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Compromised Pt. 03

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Park Green Private Hospital specialised, and probably still does, in mending wealthy people, particularly those with kinks. There was nothing that people did to themselves, or each other, that fazed the dedicated staff of the hospital. A patient with a torn arsehole caused by anal sex was very low down on their list of deviances.

I came round from what I thought initially was the sedative I had been administered, back at the Georgian house. I wasn’t aware that I had received a top up dose in the hospital which had put me out for a further twenty-four hours or more. Seeing me stirring a nurse in a spotless white uniform came to sit at my bedside. She brushed away my embarrassment with little more than a wave of her hand.

“Doctor Ziggler gave you a cursory examination as soon as you came in. He says the damage to your poor bottom should heal pretty quickly. There was a fair amount of blood but no long term damage. You might be able to resume intercourse in about three days if you tell your partners to go steady. I wouldn’t recommend you to accommodate the size of penis that put you in here for at least a fortnight. It should be safe then to give it another try. He, whoever he was, must have been a monster. You have been really stretched. The good news is you might find you enjoy anal sex more as a result.”

I moved my trunk around and squeezed my bum cheeks. “I do feel quite sore in my anus. But my nuts feel sore too for some reason.”

“They’ll go soon be right enough and you’ll be gagging for more of the same soon enough,” laughed the nurse. “You see if you don’t.” I’ll get you a cup of tea and arrange to have some food sent up.”

Early evening I had a visitor; Evette. “Poor darling,” she kissed me on my forehead. How’s your little bum feeling now?” I told her what the Doctor Ziggler had said to me when he came up to see me beforehand. I reckon she had already spoken to the doctor and knew more about my condition than I did myself.

“That’s good news. We were wondering whether you had a future with us in the circumstances. We’ll have to make sure you can still take it in the arse though – and enjoy doing so.”

“And if I can’t?”

“Scrap yard dear boy. A decoupling. Bye-bye and all that.” I felt a lurch in my stomach. My first reaction to her words frightened me. I didn’t was to go back to a state of virtual sexual abstinence. Looking back, I think she was just teasing me.”Let’s look on the bright side and assume you will still be of value to us. Have you taken your pills today?”

I gave a start. “No, and I don’t know where they are.”

Evette reached into her handbag and brought out three small packets. “Take one set now and the others are for tomorrow and the next day.” There was a carafe of water by my bedside from which she filled a glass and handed it to me.” I tore one of the packets open and familiar five pills cascaded into my palm and thence into my mouth and down my throat.

I was wearing a gown, tied at the back, with no front access, just like those issued to the NHS. So Evette had to content herself by feeling my breasts and nipples through the cotton. “They’re doing nicely. It feels as though the nipples are close to being fully formed. If that’s so you’ll find your breasts really will put a spurt on, and you’ll be in a bra soon enough. Permanently.” She smiled mischievously as she stressed the word and gave my nipple a playful tweak.”

“Ow, that hurt,” I said, more to cover up my embarrassment I suspect. “So am I four thousand pounds to the good?”

“How come?”

“My twenty percent.”

“I did not agree to twenty percent. The amount was under review and I said that twenty was the maximum you could expect. But we have had to give a fifty percent discount to the customer because you were unable to complete the contract. You left early, in other words.”

“But the sheik was satisfied surely. He fucked his virgin arse and that was what it was all about surely?”

“No, we’ve since found out it was a scam. There was no sheik. We hired you out to an organisation based in California. They were making a porno and they only managed half the shots they need. After the so-called sheik you had a further three scenes to enact.”

“You what, Evette? I didn’t see any cameras?”

“Hidden well, dear boy, Didn’t it strike you as funny them having very bright lights in most of the rooms? They’ll certainly use what film they’ve got, but they might call you back in for the rest.”

“Oh no,” I said in alarm.

“I’m joking. Relax Sandra. They’ve changed the story line and will complete the film without you having to make a second appearance. It would have been too costly for them to hang about waiting for you.”

“So the sheik wasn’t real?”

