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Tommy’s Neighbourhood Ch. 04

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I’ve just finished Chapter 3, so it’s straight into 4 and hopefully with time we can cut down on turn around time.

After a false start with someone else who gave the impression of being a great editor, but then unfortunately had to withdraw from providing me with help, I have finally found an editor to help me out, so you can all thank EndOfStory if this chapter seems a little more polished than others. If there are still problems, they’re on me.

A note on the series, I originally envisioned it as a coming of age story where a slightly physically underdeveloped (apart from his cock) underdog inexplicably gets a huge amount of sex and lives happily ever after. What I originally planned, and am now unsure of, was that his mother, aunt and even grandmother sample him.

However, as time has gone by, I’ve realised that there may be readers who are repulsed or at the very least not interested in reading such stuff. I think that is a fair point of view. For that reason, I completely changed Chapter 3. At the end of the day, I’ll write what I’m happy writing, but that change felt right.

However, I’m getting a few comments that want his mother or aunt to get involved. This series is a slow burn, so if such a thing happens, it won’t be immediate.

If you like the series, I implore you to leave a comment on the end letting me know if you’re for or against the incest angle for Tommy. If Tommy does go this way, I’ll make sure it’s segregated enough that your delicate eyes are protected, but I’m not going to waste my efforts on it if the majority would hate it. At the end of the day though, I’ll write what feels right to me for the story.

* * *

Dramatis Personae (Prior Chapters)

Thomas (Tommy) Johnson. Age 19. Due to a condition when he was a small child, his body’s development was stunted, though doctors assured his mother that his growth would eventually catch up. He’s the shy owner of a 6″ dick that becomes 10″ hard.

Amy Johnson, Tommy’s single mother. Age 36. Amy has silky, shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She works hard to provide a decent life for Tommy despite being a single parent and is extremely proud of her son’s intelligence though she is over-protective of him physically. Tommy feels guilty for having checked out his Mum once or twice.

Pam Johnson, Tommy’s Aunt and Amy’s sister. Age 26. Her blonde hair hangs halfway down her back with light blue piercing eyes. She possesses high cheekbones, thin lips that are very rarely seen without a mischievous smirk, and a thin nose which makes her whole face very slender. Much more liberal than her sister. Currently looking for work in her sister and Tommy’s area, requiring her to stay with her sister, and take up Tommy’s bedroom.

Brian Cherry, Tommy’s best friend. Age 18. He and Tommy have been friends for most of their lives. They’re both into video games, science-fiction and fantasy. Brian’s parents recently got divorced, and both Brian and his Mum crave for Brian to spend more time with his father.

Vicki Cherry, Brian’s mother. Age 40. 38DD-25-36. Olive skin, wavy brown hair styled like Farrah Fawcett, with thick, dick-sucking lips, and brown eyes. Vicki appears to be the doting, reserved, single mother, but underneath that is a wild child. She took Tommy’s virginity.

Brenda Bush, Tommy’s teacher. Age 27. 34DD-26-34. Dark brunette hair, brown, almost sleepy-looking eyes, slightly thick nose, high cheekbones, pouting lips. Brenda has a weakness for students that has resulted in her getting fired a few times. Most recently, she’s taken a strong liking to Tommy, and was the second woman Tommy slept with.

Ms Stern, Tommy’s principal. Age 48. 52F-28-38. Honey blonde hair with highlights, hanging loosely down her back in a sort of wavy, 50’s style when free, but normally bound up in a bun, and soft, green eyes. She behaves much as her name, sternly, but once she had Tommy in her office, it became quite obvious that she is a submissive, wanton cumslut. She is the third woman Tommy has fucked.

Heather Hancock, Tommy’s neighbour and his Mum’s best friend. Age 31. Recently, Tommy spotted her through her bedroom window in a very sexy outfit, apparently arguing with her husband.

* * *

On Wednesday night there was a letter addressed to Tommy in the mail, and the return address was some kind of fancy firm in the city, Sadler, Chisholm & Associates.

Tommy almost never got any mail.

He opened it up and noted that it was thick paper, with a letterhead and everything, very official looking.

Dear Mr Thomas Johnson,

We are writing on behalf of the estate of Mr Richard Johnson — Grandpa, thought Tommy — in relation to several stipulations in his Last Will & Testament.

