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Handsome Ch. 02

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Chapter 2
Aunt Nicole

It took me a while before I was convinced that Karen meant what she’d said. I kept my word about not spreading the word about what had happened. And I leaned on Matt and Andy, and as far as I could tell, they zipped their lips too.

But almost every night I lay in bed and pictured Karen’s mouth around my sizzling hard-on, and I found myself jerking off.

After the baseball season ended my masturbation was no longer confined to bedtime, but during daylight hours in the bathroom, causing other family members, my mother and even my two-year-old sister, to pound on the door demanding that I finish and let them relieve their bladders.

When not in the bathroom, I used my bedroom and the stall in the boy’s room at school; and of course, I returned to that spot in the woods, hoping that Karen would show up, and when she didn’t, I whipped it out and unabashedly masturbated under the leafy elm trees.


As I entered the fourth month of my eighteenth year, I found myself whacking off seven or eight times a day; at first, with the one face in mind. But as time passed other faces found their way into my sordid imagination as I jerked off.

During this period only school, dance class, and baseball, in that order sufficed to divert my mind and dick from sex. In school I had to concentrate… well, pay attention to some extent in order to attain a passing grade. I was terrified of flunking and having to spend another year in high school.

Karen’s disinterest helped as much as it hindered, or so it seems today. But Irene Philipuk’s swan-like neck gave me a boner on a daily basis. And on dropping my pencil, I was rewarded with a fleeting glimpse up Barbara Becker’s skirt where her pussy lips were fully exposed to my view. That was my record setting day; I found that I had jerked off twelve times in one day.

It wasn’t long, of course, until my mother took note of the sticky sheets and other seminal residue I left like spoor tracks wherever I dallied; and God knows why, but she consulted her sister about the matter. I can only guess that she was unable to bring herself to talk to me about it, and since my father had been killed overseas, that eliminated the “man” of the house.

My Aunt Nicole was three years older than my mother, and twice married … and divorced. My guess is my mother felt that Nicole knew more about men than she did; and so I was shipped off to spend a week at my aunt’s.

I was utterly distraught over being “shipped off” as it were, but this would undoubtedly prove to be the most exhilarating learning experience of my life.


Looking back at my mother and her slightly older sister, it was hard to imagine that they were actually related. My aunt, recently divorced from her second, work-addicted husband, was exceptionally youthful, in both looks and actions. In fact she was only thirty-three years old, an eternity to a, eighteen year old, but actually it was a perfect age difference for what was about to occur.

I had had no idea whatsoever just how nasty the divorce had been. Years later Aunt Nicole confided in me, and I learned that her ex had screwed twenty-two different women in their home; half of them with her present. But she was incapable of taking any action for he had secured her wrists to the bedposts with handcuffs, and forced her to watch, hoping that she would be aroused enough to join in to the sex taking place on her own bed.

Aunt Nicole was undergoing analysis for this treatment but, again, I knew nothing of it. What her shrink had advised her to do, among other things, was to have a relationship with someone that she was certain would not be a dominating partner. And, strangely enough, that’s where I came into the picture.

My aunt and I had always been friendly, in an aunt/nephew sort of way. I mean, think of the fifteen year age difference, and I’m sure you’ll agree that’s all it could have been. But I had no inkling at the time of the reasons behind her divorce. That, of course, changed a lot of things.

Shortly after my arrival at Aunt Nicole’s in Cincinnati — about 150 miles from home — I found I couldn’t take my eyes off the slope of her breasts in the white sweater she wore, or the swing of her hips as they coiled and uncoiled with the climbing rhythm of her long, sleek legs as she led me into her home. Of course I had a roaring hardon; I think anyone in my position would have had one.

Later that afternoon, Aunt Nicole prepared a picnic lunch and hustled me off to a nearby lake. On arriving, I ran into the cold water, pretended it was fine, and stayed in.

We had the place to ourselves, and some minutes later, to my surprise, Aunt Nicole removed the top of her two-piece bathing suit, pushing it down over her full, pointy breasts and left it draped over her waist.

“Aren’t you cold, Aubrey?” I recall her asking a few minutes later.

“No,” I called out, but seeing her nipples Pendik Escort exposed from a distance made me want to come out of the water for a better view, and after a minute or so, I did just that, trotting through the hot sand to stand over her, trying to cover my unmistakable erection. (I had not had an opportunity to jerk off that day, and the urge to do so could not have been stronger than the moment I was standing over her, staring at her twin peaks.)

