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Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 20

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His nightly routine, Jason pulled his binder of erotic, incestuous stories about his mother, out from beneath his mattress to read his stories, while masturbating and thinking about his mother naked. After having already written his Nude Day story, he needed something new to write about his mother, a new incestuous story, but what? He’s written so many. He’s written them all, My Drunken Mother Forces Me to Have Sex with Her, Videotaping My Mother Undressing, Watching My Mom Masturbating, Helping My Mother Take a Bath, Taking my Mom to my Prom and to my Bed, Mom Gives Me a Birthday Blowjob, and his new favorite, Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day.

Maybe if he sleeps on it, after he comes home from his college class, he’ll start writing a new story. No longer in the mood to masturbate, but more in the mood to think about his next story to write, he stuffed the binder back beneath his mattress and went to sleep. All the next day, already having some ideas in mind, Jason couldn’t wait to go home to start his new story about his mother.

“Mom! I’m home. Where are you?”

“I’m up here in your room, Jason,” said Elizabeth to her son dryly.

Thinking it odd, Jason immediately noticed her stern tone. Normally, she’s in the kitchen to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, as if she had been there waiting for him to come home to greet him. Normally, as if he was the man of the house and, no doubt, he was, she was eager to listen to how his day was. Normally, if he was still her little boy, she served him milk and cookies at the kitchen table. Normally, she’s happy to see him. Today was different. He felt the tension in the air and in her voice. Something was wrong, but what? Then, he realized that she was in his room.

“Oh, shit. What did she find? She found something,” he just knew.

An overload of thoughts went through his head. What’s his mother doing in his room? With respecting one another’s privacy a big issue, as much for her, as it is for him, she never goes in his room. Did he forget to close his bedroom door? No, he remembered closing it, when leaving for his college class. Did he forget to shut down his computer? No, he didn’t. He remembered shutting it down. Even if he had left his computer up and running, everything is password protected anyway, he thought to himself, while putting down his books and removing his backpack. There’s no way his technology phobic mother could read any of what he’s written about her on his computer.

‘Oh, shit!’

Maybe she found a pair of her panties and/or her bra that he used to feel, while masturbating and forgot to put back in the laundry bin.

‘Oh, fuck.’

Sick with worry, knowing she found something, but what, he scaled the stairs to his room two at a time.

“Hi, Mom,” said Jason with a forced smile, while standing in his doorway and looking around his room to see if anything looked disturbed.

As soon as he entered his room, his room wreaked of sex. He remembered masturbating last night over the Nude Day story that he wrote about his mother but, preoccupied in thinking about his next story, he stopped and didn’t finish. He made a note to himself to spray some air freshener, after his mother left. Unless, no way! Wouldn’t it be funny, if his Mom was masturbating on his bed, while thinking of him in the way that he masturbates in bed, while thinking of her? Oh, my God Nah, that’s just his overactive imagination running away with his wishes. Too piously religious, he doubted that she even masturbated.

Nonetheless, it was an odd occurrence seeing his mother sitting on his bed. She never sits on his bed. What’s that all about? Suddenly, sensing a dark cloud on the horizon, a foreboding feeling of doom took hold of him, as if being sent to the principal’s office, when he was back in high school, so long ago.

Then, when he looked at her, really looked at her, he couldn’t help but notice that her nipples made the biggest impressions in her blouse that he’s ever seen. They were huge, so big that his lips involuntarily took the shape of a goldfish. When he looked down her skirt was raised high enough up her thighs that he had a clear view of her bright, white panties, his favorite panties. Whenever she’s out and he’s horny, unless she’s wearing them, those are the panties that he grabs to masturbate over the thoughts of her wearing them.

“Hi, Jason,” she said without standing to give him a smile or a kiss on the cheek and because she violated his privacy by being in his room and sitting on his bed, he was too upset with her to give her one, too.

Immediately, he knew there was something wrong.

“What are you doing in my room, Mom?”

He tried acting calm, when he was panicking inside. He knew she had found something, he could tell by her stiff demeanor, but what? As if she was the bloody Queen of England, she was always so stiffly judgmental, but today she was his mother on steroids. Today, she invaded his privacy. Today, she was the Mother Superior Catholic Nun. Suddenly, feeling so much like her child, illegal bahis he felt so controlled by her. Then, she gave him look that frightened him. He hadn’t received that look from her, since she discovered that he had a beer party, when she went to visit her sister.