Tommy’s Grandpa had died… eleven years ago, probably; Tommy had definitely been 8 at the time. Why would they be contacting him now?

Under instructions left by Mr Richard Johnson, görükle escort several trust funds were created to withhold funds from the pool and allow for future…

The letter went on and on in very strict, confusing, legal terms. Tommy wasn’t really sure what it was all about, but if he had to guess, it sounded like Grandpa had left him some money which he was about to receive. Grandpa had always been wealthy, and he did remember his Mum being very worried and stressed around the time of Grandpa’s death. Now that he thought back on that time, he wondered if perhaps his Mum had been hoping to receive a lot of money from his Grandpa.

He left the letter where he knew his Mum would see it, and then went off to do his homework.

* * *

When his Mum got home, he listened to her movements, wondering what her reaction would be. After shouted greetings, he could hear her go to her bedroom to change out of her work clothes, and possibly use the bathroom. Eventually he heard her go to the kitchen and a chair scrape on the floor, it would only be a matter of time until she saw the letter. She gasped, and then called out to him as she came down the hall, “Tommy, when did you get this letter?” She was clearly agitated when she got to his room.

“It was in the mail today Mum.” He looked at her, waiting for her response so he could gauge if she was excited or upset.

“Well… do you know what it means?” still not revealing her emotions.

“I think it means Grandpa left me something?” She grinned and rushed forward to hug Tommy.

“Yes, yes Tommy. Oh I’m so happy for you Tommy.”

“You mean us, happy for us right Mum?”

She stepped back and looked at him seriously, “No Tommy, this money is for you. You must use it wisely for your future. You must use it to go to college, or buy a house. You’re not to use any of it on me. Besides, the letter doesn’t even say how much money you have.” He could see a tear forming.

He stepped forward and hugged her. There wasn’t anything to say. He knew her well, and knew that she wouldn’t allow him to spend any money on her if she could help him. He was already planning something though.

They had a nice dinner and Tommy’s Mum said that she’d ring up the law firm tomorrow and find out what it was all about.

* * *

When he got home there was a message on the answering machine from his Mum. She’d tried to find out all about it, but they wouldn’t deal with her, Tommy had to call them up himself. She left him the phone number and told him to call them up now before their office closed for the day.

He dialled the number and waited for someone to answer.

“Good afternoon, Sadler, Chisholm & Associates, how may I help you?” surprisingly, it sounded like a young woman’s voice and she sounded bubbly.

“Uh, hi, I’m calling about a letter I received about my Grandpa leaving me something.”

“What is your name?”

“Thomas Johnson… and my Grandpa was Richard Johnson.”

“Oh yes, Mr Johnson, please bear with me for one moment while I get Ms Sadler on the line.” Tommy was suddenly on hold, listening to soft piano music. He was impressed that he was being put through to one of the partners of the firm.

“Mr Johnson?” the call was abruptly picked up by a different voice, an older female voice.


“I am Marjorie Sadler. May I call you Thomas?”

“Yes… but most people call me Tommy.”

“Very well Tommy. I understand you’re still in High School?”


“Well then, would you be able to come into our offices tomorrow after school, say 4:00PM?” He’d have to catch the bus, but he didn’t have any classes later in the day, so he would be able to leave a little earlier to catch a bus downtown.

“Yes, I can do that.”

“Excellent. You shouldn’t need it tomorrow, but if you have a copy of your latest grades, it will help to bring them in.”

That seemed strange. “Okay.”

“Just tell reception your name and they’ll take care of you. See you tomorrow Tommy.”

“Yes, thank you, Ms Sadler.”

That night, Tommy told his mother about the arranged meeting. They discussed what it could be about. They agreed that there was nothing to get too excited about, it could just be a thousand dollars or so, but even that would help them out immensely. They figured that even for a straightforward payout there would have to be some kind of formality. Still, it was definitely an unusual event in their lives.

* * *

Tommy nervously walked down the hallway. He’d been summoned to Ms Stern’s office during lunch, which was very unusual, although what had happened on Tuesday with Ms Stern had been even more unusual.

He didn’t let himself accept the fact that she’d summoned him to her office so they could fuck again, but he knew it was a strong possibility.