Aunt Nicole was looking at me too, although I was too engrossed in her tits to notice. Her next words jarred me back to reality.

“Aubrey, do you know the reason you’re here, visiting me?”

“Um, no, not exactly; is it because you need some company after the … err, divorce?”

“Aubrey, I’m going to be blunt with you. I won’t lie to you, about anything. If you ask me a question, I’ll do my utmost to give you an honest answer. I expect the same from you, is that understood?”

“Yes, Aunt Nicole.”

“Good. Now the reason you’re here with me instead of home with your mother and sister is that….” she paused having realized that I was staring incomprehensively at her breasts.

“Do you like them?” she asked, wanting to get my attention back on track, but understanding that she was the cause of my inattentiveness.

“Err, yes, yes, I do, Aunt Nicole.”

“That’s nice to hear. You may keep looking at them, but I want you to listen to me and what I have to say to you.”

“Yes, Aunt Nicole.”

“Why are you here with me, Aubrey?”

“I don’t know, really,” I said, still intent on looking at the first pair of tits I’d ever seen outside of a magazine. Karen’s came to mind, of course, but she had yet to develop, and hers were no bigger than my own and therefore not a matter of curiosity.

“You have been playing with your ‘Willy,’ Aubrey. Not that playing with one’s ‘Willy’ is all that bad, but you have been playing with it incessantly.”

“Who told you?” I asked, not having the foggiest idea that anyone was aware of my masturbating proclivities.

“Your mother told me. She despairs for you, Aubrey. I tried to reason with her over the phone. I told her that all boys do it. For that matter, so do almost all girls as well, your mother being an exception to the norm. And that’s why she cannot understand why you do it.”

“Oh,” I said, and must have turned crimson with embarrassment, for Aunt Nicole was quick to follow up with: “What I can’t fathom, and please understand, I’m not even close to being well versed on the subject, but how could you manage to do it so often? I mean, I’m told you were doing it seven or eight times a day. And that’s at home. God knows what you did at school or elsewhere during your free time.”

“That’s all it was,” I admitted lamely.

“Every day?”

“Mostly, yes,” I said and began to fidget, for the subject had caused my cock to swell, and in the swimming trucks it was most evident.

“And I see you’re feeling like doing it right now,” she continued, as she looked at my cock that stuck out as proudly. “But you’ve got to try to control yourself to some degree.”

“Um, yes, I understand.”

And that was that, for the moment. But that evening, after dinner, I was in the guest bedroom looking for a missing sock, when I came across a magazine under the middle of the bed. It was a Penthouse! And it was the latest edition. I had yet to see one, but knew the name all right. I had scavenged several dog-eared copies of Playboy, and heard rumors of an even raunchier magazine called Hustler. But to find a Penthouse here was like finding buried treasure in my backyard.

How did it get there? I wondered, but not too long, it had to have been Aunt Nicole, but why?

My eighteen year old brain reasoned the answer out quickly enough. She wanted me to have it. But why? I asked myself that question several times as I thumbed the pages, stopping to examine and marvel at the loveliest of women… all bare breasted, and more.

I came to a hairy pussy and could not contain myself. Whipping out my penis, I masturbated frenziedly until I shot a load halfway across the room, hitting the wall. I had never thought in terms of distance before, and holding my spent dick in my right hand I was measuring the length of my ‘shot,’ when the door flew open and Aunt Nicole burst into the room.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped, taking in the scene before her.

I tried desperately to cover my diminishing erection with my hands. She had both her hands covering her mouth in shock, and then dropped them to her chest. She began to smile, and her hazel eyes got big and round, as she stared at the dick I held in my hand.

“I didn’t mean to… well, interrupt you,” she said, and then began laughing. “Let me see that,” she said, reaching for the Penthouse.

She never told me to put my dick away; instead she sat herself down on the bed, and began looking at the women exposed within the pages.

“Wherever did you get this … this piece of trash?”

“I Anadolu Yakası Escort think you know where I got it, Aunt Nicole,” I said before I could stop myself.


“It’s your house. I certainly didn’t bring it with me. Don’t try to say I did. So either you or someone you know put it there for me to find. And I’m pretty sure you knew what the end result would be.”