“I found your binder filled with filth, Jason, beneath your mattress, when I was changing your sheets,” she said pulling out his binder from behind her. “I read your Nude Day story, Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day with great interest,” she smiled at him insincerely, before giving him a demonic stare. “How could you write such vile filth about me, your mother?” She waved his binder of stories at him, as if it was her dildo that he had discovered in her nightstand drawer and brought to his room to masturbate over, while smelling it and licking it. Guilty as charge, he’s done that before. “How dare you?”

A look she’s never given him before, she gave him a look of hatred now. With murder in her eyes, she looked as if she wanted to kill him, strangle him to death with her bare hands or beat him to death with his book of erotic, incestuous stories about her. Actually, he thought, that wouldn’t be such a bad way to go, so long as he could peek up her skirt, while she was beating him to death.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” he said with downcast eyes, while pretending to look at the floor, when he was staring at her exposed panties. He stared at her pussy mound, he stared at the outlined indentation of her visible slit through her panties, and he stared at her shapely thighs, while wishing he was positioned in between them. “It’s just a story?” God, he was such a pervert to notice his mother’s nipples and to be staring at his mother’s panties at a time like this.

“Just a story? Just a story?” She slammed his binder on his desk from where she was still sitting on his bed. “You wrote about stripping me naked. You wrote about kissing me, French kissing me. You wrote about touching me everywhere, where no son should ever touch his mother. You wrote about eating my pussy and giving me two orgasms with your mouth, your fingers, and your tongue, and a third orgasm with your cock,” she said, this time not fluttering her eyelids and/or touching her hair, as he had her do in his story. He’s never seen her so angry.

“Truly, I’m sorry, Mom. It won’t happen again,” he said, while thinking until I write my next story about you tonight, bitch.

“You wrote about me blowing you,” she said shaking her head with disappointment. “How could you write about me sucking your cock, Jason, with you cumming in my mouth and swallowing my own son’s cum.”

She was making him horny with the images she was giving him. Suddenly, all that he could think about was her on her knees sucking him and him cumming in her mouth, while watching her swallowing him. She gave him a hard look, as if he was a stranger writing porn about her, instead of being her son writing incestuous stories about a son’s love for his mother.

“I’m sorry, Mother, really, it’s just a story,” he said. “I meant no offense.”

She move herself off his bed and walked to him. She gave him a look, as if she was about to slap him across the face and then, she did. He couldn’t believe his mother slapped across the face. If she was going to slap him, he’d prefer she’d pull down his pants and underwear, put him across her knee and paddle his ass. Notwithstanding her type of slap, the sound of her hand on his face transgressed a generation of him maturing from a man to a boy. To be so treated, as if he was still a child with his mother slapping him across the face, was humiliating. As if she had just given him a lobotomy, the slap knocked all the lust that he had for his mother from his head and replaced it with rage.

“Meant no offense? Then, I meant no offense by slapping your face. That’s for writing that disgustingly degrading story about me,” she said with tears streaming down her face, while punctuating her statement by stabbing her index finger in his chest.

“Mother! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he said holding his reddening face.

If her slap hadn’t shocked him enough, her reaction to his story was something he never considered, when writing such a sexual and incestuous story about her. Not considering her feelings before, when writing his stories, her slap awakened him to make him consider her feelings now. Now, instead of feeling incestuously attracted to his mother, he felt ashamed.

Only, truth be told, without any remorse, he wasn’t sorry. In a sick sort of way, he was excited that his mother had such a realistic reaction to reading his story. His starring character in all of his stories of incest, she was his number one fan. For her to be so upset, this upset to evoke that kind of violent emotion from his ordinarily unemotional mother, for her to slap his face, then he knew that his writing was good and that he had gotten to even her. He was suddenly proud of what he had written, a masterpiece of a mother and son incest story.