He found the situation strange. Firstly, he was young and horny, and would have been keen to fuck Ms bursa escort bayan Stern with her huge tits at the drop of a hat, but rather than ask him, she’d blackmailed him into it. Secondly, upon successfully forcing him to have sex with her, she’d played this weird game where she was all submissive, meaning she was forcing him to force her to have sex with him. Surely that was strange?

When he reached Ms Stern’s office her secretary was there again. She was filing her nails and waved Tommy forward into Ms Stern’s office. Did she know what was going on?

“Lock it,” he heard from behind her changing screen. He did so, and watched the screen intently for the appearance of Ms Stern. He was mentally psyching himself up, getting ready to put Ms Stern in her place, namely on her knees, in front of him, offering him her huge, enormous tits with her prodigious amount of cleavage on display, just waiting to squeeze his long, hard cock in her soft, undulating flesh, lubricated by her saliva as she gagged for his hot cum. Yep, definitely psyching himself up.

On Tuesday she’d been decked out in purple lingerie, but today, she’d eschewed all the trappings. She stepped out from behind the screen, as near to naked as she could be without actually being naked.

Her enormous breasts were unbound by any bra, and they hung pendulously on her chest. No-one was likely to describe them as perky, in fact, he could see they were showing signs of losing the fight to gravity, but they were so immense, that was no surprise. They were clearly all natural, and they hung with a natural tear drop shape and jiggled, swayed and shimmied with each tiny movement she made.

Her legs were thick, and powerful, but looked so welcoming and sensual.

His eyes were drawn to the only stitch of clothing she wore, and it was little more than a stitch. They could hardly be called panties. They were made of blue satin, glossy and shiny, but so ridiculously tiny. The front was so small, and so low, that it looked like her entire blonde bush was completely free. In fact, if he looked closely, he was sure he could almost see her clit over the top of the panties. They must be designed to hug only the very lips of her pussy, but leave everything else exposed.

When she turned, Tommy’s breath caught. The back was a severe V-String. From the moment the material left her arse crack it was split in two. Her meaty cheeks were essentially uncovered, but that little bit of material just made the whole view a lot sexier. Tommy had an urge to run his tongue all over her butt cheeks, and bite and tear at the strings that marred her skin.

She finished her turn and then looked at him with hooded eyes, clasping her hands in front of herself in a nervous manner.

Tommy knew what was expected of him now.

“Come here,” he ordered.

He thought he saw her lips turn slightly upward at the edges as she walked over to him submissively.

“On your knees,” he ordered. There wasn’t a lot of strength to his words, but he’d work on it.

“Take it out,” he referred of course to his hardening dick. From the moment she’d appeared it had been on a steady path to becoming uncomfortably hard.

She pulled his belt undone smoothly and then unbuckled his pants. All the while she rubbed the front of his pants where his big cock bulged, stimulating him. Slowly she pulled down his zipper, and immediately his rampant cock, still covered by his jocks, forced its way into view.

Tommy was keen. She grabbed his underwear and pulled it down, freeing his raging cock. He ordered Ms Stern, “Now lick it!”

She grabbed his cock between her thumb and forefinger, at the root. Aiming it upwards she dove in, flattening her tongue against the underside of his rod, down by her thumb, then began licking upwards. The soft, wet pressure on the underside caused him to moan, “Uhhhh.”

She moved down the side of his shaft, licking the underside and rolling her tongue around trying to reach every spot she knew would make him feel good, and occasionally placing little kisses along it.

When she reached the bottom she made her way back up to the tip, but treated the other side to her divine skills.

She started placing tiny little kisses all around the sensitive, nerve-filled head. Her tongue lapped out to lick along the crease between shaft and head. Around and around she worked the sensitive head.

“Oh God!” he moaned.

She made another lap of his shaft, going in the opposite direction, lips and tongue, sliding sensually all over and up and down his rod.

Pursing her lips together, she started placing big, wet, sloppy, smacking kisses on his pole, giving his whole cock the loving treatment

Placing a big wet smooch on the head, she opened her lips and slipped her tongue out just long enough to lick the slit, and press just slightly inwards.

She rained these smooches all over the head of his cock, and then finally allowed bursa escort it into her wet mouth. Her tongue surrounded him, sucked and pulled at him.

She lowered her head, taking more of Tommy’s shaft inside, slurping around it.