“Why, aren’t you the cocky young man!” she said, and I noted a flush starting in her neck and spreading upward.

I dropped my hands to my sides. My dick was reviving, and I cursed myself for it, but the flush was a subliminal message, although I didn’t know it at the time.

“Tell me; tell me true, Aubrey, how many times today?”

“That was the first time.”

“But what were you doing when I came into the room?”

“Between the pictures in the magazine and seeing you topless at the lake, I really had no choice,” I said, readily confessing.

“But you had obviously finished…” she began, but remembered approximately where I had been when she burst into the room, and where I must have been while jerking off. She turned and saw the slug-like trail my sperm had left as it trekked down the wall next to the bed.

“Seven or eight times a day,” Aunt Nicole said wondrously, as if imagining it happening before her eyes.

“I want to watch you masturbate, to play with yourself,” she said calmly.

“Come here,” she said, and reached for me with her hand turned upwards. “Come and lay down here with me. You can do it lying down, can’t you?”

“Yes,” I said stiffly.

“Or you can sit, whatever is most comfortable for you.”

I lay down and worked my cock vigorously, my eyes on hers. It was an enormous turn on having her watching me, and so to impress her I kept up a fast, rapid rhythm, not slowing down and teasing myself as I was wont to do most times.

Every few seconds Aunt Nicole would lick her lips, and I would imagine my cock being licked and caressed by that tongue. Finally I had a great, shivering discharge that landed mostly on my stomach and hand.

Aunt Nicole hugged me tightly, and her hand caressed my back, and after a while her hand wormed down between us and closed around my still stiffened cock. She gave it a squeeze and the last remnants of my sperm oozed from the tip.

“That was magnificent,” she said soothingly, as I moved a little restlessly, overly embarrassed at the situation.

“May I try?” she whispered, as she began to masturbate my cock, which had not lost the least bit of stiffness. On the contrary, it seemed to grow even harder.

“So it is true then what they say about you young boys,” she whispered, more to herself than to me.

I took it for a rhetorical question and didn’t bother answering.

“My God, look at it getting bigger!”

It wasn’t, not by my own assessment, but Aunt Nicole had started off seeing it after the fact, as it were. In the meantime, my ejaculate remained in place, with neither of us bothering to clean it up.

“Can I see you again?” I asked hopefully.

“What?” she asked, not having heard my question, being engrossed with my ‘Willy.’

“Oh,” she said, the light having dawned. “My breasts, you want to see them?”

“Yes, please.”

“Don’t go comparing them to the women in the magazine,” she said rebuking me unnecessarily.

“I… I…” I stuttered, but she was already undoing her blouse.

After tossing the blouse to one side, Aunt Nicole said, “I might as well show you how to unhook a bra. I’m sure it will come in handy in the days ahead.”

Somehow… I don’t know how, I followed her instructions; she even had me practice a time or two, and then she tossed the bra aside with a flourish, and said, “We’ll take things slowly,” and then having glanced at my jerking dick, added, “for as long as we can.”

My eyes were riveted to her breasts, and I found myself licking my lips, much as Aunt Nicole had hers earlier.

Ignoring my bulging eyeballs, Aunt Nicole said, “I think it’s best if I teach you how to make a woman hot, and how to satisfy her. Let’s start with the breasts. Tits, knockers, boobs — God, there are a slew of words for them.” She laughed and said, “There’s even more for your ‘Willy.’ I bet you already know most of them.”

I didn’t challenge the statement, but filed it away for future investigation, as I only knew of a couple: Cock, dick, prick, and of course, penis.

“To start with,” my aunt said, “use words. That’s right, words. Imagine that you’re on a date, nothing’s happened as yet, but you have a certain feeling that she likes you. Compliment her. Her choice of attire would be appropriate for starters. Girls love compliments. I know I do, so don’t forget to compliment me from time to time.

“Find some personal attribute that you can honestly say you like and mention it. Like, oh, say, her hair. You admire the color, or the way its set, or even her figure. In this area, keep the comment simple, say, İstanbul Escort ‘Gee Jenny, you have a terrific figure, way nicer than most of the other girls’.”

“I think I understand,” I told her.

“I sincerely doubt it. You are a male, and in a woman’s world, you are considered a lout, a pig, or even a disgusting baboon.”

“But women can’t seem to do without men, can they?”

“Some manage,” Aunt Nicole said, “but on the whole, I expect you are right about that.”