“No darling, he was Leroy Butte, a huge black porn star they imported from California. He seems to be very popular in the U.S., mainly because the size of his pecker. Ümraniye Escort Nearly all of the professional men and women stars can accommodate him, but your little button, it wasn’t quite up to the mark. The good news for you, as you have probably been told. is you’ll accommodate a penis much better from now on. Probably not as big as Leroy’s though, for a while yet.

“So I could be in a porno film watched by millions of people in the U.K., in America……….?”

“All over the world, Sandra. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re on the Porn Hub site within a week. You might be in demand for some more films, you never know. Of course they will have to negotiate with us because we own you.”

“Yet you might be throwing me out if I don’t heal?”

“You’re ours to what we want with. Don’t worry. you’ll heal just fine. We have no doubts.”

I didn’t see it like that but I chose not to argue right then. “So, do I get two thousand pounds then?”

“Less expenses of course.”

“What expenses?”

“Where do I start, Honey? All that preparation – the treatments, the clothes, the shoes. Have you any idea how expensive they are? And this place, Green Park, will cost us an arm and a leg. If you want justice and fairness Sandra, you will be owing us.”

(I realised some years after that Evette was conning me about the money and they received very little from the porno people. I was never going to receive any money for that job. I would like to add though, the Organisation has been very good to me over the many years I have worked for them).

“So of my virginity has been squandered?”

“You lost your virginity in that hotel near Buxton. We had to make sure you had a good experience for your very first time. Otherwise it could have put you off anal sex for a good long time.”

Evette gathered herself ready to go. “Oh, and by the way, whilst you were sedated we took the opportunity to give you the snip. You should be pleased about that.”

“The snip?” I repeated, unsure that I heard correctly.

“It’s just a precaution.”

“What the hell are you on about?” I was still mystified.

“Even a three inch penis can be lethal when it’s spraying fertile semen into a woman. So we’ve had you effectively neutered. It’s in nobody’s interest to have unwanted pregnancies. And we could be sued or worse. So we’ve had you sterilised. Before you ask, it’s irreversible.”

Little wonder she told me on the point of her leaving. I went into mourning for the babies that I would never get to father. This was just another step down the road of their domination over me; another brick in the wall between me and returning to a so-called normal life. Not for me now, a wife and family, a saloon car and a little house on an estate.

I was out of bed and walking about in a unisex dressing gown for much of the rest of my stay at Green Park. Out of habit, whilst I was there, I used the Gentleman’s toilet facilities. Outside the hospital there were grounds I could walk about in and a television lounge inside. Patients were certainly given priority over everything. Evette visited me for a short time every day and always the first thing she would ask was “have you taken your pills today?” I though hard about taking her to task over her duplicity in having me neutered but, especially as it was irreversible, in the end I couldn’t see much point of upsetting the apple cart. What was done could not be undone.

How did I know it was irreversible? I checked with the consultant and he told me that those had been his instructions before he did the procedure. Shouldn’t he have had my permission? My signature on a consent form? “We do have the necessary form in our Admin Office bearing a signature purporting to be yours. It was sent by electronic transfer.”

A forgery. But the dirty deed was done. I felt like I was one step off joining Umair, the eunuch.

My breasts could have been a source of conversation between me and many of the nurses, had I indulged them. I could see that several were itching to converse with me about them. I made sure I didn’t give them the opportunity. A young junior doctor, however, was an entirely different proposition. He seemed to be mesmerised by little titties. He sought opportunities to visit me wherever I should be, and I could hardly not notice his eyes lingering on my baby boobs on every occasion. Whilst I was comatose, when I was first admitted, he probably was able to view them in the flesh and, for all I knew, he might have massaged them, and perhaps even sucked on my nipples.

Much to stave off boredom than for any other reason, (or so I tried to convince myself) I befriended him, and he seemed always eager to chat with me. His name was Dr. Robert Smithson and when I told him I would call him Bobby, his face lit up. I began to see lots of traits of myself in him, helped by the fact he was much the same age. He was just slightly younger than me.

I found myself musing an interesting Anadolu yakası Escort conundrum. Should Bobby have been staring at that window collection in Jamaica, where would his eyes have strayed? I came into hospital wrapped in a blanket, naked, so Bobby was unaware that my normal attire was now that of a woman. How would he react when he found out? Should I tell him or wait until Evette brought in some clothes for me? Then it occurred to me he probably knew which gender, I should say, had been chosen for me as I had probably been booked in as “Sandra”. Or had I?