Tommy watched her cheeks cave in as she formed a vacuum seal around his dick, sucking for all she was worth.


He took hold of her head, holding either side of her face, and started to control the tempo, forcing her skull up and down.

He felt powerful. Once he’d set the tempo, he released her head and while she kept pace, he reached underneath to fondle her tits and tweak her tiny nipples.

“Fuck yes,” he blurted.

He hunched over her to give himself easier access to her huge udders with their enormous, four inch areolas, running his fingertips over them and marvelling at the difference in skin texture.

Suddenly, the intercom on Ms Stern’s desk buzzed, “I’m terribly sorry to interrupt Ms Stern, but there are some gentlemen here from the education board asking to speak to you as soon as possible.”

Ms Stern’s bosses were standing outside her door, waiting to see her. She froze in her ministrations of Tommy’s cock.

Ms Stern’s lips were currently wrapped around the crown of Tommy’s knob. Her tits hung pendulously, still swaying in his hands from the blow job she’d been giving Tommy. Her hair looked gorgeous, splayed out wildly, and he could still see the big, fat globes of her arse, split deliciously by the tiny, little micro V-string she wore. He sighed inwardly as he realised he wouldn’t get the chance to remove it from her today.

Spurred into action, she quickly stood and manically tried to direct him, “Please, hide in my bathroom Tommy?!? Oh god, this is a nightmare!” She hustled to her desk and pressed the intercom to reply to her secretary, “Thank you Deidre. Please tell them I’ll just be a moment.”

Tommy pulled up his trousers and hustled into the bathroom. It was Ms Stern who would truly be in trouble if they were caught, but still, he wasn’t interested in going through it all himself either.

Reaching the door, he watched her slip behind the screen to change, her luscious arse and bodacious titties bouncing and jiggling wildly with her frenzied movements.

“Oh my god, you have to hide, please? I’ll try to hustle them out to the grounds, some kind of tour, and then you can sneak out.”

Realising he had some real power right now he went for broke, “Okay, but no more threatening to fire Miss Bush.”

“Of course, I’m sorry Tommy; I just had to have you after I learned she’d taken you.” Her voice went up an octave, “But please, you can’t let them see you?”

“Okay, but Miss Bush is safe,” he said as he closed the bathroom door.

He set about straightening himself up as best he could.

After a minute he heard a gaggle of voices enter Ms Stern’s office. He couldn’t make out the words through the door. Finally, he heard laughter, and the voices faded, followed by the sound of the outer door opening and closing.

He waited another couple of minutes before slipping out of the bathroom and cautiously heading for the door.

In front of the door was some black, satin material. He stopped and picked it up, realising with a lurch in his trousers, that it was Ms Stern’s V-string panties.

Panicking, he stuffed them into his pocket. Had she dropped them by accident? On purpose? Was he supposed to find them?

He tried to act casual as he left Ms Stern’s office. Deidre was at her desk, but cast no more than a slightly interested glance in his direction, and her eyebrow may have risen slightly.

Tommy beat a hasty retreat.

* * *

Having left school, Tommy sat nervously on the bus. It wasn’t his first time riding the bus downtown, but this wasn’t just a trip to the downtown comic book store or something, this was something pretty important.

He’d tried to dress smartly. It had attracted a few extra, “Nerd!” and “Dork!” comments at school, but he was hoping it was worth it and that he would make a good impression.

He got off the bus and checked his bearings. He’d meticulously checked the address and his path to get from the bus to the office. The reality of finding his way as opposed to an internet mapping exercise was a little daunting, but he soon had his bearings and set off.

Fortunately, their website included a photo of the building from outside, so it wasn’t too hard to find.

Right on schedule, he stepped off the elevator, and located the correct office before pushing open and walking through the modern glass doors.

There was a young lady, probably only about 22 or so sitting behind a counter. It was designed so that when the receptionist sat down, she would be eye level with most people. Of course, for Tommy, this wasn’t the case, and he found himself looking up into her beautiful face.

She had chestnut coloured hair held back from her face with a black headband, leaving it hanging down her neck and around her head like a backdrop. Her eyes were brown and shone brightly. Her features were soft, and her face round. She was wearing one of those headphone-microphone things that most receptionists probably wear.

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