“Anyway let’s assume this is a first date. It’s customary to wait until the end of the evening, and then when she says, ‘Thank you for a very nice evening, Aubrey, ‘ you look to see if her lips pucker up, or if she closes her eyes. If she does, then it is permissible to kiss her chastely on the lips. Once and once only, unless she… well, if she wants another, you’ll know it.”

She paused in her love lesson, looked longingly at my erection, and said, “Feel my breasts. Can you feel how hard my nipples are? Like tiny hardons, aren’t they?”

I felt of them, luxuriating in their velvety softness.

“That’s soooo nice, Aubrey. See? Look how the areola wrinkle when you touch them.”

Of course she traced a bright red fingernail over that part to further enlighten me.

After I followed, running my index finger lightly over the pebbled surface, she moaned, and cried out in a whisper, “Suck on them, suck on them, but very lightly.”

I sucked a stiff nipple into my mouth, and found that it tasted both sweet and sour. The sweet was the more overpowering of the two. Later I figured out that the sour was her sweat. Well, women will tell you that they don’t sweat. I won’t argue the point. But they do perspire. At any rate, the nipple got even stiffer in my mouth, and a ragged sigh escaped my aunt’s throat.

“Bite it. Now … Bite it!”

I did so, and she managed a shrill cry of delight, before I bit down a little too hard.

“Ouch! Not too hard,” she said in a throaty voice.

I let my teeth gnaw lightly on the brown nipple, and I heard her draw her breath in sharply between clenched jaws. But I knew she liked what I was doing, as she pressed the whole of her soft breast against my mouth.

An eternity later, I heard her whispering to me. “Now, Aubrey, kiss your way down my body.”

Instinctively knowing an opportune moment when it turned up, I said, “Please don’t call me Aubrey. I detest the name.”

“What shall I call you then?”

“Anything but that,” I said.

“All right,” she said, and sighed. “Handsome, will you please kiss your way down the rest of my body?”

“Handsome?” I croaked.

“Yes, it fits you to a ‘T.’

Nodding my agreement, I began to kiss her body. Aunt Nicole let her hands steer my kisses down towards the awaiting shimmering mirage of her sex. Willingly, I let myself be guided from one soft curve to another, from one sexy hill to the other. Until I licked her deep navel, at which point she told me to stop, for just a moment.

“Am I doing it right?” I asked.

“You’re doing splendidly. I just need to slow down a bit. I’m not used to a caring lover.”

I nearly fainted. Aunt Nicole, a grown woman, had called me a lover! It took me several minutes to digest this salient fact.

By then she was more than ready for me to continue, and she whispered into my ear, “Suck my titties again, get the nipples hard,” she said in a half croak-half whisper. I was happy to follow her instructions, and began to nibble on her nipples, and she moaned with pleasure.

I was delirious in my sexual fugue, and responded to all of her commands, never even thinking of them in that context. Her hands enveloped my head, “Kiss me there,” she whispered huskily, pointing my lips toward her mid section. And when my tongue lolled about in her navel, she moaned, and then told me to return to her nipples. I was delighted to do so, and began to take great pride in the way in which her nipples grew under my sucking mouth.

“That’s wonderful, my love. Now let’s do something different, shall we? Move down a little,” she said instructing me, “kiss my inner thighs, but not my cunny, can you do that for me?”

I certainly could. Karen was almost a distant memory, but her pussy wasn’t. I had eaten her and enjoyed it. But Aunt Nicole didn’t know that, and I decided there was no reason to tell her at this point.

Aunt Nicole gasped when she felt my tongue enter her belly button once more on the way down. She giggled, and said, “You’re a remarkable student, Handsome.”

I kept going lower, and on reaching the bottom of the bed, began massaging her right foot.

“Oh,” she gasped, totally surprised at my inventiveness.

She began to moan with satisfaction the moment I kissed her ankle, and moved up her calves which were smooth and probably freshly shaven. I reached for her left foot and repeated everything again.

“You’ve a devil in you, my handsome man,” she groaned happily. “What else do you have in store for little old me?” And she laughed delightedly as I kissed the area behind her knee.

“You’re so naughty,” she exclaimed, “Have you done this before?”

“Mmmm, no, Auntie, I haven’t.” I lied.

“Oh… I can’t wait to tell…” but Aunt Nicole caught herself and didn’t finish the sentence.

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