At first impulse, her slap casino siteleri made him angry and he so wanted to push her back on his bed and kiss her, really kiss her. Only, even though he’s written inappropriate stories about her, this was still his mother. Nonetheless, in an overwhelming incestuous urge, he had a sudden image or ripping open her blouse, pulling down her short skirt, pulling her bra over her head and off, and tearing down her panty. Oh, yeah, it wouldn’t take very much to strip this sexy bitch naked, just four items of clothing.

Other than visualizing her in his stories, writing endlessly about it, and thinking about it, while masturbating, he had never seen his mother naked. Maybe now was the time. Maybe today was the day. After not only writing about her stripping naked but also about her giving him hot sex, how perfect would that be to finally have his wicked way with his pious mother?

If she was going to act like this over a stupid story, if she was going to look at him with hatred and slap him across his face in anger, obviously something that she’d never forgive him for writing, he may as well do the dirty deed. After he stripped her naked and after fucked her, he wondered if she’d blow him. He wondered if she’d suck his cock and allow him to cum in her mouth, before swallowing him, so long as, just like in his story, he gave her an orgasm with his mouth, fingers, and tongue. Maybe there was a wild, sexual to her beneath her holier than thou demeanor. Oh, yeah, he’ love to see this sexy bitch naked and on her knees, but not praying, rather sucking.

Only, respectful of the family bond that she was his mother and he was her son, he didn’t have to do any of that. As soon as his mother slapped him and stared at him with hate, he knew that he had deeply violated her. Then, as if she was an Academy Award actress playing an Oscar worthy role, her face changed, morphed actually, from hatred, to love, and then to sexual excitement. He couldn’t believe the immediate transformation in her. Then, even more unbelievable than her slapping his face, she took his face in her hands and kissed him, really kissed him, before parting his lips with her tongue. Without doubt, bar none, a passionately kiss from his mother was the best kiss he’s ever had in his life. From a slap to a kiss, and what a kiss it was, he couldn’t believe his mother French kissed him.

“Never have I read such a hot story,” she said kissing and kissing him with obvious sexual excitement. “I’ve been up here masturbating, while reading your hot story. See? Smell,” she said holding her musky finger to his nose, before running her finger along his lips and inserting it in his mouth. Without doubt, his mother inserting her finger in his mouth, the finger she used to masturbate herself with, was the most sexually arousing and incestuously erotic thing that’s ever happened to him.

“Mother,” he said licking her finger.

“I want you to do everything you wrote in that story to me,” she said in between kisses. “I want you to strip off my clothes, feel my breasts, finger my nipples, suck my tits, finger my pussy, eat me, lick me, and,” she said with a quiver, “fuck me.”

“Mother, I can’t do that. You’re my mother,” he said torn between maintaining a normal relationship with his mother over making her his sexy, incestuous bitch.

“Yes you can do this, Jason, and yes you will. If you can write about having sex with me, then you can have sex with me. I want you to make love to me, Jason. If you could write such beautiful, sexual things about me, your mother, I can only imagine what a lover you’d be, while worshiping my naked body.”

“But, Mother,” he said pausing, “you’re my mother.”

“Then, after you do all of those beautiful and sexy things to my body,” she said ignoring his words with an excited smile and a giddy laugh. Instead of wanting to have incestuous sex with her son, she was acting as if she was telling him that she was taking him to Disney World, “I want to suck your cock,” she said with enthusiasm, while leaning closer to him to whisper in his ear. “I want you to cum in Mommy’s mouth and I want to swallow you, my son.”

On an around tour of her body, definitely, she was taking him on a trip, but not to Disney World. She wanted to take him to places, where no son should go with his mother. Only, there was only one thing wrong with this scenario. She scared him. Truth be told, he was scared out of his mind.

Truly, his Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day story was just a story. Even though he masturbated over his story, over her, and over holding her panties, he never thought for a minute that he’d ever have sex with his mother. Now with her on fire and calling his bluff, he didn’t know what to do. Yet, truly, his Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day, obviously, was more than just a story for her. Now, with her as excited over him in real life, in the way that he’s been excited over her in his sexual fantasies, his story had morphed into being more than just a story, but a reality.

“Mother, poker siteleri but it’s just a story,” he said hoping to awaken her from her sexual fantasy, while taking a step away from her.