I started playing games. I took off my hospital gown and turned it around so the tie fastenings were at the front rather than the back. I would tie them deliberately loosely when Bobby was around and talking to me, I’d lean forward now and again and give him a sneaky view of one or the other of my titties. Amazing, it worked every time – the effect on him that is. Girls do that all the time don’t they? The sense of power this evoked would wake Penis up. I could see it woke Bobby’s up too. Surely, this boy was for turning?

When Evette came to see me the day before I was to be discharge, I told her all about Bobby, and my thoughts that he could be a prime candidate for sissification. As I was to walk in Jackie’s footsteps, searching for men to turn, could I not start with a real live case and enslave Bobby?

Evette wouldn’t hear of it. “You are still a trainee and you have a lot to learn We also have to sure of your absolute loyalty. One day, I hope, you’ll be given assignments. Not yet.”

“But I am already some of the way with him. I’ve a head start.”

“No Sandra. I’ll take a note of his name and we’ll do our research on him. If you’re correct you will be seeing more of him. What you can do whilst you are here is to tell him how wonderful it is to dress up as a woman. Suggest he wears women’s panties – pink ones. That’s usually a sucker punch. But don’t overdo it. Got that?”

I knew when Evette was adamant about something, and so I let the subject drop. I think she was pleased to find me so outward looking despite the trauma I had been through.

“Have you taken your pills today?”

“Oh, not again, Evette.”

“Well, have you?”

“Yes, Evette.”

“I have left a bag with Sister for you for tomorrow, It has your clothes, shoes, cosmetics. Do yourself up nicely before you leave. We have a private hire car booked to collect you at eleven o’clock. So you have plenty of time to get ready. You will report to my office and I shall expect you before noon. And….”

“Don’t forget you pills in the morning,” I said for her.

“You should have swallowed the ones I gave you a couple of days back. There are more in the bag I’m leaving for you. I’m off now, Goodbye Honey.”

I needed to go to the bathroom and toss myself off. My imagination soon had me rock yard; I had loads of erotic images to choose from. Pressure had built up. I seemed to be making much more spunk since leaving the bank. I wondered if one of the pills had a hand in that. Stimulating Penis was close to pure joy. He spurted into my hand, rather sooner that I would have preferred, that was now par for the course, but there was so much spunk it overflowed. With nobody watching, I hit the height of decadence, by licking my hand clean. I did not then fall on my knees and to suck up the seed on the floor. I wiped it up with a tissue and flushed it away.

There were no wards in Green Park Hospital, not that I saw anyway. All patients had private rooms. That allowed me to have a conversation with Bobby in privacy, although we were careful in case one of the other staff came barging in. I reckon several nurses had their eyes on Dr.Smithson and I wasn’t to find out if it was reciprocated. But I did manage to have a few quiet chats with the man.

At the right opportunity I confided in him that I thought I could feel a lump in one of my breasts. Would he please check them out for me, I said I couldn’t ignore the opportunity of a professional opinion because I was being discharged the following morning. Of course it was a blag, and I suspect the doctor knew it too, but that didn’t stop him literally seizing the opportunity with both hands. On his first touch my nipples went wild, filling out and hardening to be a couple of marbles. Penis got into the act too. “Please, please suck them,” I wanted to shout out. But that would have been a step too far too soon, wouldn’t it?

He wanted to, oh yes he did. His cock looked to be rock hard despite him twisting his hips to try and hide the worst of his erection -or should I say “the best”. What if I touched it? I wanted to for sure. He was still pretending to examine my boobs when we both heard the clack-clack of heels approaching along the corridor. I shot my gown shut as fast as Bobby whipped his hands off me. Sister came in the room, took a look at both of us and put on a face that said, “there’s something going on here.” I had no shame İstanbul Escort anymore and just smiled at her whilst Dr. Bobby blushed to the colour of a ripe tomato.

As Bobby was due to go off duty soon after, there was no opportunity left for any further liaison other than goodbyes and goodlucks. He did suggest we met up “for a drink sometime” and, making no promises, I took a note of his mobile number. I would give that to Evette should it help in the turning of him into one of us – or rather, one of me.

