. But maybe we’ll forgive her further faceslapping and this whole ceremony of kissing our palms as part of her thanks. Let’s get to the point right away. If we want her hire, she should show off her skills in front of her Mistresses. It may turn out to be unsuitable for this job and we will have to fire her.”

Mistresses laughed.

“I think there probably won’t be a need to fire her,” said Mistress Veronica. “I believe in her abilities. Anyway, think honey, where can we find such a maidservant working for free. Do you know how much I had to get tired to persuade her to work with us?”

“I know, mom. I was just joking. Of course, I would never get rid of such a maidservant. I have to add: where now such a maidservant looking for a job will find such good and forgiving Mistresses like us.”

“Maidservant, you had time to look around this room when we went upstairs for our gloves. So, did you look around?” Mistress Veronica asked.

“Yes, my Mistress.”

“And? Do you have everything you need for work here? Or maybe you still lack something, huh? We have tried to provide you with all the necessary things.”

“Basically … everything is here, my Mistress, but …”


“Well, because as I looked around the room … I didn’t notice any mop anywhere … I don’t know what I will wash the floors with …”

Mistresses burst out laughing.

“You heard my dear,” Mistress Veronica turned to her daughter, “Our newly hired maidservant has a problem because she has no tool to wash the floors. Something unbelievable! Did you hear that?”

“It looks like we’ll have to help find a tool for her.”

Mistresses began looking around the room. Suddenly Mistress Veronica turned to the maidservant, waving her black-gloved hand nonchalantly toward the other end of the room:

“Look, I think there is the mop you are looking for. Can you see it?”

Mistress Veronica looked at her daughter knowingly, smiling at her. She reciprocated with her, realizing what her mother meant.

“I’m sorry … to be honest … I can’t see it,” the maidservant replied shyly.

Mistresses laughed.

“Come there to the end of the room, you’ll see it,” Mistress Veronica said in a warm voice, pointing again with her black gloved finger to the other end of the room. “Or not! Stay here on your knees! You won’t find it anyway. I’ll bring it to you myself.”

“But mother!” said Mistress Isabelle, surprised. “You will get your gloves dirty with this dirty thing. You’re the Lady.”

“Relax, honey. I’m not going to dirty my beautiful hands at all. I’ll show you what I mean in a moment. You will definitely like my idea.”

Mistress Veronica walked proudly to the other end of the room, clicking with her boots loudly. She came to the place where three dirty rags lay that were not washed away from dirt, probably after the last cleaning. Mistress Veronica, not bending at all for a rag, with her foot in the boot slotted one of them and began to slide it as if kicking her foot on the floor approaching the maidservant.

“Well done, Mom,” Mistress Isabelle praised her mother, clapping her gloved palms gently, “I didn’t expect you to solve it this way. I’m impressed.”

Mistress Veronica finally approached the maidservant with the rag transported by means of her foot and turned to her:

“This is your mop that you will use to clean the floors in our house! Okay?”

Maidservant, still in a slight shock, said nothing, which irritated Mistress Isabelle a little.

“Answer as your Mistress asks you. What, don’t you like the mop?”

“I like it… I don’t mind,” replied the scared maidservant.

Mistresses laughed.

Mistress Veronica touched the maidservant’s head, pushing her gently down.

“Somehow you didn’t convince me that you liked this mop. I would like you to make sure it is okay. Therefore, lean more and take a closer look. You can even sit down. I let you do it.”

Maidservant sat down in a kneeling position and with some resistance began to bend her head get close to the dirty rag lying on the floor, which Mistresses considered as mop.

Mistress Veronica, seeing resistance from the maidservant, raised her tight white skirt slightly up halfway down her thighs, exposing her legs more and crouched next to the maidservant, clutching her leather palm in the maidservant’s hair.

“Come on. Feel free. Get close to this rag. Smell its aroma.”

Maidservant was still resisting. She looked towards Mistress, who was crouching beside her. Maidservant’s eyes appeared the view of her Mistress’s beautiful legs in stockings and black lace panties.

Mistress, seeing that she was being watched, only smiled, squeezed her hand more tightly in her maidservant’s hair, and put her head firmly against the dirty rag lying on the floor.

“Don’t look at my legs like that because it’s not a sight for you, just savor the taste of your new work tool you missed so much,” said Mistress Veronica, then she turned to her daughter, “Honey, help me tame this stubborn, eh? Because you can see that she resists.”

“With pleasure, Mother. I even have an idea.”

Mistress Isabelle came closer to the maidservant’s head pressed against the floor with Mistress Veronica’s hand. She set her booted legs on both sides of the maidservant’s head just next to her cheeks. She began, using her booted legs, to move the protruding ends of the rag towards the face of the maidservant and press it against her cheeks, while Mistress Veronica was constantly pressing her gloved hand with the maidservant’s head against the dirty rag on the floor.

Maidservant could hear the mocking laughter of her Mistresses above her. She also felt like Mistress Isabelle gently kicking her cheeks with the pointy toes of her boots as she pressed the ends of the rag to her cheeks. From time to time, the maidservant also felt the soles of the Mistress Isabelle’s boots on her cheeks, tightening a dirty rag.

Mistresses sneered at their maidservant having fun at the same time. After a while Mistress Veronica raised her maidservant head up and looked into her face smiling.

“So? How’s your new work tool? Are you happy with it? Have we convinced you finally?”

“Yes, my Mistress.”

Mistress Veronica got up from crouching and ordered the maidservant, adjusting her skirt, lowering it down to her knees.

“Then take this rag once more in your teeth and keep it by the floor, and your Mistresses will go to bring you two more extra. It’s for the future if you run out of tools. You know, more rags certainly does not hurt.”

Mistresses laughed and clicking with their boots loudly went to the other end of the room for rags. Meanwhile, the maidservant leaned over again to hug her face against a dirty rag as instructed by Mistress Veronica.

Mistresses came to the lying rags and began, as Mistress Veronica had previously done, sliding them across the floor with short kicks, accompanied by the chaotic loud clicking of their boots and mocking laughs. Mistresses approached the maidservant with rags and began stuffing them at her, gently kicking her cheeks and pressing them firmly with their soles.

“Oh, yes … one more rag,” whispered the excited Mistress Isabelle.

After a few minutes of fun, Mistresses took a step back from the maidservant’s head and began to mock her, looking down at her.

“Beautiful view, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mom. You know, I haven’t played like this for a long time.”

“I am very glad. Today is your birthday. Do you like the gift I prepared for you a bit?”

“You don’t even know how much. Thanks mom.”

“Come, give me a little hug.”

Mistresses embraced each other and kissed their cheeks. Then, hugging each other all the time, they looked down at the maidservant again.

“Okay, no more fun,” said Mistress Veronica, “Take these rags. There you have a bucket and lotions to wash and go scrub the floors right now. You will start from the corridor and then the rest of the rooms. You will take hot water from the laundry, there is a tap. Do not take from bathrooms, so as not to soil or damage expensive items that are there. Is that understood? “

“Yes my Mistress.”

“Good. We’re going to the living room to have a coffee, eat some birthday cake and relax a bit. And you, get to work, now.”

Mistresses smiled and clicking with their boots loudly left the room leaving the maidservant alone.

Maidservant took all the cleaning things with her and went to clean the floors. According to the order, she started from the corridor, which was quite large, so it took her a long time. She washed the floor kneeling all the time. From the living room, which was an open room for the whole house, she could hear conversations and laughter of resting Mistresses. She also heard the clicking of their boots.

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