Perhaps, she was giving him a dose of his own medicine. Perhaps, she was seeing how far he wouldn’t go in hopes of curing him from writing such incestuous trash about her. Perhaps, her teasing him and making him believe that she wants him, as much as he was her, is her way of getting even.

“A story? Just a story? Ha! Not for me it is and apparently, not for you either. What you wrote is more than a story, Jason. What you wrote is more than a sexual fantasy. Looking into my mind and peering into my heart, what you wrote is a vision. What you wrote is a story about our forbidden love.”

“Mother, please, you’re making me mad with sexual desire for you. I’m only human. I can only resist you for so long,” said Jason pleading with her to stop, but he was so weak, too weak to say no, and she was so strong in her desire for him.

“Just as I’ve been lusting over you for years, ever since your 18th birthday, you’ve been lusting over me, too,” she said giving him a perverse look. “Just as I was hot for my father, just as I couldn’t get enough of Daddy’s cock, now I’m hot for his son and now I want your cock, too.”

His son? I’m his son? Did my mother just say that I’m my grandfather’s son? If only by the way they acted, when around one another, he always suspected that his mother had an incestuous relationship with her father. Now his suspicions were confirmed. He was a love child born from incest. For sure, that would explain some things, no doubt, the reason why he’s so sexually attracted to his mother and the reason why he feels the need to write incestuous stories about her. Nonetheless this new revelation, he needed some time to think.

“No, Mother. You’re wrong. It’s just a story. We can’t do this. This is incest,” he said pleading with a deranged woman, who was intent on having sex with his young, hard body.

“You’ve been leering at me, while hoping to see my panty, my pussy, my bra, and my tits. I can’t tell you how many times, I accidentally on purpose allowed you to see what you were so hoping to see of me,” she said with a sexy laugh. “Oh, I had so much fun sexually teasing you, Jason, while knowing you were up in your room stroking your cock. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to barge in your bedroom, when I knew you were masturbating to help stroke you and to suck you.


“I can’t tell you how many times you purposely flashed me your cock. You pretended you were embarrassed, only by your erection giving you away, I knew you were excited. Just as I had, you pretended it was accidental, only by how often it happened, your intention was purposeful,” she said giving him a sexy look, before putting an index finger to her lip and licking it. “I can’t tell you how many times I looked away, while wanting to stare and while wanting to fall to my knees to suck you. How did you know that I wanted you, as much as you wanted me? Obviously by all that you wrote in your story, you did.”

“I didn’t know, Mother, truly, I had no idea that you were lusting over me, as much as I was lusting over you. It was just a story,” Jason backed up against his bedroom wall, but with no place to go, he was trapped.

She reached her hand down felt his cock, before cupping his balls through his pants. Then, with a look of depravity, she unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants and watched them fall to the floor in a heap, before French kissing him again.

“Undress me,” she said whispering the lust she had for her son in his ear again. “Strip me naked. Fuck me, Jason. As your mother and legal guardian, I’m giving you permission to lick my pussy,” she said licking the side of his face, “and to fuck me,” she said humping his body into the wall.

“Oh, Mother,” he said wrapping his arm around her waist to revel in her deep, wet kiss.

“Fuck me, Jason,” she said breaking off her kiss to speak. “Fuck your mother. Fuck, Mommy, Jason and as God as my witness, after you do and after you’ve sexually satisfied me, I will give you the best damn blowjob, you’ll ever have in your life.”

Jason kicked off his pants, as his mother unbuttoned his shirt and pulled down his underwear. Her warm hand was all over his erect cock. Fondling him, while stroking him, she fell to her knees to take him in her mouth. Sucking and sucking him, she stopped, before he got too excited.

He couldn’t believe his mother grabbed his prick He couldn’t believe that his mother had his cock in her mouth. He couldn’t believe his mother was blowing him. A sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe that his mother wanted him, as much as he wanted her.

“Oh, Mother, that felt so good,” he said.

She moved up to him and kissed him hard, French kissed him, and he could taste his own cock in her mouth, but he didn’t care.

“Now strip me, Jason, and fuck me,” she said pushing her pussy into him, as if her cunt was a secret passageway, a black hole to an new universe, where they both could travel to expand their relation of mother and son, to man and woman making love. “After reading your story, I need to cum,” she said French kissing him again.

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