I took my time getting dressed the following morning. I showered and dried myself off making a sensual game of it; fondling my penis and testicles and gently squeezing my breasts and fingering the nipples. My tits were bigger, I was sure of it, just as Evette had predicted. For probably the first time I could see the possible need for a brassiere. And lo, there in the vanity case Evette had left for me, the previous day, was the sweetest lacy white bra; just the design I might have wished for. It was cleverly padded, and would uplift what I was sporting on my chest to help them appear double their size. I could hardly wait to fasten the hooks, swung it round, put my arms through the straps and, Lordy, Lordy, I had a cleavage. And a bloody convincing one at that.

Evette was kind to me leaving me just two inch heels, a size I had become very confident in wearing. And she had not gone for glamour; just a pair of jeans, a jumper and a cardigan. Nevertheless I took great care with my make-up and I was very pleased with the end result. I congratulated myself at being a fast learner.

I did bump into Dr. Bobby on my way to the taxi. He was just reporting in for work and was all fresh in the face. He put out his hand to wish me good luck and I accepted the handshake. I was a naughty girl. I raised my face, and then my body, and kissed him on the lips; a speed kiss, no tongue – there, and I was gone. What the hell? I didn’t look back.

Evette seemed pleased to see me. “Yes, I’ve taken my pills.” I got in first.

She admired my bust and I thanked her for finding such a delicious bra to me. I had had so many thrills running through my body since putting it on; it’s all in the brain isn’t it?. Several times in the taxi I pulled the top of my jumper out to look into my bosom. I found myself swelling with pride. A brassiere, isn’t that the definitive woman’s icon, even more than pink panties? It certainly was as far as I was concerned. Yes, I was hooked alright.

“I have handed the men’s suit you wore to Chelsea the other day, to our wardrobe people.” Evette informed me. “You should now have no male clothes in your possession. Is that correct Sweetie?” I agreed. “Welcome to the superior gender, Sandra.” We both laughed. “How’s your penis? I forgot to ask.”

“Getting smaller but still very active.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I think we can soon enrol you in the Grand Order of Shemales.”

“You’re joking?”

“Yes, I am. But thinking about it, it may have some merit as an idea. I quite envy you in a way. All this talk is making me randy. Suck my cunt will you, Sweetie”

“Say please.”

“Please, please, suck my cunt.”

I looked at Evette hard, just to be sure she meant that literally. Her eyes verified the order. Had she put on a loose flowing skirt deliberately because it would make it easier for me to crawl under her desk and do the business? Anyway I needed no persuading and I dropped in my knees and shuffled forward under the desk with alacrity.

The slut had no knickers on and was as wet as a pumping station. She tasted really delicious and smelled out of this world. Again, I had the suspicion that mixed up with the slimy juices was an element of male semen. There was definitely an added seasoning of sweat and pee. Penis filled up so quickly I was afraid to touch him in case he orgasmed. I would have had to ask Evette for a pair of clean panties again. I licked all the surface juices with gusto before I attacked her clit. I was doing a first rate job according to the sounds coming from above.

Evette had her legs wide open. I had absolutely everything at my mercy and I made use of the fact. I stuck my forefinger in her vagina and, making sure it was wet and slippery, a used it to then give her an anal infusion. Her arse, literally, jerked up on the seat where, I guessed, she was deliberately sitting on the edge of. My finger pushed her over another edge. The noise she made in climaxing must have been head right down the corridor and into the rooms that led off. I gave Penis a little rub and he exploded too in my knickers and jeans. There were a couple of dirty bitches in the room that lunchtime.

We got back to business pretty quickly. “You’re booked in with Lorenzo this afternoon Sandra. You’re going to lose the last of your body hair, for good hopefully. You know where to find him. He’ll be really pleased to see you stinking of sex. Tough, that’s his problem. Run along Sweetie.”

“Can I just find some clean knickers. My spunking into mine is entirely your fault.”We both tittered at the thought. “Wear mine,” said Evette. “I took them off just before you arrived especially with you in mind. They’re over there on that side table.”

“You took them off more for yourself than me, Evette.”

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